Taiwan’s expat China Post & Taipei Times both push Hillary & dump Trump in brazen propaganda

I’ve been praying against the Illuminati-controlled Taiwanese media!

Starry News Taiwan - Paradise Post

English language newspapers China Post and Taipei Times, both pushing Globalism of course, have nothing good to say about Trump and are pushing criminal Hillary. These “news” papers are not doing their journalistic duty to expose how Hillary has thousands of emails detailing her perfidy abroad and at home, her corruption, and the fact that she hosted classfied emails on an unprotected server and deleted them in a cover up, and got away with it, because her husband intimidated Lorretta Lynch of the “justice” department to drop any criminal indictment of his wife.

Asian English language newspapers are often foreign implants into society not only to control the thoughts of the expats, but also of the English speaking elite and middle class, influencing them to toe the globalist line on matters as CO2 driven anthropogenic global Warming, and pro TTP, and other American New World Order sponsored issues.

Here look…

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