Tony Floyd’s Vision of the Valley of Death


Tony Floyd

13 August at 20:59

Tony: as I compile this whole story to a document, I’m giving my students a listening test. The CD said “Part 1” as soon as I clicked on copy/paste of your story which starts with “Part 1” … I’m unable to edit it now but here it is in it raw glory!


Before I go much further with this ongoing vision . The religious crap that people post will not save you, and he does not respond to it . Jesus the Lord of light cares for what comes from your heart . I will not post anything else on my FB until this vision is complete , so if you want to hear it all just click on my home page for it . I will post some past visions from time to time . Believe this are not your choice . But you will have to scroll way down to get the start of it ..

I turned my back on these people for I wanted nothing to do with anyone . For I have been hurt so bad , seems as though my life was a waste and I was thrown away as a child . I will not talk about most of the things for the sake of my loved ones . My second step in this valley was so horrible that it is hard to talk about . The demons came out of this vast darkness and started throwing spears of the past sin at me and they were hitting there mark me . My heart was so broken with my past sins that I did not know how I would go on . I was week like no weakness I have ever felt before . I wanted to turn around and leave this place but I knew I had to go on for my love for the Lord of light . There was absolutely no light in this valley only evil and darkness . As I continued to walk my vision started to adjust and I could see some things . I saw a tree , It was huge and its roots were strong and massive , then I looked and noticed there were no leaves on this tree . There was no life in it at all .


