TJWL2: To Jesus – With Love 2

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DFO  November 1997

Copyright © 1997 by Aurora Productions, Inc.

[Note for electronic edition: Bolded numbered headings are also the page numbers in the printed edition.]


My Love, I thank You so much that You understand me and You love me. I thank You that even when I don’t know what to say to express my love and thanks to You, You understand and You have compassion and mercy. Your mercy is so great, it is incomprehensible, it is indescribable, and it is renewed for me every morning.
Every day is a new day. You don’t remember my past sins; You don’t remember the things that I’ve done wrong. You make every morning new, every day fresh, so that I can start over again and continue to love You.
I thank You that I don’t have to be worried about what I have done in the past-the times I’ve erred and strayed and haven’t loved You like I should. Thank You that You forgive, and that I can just do my best today and love You with all of my heart. Thank You that You make it so easy for me and that I can simply take it one day at a time. I don’t even have to worry about the whole day; I can take it one minute at a time.
I love You so much, and I want to spend time with You. I want to love You and be with You always.


Oh, dear Jesus, You are the best, most wonderful Husband anybody could ever dream of-my Dream Man, my Knight in shining armor, my Light, my Life, my Love of all loves. You are the moon and the stars, my sunshine, the ultimate in love. I love You more than life itself!
When I feel weak, tired, or out of sorts, You’re right there to put Your arms around me, to comfort me and tell me that everything is going to be okay. You reach down and soothe my ruffled nerves, melt away my worries and would-be fears, and blow away the confusion that would otherwise surround me.
Thank You for blessing me so! I’m so blessed to have Your peace. Thank You for delivering me from the worries of the world. Thank You for Your peace that passes all understanding.
Thank You that I don’t have to take a pill to find relief from the stress of a busy schedule. All I have to do is take You. Thank You that I can just sit down for a few minutes with You and feel Your soothing touch that gives me strength to continue on with my busy day.
Thank You, wonderful, wonderful Jesus, for Your touches of love that melt away every mountain of this life. And thank You, too, that when I feel good, You make me feel even better! You’re my wonderful Wonder Man, my Love of all loves. I love You.


My wonderful Wonder Man, I love You so much! Thank You for this glorious day, for the sunshine and the blue skies, and for Your love most of all. Your love makes my heart go pitty-pat. Just to think about You excites me so!
I love the way You’re always smiling at me, Jesus. You always look so happy to see me. You’re so patient, forgiving and kind. You’re so reassuring and encouraging. It proves Your great love for me, because I know I’m bad, yet You don’t treat me that way.
I can hardly wait for Heaven to see what it’s like There, because if I can feel Your sweet tender love in such a real way right now, it must be way beyond this in Heaven!
Thank You, though, that I don’t have to wait till Heaven to know You and feel You and be happy. You give me so much every day. The beauties of Your Spirit fill my life and overflow on every side. You really do renew Your mercies every morning, and my cup is running over with good things. How could anyone be happier, more fulfilled, or more blessed?
I’m like a newlywed who is so in love with her husband. I notice Your every move. I wait for You to come. I want to be around You every moment. I ask You about everything. I talk about You to my friends, and I want to know all about You. I’m so very proud to belong to You–the most wonderful Husband in the whole world. I love You.


Thank You for becoming one with us mortals and for having put on the garment of flesh to experience the things that we go through, in order to be a sample to us. You gave of Yourself without measure. You fulfilled Your destiny. I look to Your example and I see that You made it through to the victory, and it gives me courage and the faith that I can make it, too. You give me confidence that it can be done, if I walk closely with You and follow in Your footsteps.
Thank You for leading the way. Thank You for being the Shining Light before me that I can walk toward, that warm glow that I can run into and revel in. I jump up and down for joy that I can be filled up with You, Jesus. Thank You that I can drink You in and that I can absorb Your Spirit.
Thank You for loving me, for teaching me, for keeping me, for strengthening me. Thank You for using me in spite of myself. I’m so very thankful for Your dear love, Your understanding, and Your help in my life. Please help me to continue to do my best for You, to give You all of my heart. I give You everything, because You gave me Your all. You went all the way for me. Help me to have the determination to go all the way for You.
Thank You so very much, Jesus. You’re wonderful! You’re my wonderful Love. I love You!


Thank You for another fresh start today. The most important thing I want to do with this day is share it with You. Before I do anything else, I want to sit right here, at Your feet, and listen to what You have to tell me today. If You want to tell me anything, here I am, Lord. You have my undivided attention. If You have any direction, counsel, guidance, words of wisdom–or maybe even some practical tips that could help me to make it through this day–or any of Your sweet Words of love, here I am. I’m listening.
This is my favorite part of each brand-new day, this time in the morning when I can put aside the cares of life to listen to You and find the strength I need to make it through the day. Thank You for this time. I couldn’t make it through the day without it. Just knowing I can wake up and sit here and listen to Your soothing voice is my strength.
Thank You for this blessing. Thank You for this treasured place–my quiet, holy, trusting place, right here at Your feet–where I can give You my full attention. And that’s not all; You give me Your full attention as well. Thank You, precious Jesus, for whispering Your directions for the day in my ear. I love You, Jesus! Thank You for this brand-new day.


Jesus, how I love You! How You’ve proved to me over and over again what great love You have for me. I was nothing, yet You came and died for me so that You might always have me with You. You reached down to the depths for me, and I took hold of Your hand. You pulled me up into a glorious place, and You continue to show me wonders of Your love day after day.
Sometimes I get so caught up in the cares of this life and the things around me that I forget to give You the attention and the love that You deserve and desire. But even though I sometimes forget, and even though I get caught up in the things around me, You still understand and You keep loving me and encouraging me to come to You. You keep reminding me that You’re always there waiting for me to come and lie in Your arms and be refreshed and renewed.
I love You so much, Jesus. You’ve given me so much–so much love, hope, joy, a wonderful Family, a fulfilling place of service, and excitement in the spirit. The least I can do is love You in return and give You what joy and pleasure I am able.
All my love to You I give.
Help me, Lord, to always live,
The way that You would want me to–
By letting You come shining through.


Hi, Handsome! I just wanted to come and tell You of my love, of my happiness, and of the joy You bring to my heart. You are the sexiest lover I’ve ever had. No one could ever upstage You. You are fantastic, awesome, cool, wonderful, gorgeous, spectacular–and the list goes on and on.
I love to look up at Your face and gaze into Your sparkling eyes. Your eyes have such understanding, such love, such tenderness, such compassion, and such peace. I love to kiss Your lips, because they’re so sweet; they turn me on. That first kiss You gave me was what won me–and now You’ll have me forever!
Jesus, I’m crazy about You! I’m madly in love with You, and I just want to be with You all the time. The words in my vocabulary don’t express what I want to say, and when I say “I love You,” it just doesn’t seem to do the subject justice.
What amazes me the most is that Your love for me is thousands of times greater than my love is for You. I don’t even understand how You could love me so much. But I know that You do because You said so, and I believe in Your Words and Your love. You are dearer to me than any other in Heaven or on Earth, and I want to keep loving You more and more.


Thank You that You’re not only my wonderful Lord and King, but You’re also such a tender Lover, such a wonderful Sweetheart, so understanding and so comforting. Sometimes when I come to You, You just hold me. You gently kiss my forehead and stroke my hair. You hold me close, make me feel secure, and reassure me that everything’s going to be okay because it’s all in Your care, and under Your control. Everything that I give to You, You take care of. So please help me to give it all to You. I love You and I need You always.
Thank You that I don’t have to earn Your love. Thank You so much that it’s a free gift. You love me no matter what I do or what I have done or what I will do in the future. Circumstances, conditions and events don’t mean anything when it comes to Your feelings for me. You don’t base Your feelings for me on those things. Your love for me is unconditional. Knowing that makes me desire You all the more. And I do desire to love You! I want to be by Your side every single moment of every day.
Please help me not to get distracted with the cares of this life and forget about You. Help me to always remember Your great love, even if I don’t always feel it, see it, or understand it. Help me to take time to love You regardless of circumstances or conditions, just as You always love me and have time for me.


