4 thoughts on “The Four Faces of Jesus and the Endtimes Sons of God Part 1 – Eagle by Rev. Neville Johnson

      1. simpletruth4today

        Never mind, I figured that it was probably glitchy old WordPress again! Very encouraging vid anyway – I enjoyed it and I certainly need all the encouragement I can get right now as I’m sure we all do. Let’s be eagles and keep on rising above on the wings of prayer!


        I will send to God on the wings of a prayer,
        The flight of faith will carry it there.
        To a loving Father ready to hear,
        Who listens for His child with an ever-open ear.

        They will bring to my Father thanks for His giving,
        His blessings for the day and breath for my living.
        His strength for my weakness to help me grow strong,
        And His arms when I am weary, to carry me along.

        The wings of prayer will take to Him my pleading,
        For lifting of burdens and for all I am needing.
        And asking for guidance and seeking His will,
        While I wait for His answer humbled and still.

        Strong wings of prayer upwards they fly,
        Rising from earth to Heaven on high.
        The longings of my heart in the sound of their beating,
        Folded and still when they arrive at God’s seating.

        The wings of prayer may get ruffled in their going,
        Tossed about in wild winds of a storm that is blowing.
        Strong in their flight, they rise above the tempest blown,
        And rest at the feet of the King on His throne.

        Sweet joy I may have and lots of life’s sorrow,
        Times of happiness and sadness, I exchange and I borrow.
        For help for my burdens or for thanks for His care,
        I will tell and ask of God on the wings of a prayer.

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