PART 1 I stopped and pondered this tree . I wanted to turn around and go back to the gate and leave this place of darkness and sin once again. but I knew I could not leave I just had to see what lie ahead . I looked down at my feet in out of the darkness I could see serpents wrapping around my feet and legs , trying to stop me from going forward to see the tree . I fought them off and tromped there heads to pieces . As I killed the last snake I walked around the tree , o o o Lord . To see the Lord of lights nailed to this tree . I fell upon my knees and started to weep . I looked up at him his nose so beaten that it hung as a piece of skin his eyes were so swollen that you could not even see them blood pouring out of his wounds , I reached out to touch him and felt that the blood was still warm and ran over my hand . I wept over him like I never wept before. And looked up at him to see a crown of thorns ,not like you were taught but a complete head covering of thorns pushed deep into his skull blood was pouring down all over his face . I thought who is this man that promised crowns to us hanging on a tree . Then I remembered what the prophets said cursed is a man who hangs on a tree .
more tomorrow weeping to bad now sorry .
Now as I wept and looked up at the Light of the world ,an old man approached the tree with a lantern so I could see better . He spoke to me and said you must see the rest . He lifted up the lantern toward the man on the tree and we rose up from the path to be eye to eye with him . He told to as place my hands around this man and touch his back ,as I did I could feel flesh so torn that it came off and fell into my hands . I could feel his ribs were the flesh once was .I brought my hands back and cried and wept again . Then after awhile the Old man said look above his head , so I looked and there was a sign above . Now I know in his word it says King of Kings Lord of Lords , But on this day it simply said Tony I did this for you . I wanted to jump down and run away for how could this light of the world do this for me . As I tried to get down the tree he was nailed to begin to turn into a cross . He opened his eyes and looked at me with such passion and delight of the sight of me I felt love from him so pure that no words could describe it . As I felt this love the Lord of light brought back to me my three precious deaths that I have experienced in my life . Once when I was a baby in Snyder ,Texas I died of dysentery . I remember two of my uncles in the room Jester and Earl one of them brought me a package of cowboys and Indians can’t remember which one.   Angel caught my Spirit said it was not my time and placed it back into my body . The second death was when I died at age of thirty from cocaine overdose , yep that’s right I did . But this one was different I zoomed through a tunnel of light and boom I was stopped by a hand placed over my chest . I knew it was Jesus but I did not look upon him at that time . My focus was on a great city of gold I now know was the new Jerusalem it was solid gold and there was such a glow of love and light coming from it that I new it was God . Every time his heart would beat waves of pure love would sweep over me I just wanted to go there and never leave . The Lord of light said you can not go there at this time . He swept his arm to the left of us and said if you don’t pick up your cross and follow me all these will perish . I looked and saw a fiery pit with body parts all in it they were screaming out words I will not repeat at the Lord of light . I turned further to the left to see a long long conveyer belt loaded with people some I knew some I did not ,there were thousands upon thousands on it . As I followed it ,it went up toward a shed type building were they entered and were shredded to pieces and cast into the lake of fire . As I turned to face the Lord of light I was put back into my body . We want talk about my third one for it was not very pleasant .
Then the old man with the lantern was back with me again , and said look as I turned my attention from the cross to the crowd of people that was gathered there the light began to expose what was in the darkness. All the evil demons were gathered there that night to extinguish the Lord of light . they took great pride and delight to kill the Lord of light . As I watched these evil spirits they entered into the people there that was not of the house of God . they started spitting on Jesus cursing him and all kinds of nasty dirty things , yes Lord I will tell them . they took poop and threw it upon the Lord of light , piss in the water bucket tried to make him drink it . Then I saw a group of soldiers and I saw a group of demons two of which I have seen before and they entered into the soldiers . Now they started to cast lots to see who would sphere the Lord of lights for in this was there true delight . As one of the soldiers stood heads above the rest he came out to do his best so he could satisfy the rest . Satan was there that day also Lucifer was there to play . Praise you Lord of lights for you are my delight . I saw an Angel that came that night and he was very bright , He opened his chest along the way to take my poem and keep it warm . Off to the heavens he did zoom and said I will take to the throne room . Sorry cant help myself sometimes I just like to make rhymes . As this demon soldier approaches the Lord of lights He opens his eyes and looks at me with such delight . I know the bible says he was dead already but you see darkness can not put out the light but the light can shine in the darkness . As the soldier approached the Lord of lights he thrust his sphere deep into the side of our Lord but little did he no that he struck the liver of our Lord of lights. And we know the liver is the blood . The blood spewed out from his side and landed on the demons who were there and also ran down into the cleft of the rock . As this happened I wept for I was in the valley of death and now my hope was gone . Then all of a sudden he was there standing beside me he was smiling as Angels came to him with a great and mighty sword , A white horse also appeared before the Lord of light . Jesus looked at me once again but this time his eyes were red full of fury . He said to me this night I ride to hell to set them free and to swallow up death want you come with me . I backed off from him for I had never seen him like this before . As I watched him ride away I noticed that the Apostles were there with me .Peter rest his hand on my shoulder and said it is time for you to go back to the path .
I will post a photo of this night all you have to do is focus on the light You see folks you were there also on that night . If you focus on the photo bellow you will see him crucified and the two thief’s with him , and all the rest . I will continue my vision later God bless you all .

As I walked back to the path , I was reminded by Holy Spirit what Jesus the Lord of light had ask me 2 years before . He came to me one day in Spirit and ask would you forsake all to follow me ? Yes Lord I replied , would you leave this world behind and forsake for me ? Yes Lord I replied once again . He ask a third time would you forsake all of your loved ones turn your back pick up your cross and follow me ? I did not reply so fast this time as my children grandchildren and my wonderful loving wife flashed before my eyes. My heart sank as I said yes Lord of light I will forsake all to follow you . Little did I know that this would come to pass in such a way that no man could have foretold . As I continued my walk down this long very dark path I found that I was carrying something and it was very heavy . I turned and looked and I was holding a bag . So I continued to drag this bag along straining with every step and kicking demons from the side trying to pull me from the path . I came to a point in the path that had a wall in front of it , the path also forked and I knew to go to the right which led me to the wall . I jumped up on the wall and tried to pull the bag up on to it and to the other side . No matter how hard I pulled I could not get it over the wall . So I thought to myself maybe if I look In the bag I can take some things out of it to lighten the load but I did not want to look into it for fear of what I may find .I sat down on the path and ask the Lord of lights to help me get the bag over the wall . He was silent and did not answer me . I then new I had to see what was in the bag , I opened it slowly and looked inside . My heart fell as low as it could ever fall . Inside the bag I found my wife and children and grandchildren and they were asking me to not drop the carry us over the wall with you . there was also all the baggage of the world in it my home my job my business and all the things that I loved to do . At that time I heard the voice of the Lord of light will you forsake all that is in the bag and follow me . I thought on it again for awhile and with tears pouring down my face I said yes O Lord of light I will drop it come over the wall and stay on the path . Now to this present day it has all happened to me its all gone . I jumped over the wall with little effort and continued looking back to were I left the bag but it was gone . I wept for my loved ones along the way ,as demons laughed at me and threw slanders of hate and what they were going to do with the contents of my bag . Have to stop here for a bit weeping once again but I promise the story is about to make a really awesome turn .