O my precious Lord, how I love this time in Your arms. How I love this time to step away from the cares of the day, to lay down all of my burdens, like taking off my clothes in the spirit. I put aside anything that I was carrying before this, as I lie down next to You on the bed. You’re there waiting for me. You draw me close to You, and as I lay my head gently on Your shoulder, You wrap Your strong arms around me.
You’re soft and warm and You hold me close. You have one arm under me, around my shoulders and holding my waist, and with Your other hand You gently stroke my hair and brush it off of my face. You kiss my forehead and You whisper how much You love me.
Oh, Jesus, these times in Your arms are so wonderful! Thank You for taking care of everything. Thank You that You have everything in Your hands. The more I bring my problems and questions to You, the more I come to You to take time to love You, the more You’re able to help me and give me the solutions that I need.
Jesus, I want to love You more and more. I’m so happy that I can come to You any time, day or night. I don’t have to wait until I have a big problem. Sometimes I just want to slip into Your arms to tell You how much I appreciate You, how much I love You, and how much I need You. I really do need You, Lord. I can’t do anything without You.


Thank You, Jesus, that You’re right by my side as I travel up the mountain of this life. As I travel the path of Your will, You’re always holding my hand. You’re always there to comfort me. You’re always there to show me the way. You’re always there as my Guide, my Comforter, my Friend, and my constant Companion.
Thank You that even when I get tired and weary with the strain of everything around me and I look at the obstacles that are in the way, You comfort me and tell me of Your love. You keep encouraging me not to give up the fight, not to lay down my crown, but to keep on fighting and keep on walking.
Jesus, if it weren’t for You, I don’t know how I could make it. You give me the strength to carry on. You give me the will to live. When I get so weary and so tired that I can’t walk another step, You pick me up in Your arms and carry me. At times when I feel the lowest and the weakest, and I feel like I’m nothing, You hold me close to You and You make everything all right.
Thank You for Your warm, tender love. Thank You for Your constant care, assurance and safekeeping. Thank You that I don’t have anything to fear. I don’t have to fear the future because I know that You’ve taken care of me this far and You will always be there for me. Help me always to stay by Your side and never go off on my own.


As I look back over the years that You and I have spent together, Jesus, I can’t help but marvel at the many ways Your hand has guided my path. I have passed through pleasant places, and places of adversity. I have been up on the mountains, and down in the valleys. I have felt happiness, and I have felt sorrow. But through it all, You have brought me forth and are forming me into the person You want me to be.
I’m so happy that I gave my life to You, Jesus. I don’t know what I would have done without You. I look at people that I used to know who have left Your service and gone back to the world–some of them my friends–and it makes me sad when I think of what they’ve missed and are missing. Nothing in this world could ever fill the place that You have in my life and in my heart.
I’m proud to be one of Your brides. I’m proud that I can be called by Your Name, that I can enter into Your bedchamber any time of the day and receive Your love, Your seeds, Your Words. I feel so privileged that I can come in and go out before You. You don’t require any great rituals or ceremonies; You are simply always there for me, waiting for me, wanting me, even as I want You.


Thank You that I can love You in so many ways–by being obedient to You, by serving You with my hands, serving You with my tongue, and serving You with my pen. Thank You that I can love You by loving others. Thank You that I can love You by having a joyful countenance. Thank You that I can love You by marveling at Your creation and praising You for it. Thank You that I can love You by dancing in wild abandon. Thank You that I can love You by living life to the full, and being an example of how happy a child of God can be.
When I praise You and lift up my arms, I start to fly. Loving You in tongues and praise is like Heavenly fuel that propels me into space. My arms lifted up are like my wings. The higher I raise them, the higher You help me soar; and the more I praise You, the faster and more beautifully I fly along with You!
When I praise You, You take me to places I’ve never been, leaving the world behind. The more I love You, the further You take me into Your heavens. When I look down, the earth becomes just a speck, a little round dot.
When I praise You, You take me into a Heavenly orbit. I see the beauties of the planets and I become aware of Your presence, Your love, and the splendor of Your creation.


My dear Love, You are everything in life to me. You mean the world to me, and so much more. Thank You that there are no limits to Your love. You just keep on giving and giving and pouring out to me. I don’t know how or why, but You do, and that’s all that matters to me.
Thank You, my wonderful Sweetheart, for giving me Your love. And not only that, but for making me one of Your favored brides. Every time I think about the high honor You have bestowed on me–Your great love and infinite blessings–my heart is overwhelmed. All I want to do is love You in return. I want to give You everything I have–all of me.
I love You, Sweetheart. You’re my sweetest of all hearts! How I love to feel Your heart beat right next to mine as I lie here in Your arms. Sometimes it’s as though I can even feel our hearts beating as one.
Oh, this is my fond desire! This is where I want to be for all eternity–so close to You, cuddled here in Your arms, our hearts beating as one. I always want to be this close to You, dear Jesus. Please hold on to me tightly! Your wonderful, glorious love, oh my precious Sweetheart, is more than life to me.


You are the Inspector of my soul. You have much patience, much grace, and much understanding when You do Your “inspection” and find that sometimes things are not as they should be. You love me no matter what condition You find me in.
Thank You for Your proddings, Your questioning of some of the things that You find during Your inspections. You help me to clear out the junk, get rid of old baggage, clean out the cobwebs, and air out the rooms that have become stale and stagnant.
You don’t just stand around watching me do all of the work, but You get right in there with me, guiding me, giving me instruction, and helping to carry away the load of cares and burdens that seem to have found their way into the corners and cupboards of my soul. You even bring to light long-forgotten items that should have been put in the trash ages ago, or things that You had told me to get rid of but that I had held onto “just in case” I ever needed them again. Thank You for not getting upset with me when You find that I haven’t obeyed and gotten rid of things as quickly or as readily as You’ve told me to.
Thank You for so patiently seeing me through these inspection times, even though I sometimes balk and argue with You. Thank You for loving me with such unconditional love! I love You, Jesus!


I love You, Jesus, and I’m so happy to give You everything. I’m so happy to trust You like a little child trusts her father. I love the times when You pick me up, set me in Your lap, hold me close, cuddle me, and fill up my love cup. You’re always waiting for me, willing to show Your love and affection at any time of the day. I love You, Jesus, and I really need You. I love to hug and kiss You, too. I am so small that I can just barely wrap my arms around Your neck and give You a big kiss on Your cheek, but You’re so happy to see me. You’re so thankful for me, and that makes me so happy.
Thank You for being so comforting and encouraging when I fall down and scrape my knee. You always pick me up and brush me off. If I hurt myself, You help me to clean the wound and to be more prayerful and to take it easy so that it’ll get better again.
Thank You for protecting me, too, from the really bad things in life. As long as I stay close to You, I don’t have anything to worry about.
I love You so, so much! You love to make me happy, and You give me so many things just because You love me so much. Sometimes You even spoil me, Jesus. I really don’t deserve all of the wonderful things You do for me. You’re the best Father in the whole, wide world!


You make me feel so at ease when I’m with You. You never turn me away. You’re not like an earthly love that comes for a while and then leaves me heartbroken. You are more than a friend, more than a lover. I know that You will never leave me nor forsake me. I can rest assured that You have my heart in Your hands, and You hold it with such care and tenderness.
Sometimes You have to squeeze my heart to bring out the sweetness, but I don’t mind even if it hurts, because I know it will only make me more like You. You would never do anything to permanently hurt or harm me. It will only make me stronger and more fit for Your use, more fit to be Your lover, Your bride, Your sweetheart. Even the trials You send my way are tokens of Your love. They’re signs that You love me enough to let me go through those things. I know that it hurts You to have to bring trials into my life, but You do it because You know that the result will be well worth it.
Help me to see things the way You do. Help me not to get so carnally minded that I only see the present troubles and afflictions. Help me to see beyond today. When You squeeze my heart, help me to remember that You’re only making my heart and life more pleasing in Your sight and better able to love You and others.
Please continue to do the things that will draw me closer to You and cause me to love You more, because there is nothing in the world that I want more than to love You with all that is within me.


