Dream about events from 2007-2008

“The new TFI stuff is just so boring. I still read the old original MO Letters and enjoy their out of control style. Don’t you think they got tamed down after a period of time versus the original thrust of the Family?   I’ll also go back and read my own crazy prophecies from when I lived here.”

I TOLD SIMON LAANI and some others, sitting n their living room in Cleremont Florida next to the piano. I had asked if they still had it and there it was, indeed – still a bit out of tune. They were incredibly sweet and receptive although I could tell it would be a bit awkward for them. This was the home I had originally joined when first coming into the Family back in 2004. Of course now they’ve moved to Texas but this was the last place I could remember them. It was almost a merging of the house they had built in Texas and the ones they had fixed up in Cleremont where we had lived after Hurricane Katrina blew us all out.

I asked who lived with them/around them and it was many people from the original crew: Jason, Crit, Chris and his brother, plus the entire Forseberg family. Tim was there. John had grown so tall I made the joke he didn’t need to pay for haircuts, he could just stand up straight in the living room and the ceiling fan would cut off his hair! He had an interesting short haircut and was his usual gentle well meaning self. Everyone there was noticeably quiet so I kept talking. In another room were Ginny and another girl, and my daughter was also around somewhere.

I told them the entire story about what happened when I went to China with FD Hugh and Gwen, formerly a part of their home. I told them how we had these endless shepherding sessions that were just a bit too much for everyone , and some of the details of manipulation and control which were all too prevalent in the Family and even my church, and Simon and Laani just nodded, looked at each other and Laani mentioned some story that happened with them too.

I asked if they kept in touch and she said yes, but their relationship was not so good now. I then told them about how I left and was told not to contact anyone in the Family for a period of time… it was at that time I had officially felt like the lowest failure of my whole life, neither having a college degree or discipleship (officially) anymore. However God was using that time and I started to have revelatory dreams about all the new weapons such as the Keys and the Spirit Helpers which were all too prophetic to dismiss. Then Justin calls me and asks “what are you doing there?” and I was like, “just workin at starbucks part time…” and he said “want to come to Taiwan?”   and I decided to pray about it and ended up going with him and Rossi all the way back through China again and then to Taiwan and eventually to Nepal too, and now I’m working a lot with Nepal missions from here when I’m not busy teaching.

Unfortunately the dream ended there but I remember a girl asking me if I could pray for her because she had some kind of fire burning her in the spirit. I had a vision of becoming like water to put out this bad fire spirit or to deal with whatever it was that was burning her. I claimed the keys turned to swords and things got better, but I remember the whole spirit of being there was kind of oppressive at first like there was some resistance in us meeting, but once I sat down with Laani and Simon and John and Tim it was like being home again and they were so welcoming.

There was another scene with a bedroom in another place that reminded me o fa horror movie from Twilight zone the movie, but that’s probably irrelevant.

The main thing was just having a talk with old friends and settling old scores and figurin g out now where we all stood.   It was like we wanted to reorganize something or at least be honest about the past and move forward into the future. I remember they had this strange telephone with a screen that was bulky and big and reminded me of an arcade machine from the 80’s…   it was some T-Mobile company or something and you keyed in the stuff you wanted it to do but it was super archaic, and I thought how the US still uses these strange contraptions that don’t really work too well.

Waking up I thought of the scene in the new trailer for the Justice League where Batman goes around finding all the different super heroes.   Is this a time of regrouping? I feel very strongly in the Spirit something is happening in these days… So many people (like TJ’s dad) are still wanting to be missionaries and do their mission work.   I’d like to see how we can work together and press in to the future, and at least have communications if not be a group again.   This is the time for unity of Spirit! Not just unity of membership to something. Everyone has had to face the darkness….

Oh yes that was the final key thing I told them (They so sweetly let me pour my whole heart out) … that at first it looked like total failure that I had lost my discipleship and everything, but slowly from 2008 onward as I visited tons of homes worldwide from Texas, California, China, Taiwan, Japan and India we started to see the weakness in the family system and that people were ready to leave anyway.   So eventually everybody kind of became like me, just wandering around not really knowing what they were supposed to do anymore.   In a sense it was like having a head start on that stuff and what the Enemy might have used for evil against my soul in China really turned out to be God preparing me for the future.

So that was the dream, it wasn’t really a dream because it was so vivid and real and the people were so like themselves, and I like myself kept talking endlessly, but it was all strictly about real things!




4 thoughts on “Dream about events from 2007-2008

  1. Thanks for sharing your amazing: testimony, victories and challenges. I can honestly say your an inspiration and its great watching your video updates on youtube. You really are making a difference in the world and fulfilling the great commission. Few people can testify that they have traveled the world and done so much for Jesus. I don’t think the chapter of TFI & the MO letters is finished in your life yet. God bless

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    1. Well brother it’s because of you and some of my other old warrior friends that I can’t ever give up! We gotta keep climbing the mountain together and spend each moment possible with the Lord. It only takes a second of time and He’s right there in us, around us and speaking to us. Then in our fellowship there’s such a sweetness and an encouragement. Indeed the TFI isn’t finished, and largely thanks to your faith as well as a few others who are still fighting.


  2. Michael I agree with this other comment, you are making a difference and although you talk a lot there is so much good in every word. You are opening up gates and framing up things that some people don’t realize is so real beyond this material world. Keep going!

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