How Yoga Opened Me Up to the Occult

Touchy subject, but it must be addressed!

Women on the Fringe


Before I was a follower of Christ, I associated the word “yoga” with nothing more than hippie grandmothers and Madonna. Maybe that is why I didn’t see the harm in trying it when a free class presented itself to me in Hawaii about 11 years ago. Give me wooden flutes, running water, calm energy and an easy (beginners!) workout and I’m probably going to fall in love. And that I did. Up to this point in my life, I had zero spiritual experience, so I was instantly drawn to the fact that something felt, well, spiritual about this new found hobby of mine. I quickly advanced from a casual and curious beginner to a daily participant complete with sun salutations and chakra banners in the bedroom. I honestly loved yoga. It gave me peace. It calmed my control freak tendencies. And I dug the fact that laying around with my…

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