Thank You, Jesus, that I can be pleasing in Your sight by praising You, by pouring out my heart before You. Thank You for filling my heart with praise and thanksgiving. Thank You for the many miracles that You do for me daily. Thank You that You’re always there and You’re always filling my needs. Thank You for being my Wonder Man, my Superman!
You are everything to me. You make my heart sing and overflow with joy, praise and thanksgiving. I give You my heart, and I lift up my hands to You in praise!
Thank You for Your warm love. Thank You for Your sweet presence. Thank You for Your Spirit that protects and keeps me, guards me, supplies for me, helps me to reach out to others, and reflects Your mighty love, Your tender love, Your sweet love, Your salvation, Your truth.
Thank You that I can decrease and You can increase. Thank You that let Your light shine through me.–Help me to reflect it on others the way You want me to. Thank You that there’s no limit nor boundary to the infinite love You have for me, and all of us. Thank You for faith–faith to look up into Your face, to look into Your eyes, to see You, reflect You, be recharged by You, be filled by You, and to be loved by You.


Thank You for life! Thank You for the pleasure and the passion of being alive. Thank You for being able to serve You, to grow in the knowledge and understanding of Your presence and Your love. Thank You for living in me. Thank You for the pleasures of living, of breathing Your pure air, of eating the delightful food You’ve created. Thank You for the challenges of life, of problem-solving, of discovery and invention. Thank You for the refreshment of exercise that invigorates every cell in my body. Thank You for the excitement of sex, of touching and kissing and becoming one with You and with another.
Thank You for the emotions of sympathy, compassion, and sorrow that deepen my life and draw me closer to Your bosom. Thank You for the warmth of affection–reassuring hugs and touches that make us feel secure and loved. Thank You for laughter, for the funny things of life, and for the ability to laugh at ourselves, too! Thank You for love, in all its sweet and varied forms of expression.
I lift my hands to You and I praise You with my whole heart for each wonderful gift You have given me.
You make me complete, Lord. Thank You for being my Other Half. Thank You that I can go to bed with You at night, and wake up with You in the morning.


Thank You, Jesus, for Your love. Thank You for the wonderful cool breeze of Your Spirit. When I stop and take time with You, I’m just like a little birdie spreading her wings to the wind and soaring up into the sky. You pick me up, and I can fly up and away from all of the problems and cares that hold me down.
It’s so beautiful to be up above everything, up with You and to see things as You see them. Everything is so much clearer and makes so much more sense when I am with You. I can even have peace about the things that I don’t understand, because at least I know that they’re all in Your care, and You are in control. I love these times together, sailing on Your breeze and being kissed with Your wind. It feels so good and is so refreshing!
Thank You for Your care for each of us little birdies. We love to sing and praise You. We love to glorify You with our words. We love to tell You how much we need You and how helpless we are without You–Your care, Your feeding, Your protection. We can’t even fly without Your gentle breeze to carry us along. Thank You that You’ve given us wings to fly up to You, and to fly away from the ground and the dirt and any dangers that might be there for us. At any moment of the day we can just spread our wings, and Your breeze is always there to catch us and pick us up and take us away. We love You, Jesus! We love to fly with You!


Thank You, dear sweet Jesus, for Your tender, wonderful, miraculous, marvelous love. Thank You that I can love You. Thank You for loving me first. Thank You for Your tender mercies that are renewed every morning.
Lord, I don’t understand how You can be so loving and so merciful to me. I marvel at it and I’m so thankful for it. Thank You for the strength of Your love.
Thank You for always being near me, for being right there whenever I have a need, whenever I have a question, whenever I’m in a desperate situation, whenever I’m simply doing whatever I’m doing. Thank You that I can put full confidence in You; I can lean on You with all of my weight and I can just be totally honest about myself with You.
Thank You for Your tremendous understanding and patience with me. Thank You for accepting me and inspiring me to keep going for You no matter what. Whenever I look to You and turn toward You, You are there for me. You come running toward me with Your arms open to hold me again, to hold me close and gather me in, to help me carry on. You’re marvelous, Lord. I’m so thankful for Your precious, wonderful care–Your tender, loving care for me, as though I were the only one.


Wonderful, wonderful Jesus, my Darling, my Life, my Love, my doting Husband, how I love You! I love resting right here, snuggled so close in Your arms, where I can feel Your heart beat next to mine. I’m so blessed! Thank You for bringing me here, into Your private chambers, and for making me Your bride.
What ecstasies of the spirit are at my fingertips! All I have to do is reach up and touch You, and You fill my hands with beautiful things. Everything about You is beautiful. Everything around You is filled with wonder. Your Spirit enthralls me, Your whispers entice me and excite me, Your world fascinates me. I long to live closer to You, to be one with You in everything I do.
When I feel You near me, I have sweet peace and rest and I know that You will take care of everything. You dissolve all of my worries with Your reassuring Words. You give me all that I need. It’s just amazing and supernatural how You accomplish such miracles in my life, giving me peace when I know I’m such a worrywart, giving me good thoughts when I’m prone to negative thinking, making me feel so fulfilled and happy even when problems surround me.
You’re truly amazing, Jesus. Only You can do that for me. I’m so very, very thankful. I can’t stop thanking You and praising You for the wonders You do. I love You with all of my heart.


Thank You, Jesus, for being my wonderful Father, my strong Provider and Protector. I’m just a little nobody, but You’re so big and strong. I’m so comforted when I remember that, when I realize that I don’t have to be big and strong or smart enough to solve the many complicated problems of life. All I have to do is come to You and tell You all about them and You’ll give me the solutions. And if the problems are too hard for me, then You’ll fix them and take care of them Yourself, and I won’t have to do anything. All I have to do is commit them into Your hands and trust that You know what’s best for me.
You love me so much, and You take such good care of me. Even when I go through very small trials, acting like a child whose toy has broken, I can just bring it to You and You fix it.
Thank You that I can trust You, that even when You ask me not to do something that I really wanted to do, or when You ask me to give You back something that I really wanted to have, I can obey because I know You know what’s best. I can put the entire matter in Your hands, with full confidence of heart that You are going to give me something better that will make me very happy.


Thank You for molding me and making me the new creature that You want me to be. Thank You that the old man is passing away and the new man is increasing–becoming more like You.
Thank You that I can look to You. Thank You for the bright light shining ahead that I can follow step-by-step, by faith. Help me to follow closely, Jesus. Thank You that You make it easy for me to do that. It’s all You, Jesus, and it’s nothing of me.
You’re marvelous, Jesus! You’re wonderful! Thank You that I can revel in Your love and be carried to heights of ecstasy beyond my imagination. I don’t deserve it, or You, or the beautiful life and joy that You’ve given me.
I thank You for helping me make the right choice to go forth for You, to hang on to You, to live for You.
You just can’t imagine how it thrills me that You’re right here with me, that You know exactly what turns my key, and that You take pleasure in giving me gifts that inspire me. You fulfill my desires and satisfy my longings, even those secret longings of the heart that I’m too embarrassed to put into words or don’t know quite how to express. You see inside my heart and see it all. Nothing is hidden to You.


Thank You that I can be close to You and I can experience a personal relationship with You. Thank You that I can fall into Your arms. Thank You that I can come to You, in that secret place, and be ravished with Your love. Thank You that I can receive Your seeds and be filled to overflowing. You fill me with Your love, Your Spirit, Your anointing, Your strength, Your grace.
Thank You for Your marvelous tender touches. You caress me and hold me close. You make me feel so loved, so dear and so comforted. I am richly blessed, Jesus. I’m so blessed to have You and all that You have to offer. I’m so nothing by comparison, but You pour it on. You give me everything–every little need.
Thank You for encouraging me. Thank You for the encouragement You fill my heart with, which overflows onto others so that I can be an encouragement to them and a help and an uplift in their time of need. Thank You that You’re my sample and that by following Your example, by looking to what You’ve done as You’ve gone before me I can know what to do, how to act, and how to be a help and blessing to others.


