My Most Unforgettable Experience

Valencia, my new student wrote this. Encourage her by subscribing to her blog!


Looking into the door seam, I suddenly spaced out. Last year, I volunteered to visit the children’s ward with friends. Imagining that it would be another valuable experience with kid’s laughter, little did I know that I was in for a shock. Milultiple tubes, which seemingly shrank the infant, snaked in and out of her tiny frame like the arms of a raging octopus. The parents greeted me with the expected cordiality but I could almost see their eyes dried from weeping. A steady stream of beeps emitting from the cardio monitor cloistered the bed. For a split second, it felt like I was the only other one in the room. The circumstances could have crushed a grown man but that only fanned the tiny child’s fiery determination to live, perhaps to at least blow her eighteenth birthday cake candles. The feeling of sadness was so paralyzing that in a…

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