Use the Lord’s Vehicles and Weapons to Obliterate the Enemy! (prophecy)


One of my fav. prophecies!

3. (Jesus:) My dear, beloved brides of all ages, I am so happy to have this special time of renewal with you, this time away from the world. It’s like our secret place where we can run and hide out together. We get to have special times together‚ and this makes Me so happy.

4. But some of you are wondering why you’re facing some of the most intense battles of your life at this time. Well‚ the answer is really very simple: You’ve gone over the top. You’ve hit the Enemy head-on, and he’s furious. That’s the simple truth of the situation. The more you attack him, the more he freaks out and runs and tries something bigger to stop your onslaught.

5. You’ve made a major drive into his territory, and he’s running and grasping at everything he’s got to try to overcome this huge attack. He can’t stop you, and it just terrifies him. He’s trying so hard to stop you, but because you’ve got Me on your side, it’s like trying to stop a tidal wave! We’re going to wash right over him and capture so much territory back from his clutches.

6. I know you may see his trebuchets and his catapults, his spearmen and axe men and his mounted hordes‚ but don’t let that scare you! It may look to you like he’s never had such a gathering of his forces against you. But what you’ve got to realize is that all of his weaponry is obsolete. You’re looking at it all wrong. You’re looking at the Enemy’s forces rather than at your own. Let Me open your eyes in the spirit. Close your eyes and come with Me and let Me show you exactly how I see it.

7. (Vision:) I see a dark, cloudy sky; the sun’s light can’t penetrate it.Where I’m standing‚ it’s bright, but I can see the clouds and storms in the distance. The Lord gives an order to start walking forward, and as I begin to walk‚ it’s as if my steps are empowered by an outside power. The ground begins to move rapidly beneath me and I’m running at an incredible speed.

8. The picture zooms out and I see that this isn’t just me running, but rather there’s a huge army running in a wedge–shaped formation headlong into this darkness. There are shouts of victory and banners waving as we run. It’s a victorious charge into the Enemy’s territory.

9. Now I’m seeing it from the other side. I see myself in the ranks of the Enemy. I can see the Devil’s forces nervously fingering their weapons, their swords, their shields, their spears and axes. I see them shaking, looking around at each other, completely terrified.

10. It’s amazing the difference of feeling I experience. When I’m in the Lord’s army I feel an incredible sense of victory, as if the victory is already won and we’re celebrating. In the Enemy’s camp there is a very oppressive fear and panic.

11. I’m watching now as the forces around me begin to drop their weapons and run. I can hear an evil commander shrieking out orders to stand their ground and hold the ranks, but his forces are deserting their lines in panic.

12. The scene continues to unfold, and I see the Enemy hovering above his forces. On his face is a panicky expression. He’s waving his arms, and over the hill I see the catapults and trebuchets begin to fire. I can see the fireballs coming. They fall on his own ranks and cause further panic. The Devil then, in a fury, orders a fresh volley, which seems like it’s going to hit the oncoming army of light.

13. The scene changes to the onrushing “good guys,” and I see that they’re all rushing toward squadrons of powerful and heavily armored vehicles. These are their vehicles, not the Enemy’s. They’re all diving into their tanks and armored vehicles—and these vehicles look huge. The troops are climbing up ladders to get into them. The shouts of victory continue as I hear the incredible roar of the engines of these massive machines. The only way I can describe them is that they’re like the massive earthmovers that often stand about two to three stories tall that are used in mining operations.

14. These vehicles are so big that the sound of their engines is deafening.Mounted on them are these cannon-like weapons, which look absolutely overpowering. They fire a volley of light at the Enemy and it hits his first line of defense, which disintegrates into ashes. I hear the shouts again, the cries of victory, as the vehicles rush forward at amazing speed. I see the scene from above again, the same wedge formation‚ and it’s now completely washing over the Enemy, crushing him without mercy.

15. It’s like these monster machines don’t even notice anything is there beneath them. There are no obstructions. The power of the engines of these huge vehicles is so powerful that nothing stops them. Their size is overwhelming the midget–like catapults and artillery.

16. I hear a continuous roar of the engines and the thunder of the cannons firing. Then I see a host of heavenly air power swooping down and bombing in front of them. The clouds are being driven back as if by a forceful wind, and the light is shining everywhere.

17. The Enemy’s forces turn to dust or ashes as they are destroyed, and I see the wind blowing their remains away before the force of the attack.The Devil is turning and running. It’s such a funny picture because he’s waving his arms and screaming, “Stop them! Stop them! Aaaaaaaa!” as he is driven back. Then I see something grab him and begin to suck him in. He’s grasping at anything to try to get out of its grip; it’s sucking him in, almost like a cartoon. He’s stretching, and suddenly—pop!—is gone into this huge vacuum-cleaner-like scoop.

18. Now the monstrous vehicles are thundering over the mountains and chasing down the enemy. The scene is of total obliteration, complete annihilation of the enemy; they never stood a chance. Their attempts at stopping the oncoming forces of the Lord were almost pitiful. Before the whole scene unfolded, there was definitely a massive enemy force standing against the attack, but now there’s nothing left—nothing, not even the remains of the enemy. It doesn’t even look like a battle took place. The destruction of the enemy is so complete that their ashes are just blown away in the wind!

19. I see the ash being blown away and the grass appearing beneath. The grass is bright and green and obviously strong and healthy. It was completely covered before. Now the scene is bright and I see the heavenly aircraft sweeping overhead with a deafening roar as they spiral and twist in a display of power. The enemy is routed and the victory is won! I just want to glorify our invincible Lord and proclaim His magnificence!

