The Perils of the Podcaster


Who is our real enemy?

Recently I was invited to join a pretty well known group of Podcasting Legends out on the Ledge of the Fringe of the Internet.  I’ve never ever never been more driven to go back and look to my roots as now, as I see the multiple significant complications that come with sharing your faith publicly in the public eye, exposed to all, publicly.  In the public you start to feel naked.  Your mind is exposed.  The hidden secrets you thought you hid so well are not so hidden any more.  Hide as you might, there is no more a place to run nor hide, and you start to realize all you have is “each other.”  All these cliches conglomerate to form a new world or universe:  Humanity Exposed.   As the Mainstream Media is being nuked by the truth, Trumpted all over the place, and the establishment is being exposed as a shill, I sometimes muse about the future of free speech and free religion.

I notice the awkward moments where one podcaster and one voice decides to forget what he or she is in the business for and starts to fight other podcasters (not on the Fringe Radio Network, but on many other podcasts!).  This, too, is a work of the Enemy.  We are all called to this business of sharing the truth and infighting is nothing but an Enemy ploy to get us all to destroy each other.  However, I have found the key.

Love covers all wrongs.  Simply go in love, and Jesus is always with thee.  And I have found, my dear, that as long as Jesus be with thee, thou cannost go wrong.  Even when you go wrong, he doth cover thee with His blood and keeps ya going untill ya start doin’ the right ya’ll ought t’have been doin’ all ‘long.   Amen?

So in addendum, let me state thus:

That the Endtime is here and is already upon us.  That the Earth be not flat, but be at the Center of God’s Plan in all the Universe, and every thought, every word, every action that you make is counted for all eternity.  We now have the power of instantly communicating a free flow of consciousness, and the greatest danger lies not in being duped by the powers that be, but by looking at others who are likewise fighting the System from the foxholes, and seeing how their farts stink and their eating habits annoy us, and we turn our guns on them rather than the Enemy.  I have seen this numerous times and I truly feel the pain that The Truth Himself must feel.   Let us annoy the heck out of the System, instead!   He/She/It is on its last legs, and we will quickly smoke it out of its last corner of this Earth if we do not give in!  Everything you do now matters.   So. . . like/comments/subscribe. . .   ha, just kidding. . .    God bless you and thanks for watching, er, reading. .. (gosh I haven’t written anything in a while!  I feel like I’m live broadcasting even as I write!)


4 thoughts on “The Perils of the Podcaster

  1. Agree with you both! I also believe this truth applies in greater measure then just podcasts but all believers as well. If our intensions are to be the love of Jesus, why are we beating each other down. There are times to disagree and to speak out but our energy should be spent on this….Love the Lord your God with all your heart, and love your neighbor as yourself. So if it’s outside of that…hmmm….sounds like they may need a bit of a reset. Praying Papa gives them a gentle pop on the head and sets them straight…He did it to me a couple times this week. 😉 haha!

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  2. It’s interesting when you look back and into the book of Revelation, Jesus appeared as we all know to St John and He told him to write to the seven churches; the soul objective in telling John to write to the seven churches was purely and sincerely if you like that He might unite with them on a higher spiritual level but He could see things in those seven churches that weren’t right, He also saw things that “were” right and He commended them for this but He was as good as telling them to change their ways in certain areas because of course He couldn’t unite with them in those areas, that ‘s not to say that He couldn’t unite with them in the good areas. In so saying, you’d have to say that Jesus must have a problem with uniting with people and yes He does because what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness and what communion hath light with darkness so of course it wasn’t the end of the world for those Christians back then and He wasn’t asking them to all go their separate ways but He was asking them to separate themselves, not from each other but from anything that wasn’t right – so it’s always been the same since the very beginning and all we can do in all honesty is listen to what Jesus would be saying these days and ask Him to anoint out eyes with eye salve that we might see better and do better – Karen


    • Amen!! It’s a challenge these days as the Enemy tries to hide behind a mask of evil, meanwhile most Christians won’t associate with the lost that God is really using us to reach out to. . . Let’s expose the Enemy and walk by His Spirit at all times! PTL!

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