Acceptance overcomes rejection

interviewing Mystic Mama now! Woohoo!

Mystic Mama Storm

We often experience rejection in our life time. As much as we want it, not everyone is going to like us. As a child through young adulthood I did not do well when people rejected me. I often would come away from it depressed, like something was wrong with me, and ugly.

In this state of hurt and self accusation, I would often times run to others trying to find approval and acceptance. Even as a Christian and walking a journey of intimacy with the Lord, I would come out of rejection feeling like God was the one doing the rejecting because of something I did or did not do. I would start looking inwardly asking and accusing myself of doing this wrongly of being too ugly, fat, or just not good enough for the approval of others. For years, I allowed this spirit of rejection to put fear inside…

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