Use the Keys!


(Jesus speaking:) You stepped forth in faith, nothing wavering. You wooed, aroused, and pleased Me in obedience‚ humility‚ and love. Your reward, My darling brides, is the complete activation of the keys to the Kingdom that I have placed in your hands.

12. Now, My loves, you are accountable for their use. What will you do with this tremendous gift I have given you? Will you use the keys to unlock the doors and release the power? Will you draw on the power that is available to you? Will you claim My promises and put Me to the test? Are you willing, dedicated, and brave enough to move forward and go through the doors of the unexplained? Are you willing to face your greatest fears and walk through them, and watch as they dissolve into a fading vapor? Have no fear that you cannot do what I have asked of you, or that it is too hard‚ for nothing is impossible to you! So fear not, My little flock. It is My good pleasure to give you the Kingdom.

13. Use these keys in faith and you will be the heroes of the future, even of the generations of Heaven! They will look back upon these days and speak of these times with awe and great respect for you—My brave and beautiful brides who received the keys from My heart and pulled down the power of Heaven, who did greater works than I did while on Earth.

14. Make no mistake, when you melded together as you praised Me and wooed and enticed Me, you activated the power of the keys of the Kingdom, and the world will never be the same again. You will make history—this I promise—for a line has been crossed, and there’s no way to turn back. Knowing this, thrust yourself forward, and I will meet you halfway. Step off the cliff of carnal reasoning into the open sky of faith. I will be substance beneath your feet and will hold you up. Use the keys in the locks and I will give you the new wings that await you.

15. Now that these keys are yours, don’t allow yourself to be merely a silent spectator. Jump into the arena! Use these keys and win great victories. Use these keys in some way each and every day, so that when the time comes for you to pull down fire from the heavens, great will be your faith to do so. Become so skilled with them that in an instant you can unlock the secrets and the power of the universe, and bring to light the hidden riches of darkness. Much greater works than any man, woman, or child in the history of the planet will you perform‚ because nothing is impossible to you, and My mighty Heavenly power is at your command.

16. In this new era, this new beginning, this day that I have given the keys of the Kingdom into your hands, I created a warp, or what you might call an opening in the fabric that sep­arates the dimensions, thereby allowing a greater infusion of fifth-dimensional energy to be dispensed to you. This opening is also to give you greater ease as you reach your arms of faith up to Me, key in hand, and access the things that are not of Earth. Never for any man or woman have I opened the windows of Heaven as wide as I have for you.

17. This is the beginning of the fulfillment of My promise that in the Last Days I would pour out My Spirit. Your faith and your sucking, your wooing and enticing Me, triggered the activation of the keys I have given to you. And I opened, for your sake, the very real fabric between Heaven and Earth and Hell, so you may know in full the power of the keys that I have given to you in the times to come.

18. My dear and precious loves, I want you to know that I am well pleased with you, for when you wooed Me, I saw that your love for Me was pure and unselfish. I asked you to woo Me‚ that you might receive the activation of a great gift‚ and when you united to receive this blessing, I searched your hearts. I saw that your love for Me is so great that you would have loved and wooed Me in this way even if I had not given you the promise of the keys. Your love for Me is pure, unselfish love, and I love you so much for that. You are My precious brides, and My devotion to you will never end.

19. Some of you may see some significant miracles right away; for others, depending on the need, it may take a little longer to behold the full magnitude of the power. But I tell you, even if you don’t see these keys in the physical, they’re not a figment of anyone’s imagination. They’re a real gift to you from My heart—the fulfillment of many of My promises to you.

20. Besides your salvation and the gift of the Holy Spirit, these keys are the most priceless and important gifts you have ever received, for with these keys, all Heaven, all Earth, and Hell is at your command! You possess all that is within the worlds and all that is between, and at your request I will unleash all that you need in the blink of an eye!

21. I want your mind, your spirit, and your heart to become accustomed to the sensation of the power that I have freshly given unto you. For when you are accustomed, you will use these keys more. To become accustomed, you must practice. Once you realize the full value of these keys‚ you will want to use them again and again, in every aspect of your lives.

22. When you use these keys in faith, you will rise above any conflict within you when I show you new truths. For when you have activated the power of these keys, the Enemy can’t come close to you, and My light will be so clear to you. He can’t touch you. He is sorely afraid of the power of these keys‚ for they will be the cause of his end, and he knows this. For every weapon to defeat both him and his power is within your hands when these keys are put to use. And now that you possess these keys, I can speed along My return, and he will lose his power and be cast into the bottomless pit.

