Warning Prophecy

I think I need to post this every week.

The Lane Family has recieved more flak then I ever do in most of my Youtube rambles.  Thank God for them!  Pray they keep making videos. . .

All they did with this one was dramatically re-enact the Warning Prophecy from Virginia Berg and boy did people go after them for it!  Subscribe to their blog and youtube, and bless’m!


3 thoughts on “Warning Prophecy

  1. Hi Mike! first let me thank you for subscribing to my blog. Second, are you in some way related to Don Basham who was a pioneer in many ways, in the charismatic movement? He hung out with guys like Lester Sumrall, Ern Baxter, J Rufus Moseley.
    I will pray for you and the Lanes that YHWH will sustain you all. In reading a blog called aminutetomidnight, Matt S addressed the issue of incidental narcissim. He hit the nail on the head. Today’s world is so inundated with SELF and the elevation os it, that narcissim pervades deeply even the body of believers. Thus if you or the Lanes come up against it in bringing forth your message you will enocunter very irate reactions. That’s ok tho because Yahshua said that if they reacted to Him the way they did, don’t be surprised if in seeking to do His will they do the same to you.

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    • Good message, and yes… my grandfather is Don Basham… hoping to promote more of his talks in the coming days! Indeed it’s very much a “me” culture nowadays, so we must spend extra time loving!


  2. My son Dan doesn’t want to do the editing anymore so we probably won’t be doing any more vids that involve editing which can be pretty tedious and not worth the time and effort for the criticisms and responses (or lack of response) that you get, even from your own brethren and friends. I think that he’s also feeling pretty demoralised with the whole Christian scene at the moment since he had three of his comments deleted by so-called Family members in a week, the wonderful Mark Mc…… being one of them! People can really surprise you sometimes and leave you wondering if there is anyone that’s really genuine and sincere out there. I really don’t understand how some people can call themselves a Christian when their actions very often don’t match their words, they never answer comments or if they do then it’s only to the privileged few who they no-doubt deem worthy of impressing so I wonder what people’s real motivation is sometimes because there just doesn’t seem to be much love amongst Christians, in fact a lot of them can be cold, insensitive, distant, prideful, and loveless at the best of times and as my daughter always says, they are no better than anyone else and very often they are worse – I sadly have to agree with her! I don’t think that I could ever ignore somebody, in fact I never have done ever, I’ve answered every single comment that has come my way because I would be a hypocrite if I didn’t. We came across a lovely sweet Christian girl on here that literally gets up to a hundred comments on every article that she puts out and yet she answers them all, or at least most of them, she I would have to say is a really rare and genuinely sincere Christian that loves and cares about others. People are what they are though and it’s not for me to judge even if I do very often wonder how I ever became a Christian as I detest the whole obnoxious, prideful, self-righteous, hypocritical “know it all” scene at the best of times and wish to just walk away from it sometimes and if it weren’t for Terry who is the most genuinely loving Christian that I’ve ever met in my life then I probably would have done! I consider you to be a genuine Christian though, in fact you are one of the nicest and sincerest Christians that I have come across on this internet because you are not proud like a lot of these so-called Family members who think they are somehow special and the “chosen ones” – when really what they all need is a reality check because they very often don’t radiate any “love” and “warmth” and so are not the special and elite class of Christians that they think they are, it’s all in their minds and part of the great pride trip that they are all on! Anyway, that’s my little rant over and I hope it does someone some good if they read this. GBY and keep you loving always because without LOVE then what are we fighting for? Maybe people should ask themselves that question more often!


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