Praying Medic – Seeing in the Spirit, Baby!

What used to be considered new age Christianity or something only super mystic, David Berg-type Christians would practice is now becoming more and more mainstream thanks to PM’s and many other heroes’ work!


4 thoughts on “Praying Medic – Seeing in the Spirit, Baby!

  1. simpletruth4today

    I’d be very curious to know what Lu thinks of this but I suspect that is top-class information that I would not be privy to ha! Anyway, I’ve seen this vid before and I’m reading the book at the moment as it happens, merely out of curiosity though and to get a better understanding of people and where they are all at these days and the thinking behind it. Personally, I don’t like hearing about all these dreams and visions that people claim to have, even IF there is any reality in any of it as it only serves to elevate the person into the upper realms of spiritual attainment category of which the motivation can very often be pride and the praise of man. I think that the truly spiritual are the truly humble that don’t make a loud noise about proclaiming how spiritual they are and writing books and making money etc. in order to get fame and attention from others but just humbly live it day after day by going out and sharing the Love of God wherever they go and with whoever they meet, those are the people that I admire and respect and those are the real hero’s in my mind, people like St Paul who humbly said, “For though I preach the gospel, I have nothing to glory of: for necessity is laid upon me; yea, woe is unto me, if I preach not the gospel.”

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    1. I’ll refer your message to the Mighty Lu… he just lent me a battery charger. Indeed! We must be wary or people claiming to be prophets or whatnot but I’d be curious to know what God has been sharing with the Lane Family as far as dreams go! We all have dreams and it turns out that is one way God likes to communicate with us! I talked to PM and found him to be a pretty humble and lowly guy.


      1. simpletruth4today

        The Lord most certainly does still speak to us in dreams and many other ways besides and a lot of the things that PM speaks about in the first five chapters regarding seeing in the spirit should really come naturally to every Spirit filled Christian ie. tuning into the spiritual and viewing the world and people through spiritual eyes, the eyes of the Lord. The problem that I have when I hear about a lot of these dreams and visions and other fantastical experiences that people claim to be having though is that just about anyone can make these claims and then come up with biblical examples to back them up and it’s becoming a growing “trend” amongst Christians these days to do that and so you cannot just accept and believe everything that you hear even if they do come across as sensible, sincere, and humble people like PM does because unfortunately just because someone is a Christian it doesn’t mean that they are not capable of getting carried away with their own imagination and I know that PM talks about imagination and I don’t dispute the fact that the Lord does use our imagination, any one of us can visualise things in our minds though but that doesn’t mean that it’s coming from the Lord and when I hear some of the claims that people make that are actually quite ridiculous then I’d have to say that I do not believe that they are coming from the Lord at all but merely from their own imaginations. It all boils down to having Godly discernment or in a lot of cases just plain common sense, both of which seem to be in short supply amongst a lot of Christians! There are a lot of spiritually hungry people out there searching for the truth that have a definite leaning towards spirituality and the deeper and more mystical side to life but there are a lot of spiritual traps out there that people can fall into also and they can get tripped off into believing that they have found the ultimate truth as is the case with new agers and yet it was just fool’s gold and deception all along. I’m not saying that PM is out to deliberately deceive anyone and he certainly sounds like someone that knows what he’s talking about, no-doubt he’s read a lot of books and done a lot of research on the subject which makes this more believable to people, but I do not believe that the things that he claims are coming from God simply because Jesus is not speaking to me through that book in any way at all, it’s purely informative to me and the vid that I watched a while back, I remember switching it off half way through as it did nothing for me at all either so this is a clear sign to me that it’s going in the wrong direction and I wonder how anyone that can believe this even knows what true spirituality as coming from the Father of Spirits even is! Jesus came to give us life and to give us life more abundantly and this did the very opposite for me so if living in the world of the imagination is people’s idea of progression them count me out as all he’s really doing to put it graphically is masturbating and stimulating his own imagination in the same way that sex is largely in the imagination and he’s teaching others to do the same until they have some kind of a spiritual climax with all the ensuing ecstasies. It all sounds like great fun and I’ll take the real thing any day but this for me is not the REAL thing but rather an anti-climax that leaves me spiritually destitute so I’m sorry to say that I have to put it down to just another head trip!

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  2. Must agree with Michael. David (PM) is a very humble guy and his desire is to encourage others to hear, see, move in the things of God. God had also used his books to help many people. So many people are scared of these moves of God but the Factor the David is so practical about it but at the same time uses the word and also others testimonies to explain it helps others learn. When it comes to understand new things or even Miracles testimonies are what builds your faith. I cannot say I understand everything about the subjects he covers but He would say the same. I believe God used Him to help others to understand so that they can understand and build there faith that God works outside the boxes of religion and with everyday people to do amazing things.


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