3 Dreams for the Price of 1!

Wow these dreams were incredible!   Both scary, meaningful and entertaining, I might add.   Praise God and unravel their meanings, Jesus.


Dream 1: movie theater

Dream 2: Tony came

Dream 3: Scorpion discovery at the mall


Dream 1:


This was one of those dreams you continue to talk about throughout the rest of the dreams because it seems so significant. I was with Tony who had somehow become a Taiwanese woman and was sitting next to me, hugging me at this movie. Sammie was next to me as well, having come earlier. I’ll explain about Tony later, that actually happened before this. The movie was interesting, about spaceships and airplanes, flying around a city in an exciting scene – the depiction was futuristic flying craft compared with old ww2 movie scenes of bombing missions in old movies, and the scenes and the angles were exactly the same.


It was a really cool entertaining and popular movie, I think it was ID4 or something similar, and suddenly Obama was in the movie theater talking to everyone. I thought it was so annoying and so did everyone else. He was droning on and on at the bottom left-hand area showing something on a device the size of a phone he was holding. The speech went for quite a while, and I was wondering if we’d get our money back after this interruption. It wasn’t even well thought out as he didn’t have a mike, but was just basically reaching the people closest within his range.   Suddenly he flashed this light around everywhere from a device, larger this time at the audience, and it had something to do with a new “change” that was happening.   I pulled out my phone and looked at everything with the camera and noticed on my phone that the people all around me were now showing up as dead bodies in the phone.   I said to Sammie and “Tony” we needed to get out of there.   Then the movie screen changed, too, to a scene of utter death and people eating each other. It ended with the screen covered with skulls and chaos ensued in the theater, with us trying to get out of there immediately before someone lost their mind.   The weird thing was the major change seemed to be at first digital, like there was a shift in another dimension to bring death everywhere.   Then there was the fear aspect, and in a Pokemon go style everything was “dead” but not dead. We got out of there fast, and I still wanted my money back for the ticket.


Dream 2


Tony had come a day early and I was pretty busy and not sure how to handle his arrival. He was really cool though and reminded me of a WS guy from the Family back in the day, or perhaps one of the uncles, he was full of the Holy Spirit and witty and fun to be around. His age kept shifting though and he was really wild and free, wanting to try everything in Taiwan. I kept trying to show him everything but he was like “ok man, slow down!” and I realized I was in a frenzy of trying to teach him everything and wearing myself out.   So then out of no where all these people started showing up, and they were all old friends mostly from the Family. It was like a huge reunion at this little house where we live, with constantly more and more people coming. This in itself was also quite overwhelming but a happy feeling. Ginny was there too and I was asking her what she thought about Tony staying here, but at first we were too busy to talk until near the end of this dream, she loved him and thought it was great he was there.   All throughout the rest of the dreams Tony was there, often a younger guy, like in his 20’s and really wild. A few times he was older and grey-headed but with a gentle Family shepherd kind of aura, and then once he was a Taiwanese girl!   Strange. . .   Ginny said something about people getting in touch with their feminine side at one point.   Sammie came and checked my eyes to see if they were red, and she sighed.   “You’ve stayed up so late” she said, and we later went to the movie together but I didn’t see her much after that.


Dream 3


Tony and I went to the mall, and we were using this seat that drove you everywhere to find stuff. He drove it insanely fast and we barely missed a few people walking around, but it was nice to have this thing as the mall was so huge and otherwise it takes forever to get anywhere. We went outside and many of the people who had come to our house were out doing something, and it was a kind of wilderness type of place.   Tony actually reminded me a lot of Justin who had come earlier.


I found this hole with an almond-sized cap, but it had a strange look to it. I pulled out the cap and found there was a bug in there, and it was unusual so I started to mess with it using some lego creation I had.   The thing turned out to be a scorpion and it wanted to sting me everytime I got close to it.   It had a really nasty looking stinger but it was intriguing so I kept messing with it until finally I think we killed it somehow. Ginny was telling me what kind of scorpion it was, how deadly they were, what they represented, etc.   and meanwhile this other guy was also there appreciating doing this. Once it died I had to retrieve the lego parts that had been knocked off my contraption I had used to do this, and found that the hole was actually for a key and this was a door to a secret underground mansion hall or something.   I opened it and stepped inside, and suddenly Tony and Tom Hanks were with me going in. We stepped around gingerly at first, because it was so old and dusty but also seemed to be private property. We went ahead until coming to a large red curtained thing and pushed gently on it, finding it would automatically draw back, revealing another area kind of like a stage.   Now suddenly it started to open and not only that, but as if it was an artificial contraption stuff everywhere started to open – the entire area was like row after row of hidden mansion wings that had been hidden for ages.   I forgot about the fear of being caught and we were just suddenly escorted or carted along, the 3 of us all over the landscape to see the drama taking place.   Huge endless halls full of books were emerging from the rock faces and hills everywhere, making an entire city sized library literally come out of the ground. The books were really special, too, and Tom Hanks started to praise God for this. I said “a curse be upon all those who try to cover up the truth and the glory of wisdom!” or something like that, and I was so happy to hear Tom Hanks say something indicating he had faith.


I don’t know what this meant but the books seemed to be really important!


One thought on “3 Dreams for the Price of 1!

  1. Wow, finally found the dreams! Ha! Anyway, this is what I got from your dream. God is sending people your way, people who are hungry for deeper truth and a deeper journey. Many of these people are going to seem overwhelming and sometimes too much for you physically to handle, but God has given you strength beyond your own ability to endure. He is also sending people like Genny and Sammy to help to encourage and be accountable to protect your heart and physical health. So listen to them. Also, this keyhole thing, it pretty simple there is a great deal of hidden journeys in the spirit and homes for people that God wants to give access to you and the people he connects you with, they don’t know about it because the enemy has falsely locked them up. He has given you the keys to unlock the door and reveal His Hidden realms to others. As you continue to share and Declare these mansions and homes and journey with others in the spirit or through encouragement they will find the faith to step into this realm and discover the hidden mysteries and knowledge of His kingdom where we can dwell and connect with the Lord.

    Also, going back to the movie dreams. I sense that there are things that are causing death in people and it is coming through media, it is like a death to our own journeys and You are recognizing it and He has given you the urgency to stand up and walk away from what the enemy wants to take.

    It is so Interesting how these dreams are similar to the dream I had the other night. I wonder if we were all together in the spirit in those underground places….crazy…that sounds so similar! I will let you know if God shows me any more! So good! Tony has something so powerful in His life. I think it would be so interested to journey together Ginny, Tony, you and I. 🙂


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