I jump for joy in Your presence, Jesus! I thank You that I can come into Your courts with praise and thanksgiving. Thank You for being my mighty King, my Everything! Thank You for being precious, sweet You.
Thank You for holding me in Your arms and lifting me in spirit above the troubles, ills, and problems. Thank You for caring for me, taking my cares and burdens upon Yourself. Thank You for Your strong, broad shoulders that hold me. Thank You that You can take care of anything–any situation, any complication, any problem. Thank You for being the Answer Man!
Thank You for being the Wonder Worker! Thank You for Your marvelous miracles that touch my life, inspire my spirit, cause me to grow in faith and love, and draw me closer to You, closer to Your Light, closer to the Source.
Thank You for lifting me, inspiring me, kissing me, loving me. Thank You for exciting me! Thank You for giving wonderful meaning to life, something to live for each day–the joy of seeing a new day and giving it to You and making progress for You.
Thank You for making my dreams come true. Thank You for lifting me into the heavenlies, where the air is fresh and clean and pure. Thank You for Your wondrous beauty. Thank You for empowering me. Thank You for loving me. I need You, Jesus! I praise You, Jesus!


You do so much for me, Jesus. You’re so wonderful, magnificent and awesome. You give me so many kisses and so much help in the spirit, and all I have to do is reach up and receive. I sit here before Your throne and look into Your face and receive the most beautiful jewels of the spirit that anyone could ever ask for. You never tire of giving, and I never tire of hearing Your voice. You’re just wonderful!
I come to You over and over again with my questions and problems, and with the questions and problems of others, and You gently and patiently talk to me and take care of each problem. This is my favorite place, Jesus, right here close to You–talking to You, listening to You, receiving those juicy jewels. I love You, sweet, wonderful Jesus, my Lover and best Friend.
O Jesus, a day in Your courts of praise is better than a thousand without. One day is all it takes to know that this is where I want to spend the rest of my life–in the sanctuary of Your love. In Your presence is mercy forevermore.
Even though I know I displease You sometimes, You remain tender and loving. I don’t deserve Your love, Jesus. I could never deserve Your love, and that is why I need it! That is why I need You, Jesus, because I know that without You I can do nothing. But with You–with Your love, Your Word, Your seeds, Your power–I can do anything!


Thank You for this wonderful privilege of being able to serve You.–It’s such an honor and a blessing. There are so few whom You’ve called and chosen and given Your anointing and Your love to, to reach the lost.
I’m so thankful that You found me and gave me a brand-new life–such a beautiful life! You have put me in a wonderful family, a very close-knit family who I love very dearly. I have good friends who are so kind, loving and supportive.
I live in a love-filled Home with brothers and sisters who care about me. The sweet children You’ve given me always know how to make me smile when I feel like crying or getting upset. We even have a cute little pet they can play with. Our loving cook fixes such nice meals with the food that You have provided for us, and though times aren’t always easy, You never fail to give us our needs. I could go on and on listing the many blessings You’ve given me, not to mention the times of good health You’ve given me.
But the most important thing to me is that I have You and Your Spirit. All that You give me in the spirit is far more exciting and thrilling than anything I’ve ever experienced before. Even if I do have many physical things I enjoy, without Your Spirit it wouldn’t be the same. It would just be dry husks.
Thank You, Jesus, for making me one of Your intimate brides. I love You so much. I’m so happy that I can tell You personally, so You’ll always know that I really love You and am very grateful.


I love You, Jesus! Thank You that throughout the day I can be near You. No matter where I am or what I’m doing, I can feel You right here beside me. Your tender touches, sweet caresses and soft sweet kisses woo me and gentle me throughout the day. What love! Your magnificent love is stupendous! Is it any wonder that finite words fail to describe it? Your loving kindness and Your tender mercies hold me up and give me the incentive I need to move forward.
Your love is changing me. Your love is doing the impossible in my life: It’s changing my heart and my mind, my desires–my very nature. Your love is giving me hope. It’s renewing my vision. Thank You, Jesus, for Your great love that is bringing me back to life. You’ve stooped down and lifted me up. Your love has set my feet upon a rock and it’s steadying me, holding me up, keeping me from falling and giving me something to hold on to.
Oh, what great love is Your love, my precious Lord, my darling Husband, my most intimate Spouse.–How I love Your love!–Your unfailing, always faithful, all-inspiring, never-ending love of all loves! Your marvelous love is my all in all. You are everything to me.


You know me more intimately, more deeply than anyone on this Earth could. In fact, sometimes You know me better than I know myself! Lord, You know that at times my heart can ache with sorrow, heartbreak or pain, and I don’t even have the words to express what I’m feeling. But You take those “groanings which cannot be uttered” and You replace them with the soothing balm and comfort of Your love.
I know that I can’t hide anything from You. You know I try sometimes; I’ll procrastinate coming before You and baring myself to You because I’m ashamed of myself and feel that I can’t face You. But I know that You know all about what is troubling me anyway, and You patiently and lovingly wait on me; You never force me. Thank You for being such a patient, loving and thoughtful Husband.
Jesus, Honey, my life belongs to You. Do with it what You want. Just as long as I can continue to love You and be near You, I’ll be happy. Your every wish is my command, Sweetheart, and my desire is to please and obey You.


Thank You, Lord, for this brand-new day with new challenges, new goals and fresh vision. Every day with You is a new beginning, a fresh start. Every day Your mercies are new! I want to sing praise to You, my wonderful Lord, for this glorious new day!
You are the joy and the rejoicing of my heart, the sunshine of my soul, the light of my life. Thank You for reaching into the depths of my soul those many years ago, opening the windows of Heaven upon my life, and causing Your light to burst forth. When I asked You to come into my heart–a tingle of joy, of excitement, a thrill of soul and spirit came into my life, as one who had been blind and had only known darkness, but who was then thrust into seeing a glorious and brilliant light.
I want to keep that thrill of soul and spirit and not allow the cares of this life–the burdens, the trials, the heartaches–to eclipse or crowd out the wonderful, glorious, marvelous light that You have shed abroad in my heart. I want to always keep my eyes on You, so that Your power of love can shine brighter and brighter in me, while the things of the world grow dimmer and dimmer. You’re the light and love of my life.


My Lord, my King, my Husband, my Lover of all loves, so tender, so loving, so compassionate–I love You! I love You for Who You are: my Savior, and the Bright and Morning Star. I love You for what You are: the Light of the world, and the Hope of my life. I love You for where You are: right with me, inside my heart.
I love the way You look–so strong, so handsome, so powerful. I love the way You speak–so soothingly, so lovingly, so freely. I love the way You listen–so eagerly, so attentively, heeding my every thought and desire. I love the way You hold me as I nestle in Your strong, everlasting arms. I love the way You care for me–providing my every need and everything that’s good for me.
I love the way that You can look into my heart and see my innermost desires, my secret longings, my hidden wishes, and make them come true. You see the longings of my spirit–some of which never even reach my heart or mind before You fulfill them, because You know better than I do what I need, and what is good for me. And when my heart is overwhelmed within me, in the midst of sorrows, Your comforts delight my soul.


Jesus, I see Your great love for me and it makes me want to be that way with others. It makes me want to give others the same love that You’ve given me. It makes me want to share with others the joy that You’ve given me. It makes me want to show others the same compassion that You have shown me.
I slip and fall so many times, and I’m not as accurate a reflection of You as I should be. Please help me to reflect Your love and be Your love for others! You have shown me so much love, so much mercy, so much understanding. Please help me to give the same to others.
Oh, Jesus, tell me that You will never leave me! I know You have promised this, and there is no reason that I should doubt Your promises, for they have never failed and they have always come true–but I so much like to hear You say it! When I hear Your voice telling me that You love me, telling me that You care, telling me that You will never leave me, my heart is filled with joy. I rest in the quiet peace and assurance of knowing that You are near.
I want to hear You say it over and over again–not because I don’t believe it, or because I might forget it, but simply because I love to hear Your voice.


Thank You, Jesus, for how cool You are! You’re not just cool–You’re every word that sums up what is tops. You are the ultimate! You’re better than “modern”, “hip”, or “in”! I’m so proud to be Yours! I’m so proud to be serving You. The more I get to know You, the more I realize that You’re way ahead of us. You’re way beyond “modern”! Everything that looks cool, everything that’s impressive, every far-out thing that the System has managed to invent or create is just a small imitation of Your creation. They have their “virtual reality”, but I have the real thing–You, Jesus, Your living Word and Your incredible spirit world.
It’s so neat to realize more and more how beautiful, magnificent and sexy You are! I don’t know how to express it, but it’s in my heart. I know that You understand what I mean when I say that I’m just so proud to be Yours.
I wish the world knew You like I do–how gorgeous You are, how very real Your presence is, what a sense of humor You have, and how thrilled You are at the discoveries that we make. I wish they could know how it thrills You when we take pleasure in Your creation–in the music, art, and dance that is inspired by You.
Help me to remember to always give glory to You for those things that thrill me–those things that man may try to take credit for, but which could only have been inspired by You.