As I looked back at the wall were I had left my bag of all the things that were precious to me , I ask the Lord of light what would become of them and would they ever forgive me . I heard the voice of the Lord of light say trust me I will take care of them you follow me . It gave me great comfort knowing he would take care of them ,so I walked on .The path begin to twist and turn and fork , and I did not know which way to go . There was one path that was very narrow barely enough room to place one foot upon the other without stumbling and falling off the edge into a deep raven . Somehow I knew this was the path that he wanted me to take but did not want go for I was not sure I could walk it . Then all of a sudden the Holy Spirit came to me as a whirlwind and said I am sent to help you along this path . he said look behind you , I turned and looked and there over my shoulder the cross and I was carrying it, It was light and no weight to it at all . I shouted and praised the Lord of Spirits I shouted and praised the Lord of light and I shouted and praised the Holy Spirit for now I was carrying the cross and it represented my death to the flesh . I am so happy to see you Holy Spirit I wondered if you would come . He spoke and said there will be times here when you will feel alone, but I am sent for you and will never leave you . I started to go back to the time when he came to me and baptized me in the Spirit it was so wonderful . About 3am I was awakened by a mighty crash of what thought was thunder and into my bedroom fire came through the wall it ran in and out of me all around the room I felt so alive so free so glorious I started speaking in a language unknown to me jumping screaming praise God . Then I looked and saw Brenda my wife pinned to the bed by an Angel of the Lord and she was laughing with me , as the Holy Spirit had his way in me pure awesomeness . So now I had my cross and the Holy Spirit nothing could keep me from this narrow path I jumped onto the path and started skipping along it as a little child would do .Then I saw the path starting to go down even deeper into the valley of death . I saw a red glow coming from beneath me and a strong smell of sulfur rising up from this place . Screams of agony and pain cursing aimed at the Lord of light as the words past close to me aimed toward the heavens . I knew it was hell and it wanted me there they started screaming out my name ,saying he has left you he put you on this path to hell and now you are mine . I looked to find the Holy Spirit no where and sight . I started to cry out to him but boom I ran into someone who had stopped on the path . We looked at each other in shock as we lost our balance on this narrow path and fell off the edge into the pit . I remembered as I fell how after my first heart attack ( the reason I can’t spell anymore that part of my memory is hard to find ) after I came home and died in the ditch for my third time and the Lord of light said in a voice that heard in the natural this one shall live . even though I took me 45 minutes to crawl to my truck and get home I lived . It was only a thirty ft crawl . then after we finished building our home I had another heart attack in my sleep and two demons came boom they came right through the wall of our home . I was instantly paralyzed and my lips zipped as a zipper . l could not move and could not speak , I tried to rebuke but could not . I watched in horror as they came close , they were of Jamaican decent and I knew by there accent , they both had three claws on each hand dreadlocks in there hair about 8 ft tall and dark as the valley I was now in . They started to argue with each other about which one was going to rip my heart out and kill me I was terrified but helpless to do anything about it , as they fought with each other one on the left dug his claws deep into my chest and ripped out my heart with one big pull . Praise the Lord of light my heart had changed into the bible as they screamed and their hands begin to burn . I was then unzipped and I laughed and pursued them in the Spirit calling out to them to stop I have something for you . they ran so fast I could catch them though I will someday . I came back into my body and rolled out of bed onto the floor in great pain . Brenda awoke and jumped up and ask me what happened . Now I was back and I hit the floor of hell. I was once again terrified to find myself in hell. I looked around and saw things going on there that no man should tell , but I will obey the Lord of Spirits and tell some of what I seen.  First of all I saw a great beast maybe 20 foot tall a women chained to a wall as the beast tore her to shreds over and over again , I saw men and women released into seems like some kind of arena then the demons were released to see how many they could rip to pieces over and over again . I saw men and women rolling giant boulders up a fiery mountain side demons whipping them with whips of fire as they pushed only to be overcome by the weight of these giant boulders and they rolled down back upon them as they screamed and agony only to have to do it again and again . I knew this was only the beginning for one day they would be cast into the lake of fire . My attention was then turned to a great table that was bigger then any one I had ever seen on earth , on this table were a lot of the Holy relics from heaven that Satan had stolen from God as he was booted out of Heaven . There was a giant demon guarding this table and he had spotted me and the other man with me . We looked at each other as we herd each others thoughts . All the demons stopped punishing there guest and focused on us we were terrified at what they would do to us . We started running but had no where to run to when suddenly two ropes were dropped from above. Man we ran to those ropes grabbed onto them and started climbing I never climbed so fast in all my life . As I looked over at the man I noticed his rope burning from the bottom up and shouted at him faster faster your rope is burning he looked at me and said yours is on fire too , I looked down and demons were climbing my rope and the rope was on fire bellow them . a demon was on the ground laughing as he was the one that set them on fire . I looked up and shouted as loud as I could JESUS save us JESUS ,JESUS and there at the top was standing the Lord of light and he bent over grabbed the two ropes shook off the demons as we held on tight and he pulled us up back onto the path . He vanished before we could get to him . And also my new found friend was gone . I was back onto the path and alone once again . I was thankful to the Lord of light and was trembling all over I ran down that narrow path until I came to a place that it opened up a little saw a rock and sat down on it praising God for saving us .

