Crucial Neville Johnson for Today!

This is the latest Neville Johnson I could find. . . very excellent prophetic sharings!


9 thoughts on “Crucial Neville Johnson for Today!

  1. This is Brilliant! Wonderful explanation of the effect of Brexit in freeing the UK and her colonies from the clutches of the evil one. Ties in closely to the similar outcome now in the US Elections. Thank goodness the Father has a plan – this is encouraging for all His warriors. Thank you.

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      1. I am quite a baby at all this, tho I was born again 10 yrs ago. But the Lord has been showing me things lately that are starting to add up and I am going to press into him for more closeness and experiences. Right now I pray regularly for my district up here, and I was praying for a Trump win, and now I am praying for peace in America and for the Lord to teach and use Trump mightily. Thank you for your prayers for NZ – we are fortunate up here because we are out of the tectonic plate zone (didn’t feel a thing), but I have lived in Wellington which is the spaghetti junction of tectonic plate fractures. Far North is supposed to be very spiritual, it has great significance for the Maori people (which may be a mixed blessing). I do not know Ian. As you can imagine, I was excited to find Norman is in OZ and has lived in NZ. I am single, retired and have spent about 16 years on the backside of the desert, looking after my late mom with alzheimers and doing Christian artworks (my passion). So I now have the time to devote. Blessings!

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      2. Fascinating! Ian Clayton is an amazing guy if you ever have the chance look him up. Bless you for what you’re doing, what a saint! Bless your mom, too! I will ask the Lord to show more things to you especially as you do your art. Here in Taiwan my friend who lives with me at this big old mission base also does the same, and is a mystic Christian. We’re all babies to this and enjoying God’s outpouring right now. You should post some art to your blog, I’d love to see!

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      3. Thank you so much. I have some art posted on the blog – check back to most of the earlier posts – also check out at the Christian link in navbar. I really value your interest and asking the Lord for me. Thank you and Blessings Michael! Will try and check out Ian Clayton.

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