It’s amazing how You always know what to do. You know me so well–every little detail of my life, my every thought, every desire, every want. You know me inside out. It’s no wonder You always know exactly what I need–a tender touch, a sweet caress, a hug or a sweet kiss, or an appropriate word. Just to hear You whispering in my ear like You do–so gentle, sweet, and loving–keeps me going.
Thank You for loving me, comforting me, soothing me and calming me like You do. You fill my every need, my every want and my every desire. You know the answer to every dilemma that comes my way. Thank You for being there when I need You. Even in those times when I forget or get too busy to slip away for my special time with You, You’re there to gently guide me and steer me to our secret chambers, because You know what I need even better than I do.
What incredible love! It’s a miracle–to think that You know everything about me, and yet You still love me! You simply take me as I am. You still take me into Your chambers, and You keep loving me, again and again. You never get tired of me, You never give up on me, You always have hope for me. It’s a miracle of love! I love You, my Love.


Jesus, I’m so thankful for You! Why am I so thankful? Because with You the impossible becomes possible, the unlovely are loved, that which is beyond reach becomes obtainable, the mountains turn into valleys, deserts are transformed into emerald pastures, the invisible is visible, the handicapped are made whole, and the broken pieces are put back together again.
Fatigue is turned into energy, and weights and worries become springboards to propel me to new heights. Frowns are turned into smiles; stormy skies give way to sunshine. Barren cupboards are filled to overflowing. Floods evaporate before Your eyes. Death brings forth new life.
There is nothing that You cannot do. There is no one You do not love. There is no thought that You do not know, no words that You have not heard, nothing that You have not seen, no feeling that You have not felt. There is no hurt that You cannot mend, no illness that You cannot heal.
How wonderful it is that You can do all these things! How incredible, how fascinating, how loving! And the most remarkable thing is that You, the One Who can do all these things, are my Husband and my Lover, the Creator of all things, Who loves to love me and take care of me and do all these things just for me–because You love me.


I love You, Jesus. I love to be near You. I love to be close to You and talk to You. Thank You for Your love, Your patience, and Your unfailing devotion to me, little ol’ me. I know I’m nothing and nobody. I know that others may have more abilities and talents than I do, but I know You love me just as I am. It just thrills me and turns me on.
I love to take praise time to give You love in my own little words, even though my vocabulary is not very big or eloquent. I feel so happy when I praise You, because I know it makes You happy and it pleases You.
Thank You for showing Mama that we need to take time to praise You, because I know it is something special in my day when I stop and praise You and lift my heart to You. It is a special time to put all my work aside, any pressures, cares or concerns and say, “I’m going to praise the Lord right now,” and lift my arms up to You. It gives me a wonderful link with You.
Praising You helps to unburden my heart and seems to pull down Your peace and Your spirit of faith. It gives me confidence that You’re going to take care of everything; that You’re going to answer my questions and You’re going to continue to give me the solutions I need. I love You and need You, Jesus. You’re so wonderful.


God of the universe, my dearest, always.
Wash me and cleanse me with Your Spirit today.
I yearn for Your touch, for Your kisses divine.
No one thrills me like You, sweet Jesus.–You’re mine.

Renew me with strength from Your Spirit of peace.
I long for Your touch, for Your blessed surcease.
Great God of the Universe, Love of my soul,
You give me so much and You make me whole.

As I bask in Your sunshine, enjoy the shade of Your trees,
I hear Your sweet whispers, as soft as the breeze.
I feel Your dear love and Your warm embrace;
I praise and adore You; I lift up my face
And sing to You praises in sweet soft refrain.
My heart comes to worship Your lovely Name.
You could have made me perfect, Jesus, but You didn’t. Instead, You made me just the way You wanted me. To doubt that is to doubt Your love, but to realize that is to find perfect peace, security, and rest in Your love. Take me now, just as I am, into Your heart of hearts.


You continually touch me with love and pour out Your Spirit of peace, joy and comfort on me. What more could I possibly ask for than the beautiful life of service You’ve given me?
I’m so happy with You, Jesus! I’m happy to belong to You and to have You as my best Friend, my constant Companion. I feel You right by my side and I know that You care about me, that You’re really interested in me and You love me. It makes me so happy. I feel so blessed, so pampered, so loved, so spoiled.
I feel like the wife of a very rich man who gives her everything that her heart desires and constantly brings home gifts and surprises to make her happy, to express his love for her. He has it within his power to give her anything, and he does so because he loves her so much and he wants to show he how much he loves her and how much he appreciates her love, loyalty and devotion.
Even though I may not have a lot of “things,” I feel like You’re just like that with me, Jesus. I don’t have a lot of the things that worldly people think are so important, but You bring me blessings and gifts every day of far greater value to me. I feel like You kiss me and love me and reward me with the gifts of Your Spirit. That’s what I want, Jesus; I’m so happy with the gifts of Your love.


I feel Your loving arms around me, and they are so comforting. I know that I can run to You at any time, day or night, and You are always there. I love to feel You by my side. I love to lie in Your arms, feel Your gentle and tender touch, and hear Your whispers in my ear.
Forgive me, Lord, for not being near as often as I know You would like. You are so patient with me, and You never make me feel unwelcome, even though I get so busy in the wings that I don’t come to You as often as I should. You always receive me with open arms and great delight.
Thank You for Your never-ending, undying love for me. Help me to return Your love with as much fervor.
I love to praise You with my whole heart, sweet Jesus, because You’ve filled my heart with love. I have a lot to thank You for, because You’ve given me so much joy and happiness. I love to tell You how much I appreciate You, how much I need You, and how thankful I am for the great blessings I receive from Your Spirit.
You are wonderful, Jesus. Words fail me, but I love to try to tell You how much I love You.


Dear Jesus, I come before You in deep gratitude for the wonderful miracle that You’ve done in my life. I was poor and lost and lonely, yet You searched and found me and brought me into Your wonderful Kingdom of Love. I am so thankful that You received me into Your house of love. I don’t even feel worthy to be a servant, and yet You didn’t call me a servant, but a friend. Best of all, You made me Your lover and Your bride.
You picked me up out of the dust and the dirt and the mire and cleansed me with Your love and Your Words. You are washing away all that is impure and unlovely, and are putting a new garment of humility on me. You placed a crown on my head and a ring on my finger to symbolize our union as one, a union which will last forever!
I was nothing before You found me, yet You placed Your arms around me and changed my life. You gave me something to live for, something to love, something to treasure, something to desire, something to strive for.
Thank You for taking me, as unworthy as I am, and making me Your bride. For this I love You, for this I honor You, for this I worship You, for this I adore You! I love You and I need You, Jesus!


I want to hunger more for Your wisdom, Your knowledge, and Your truth. Please help me not to place too much importance on the gifts that You have given me–gifts of reasoning and the ability to analyze things–or to regard these gifts more highly than I ought. I want to always keep my mind in subjection to Your mind. Help me not to abuse the gifts that You have given me by overusing them to the neglect of Your infilling.
Thank You for giving me a lively mind and a thirst for knowledge, and thank You for the pleasure I derive from quenching that thirst in so many ways. But help that thirst not to supersede my thirst for You–Your counsel, Your knowledge, Your Being.
I want to praise You with my pen, with the workings of my mind, and the creativity of my soul. Please help me to do that, Jesus. Most of all, help me to praise You with my self, by yielding my body, my soul, and my mind to You. I desire to praise You with every movement, every sound uttered, every thought in my head, every step that I take. I want my very existence to praise You, for only through You and by You do I exist, breathe, move, live, love, learn, grow, think, laugh, and enjoy the life that You have given me.
I love You, dear Jesus, my sweet Lover! Truly there is no one like You!


