Recent Basham Dreams of Late

Emily Basham’s Spaceship dream:

I had a dream~! Oddly enough the dream was of two ships lording over the neighbors and our houses. (mind you I haven’t been looking into any ufo stuffs, so it wasn’t triggered by my internet adventures…) These ships were doing some kind of fluid light show in the sky at dusk, and the closer, smaller ship disappeared before it flew over our roof… It was such a quick dream, I couldn’t even sense if they were “good” or “evil”. cause if they were evil I’m pretty much ashamed of getting so frazzled over by mere enemy ships..PTEW~!


Michael Basham’s Dream about Granna (wife of Don Basham)

Granna had this trailer and was gathering her things to go to Jerusalem. She said I could use the trailer while she was gone, and I was going with her everywhere helping her find everything and just spending time with her before she went. She spoke of a lot of different Christian teachers I knew and also loved including Neville Johnson and was just so incredibly Granna. I felt a strong sense of peace around her and excitement, wondering too if I could go with her too.


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