Spirit Science: New Age Deception

Also we gotta reach out to the whole Miles Johnson/Kerry Cassidy New Age crowd…. the Super Soldier program is a bad copy of the manifestation of the Sons of God

Women on the Fringe


Several months ago, I started seeing an abnormal amount of activity being shared from a popular facebook group known as Spirit Science. At first, I noticed their content was coming from my new age friends until slowly but surely, I realized most of it was now being promoted by my professing Christian friends.

Although I don’t blame anyone for wanting to share certain thought provoking posts, it naturally alarmed me since every time someone clicked “share” they were unknowingly promoting a new age facebook group that could easily cause a younger believer or genuine truth seeker to stumble into some serious deception.

For those who are unaware, Spirit Science is known for making simple memes with one word sentences that usually cater to thinkers outside the box such as myself. For example, one meme from today says, “Nothing compares to a beautiful conversation with a beautiful mind.”

Sounds great…

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