A Horrible Treacherous Hillary Clinton Attack on Pakistan! Thousands of victims!

incredible compilation of the witch!

Starry News - Paradise Post From Taiwan

The Onion TV Network reports that in a treacherous fullscale US attack has unleashed Hillary Clinton on Pakistan. The White House has issued a statement saying that, “they reserve the right to use their weapon any way they seem fit!” The Pakistani Ambassador has vehemently protested against this attack as totally inappapropriate and uncalled for! Pakis of all colours are terribly affected. Hospitals are full all over the country.

In a sendup from Steven Crowder, Hillary’s campaign manager reveals her overall strategy:

This is what James perloff had to say about Killary Klinton:

It has been my personal belief for some time that the oligarchy that runs America has opted for Hillary Clinton as the next U.S. President. One clue to this was, after her stint as Secretary of State (which gave her an important “foreign policy expertise” credential), CBS began running the series Madame Secretary, which was…

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