Why the Brexit?

Remember this banned video?   Here’s one major reason!   It’s obvious people are waking up everywhere, and the Globalist/Illuminati days are numbered. . .

AJ breaks it all down.   After the InfoWar will come the SpiritWar!  Gentlemen, ready your engines!


2 thoughts on “Why the Brexit?

  1. I wouldn’t trust AJ if I were you and I don’t agree with what he’s saying here either. It’s true that more and more people are waking up to these globalists but do you honestly believe that they wouldn’t have seen that coming? The recent BREXIT vote is not any kind of victory against them as most people out their are saying, the EU was failing anyway and so they would have allowed it to happen to further accelerate the break up of the EU and crash the system – it’s all part of the plan which is why people like George Soros have been hoarding gold – it’s all part of the great conspiracy to bring about the Great Confusion!


    • Yes you see the big picture! They are planning some sneaky stuff for sure, I still appreciate his daily hammering away at their whole system, even if it’s not perfect! Eventually we’re going to have to get in with our faith weapons and face this stuff head on, after all the lies are exposed and there’s no where else for them to hide. The Great Confusion will also be a time for us of great rejoicing while we see the Lord come upon us in a new way.


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