Dear Jesus, thank You for this wonderful Family You’ve given me! We are the most blessed people on the face of the Earth! This is like having Heaven right here and now, with our Heavenly Homes, brothers and sisters, abundant love, bountiful supply, and all the countless other things that You’ve given us.
Sometimes I’m not as thankful as I should be and I take these things for granted, or I don’t see that what looks like a rock is really the bread that I’ve been praying for. But You take such good care of me, even when I don’t appreciate it like I should. You mean everything to me, and without You I know I would be nothing.
Thank You for our children! Thank You for the little bundles of joy that You’ve put into our lives! Thank You for the little rascals that take all our time! Thank You for the little curly-headed, freckled-faced children that are always there to brighten our day. Thank You for them when they wake us, not knowing that we would like to have a sleep-in. Thank You for their so quickly worn-out jeans and muddy clothes–the ones that were just new and clean! Thank You for all our children, no matter how big or small. We especially thank You for their example of faith and trust. Just as they trust us, help us to trust You.


Oh, what You do to me, my Love! You always comfort me, Jesus. Not only do You comfort my heart and delight my soul, but You rest my weary nerves. You calm my ruffled feathers and put my mind at ease. There is absolutely nothing that compares with the peace You bring me.
When I feel like I have to get away from it all, when I’m having one of those cloudy, stormy days, what keeps me going is knowing I can retreat into our secret place. Anywhere, any time of the day or night, that’s all I have to do–just slip away into Your private chambers. When I do, You make everything A-OK.
Jesus, I love to be with You. I love to go to my quiet corner and talk to You, to picture You in my mind and commune with You.
I love how You hold me close to You. I love the way You love me so sweetly with Your precious golden seeds. I love Your Words. I love to hear Your voice and to know that You care about me. I love knowing that You love me.
You are my greatest Lover. I’ve never known anyone like You, and no one could ever take Your place in my heart. I love You, Jesus.


Thank You, Jesus, for the joy of praising You. I take such pleasure in Your creation, and in You most of all. You are the Creator of every pleasure imaginable, every delight conceivable, and I thank You and give You honor and worship. I feel so privileged, so very honored to be Yours. I take pleasure in knowing that You desire me–my praise, my worship, my attention.
Thank You that I can partake of the divine nature in these few simple moments as I stop and savor the wonder of all that You’ve done for me, all that You are to me. I feel a soft glow within, and an aura surrounds me. At these times I feel as though there is an almost tangible link between me and the Heavenly Realm, up There where every breath, every thought and every movement expresses praise to Your omnipotence and Your glory.
How marvelous to have a taste and touch of Heaven as I sit in this earth-bound clod that is my body! Oh, how my heart yearns to be united with You, forever leaving behind the pull of gravity, the weakness of the flesh, and the limitations of space and time. Yet I thank You for these earthly bonds, that in this body I may learn to praise You all my days.


I want to know You deeply. I want my heart to become one with Yours. I want to know You more, so that I can learn to please You more. I want to learn of Your every wish and desire, so that I may have the pleasure of fulfilling them to the best of my ability. I want to have the pleasure of hearing Your requests and saying yes to You once again.
This is my praise to You–the trust I offer each time that I say that word, even if through tears, confusion, or doubt. I know that my saying yes despite these unsettling emotions is even more precious to You.
So I say it again, Jesus: Yes! Yes! Yes, I’ll do anything for You, pay any price for You, love anyone for You, give up anything for You! You have my will on Your side. I falter because of my human weaknesses and my natural tendency is to be selfish and inflexible, but I know that as soon as I say the magic word “yes,” something happens. Something magical happens inside of me, because then I have given You my will, and You receive it graciously, gratefully, and tenderly.
Then You whisper secrets in my ear–keys to finding the power, strength, and love to perform whatever You wish.


You are the Lover of my soul, the One I love to come and talk to. You’re always there to comfort me, to explain things to me, to instruct and help me. You are the most wonderful, the kindest and the sweetest of lovers. Thank You for being mine.
It’s so important that I thank You and say these words of praise to You. I know how important praises are to You, because they’re important to me! You praise me for all the little things I do that please You. You’re constantly lifting me up and encouraging me and helping me. I love to hear Your Words of encouragement and Your Words of love to me. You’re so faithful to overlook my faults and weaknesses and to encourage me that I’m doing well.
Praising You and showing You my love with my words seems to be a very small, weak and inadequate thing for me to do in return for all the love You’ve given me. I want to give You my words of praise and express the love I feel for You in my heart.
I’m happy to do it, Jesus. I’m so happy to raise my hands to the heavens and turn toward Your beautiful face and throw You my praise-kisses. You deserve so much more! I could never pay You back or give You anything that compares to what You’ve given me.


Help me not to lose my wonder at life and my amazement at Your endless love gifts to us. I can never thank You enough for everything, but please help me not to forget to stop and focus on You each day, to marvel at Your handiwork, and to thank You.
Keep me young and fresh with the knowledge that every day I can learn something new from You about Your love, Your ways, the life that You’ve given to me, and even the life that is to come! There are endless discoveries to be made, but most of all, I want to discover You, the marvelous Man behind it all!
I want to come closer to understanding Your love and Your plan for me by being intimate with You. Help me to cherish my special times with You and regard them as sacred, inviolable, indispensable.
Jesus, more than all my other human cravings, I crave You. You are the only One Who can quench my thirst and alleviate my hunger.
I know I’m very blessed because I have much, much more than most people. I really am cared for and loved and honored as Your wife. Jesus, I love You so much. I adore You, and I need You. You’re everything to me.


Thank You so much for the gift of prophecy. The more I see it from every angle, the more I realize how little I realize what great miracles that it can do. It is one of Your special gifts that will never cease to give me joy and new thrills in the Spirit.
The more I exercise the gift of prophecy, the more it grows! Its shape is unique. One could say it is invisible, yet it takes on the form of whatever You wish to describe to me. It ranges from fascinating little word pictures, to Your passionate endearments and love Words; from solid-rock counsel on the problems of life, to prophecies that are just for fun and where You give special insights into the thrills that await us in Your Heavenly Realm.
Help me never to neglect this gift or put it on the shelf. Help me to realize that neglect causes it to lose its glow, or even disappear if left alone for too long. Continue to help me get used to the gift of prophecy, to be open to the wonderful surprises, wisdom and knowledge that it holds, and to look upon it as a golden door to Your mind and Your heart and Your will. Thank You for such a priceless gift!


Your happiness and joy at receiving my praises overwhelms me. It moves me to see You so grateful, Jesus, for what seem like such tiny gifts, such wee drops of love. You receive it with all the eagerness of a child opening Christmas presents, then watching with excitement and anticipation for each new little love gift that comes through my mouth to You. What a joy it is to think that You, Who have such power, glory, beauty, and splendor, desire and eagerly wait for my praise-kisses to You!
Jesus, I feel so inadequate. Oh, that I could praise You all the day long! If only more people knew of Your loveliness and Your love, their hearts would also burst forth in praise to You, in honor and glory, in obeisance and adoration. Then You would receive a touch of the attention and the worship You deserve, as the true King You are.
Knowing how much You value my love words and my praise-kisses makes me want to give You so many more. The way You desire what little I have to give You makes me feel so special! The way You listen and hold me close and draw the words from my mouth with Your wonderful Words makes me feel like a queen. Though I’m a beggar and I wear mere rags and have nothing of earthly value to offer You–only my self and my small tokens of praise–You rejoice with such great rejoicing that You make me feel like a queen. I am overwhelmed that You value my love so much.


Thank You, Jesus, for how Your love is manifest in our lives in innumerable ways. You know we have our daily battles and our ups and downs, and life doesn’t always run smoothly for us because we have lessons to learn, but You’re trying to teach us to be fighters and to go to You and Your Word for the answers and direction we need. Still the struggles we face are nothing compared with those endured by all those poor people who don’t know You.
Lord, when I think about how You’ve kept me and protected me all these years and how You’ve led me to the still waters and let me drink deeply of Your Word, I feel overwhelmed. Thank You that I don’t have to worry about losing my job or ending up homeless on the streets. Thank You that I don’t have to worry about catching AIDS from a one-night stand with somebody I hardly know.
Thank You that I don’t have to worry that my co-workers or boss will take advantage of me in some underhanded, unscrupulous business deal. Thank You that my life is rich and full and satisfying, and that I don’t have to turn to drink or drugs or money while trying to find some joy and satisfaction. Thank You, thank You a million times, for how You hold me in Your hands and take care of me every single day.