20. (Jesus continues:) So do you see how I see it now? The victory is ours! The day is ours! We haven’t been defeated! We’re so powerful that I don’t really care if the Enemy pulls out some “big guns”—they’re harmless and ancient compared to My superior firepower. They’re going to be blown away in front of you.

21. The problem you’re having is simply one of your perception. You’re looking at it like Elisha’s servant in the Bible. He was looking at the armies of Syria round about them, completely cutting them off from any help, when suddenly his eyes were opened to the firepower that was on theirside‚ and then he was really scared! Ha!

22. The armies of Heaven are at your side, aiding you, rushing alongside you‚ overwhelming the Enemy for you. You’ve just got to keep pace with them. Don’t lag behind. The fight is right up here at the front of the charge—don’t hang around in the background or you’ll miss all the fun and see no action.

23. It’s time to launch that offensive, rally the fighters, and launch the attack squadrons! Get on board the latest of My monster Satan-crushers! Get up to date with your key-empowered attack vehicles and completely overwhelm the attacks of the Enemy!

24. Sure, he’d like you to think that he’s got a massive army at his disposal. And, yes, it may look like that if you’re thinking that you’re standing alone against it. But you’re not. You just need to ask Me to open your eyes to the overwhelming force of spiritual power that you have around you. It’s basically a non–contest. What more can I say? If you want to quiver and shake in fright, I pity you‚ because the power you have available to you is so invincible that you shouldn’t even consider this a battle.

25. You want an easy victory? Then for goodness’ sake, mount up, get moving, and take it! This is as easy a victory as you’re ever going to have over the Enemy. He’s practically defeated already. He’ll be wiped out before you get to him. All you have to do is claim the day, claim the victory over him‚ and it’s yours!

26. I don’t know what more I can say. Get up, get moving, and win the victory! Quit hanging around in the service depots! Use the vehicles I’ve given you! Get out there and take it, please! Stop quivering and shaking in fright at the attacks of the Enemy—use the power you have and take the victory from him. Take it, please! It’s just pathetic that you’d be so frightened, considering the power that is available to aid you.

27. I’ve sounded the charge. The battle is one you will win if you simply will get on board the vehicles I have made available to you and take the victory. You’re a born winner. You can’t lose with Me on your side; you can’t help but defeat the Enemy—you’re destined to! You’ve seen movies where the good guy is destined to take control of some power and defeat the forces of darkness? Well, you’re just like that. I ordained it so that you would be destined to win.

28. The Devil sees that you are his doom, his defeat, his downfall‚ and that’s why he’s trying to convince you that you can’t take ahold of your weapons of death to his power. He knows that the moment you start using your weapons to the full, you’ll be possessed and filled by all the power of My magnificence, and he will be defeated.

29. He’s there desperately telling you not to use your weapons, begging you not to get in touch with the power, because he knows his evil empire is doomed the moment you do. So what are you going to do? Heed that sniveling weasel?—Or use your weapons of the Spirit and destroy the Enemy’s power, ending his reign forever?

30. You are at a crucial point in your history. You are about to inherit the Kingdom, and the only thing that stands between you and your rightful place is the Enemy—this impostor, this shadow of darkness and his fabrications. He’s all that stands between you and the throne. What are you waiting for? Why quit now? Having come so far, why cop out now?

31. Can’t you see that it’s the Enemy lying to you and telling you that you can’t beat him? All the while he’s nervously eyeing your weapons. He knows that the instant you begin using your weapons, he’s defeated. All he can do is try to convince you not to attack him. Grab your weapons of the spirit with all the fury of My power within you, cut the Devil to the heart, and take what is rightfully yours. Let his screams of horror spur you onward as you defeat him.

32. Overcome him by the power you have available to you! Why can’t you see that you are an overcomer? Will you abandon your heritage? Will you deny your place at My side? Will you deny yourself the satisfaction of having defeated the Devil? Will you quiver and run in fright at his words? That’s all they are—words—empty nothingness, lies, half-truths, deceptions, poisonous pills that you have to decide to swallow.

33. Stand up for your calling! Stand up for what you are destined to own and govern. You are destined to win—you cannot be defeated, because you have Me on your side. For goodness’ sake, stop quivering and start fighting! Start attacking away at the Enemy! Start destroying his power, start vaporizing his garments of darkness‚ start ripping away his cover–ups, and let the light of My Word utterly destroy him!

34. Let today be the day you decided to claim your throne. Let the courts of Heaven rejoice as they see you making full use of your spiritual weapons and challenging the Devil with such fury that he cannot withstand you. Are you a warrior or a wimp? What is your heart made of? Are you a power-wielding overcomer or a sniveling coward?

35. You must grab ahold of that weapon and defeat the Enemy—it is your destiny! You are predestined to defeat Satan and all his wiles—why doubt it? All you have to do is take hold of My power and use it!

36. Don’t let the annals of Heaven say, “Here is the record of a warrior who could have been, who could have defeated Satan, but he or she ran in fright when faced with the opportunity.” What a horrible testament that would be. Instead, let this be the inscription next to your name: “Here is recorded the tale of the undefeated warrior of David. Within this record is an example for all time of an overcomer. The halls of Heaven proudly salute [your name here].”

37. Wouldn’t that be so much better? Wouldn’t you rather go down in heavenly history as an overcomer? If you would, then take hold of the keys‚ take hold of the weapons of the Spirit‚ start the engines of your massive war machine and move out to crush the Enemy, and claim your place beside the greats of all time.

38. “And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they loved not their lives unto the death.” They were overcomers! Take your rightful place among the greatest overcomers of all time. Now is the time to act! Today is the day of salvation—all history awaits your decision. (End of message.)


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