Quotes of Glory!


You must choose Me over all every time. (ML3374)
That’s what rising above is all about–about learning to follow Me blindly on faith alone, even when circumstances and everything around you seems to be going contrary to what I’m telling you. (ML 3379: 84)

Today the World.–Tomorrow the Universe!
This life, this world and all that it has to offer, will soon be no more, and all that you’ll have left will be the memories of your life for Jesus, your life as His disciple, your life as His missionary, and the fruits thereof in the form of His spiritual and physical children. (ML 3452:62)

Living all the Words I speak to you is directly linked to the power you are able to access. When you live the Word, My power flows through you, and you, in a sense, become the living Word, as I was the living Word when I walked on Earth. (ML 3374:35)
You are accountable for the truth the Lord has given you, and His blessing in your life will depend on your obedience. (ML 3363:274)


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