( I know who this man is today and we are friends on youtube I call him the Blade he lives and teaches English in TAIWAN )

The valley of death part 5

As I sat on the rock so much of what I had just witnessed was bothering me. Who was this man I was in the pit with , why did we bump into each other and fall , what were the Holy relics on that table ? I had no idea it would take a long time after this encounter for the Lord of light to bring its meaning to me . I looked down the path and really wanted to go no further , I just wanted to go back home and be with my wife . Under the circumstance the Lord of light had made this impossible for me to do ,she was sick and could not stay in the south any longer do to her severe pain brought on by heat and humidity , I was no way going back to Alaska at this time for I do not have the funds . So what God had joined together God took apart . I understand why he did so for she is A great women of The great I AM also . Then I saw the mighty whirlwind appear on the path just up ahead ,so I jumped up and ran down the path to meet him for I knew the Holy Spirit when I see him . As I came up to him he spoke to me and said I would you to meet three of heavens helpers so as I looked three giant looking spirits came at me . They had wings but were not Angels . Holy Spirit introduced me to them this is Wisdom this is Knowledge and this is Understanding . I was floored to say the least . He said they will be with you for a short time to bring into your life the gift of Wisdom Understanding And knowledge .( I am going to stop and post this and right below I will post of photo of them and then get back onto the path )

