Jesus’s Illuminati Pyramid


This is an old pair crier from MO Vol. 3, during the RRR


2 thoughts on “Jesus’s Illuminati Pyramid

  1. Wow. What a remarkable illustration.Can ask you Michael… what does RRR stand for? There is a lot in that one illustration and it definitely caught my attention and I may even write an article about it in the future.Good work in getting this stuff out to the community Michael; your doing a great job. This information needs to get out there. Great stuff

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    1. Interesting that you find so much in that, I’m excited to see your take on it! It does go into some outdated Family Government stuff which is obviously not applicable to today. That being said, it’s still interesting and full of lessons for what we’re doing today, how God will “organize” us and what tactics he will use. . . it’s a different battlefield today but internet warriors (and spiritual) like yourself are definitely the future, as long as we don’t give up!

      RRR probably meant R____ Reorganization Revolution! … actually I forgot! I’m still digging around those letters from 1975 in Vol 3 of the MO Books… I’ll let you know when I find it!


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