You are unique- Jesus has chosen you


積極及火熱為主的態度是會激勵其他人的,同樣消極及冷淡拒絶為主的態度也是會影響別人的。The attitude of positive and passion for Jesus will impel others.
Also the attitude of negative and cold will affect others
保羅為主的火熱,盡心盡意,又不自誇的心態,值得效法,理所當然的服事。Learn from good attitude of Paul’s passion, wholeheartedly, and not to boast,it’s reasonable service.
不要輕看自己,也不須要羨慕他人,你可以做得到,因耶穌常與你同在,上帝揀選你是獨一無二的。You are unique, that Jesus chosen you, don’t be little yourself and not to admire others, you can accomplish something because Jesus with you always
靠著那加給力量的主凡事都能作 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me(腓4:13)


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