Requesting Help for an Old Friend

​I’ve been in contact with a dear classmate of mine and received this news, if anyone is able to spare a bit please send to her PayPal!   GBY, 


Message from my friend who wishes to remain anonymous for time being:

My family needs help. I am ashamed of being in this position, and I was raised to not ask for help unless you truly need it – most of the time not even then. But I need to ask for help, not for myself but for my 3 kids. I lost my job a couple of months ago, and my fiance has been trying to support a family of 5 on $10/hr. Every spare moment is spent desperately searching and applying for any and every job available, no matter the pay or position, but we are running out of time. Our electric is scheduled to be shut off at the end of this week. Our landlord is likely to begin the eviction process any day now, as we are about to be two months behind come November 1st. We have been doing everything we can to stay afloat, but we are drowning under the weight of trying to afford diapers, wipes, taking care of a toddler and two girls under 10, the necessity of keeping the only car that gets him to work, never-ending medical bills that need to be paid in order to continue care…. The list goes on and on, and it’s killing us as we attempt to survive on so little. I’ve sold everything I have of value, which wasn’t much, to make sure we could make rent immediately after I lost my job. I have also contacted charities and public assistance, but there’s only so much they can do when there are mile-long waiting lists. I know that everyone is struggling right now, and it hurts me to ask others for help. Thank you for listening.



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