We’re Taking the World Back

Cmon and fight, lay aside and join the SpiritWars!


One need not be a genius to notice that the empire of Satan is crumbling before our very eyes.  Discipleship is on the rise everywhere, as is a revolt against the Illuminati Satanic system.  You are being called to either side, and it’s obvious now more than ever how decrepit the Dark Side is.  With the exposure of the pedophiles in the highest levels of the government, now the public is also finally starting to awaken.  Info Wars has essentially fulfilled their main task of returning the US government into the hands of Patriots and has inspired similar populist uprisings worldwide.

However, where is Jesus going to fit into all of this?  Doesn’t all of this sound very humanistic?  I thought God was going to do everything Himself.   I believe what we are seeing is a return to the basics.  We are seeing that the world really is run…

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