The Soul and the Spirit

Discussion with Ginny on Gnosticism and Soul and Spirit division!

3 thoughts on “The Soul and the Spirit

  1. simpletruth4today

    We have listening to some of your talk and will listen to the rest later on as we are busy but we though to add to the discussion that we would do an article of this subject ourselves. This is not in any way to compete or to put down but God willing, purely as an open point of view and having respect for other people’s points of view, at the end of the day it is only God who truly understands these things as He is the one that created us all.

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  2. simpletruth4today

    We managed to find time to listen to the rest of this in the end and I thought that Ginny made some very interesting points and that there were similarities in some of the things that she was saying to what we believe although of course we differ somewhat on what the soul actually is. I suppose I have always chosen to stick to what David taught on this subject as I consider him to be one of the most reliable sources when it comes to spirituality and he wrote a letter on this subject which you might find interesting to read (from para. 12 onwards, he does get to the point eventually!) if you haven’t already, it’s DO 2219 6/86 – And Body, Soul & Spirit! I think that the definition of what a soul is is probably one of the most disputed things in Christianity and you hear all kinds of ideas out there but I choose to go with this as being the truth, not just because David said it and that it makes the most sense to me but mainly because we often discuss these things before writing about them and if we sense the Spirit going with us then we know that we are on the right track! I enjoy listening to different points of view though as it makes me look into these things more deeply and we are all searching and have so much to learn so none of us have all the answers. GBY both!


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