You’re such a good Husband, and I love the way You take care of me and treat me as Your wife. You’re always considerate, kind and compassionate. I can share my heart with You and spill out all my thoughts and give You everything, and You simply listen and are patient. You never get angry or blow up and criticize or condemn me.
You’re truly a divine Husband, and I need You so. Thank You for taking such good care of me and for teaching me to be more like You. Thank You for giving me the patience I need and for giving me a love for others, for giving me more understanding and wisdom. I could never live without You. I couldn’t imagine a day without You, Jesus. I couldn’t make it on my own; I’m too weak, too full of human flaws and frailties. I know I need You desperately.
Thank You, sweet Jesus, that You’re always there! You never fail to answer my call, to come through and provide what I need. Thank You for our wonderful marriage. I’m so happy to be Your wife, and I’m thrilled with our relationship and our love together. I want to draw closer to You and learn to be an even better wife, to give You more love and take better care of You, and provide Your needs.


Thank You for all the years that You have blessed me with to serve You. Even though I have been in difficult circumstances at times and there have been moments when I wondered if I would make it, or if I would find the strength I needed to carry on, You never failed. There were times when I battled discouragement, jealousy, or frustration. There were times when I wondered if I was really making a difference, or if I was in the center of Your will, doing exactly what You wanted me to do. In spite of these difficulties, You gave me the faith and grace to stick.
Now that I look back on my life for You, I’m so thankful that I did! When I look back on my times of testing, when I was confused or battle-weary, discouraged with myself or others, and not feeling as happy or fulfilled as I would have liked, I know that what I had to suffer or endure was very little compared to the heartache and heartbreak of what I would have gone through without You, and what those who don’t know You go through each day.
My life has been like a dream, a celebration, a constant feast, compared to the disappointment and daily struggle, even misery of those who don’t know You. Jesus, I’m so rich in love, companionship, friendship, the supply of all my needs, protection, good health, loving children, fulfilling work, and especially the delicious satisfying truth of Your Word.


When I wake up in the morning and there’s so much to do, sometimes I can feel the pressures of the day start to mount. You then softly say, “Just roll it over on Me!” When I feel weak and incapable, You are always strong. When I wonder what the solutions are to the many problems I face, You show me the answers one by one. I feel so unworthy of Your love, and wonder how it is that You’re so in love with me! The joy that You give me is uncontainable, so that I can’t help but give it to others! Thank You for loving me this way.
All creation gives praise to You! How much more should I? When I look at all the works of Your hands, I see Your unending love for Your children. You created it all for us to enjoy. What a small request You make to simply ask us to thank You for it.
When I look at the boundless sky, it makes me think of Your never-ending love. When I see the magnificent landscape stretching as far as the eye can see, verdant and full of life, it makes me think of Your supply for Your children. Everything that You’ve made is a picture of Your love for us!


The kisses of Your lips are sweeter than honey. Your touch is warmer and gentler than a cozy fire in the cold of winter. How I love to kiss You and touch You! How I love to be able to come to You at any moment–day or night, when I’m happy or when I’m sad–and know that You are there for me, that You care, and that You love me, come what may.
When I praise You, I begin to hear sounds and music! It’s harmonious and melodic, and it surrounds me, goes through me and even becomes a part of me.
When I praise You, I’m projected into the future, where all my burdens have been lifted and problems have been solved. This gives me faith for the present. Troubles and cares become so small when I praise You, because I gain the faith that You will take care of them all.
When I praise You, I hear Your answers come gently down, melting away my troubles like snow. I feel Your kisses thanking me for taking time with You. I breathe in Your Spirit that fills me and gives me life. Most wonderful of all, when I praise You I hear Your voice responding to me, saying that You love me too.


Thank You for the spaces of rest You give me. Sometimes I feel weighted down under a heavy load, like I won’t be able to make it, like I just can’t take one more step. Then at precisely the right moment You lighten my load. You lift the burden I’ve been carrying, take it in Your hands, and give me sweet repose and relaxation. It’s just what I need. When I can’t go on, and only You could know that I need surcease from the battles, You give me a touch of Your Heavenly love.
You give me spaces between the battles. You give me peace in the midst of storm. You give me rays of joy through the rain of sorrow, and the shelter of peace from the raging winds of trouble. Everything that comes from Your hand is perfect–the battles and the testings, the joys and the love. But in Your love, You give our lives spaces, times of such peace and tranquillity.
I know that You’ve planned everything that happens. You told me to walk down this path–that You’ve arranged my steps one step at a time–one footstep, then the next, then the next. You told me to carry my cross faithfully and diligently. You told me to be a sample of Your love, to carry Your sunshine in my heart and to wear a smile on my face for others to see. Thank You that You not only show me the way to go, but You show me how to go, because Your loving Words lead me along. I love You, Jesus.


When my heart feels burdened,
My soul is distressed,
And my mind thinks it has to work things out,
I raise my heart up to You, my Lord.
I reach for Your Spirit of wisdom and love,
Your refreshing, pure voice.
You wash away my carnal thoughts
With Your Words so strong and sure.
I love to listen and hear Your whispers;
I love to tune in to Your Spirit.
It thrills and excites me;
It lifts me and kisses me.
It purifies and refreshes;
It gives me faith without limit.
For I know Your love goes on and on.
Your song never stops; You give and You give.
Sing on, dear Jesus! My spirit flies into Your arms of love!
Sing on, my Lord, and lift me to the heavens!
Your voice, Your whisper, is the sweetest music in the world to me.
Nothing can match it; nothing comes near.
No one can be like You, my Love.
You’ve won me and wooed me with the sounds of Your Spirit–
Whispers from beyond, voices from another world,
Calling me, enchanting and exciting me.
Just one moment with You is all I need to keep me coming back for more.
Sweet Lover, wonderful Jesus!
I can never get enough of You.


You have given me, unworthy as I am, Your eternal pledge to love, nurture, comfort, care and provide for me. You’ve pledged to make me happy, to give me all that I need, and even more–that which I desire.
I, in turn, pledge to love You eternally and do all I can to please You. I will do my best to give You that which You need, and even more–that which You desire. For we are wed. We are bound one to another with strong golden cords of love. We are linked and locked together in heart, spirit, and body. We are forever joined as one, and nothing will end or quench our love.
You have won my heart and made me Yours forever. I could never love another the way I love You, for no other lover could love me as You have–and as You do–so fully, so completely. No other has given his life, shed his blood, and endured pain and torture in order to rescue me and make me his own.
You are my true forever Love, the Lover beyond comparison–the perfect Lover, the perfect Friend and Comforter, the living Savior Whose power and strength I can trust to always support me and never let me go!


Oh, how I want to spend time with You, Jesus, in Your presence, in the hall of You my great King and Lover! I love to spend time with You in the courts of Your love, just to adore You!
Thank You for showing us that the way to enter the gates to Your courts is by ringing the bells, the Heavenly chimes, and our praises do that! When I thank You for Your goodness, for Your love, for all You do, it starts the Heavenly doorbells ringing! The more I thank You, the more they peal out in beautiful chimes, letting the keepers know that someone is at the door of Your Heavenly gates calling to be let in. Only by these Heavenly praises are we allowed entrance.
By praising You I am ushered into Your courts. Praising gives the password that lets us enter Your majestic halls. Only those who praise can enter Your courts of joy!
We enter Your courts with praise and love You with all our hearts! There we worship, praise, sing, and lift up our arms to You. Oh, what victory and protection and love and peace and strength there is in praising You! How You love our praises! How they fill You and bring You joy, love and happiness! How You appreciate them, and how we need them to draw us closer to You!
How we need to enter into Your gates, to stand in Your courts, in Your presence, to love You and be filled with Your love!


