lean completely and wholly on Me

There is yet much in store for you‚ beloved; this is just the beginning. But again‚ you must be careful not to pat yourselves on the back and give yourself the glory and think this is of you. For if this work be of man, it will come to naught; but if it be of Me and My Spirit, it will flourish and bring forth much fruit!

124. So remember to give Me the glory for anything good that happens, and to ask Me everything, and to lean completely and wholly on Me and My Spirit. Do not make a move without hearing from Me first, and continue to be in prayer and to look to Me each minute of the day. Pray against pride and against leaning on the arm of the flesh, and let this be a work of My Spirit.

125. I’m pleased with you, My loves—you’ve done well and made much progress. I’m proud of you for the right choices you’ve made and for your love and dedication. But this is a godly pride that I have for you, and it is not meant to minister to your pride; it is meant to humble you and to make you even more desperate to stay close to Me and in My Spirit.

126. It is as if you are coming before Me in the spirit and kneeling before Me‚ and I am giving you My commendation and blessing; and I am also giving you a commission to go out and continue to fight My battles as My Endtime soldiers and prophets! But these are spiritual battles that have to be fought and won through My Spirit.

127. So keep going, My loves! Keep going to the light of a brighter day,and be all that you can be for Me. (End of message.)


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