Sunday Go To Meeting Bun and Wake Up Call!

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Sunday Bun

 A sad day for me…

I have closed the comment section because of some the rabid antisemitic remarks that are posting there.  This combined with an attack on Cavalry Chapel – I’m speaking at one of them in Albuquerque – is just beyond the pale.  I could go on and defend Chuck Smith and the incredible ministry that he is responsible for, but I won’t.  Instead I’ll tell you a personal story.  When I was coming out of the occult and fighting for my life, I met my first pastor, who was a pastor at Cavalry Chapel, Pastor Fred Nicholas, who along with Wayne Kendall mentored me.  I would meet with Pastor Fred every week for the next two years.  In the beginning days it was sometimes twice a week.  Fred taught me the Bible and helped me get rooted and grounded in the WORD.  Fred was a…

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