Mystic Mama Storm

So I have been struggling to build relationship with people in churches in our area because of there different view points. I love how this church does community but yet I don’t agree with there doctrine. So I went to there women’s group half nervous knowing that they were going to share some things that made me cringe and it happened but then I started to listen beyond the different belief and into the depths of each of these women and I saw something beautiful! It was Jesus! His Life working through them. We are all created in the Likeness of God. That means there is something special in us and I believe He gave us all our own flavor. So I left with this longing to know these women more yet hung up on one stupid subject. So when I got home I asked Jesus. Why am I struggling…

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2 thoughts on “Honoring

  1. I am thankful the church is more than one. 🙂 I agree we will never find a church that is perfect except in heaven, but we also need to find a place where we are going to grow and our children and even adults will be encouraged to learn to hear God’s voice not the voice of religious legalism or the doctrines of man.


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