Live with Tony Floyd Spirit Wars 000000004


Live now with Tony Floyd on Spirit Wars Episode 000000004!


8 thoughts on “Live with Tony Floyd Spirit Wars 000000004

      • To Lu, I say that I’m sorry that I presently feel the need to walk away from here, he hasn’t freaked me out with any wild imaginings, he hasn’t caused me to feel so emotionally shocked and disturbed that I had to go out for a walk to get my head together and even to sit down and cry my eyes out because of the insanity that I’d just listened to here, not to mention the obvious bad feelings towards me that I have picked up upon but you have Michael. The comments that I have made to you were to try and help you and others but I can clearly see that I am never going to change your way of thinking, you just aren’t able to see these things and I don’t blame you for that, we often have to go through these things before we can see them for what they really are. It does make me sad that people cannot recognise the genuine truth but instead chose to brush it aside in favour of fables but I don’t judge people for that, it is not for me to dictate what you or others believe and I feel like I’ve said enough now, we are clearly going in opposite directions but actually, I was never here for you anyway… but I was here for Lu though – not by my own choosing, but by Jesus choosing, it is Jesus that prompts me and urges me even to help him and encourage him, this is the truth but of course I’ve had many battles on here over this! You leave me with a dilemma now though as these people that you promote and the things that I’ve picked up on have brought a lot of questions to my mind as to where people are at now and just what madness they are getting into. I simply cannot go along with these people because there is no reality in it for me and I honestly don’t know what to think now and I need some time to pray about all of this! See ya!

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      • OK, well I do appreciate all you guys do and sorry we have not had much time to discuss in detail a lot of the more out there things… I feel we do agree on the most important things though so that is usually the facets and points where I direct my energy to interface with your beautiful family. Haven’t spoken with Lu in a while either, but sometimes he directs interesting searching souls my way to meet!


      • It’s a crazy world full of crazy people doing, saying, and imagining crazy things and we’re all crazy in our own individual ways so nobody can really point the finger, very often the only solution to it all is to let the madness run it’s course!

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      • I’m re-following your blog simply because I don’t wish to appear unfriendly in any way but of course as you know we can’t possibly see eye to eye on all things as much as we wish we could so it’s best to have a live and let live attitude rather than try to change people within reason and balance of course. We all have lessons to learn and mistakes which we inevitably make sad to say – Love is the most important thing though, to get a true balance of Love, we should at least aim to get this right!

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