I said so happy to meet you and they replied to me without speaking but I heard them loud and clear and said just think what you will and we will hear you also , little did I know that they were setting me up for later on down the path of my life for the encounters that I would have . I do no one thing I was happy to see them for their glory shined and lit up the darkness of this place as the demons retreated from the light . I will tell you of a secret that will bless you spoke Wisdom . O please do I replied bye thought he laughed and said you learn fast . What is the secret please tell me . Wisdom looked at me with stern eyes and ask will you receive the truth of all things that we will show you and tell you . I said yes of course then he said when I tell you just simply say I receive it in Jesus name , ok I replied . All things that the Great I Am has created is alive and has Spirit for our God is a God of Love and life in him their is no death are darkness at all . I receive that I replied . He continued the rocks have life the trees have life and most of all the words you use have life so choose them wisely .I receive that I replied . Wisdom ask me what is your most profound question of Heaven ? I thought about it for a while and thought why does he ask me this . He heard my thought and said for the Lord wishes for you to come there and see for your self the Glory of his greatness . So I said if there is no sex in Heaven how will we express true love for one another . Boom I was there in a most beautiful place full of love that surpassed all understanding ,then Understanding said I will be with you here to show you this love in which you seek for I know you did not have much of it on earth . I looked and saw the most beautiful women I had ever seen she was dressed in lovely light blue , I don’t even know how to say it , It was not a dress but more of light . I had no knowledge of my wife back on earth are anything else only this knock out gorgeous women laying on a bed . So I thought with my flesh O no way I’m going to get this lucky . I moved over lay down beside her reached out to embrace her . When I touched her she pulled me into herself and boom , I exploded inside with pure love and knew in a instance what true love really mint . Then I was back on the path and darkness had overtaking me once again . Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding were no longer with me . I wondered if I had done something wrong . ( continued when Holy Spirit returns for now he has departed once again . Hope it helps someone . Later )

Five thirty am here , I’m up praise you Jesus that you love me ,so glad . six am Holy Spirit is coming in to my home so much love and compassion for me . I try to plan my day have lots to do laundry clean house etc. Sounds like I’m a women lol , never knew how much my wife had done for me . Was not planning on righting today but Holy Spirit said yes . I sat down on the path in darkest valley I had ever seen. Demons were once again throwing spheres at me but there sting was not as bad as before . I was starting to understand what was truly happening to me in this valley of death . The Lord of lights was healing me of all the pain and neglect in my life . One encounter with him will do so much to you it is not possible to try and explain it . I was the one that should have been nailed to that cross , you were the ones that should have been there also . How could the King of glory the Lord of light leave such a remarkable place come down here in the flesh and die for A sinner like me . I was starting to weep when I heard a voice from upon high say salvation is free ,the higher calling will cost you everything . My mind went back to the bag and my family which I had left at the wall . The voice cried out you may go back if you so choose but it will cost you much in the Kingdom of God . For many are called but few are chosen for the higher calling of God .Man that hit me so much harder then the spheres of the demons . I cried out in a voice without hesitation no I will finish this path for I am no backtracker . I saw a dim light coming from the path behind me ,as it approached I knew at once it was Wisdom once again but this time he was in the form of a old man long beard and a lantern . I had seen him like this before in one of the photos I had taken holding the lantern at the feet of our Lord of light . He came over sat beside and said ,don’t forget the prayer that you pray . I said which one and giggled . He looked at me said the one were you ask the Lord to finish his work in you . Do you still mean it now he said . Yes I have come to far to turn back and I could never be the same . Wisdom then said come I will show you more , instantly I was in a place in Heaven that I new was the headquarters of Michael the Ark Angel . It was so awesome to see the architecture was like none I have ever seen . I was riding a great white stallion that I have yet to name , for the Lord of Light had given him to several years before . photo of him below only his head and mane . We walked down a pathway of the finest inlayed stone and everything seemed to be trimmed in gold and diamonds . we came around a corner and there sitting on a throne was Jesus the Lord of light .His throne was on fire blue red yellow and orange and more colors that I have never seen before . There were Angels there all around him worshiping him the grandest sight I had ever seen . He then turned and looked at me with those loving eyes . He did not say a word only smiled at me and poof I was back on the path in the valley of death . Wisdom was no where to be found once again I was alone but praising God for letting me see the Lord of light once again .

( Below is the horse )




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