Hal Lindsey has a Good Report! And Basham Report Heading to New Horizons. . .

I was recently led to Hal Lindsey by my dear brother the Individual.  It’s a report that although I may not agree 100 percent on does offer an alternative and well researched opinion.

Here was our dialogue leading to this!  (Let another man praise thee, and not thine own tongue!  And let it be rather told to thee “come up hither,” lest thou be dishonored when thou takest the honored seat. . .  anyway, PTL)


Congrats on the new radio network opportunity. I think your podcast would go well, I definitely enjoy watching your programs and I find your live programs particularly fun and interactive. You cover a lot of important issues and things most Christians don’t touch. You kinda remind me of Hal Lindsey (you should check him out some time). As one of your followers and viewers I think you should try out the fringe radio network and also continue doing live streams when you can. Your last live stream was fantastic. Just stay faithful, there’s a lot of good Christian TV & radio networks that are looking for fresh faces to bring quality content to the masses. God bless and thanks for the exciting update. I am very happy for you.

Thank you, brother! I’m hoping this will force me to make things a little bit more streamlined, at least on the radio show as there will be professionals watching. The idea of getting into the often neglected areas is what really inspires me a lot. Will check out Hal Lindsey and hoping to tie together some more loose ends here as the church is still all divided and spread out all over the place.

One thought on “Hal Lindsey has a Good Report! And Basham Report Heading to New Horizons. . .

  1. Thanks for mentioning my input I appreciate it. Just want to help you develop the best possible ministry as I think you have a lot to offer. Its good to have a view goals in mind when your building your ministry and I thought checking Hal Lindsey out could give you some ideas. I also think Paul Begley has a similar ministry to you also and that guy really does a marvelous job. He is really starting to go viral and I’m sure you’ve seen some of his videos before. Check out his youtube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4SH8rh0OjYV3zwqnIfqNbA

    All the best with your current developments and thanks for keep us posted!


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