Word Time Necessity!


Jesus: I’ll tell you what I see. There are multitudes who need to be reached with My message. There are countless disciples to be won. There’s a hungry and bleating flock already within the folds. There are ravenous wolves attacking and trying to maim and kill the lambs. There are harvesting tools to be made and implemented. And there you stand with your little tools in hand, ready to go to work. You’re determined and dedicated, and you’re looking around seeing which direction to move first. Of course, it’s overwhelming, as each and every need would be a full-time job. So you dash around, a little here and a little there. Your tools are very tiny and outdated, so you get your hands all scratched up and your clothes torn. By the end of the day you’re exhausted, dirty, and sad. The next day it begins again.

219. All the while I’m standing right behind you–Me with My team of angelic helpers and spirit beings who tower above you like giants–and we’re trying to get your attention. We’re waving and shouting and whistling! We have huge modern technology in our hands, tools that you’ve never seen. If you’d just ask, we’re ready to operate our tools on your behalf, which would make your work much easier. But alas, you keep running around here and there, saying, “I’ll be right with You. Just a minute. I just have to take care of this one thing, and then this other, and then this other. Ahhh … just one second. Really, I’m almost done.”

220. Every once in a while you collapse, and then you call on Me and My team, and we’re so happy! Finally we’re able to step in and do the work for you. But then, as soon as you feel you’ve recouped a tiny bit of strength, you’re up and at it again. “Oh, excuse me,” you say, as you push your way to the front. “Uhhh, I need to get to work. Could You move over a little? Let me see, now where was I?” And there you go again. Same story, over and over.

221. If you could see it from My point of view, you’d see that it’s really ridiculous! You are merely weak men and women. I am the God of the universe. All power is given to Me. I rule! I keep My promises. I am a faithful, doting Husband, and yet there’s so little room for Me in your lives.

222. You know what that is? It’s self-righteousness. It’s thinking too highly of yourselves. It’s the epitome of the arm of the flesh. Anything and everything that you could ever do is minute, weak and pathetic compared to what I can do. I can do anything! I can do everything! When you really think about it, what can you do?

223. This is My work, My Family, My flock, My harvest field, My tools, and I am the Boss! This is something I want to get straightened out once and for all. If you want to work for Me, if you want to be an example to the flock, if you want to be in leadership, there are rules, and the first one on the list is to let Me work! The way you do that is by letting Me into your lives fully. Instead of thinking the world will fall apart if you don’t rush into the day answering your mail messages, instead of working late into the night trying to finish up that last file, instead of all those long, draining meetings, instead of rushing around here and there to tie up every loose end in sight–call on Me. Let Me work for you! Let Me do it! Because don’t you get it?–Only I can!

224. I want to see your priorities change. I want that time with you in My Word every single day. I want to speak to you in prophecy every single day! I want to give you answers as you meditate in prayer every single day. I want you to lay hold of My miracle-working power through intercessory prayer every single day. You either do that or you’re fired!

225. Sorry, but we need to be clear here. I’m the Boss. It’s My company. Those are the rules. It has to be that way, and the reason it has to be that way is because otherwise you’ll fail, and the Family will fail. It’s as simple as that. There’s too much for you as a human to do. The load is and will always be too big. The battle is waged in the spirit, not in the physical world. You must have My miracle-working power. ( ML #3347:37-49 , GN 941).


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