Goodbye America! It was interesting to know you. If you believe… may God be with you…til the bitter end!

Let’s pray this doesn’t turn out to be true! She is fighting in her death throes!

Starry News Taiwan - Paradise Post

End-Times-Ruins-Apocalypse-Public-Domain-460x368It is almost over. The White House will become the Witch House. It actually already is. Democracy – if there ever was any — is out the window. Vote flipping machines, from some rich Jewish tycoon who hates you all, who hated the little culture you collected in those 200 years, and of course hated your religion, or rather your faith, and its Creator, with a vengeance!

They all did! All the “comedians”. They hated it! Larry David, Sarah Silverman, Jon “Steward” (ha), etc. The pundits, too many to name them all, they hated it. The film makers who seduced you from the twenties until now. They first gave you Biblical movies to make you trust them, and then they began to slowly feed you their poison.

The musicians actually came out of Gospel churches, but were told to sing a different song. And they did, Elvis, Aretha Franklin, and…

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