Arcothon and Word Time!


No joke, I met this guy once.  Call this prophecy “imaginary” or whatever you want, I know this kind of stuff exists and Jesus is able to show you what angels are with you and helping you!

(Angel speaking:) My name is Arcothon. I have come to see you through this Time of the End and to teach you the art of warfare. You wonder why my name sounds so familiar to Apotheon. I am Apotheon’s archenemy, the warrior angel designed to defeat Apotheon.

296. Arcothon is my name, for I fight through fire. I fight through the words that the Master gives me, and I turn them into fireballs that fight and defeat him. Apotheon is the archdemon of apathy, laziness, waiting, sitting, dragging down, draining the lifeblood out of you. You know the various manifestations of Apotheon, but you do not know my manifestations.

297. I am the opposite of Apotheon. I am fire, I am attacking, I am fight! I am a warring angel designed to fight; that is all I do. I fight through the weapon of prayer, of prophecy, of the keys, of hearing my Master’s instructions, and of casting out Apotheon.

298. My Master’s words are pure energy, pure light. I fight through light of the purest form. The purest energy known to man is light, yet I fight with an even greater energy, a purer energy, even purer than light. It is an energy that you do not fully comprehend as yet, for it is the energy of the power of God. This is the energy that runs through my body and through my veins and out my hands when I fight. I do not fight with conventional weaponry, with swords; I fight with pure energy, missiles of pure energy that nothing and no one can defeat!

299. This energy cannot be unlocked on its own. I am simply a channel, a carrier, and that is where my greatest strength lies. For I, in myself, am nothing, but I have learned to be a pure conduit of the energy of God, and that is my greatest strength.

300. I am commissioned, I go to the fight, I open my channel, and through me pours energy straight from the throne of God. Part of the energy that powers Heaven flows through my body and through my veins and out my hands, and that is what defeats the Enemy. And that is why I have been assigned to help teach you, and the others in the Family as well, who want to take up the challenge, who have the faith to believe, and who are willing to make the sacrifices necessary. I wish to teach you to be a greater conduit of the power of God. You will not be as pure as I am, or as those in the heavenly realm, while you are yet in the flesh, but I can still teach you to open yourself up so completely that the power of God can run through you in such great measure that you will perform miracles that you know not of.

301. Yea, you children of David can defeat Satan himself, and in time, the Spirit of God flowing through all of you collectively will win a great and mighty victory. All you need to do is to learn how to become a clean receptacle and a conduit of the power of God, and enough of it will flow through you that nothing on Earth will stand before you. For nothing of Earth can stand before even a small portion of the power of God.

302. So that is what you need to do: Allow me to help teach you to open yourself more to the power of God. Receive my help, allow me to teach you the art of war. Let our wonderful Husband, the King of the universe, the Source of all power, possess you. That is being a conduit of the power of God.

303. I am not the power; I am only a teacher to teach those who want to learn how to become a conduit. And once you link up with the Master, the Holy Ghost power will flow through you in unparalleled measure, and you will feel the power of the Spirit of God flowing through you.

304. This is the art of war, and it is this full possession by our Master, King of the universe, Holder of the powers, Source of the power, that will cause you to be effective in your warfare and become an unstoppable, unbeatable source.

305. I love you and I’m here to help you, so call on me. Call me Arcos for short. Arcothon is my real name, and it symbolizes a conduit of the power of God. What do you think of when you hear the word “Arcothon”? You think of an electric arc. Imagine a lightning strike, a huge electrical arc. Now imagine something a thousand times more powerful than any lightning you’ve ever seen, and you will be getting close to somewhere near a fraction of the power of God that flows through me.

306. That is what my name means and symbolizes–a conduit of the power of God–and I can teach you to become a greater conduit of the power of God as well. I will teach you to become a conduit of the true full possession of our Husband and Lover and King and God of the universe, the Keeper and Source of all power, in the name of Jesus, amen. (End of message from Arcothon.)

Becoming a Better Conduit

307. (Question from SGA mentioned above:) How can I open myself more to allow Arcothon to teach me to become a better conduit of the power of God?

308. (Jesus speaking:) By spending more time with Me. Spending time in the bed of love, spending time praising Me and letting Me fully possess you, and by spending time practicing, opening up your mind to the spirit world, really focusing on the power. It’s all in that Letter, “Focus on the Power.” If you reread that, you’ll see exactly what you need to do to also open yourself to Arcothon and his power and instruction.

309. I am sending spirit helpers to those of you who really desire to be more than what you are. And these spirit helpers are specific tutors to you in learning to harness the power of God, and learning full possession and to fully tap in, for these helpers are part of Me, they are one with Me. So reread “Full Possession” and “Focus on the Power,” and that is how My brides can learn to fully avail themselves of Arcothon’s input and vast wisdom and great skill in the art of war. He is waiting to teach you who are willing to take up the challenge and make the necessary sacrifices. You just have to open yourself up to the power, open yourself up to Me, open yourself up to the help I give you through your spirit helpers, open yourself up to My Spirit by spending time loving Me, praising Me, meditating on My Word, meditating on the spirit world, and getting filled up. The more time you spend in the spirit world, the more time you will get to practice, and the more you will learn to harness the power of God.

310. The more you get distracted with the cares and the worries of this life, the less time you have with Me and with Arcothon and your many other spirit helpers. So that is the first commission to each of you if you are to truly gain the power of God–spend time in the spirit world. You need that private time with Me, that time when you can sit in pure quietness and meditation. (End of message from Jesus.)

311. (Mama:) This is yet another confirmation of the need to have undistracted time with the Lord. It’s imperative that you slow down and not only get quality Word time every day, but time to meditate on the Word, draw close to your wonderful Husband, hear from Him in prophecy, love Him intimately, praise Him, focus on the power, and allow your Lover to fully possess you.


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