23. As you begin to access the storerooms of Heaven, authentication of the power of My Words will be manifested more in your heart and in your lives daily. These are the keys of en­lightenment. Set aside anything that stirs doubt in your heart or mind concerning them, for only by faith will the full truth of the keys be validated.

24. Those of you who have been battling for your place of service and have had a difficult time focusing, I tell you, use these keys‚ and you will receive an infusion of the power of My Spirit that will show you what is truth and what is fabrication‚ so that you’ll be able to see things more clearly and make wise decisions.

25. Use the keys to unlock the secrets and the power within My Words.Many are the illusions and lies the Enemy will attempt to blind you with, but when you use these keys, you will come across mysteries and their answers in My Word that you never saw before.

26. Know for certain that you are destined to overcome Satan and all his minions. For the keys know no failure—only the perfection and power of My promises. Follow the nudging of My Spirit as you step out into uncharted territory now‚ for the Spirit will guide you into all truths, even as you ride the waves and brave the wind.

27. My beloved loves, you will become masters of Light as these dark days ahead unfold. This is indeed the era that has been prophesied and foretold for many ages.

28. I will send you a great ball of fire and brilliant light that will shine and lead the nations! This ball of clear light will shine, and Maria will be the keeper of the flame. She will fan it with the oxygen of My Words of prophecy. This light will be a beacon in the darkness‚ attracting those who seek a haven from the terrible storms. This ball of fire will light your path, and the road you walk will be clear and bright unto you.

29. This light will be seen by all the nations, and they will know that you walk with Me. This light will be a consuming fire, and will keep you warm in the terrible and dark days. This ball of light and fire will not burn you or harm you in any way, for to you it is a balm and resurrection. But woe to any man who dares to touch you when this flame is in your hands‚ for it will consume him! You will activate this flame with the keys of the Kingdom.

30. The light will be bright and will awaken the masses. Those that are My children who wallow in the mud will see the sorry state they’re in and will cry out to you for assistance, solutions‚ information, encourage­ment, and salvation. Now is the time! This is the hour! This is the day! You are needed more than ever, My precious warriors and shepherds. I’m waiting to unleash mighty power into your tiny hands—all the power of God!

31. Do you realize that I have given you com­mand over the wind and the lightning—over the elements themselves? So knowing this, don’t allow the storms to faze you. Go out and rescue the lost. For the purpose of the keys is to fulfill My plan to reach all the lost of the world so that I may return and gather My loves unto My ­bosom. I will protect you as you do My bidding.

32. Focus now, My loves. You must focus to use these keys. Praise and woo and focus. Do not take these keys for granted and let them sit upon a shelf. Use them!

33. Excitement in Heaven is building, dear loves, and the realization of the vision of the great things to come is beyond your wildest dreams. Reach out and grasp that dream! All Heaven is just waiting for you as you transform yourselves and adapt yourselves to this new reality.

34. I’m pleased that you’re becoming attuned to the pulsations of My power, and that you’re be­coming increasingly sensitive to the refined stimuli of My Spirit. Continue to acknowledge Me and attune yourself to Me, and you will greatly please Me, your Husband and your Lover. When you use these keys‚ you will grow more and more aware of our multifaceted, amazing relationship‚ both physically and spiritually. Come to Me and heed My Words to learn the strength, vitality, and mastery of the keys of the Kingdom.

35. My loves, now I can lead you to an astounding plethora of exciting information, new wisdom to assist you to function in this new reality in which you will find yourself. Joy and bliss will become the norm, and gradually you’ll begin to manifest the dreams and visions I have given you, as hand in hand‚ shoulder to shoulder, you walk through the days of the End into the glorious light of the days to come when you’ll be united with Me, your loving, caring Husband and Protector.

36. Though the days just ahead are ones of unequaled darkness, know this: With these keys in your hand, you will see everything more clearlyand much brighter than you ever have‚ even though there is darkness all around. You will shine as you walk‚ leading others to the light of My love. This is a precious gift I have bestowed upon you, My children of the End.

37. In the days ahead, I will teach you many different ways to use the energies and the ­powers that are now available to you. Your perceptions will broaden as you see and experience the new state in which you find yourself‚ and you will know that I am the Lord and you are My brides upon whom I dote.

38. You may find that greater obstacles will clutter your way, for the Enemy will stop at nothing to hinder you and discourage you from walking the straight and narrow road. He knows the final outcome if you continue on this road, so he will place before you these things that seem to be obstacles. I tell you that they are but ­illusions and lying vanities. Walk through the rocks, for they are not truly there, My loves. Walk through the fires, too, with no fear or dread. As you walk through, claiming My power, I will be your Protector, and you will walk through the fire without the smell of smoke upon you, for nothing is impossible unto you! (End of mess­age from Jesus.)


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