This excerpt from Dr. Jerry Lee comes at a good time, as I have just finished watching this video last night with a brother:
Quotes in the rough from the science world: 

Wow! there are Black Holes and are they ever big! 

Whoops? I meant the Black Holes are really grey. 

They might be hairy and they might not be hairy.

Oh yea, the universe may not be expanding, well at least not so fast.  Of course, that would be because the dark energy we thought was causing the accelerated expansion may not exist.  And additionally dark matter may not exist either. 

Possibly super symmetry could solve some of these theory errors.  But alas, all attempts of the massive Collider to find super symmetry has failed.  

Ah.. it sort of kills you out, that Professor Stephen Hawking has recently confessed that most of his theories on black holes is the biggest blunder in his life he has ever made! (And that would include most of what he said in his famous little book he wrote and made over 20 million dollars on? ).  

Meanwhile millions of students are draining out their resources and brain energies at schools and universities to brain-strain learning subjects that may become tossed into toilet stool disposal systems. 

Scientist, in many fields, including professors of physics who are in a dump zone of razor blade- ideas, acute with maths, (that only underscore), when you leave God out of the picture of creation,  you get bottomless pits of fanciful schemes that are married to hellish ideas, that in the end, have no ground to stand on. (A >bottomless< pit fact).  

In the now of the Soon, comes the Manifester Yada,  to reveal science Bible backed, and so full of answers it will stretch the heavens…. 

For one day God said to me:  What is that you are holding in your hand?  I answered uh I don’t know.. some dumb stick thing I found. Then God said: Throw it on the ground and I will have my angels look it over. Perhaps that will do.   I see your vessel is empty enough for having filling room.  I will send  Host Angel Gabriel your way!    

My mind is caught in a brain storm, my tongue speaking like a thunder: “who am I that I should bring this revelation”?  THEN GOD SAID: “YOU ARE NOTHING!  Therefore you qualify… 

This small still voice of information now abiding in my brain is more knowledge powerful than all the legions of the wizards of the Dark Forces. 

Stand by me, for soon hell will tremble!!! 
Jerry O. Lee



  1. “Mind Blown”…..
    Yep, as I was watching the above video, I sat there stunned… yet… really… should I be? Hmmm the enemy has been busy long before I was born to shut down anything that would point a finger to our God and His marvelous works. Our battle is not flesh and blood but of spiritual principalities. I know this, I battle it. Then something like this comes screaming across the galaxy to slap me on the head, I forget, the craftiness of his art… deceiving.

    Thank you, Michael, for posting. I see how the Father has been using you to bring light in areas I had no clue were dark. Keep it up, for God has called His Chosen out for a time like this.
    Be blessed!

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