I love You, my Savior, more than mere words could ever tell. I have deeper feelings for You, my Lover, than tongue can describe. Oh, take my heart, and make it fully and completely Yours! Do with me what You will, for I am more than happy to follow wherever You lead me, to obey whatever You ask me, to do whatever You bid me.
You have given me everything I have, why should I give You any less than my all? My life, my will, my mind, body, heart and spirit, my time, my service, and most of all, my devoted love all belong to You!
How precious it is to have the great freedom of knowing that there is no condemnation in You. Thank You that Your love and mercy are from everlasting to everlasting. Help me, Jesus, to be more like You–to see with eyes of faith the good, the pure and the lovely in the hearts of my brothers and sisters, just as You look into my heart and choose to see only the good, the pure and the lovely.
Though it may be buried beneath much rubble, and cluttered by the cares of this life, You see the good and the possibilities that no other can see. You know it is there because You put it there, for You are the Author of life and the Source of every good and perfect gift and the Giver of good things to all Your children. For this alone–not to mention everything else that You do to show me Your love–do I love You and adore You. Forever and ever, I’ll be Yours.


Jesus, thank You for the dear ones that You send across my path who love me and have faith in me and help me accomplish more for You. Your love is manifested in so many ways, and maybe the most obvious way is when I see Your love coming through another. If it weren’t for some of the shepherds in my life who have shown faith in me, I don’t know if I’d still be here. Maybe I’d still be here, but I wouldn’t have learned the things that I should have learned, which have helped to draw me closer to You.
So thank You for those You’ve placed in my life who have faithfully represented You and Your love, and who have helped me to become more the person You want me to be. Of course, I know I still have a long way to go and I am by no means perfect, but I want to thank You for Your love that is manifested in a personal form, in a tangible way which helps me to better understand the great love You have for me.
You’re everything that I ever dreamed of, Jesus, and everything that I need. One glimpse of You and my deepest longings are filled. One Word from You, whispered in my ear, and I feel loved and needed and secure. One touch, and I melt into Your love. You make me whole.


Thank You for this new day, and even for the little aches and injuries that make me appreciate how well my body usually works. Thank You for the wonderful body You’ve given me–my arms, legs, hands, feet, eyes, ears, and mouth. I dedicate my body to You, Jesus! Let me live only to praise and glorify You.
As I stop and think, I realize how each breath that I breathe and each beat of my heart is a marvel and a miracle. I don’t have to use machines to keep my body running smoothly; I just have to take care of this wonderful piece of “equipment” that You’ve given me. Help me to be faithful to take care of my body so that I can be fit and whole and healthy to serve You and others. And when You allow a little breakdown, or a tune-up is needed once in a while, help me to take advantage of it to get well-oiled by Your precious Holy Spirit and get polished by Your Words.
Thank You that whether in sickness or in health, I can praise You by yielding my body to You, by being sensitive to Your desire for me to either come in closer, or go out into the wings to help someone else. I love You so much and just want to please You.


Jesus, thank You for Your New Wine and the moves of the Spirit. Whatever You have in store for me today or tomorrow or next year, I pray I’ll always say yes to You. I never want to stray from the closeness we have now. I never want to feel distant from You.
So as You gently lead me by the hand, walking me through Your celestial palace, showing me new rooms and things that I’ve never seen, I will try to hold tight to Your hand. I will try to take pleasure in the new gifts that You show me in each room, even if I don’t understand how they work, or if they look strange to me.
Jesus, You’re such a generous Husband, pouring gifts on me. And because You are my Husband, I know that You will never give me anything that will harm me or that will bring hopeless despair into my life. Even if it costs a little to accept different gifts from You, I want to pay whatever price is necessary, because I want to have what You want to give me.
I don’t want to say no to any of Your gifts, but I want to explore each one with You. I want to delight in each one, to learn to love and cherish each gift. In so doing, I’ll learn to know You in a deeper, more intimate way, as I come to understand Your heart. Because what I really want most of all–more than Your blessings, more than Your gifts, even more than the peace that I feel when I am close to You–is You. I want You, Jesus.


Oh, how strong You are! How powerful and mighty, how awesome and magnificent! You’re beautiful! A breathtaking sight to behold! Enveloped with such power and might, I don’t have to worry one bit about not being strong enough or good enough to face the battles and burdens of life. For I have You, my valiant Protector, to fight my battles for me. I have You, my mighty Provider, to lift and carry each burden.
I must stay ever so close to You, for without You I am nothing. I am lost, weak, powerless, faithless, and hopeless without You! There is no strength, nor beauty, nor sufficiency in me. Yet by dwelling in You, I can partake of Your wonderful, amazing attributes and enjoy them as my own. Oh, how great You are! How beautiful, how mighty! How blessed I am to have You; how blessed I am to be Your Own.
Dear precious Jesus, my wonderful Husband, I want to thank You for Your beautiful Spirit and how You’re always here to help me with everything. I can always come to You with my thoughts, my worries and my questions, and I know I can depend on You to listen. I can feel Your love and Your care.


You’re so wonderful. How could I ever live without You? I wouldn’t want to! I pray that You’ll keep me very close to Your side. Thank You for all the things that You do in my life–the little things and the big things–to keep me desperate to stay close to You.
I used to think it was a burden to have a trial or problem, but now I see it as a blessing. If I didn’t have any problems I would be so self-righteous and proud, and I wouldn’t think I needed You. Now, because of all my weaknesses, I see clearly how I can’t make it without You.
I’m so thankful for the love that You’ve shared with me–Your precious love. Through all my mistakes and the times I’ve felt so low and down and out of it, You’ve shown me how much You love me. I’m so thankful for how You’ve opened Your heart to me as I’ve yielded to You. You’ve showered me with blessings and love and all that I need. I can’t take a step without You. I’m so happy that You keep my hand solidly in Yours.
I’m like a blind man that You lead along one step at a time. You keep encouraging me that I’m doing well, and You keep telling me, “Okay, one more step! You’re doing great!” You keep helping me learn how to follow in Your loving footsteps. Thank You for that.
I love You so much. I love all that You do for me, all that You’ve given me, and all the ways You treat me as Your bride.


I love the time that I can spend with You. I love to be able to close my eyes, lean back against Your strong chest, and relax. I can rest in Your arms, knowing that when I’m with You, everything else is taken care of and I don’t need to worry about a thing.
You hold me tight and push all other thoughts out of my mind. You give me peace, comfort, love and such joy. You open my eyes to the spirit world and show me beautiful, wonderful delights–things that I’ve never seen or imagined before. And then You tell me it’s just a foretaste, just a glimpse, just a peek into the realities of the life to come.
You know just how to inspire me and how to give me a boost when I’m feeling a little low, a little discouraged, a little sad or hopeless. You know just how to cheer me up. You know just how to motivate me.
You are the greatest Motivator in my life! I live for You, I love for You, and all that I do, all that I give is more than rewarded by just one glimpse into Your sweet eyes, one moment in Your tender embrace, one word of encouragement from You.
It’s so wonderful to be in Your arms, Jesus. I love You so much. You make life worth it all!


There’s nothing like being in love with You;
There’s really nothing Your love can’t do!
As I lean my head on Your loving breast,
My troubled soul can find sweet rest.

There’s nothing like being in love with You;
There’s really nothing Your love can’t do.
When I’m hidden totally inside of You,
No fears or cares or worries get through.

Thank You, Jesus, that I can come to You.
Oh Lord, my God, what else would I do?
There’s no sweeter sound than that of Your Name;
No other One makes me feel quite the same.

There are no other shoulders as broad as Yours,
And You can send all my worries right out the door.
I gather strength from resting with You;
And I can go on, knowing just what to do.

Leaning on You, with Your Word in my heart,
Your love and Your happiness I can impart
To others so they can come to know too,
What it’s like to be madly in love with You!


Thank You, Jesus, for the bond of love You have given between You, others who are special to me, and me. Thank You for the fellowship we share as we love You, the closeness and the intimacy we are able to experience. Thank You, Jesus, for how You manifest Your love in such a wonderful and precious way.
Thank You that You’ve given me such loving work- and soul-mates who love You and serve You most of all, and who love to lay down their lives for others. Their love for others makes me love You more–to see others so unselfish and giving, who find joy in making others happy.
I praise You, Jesus, for manifesting Your love for me through them–for this gift of love from You. I know I don’t deserve it, but I do appreciate it. It makes me want to love You more, spend more time with You, and show You more appreciation.
Thank You, Jesus, that they can also share Your love with others. Even when they’re busy loving others, our bond is still strong in spirit and keeps us united. I find fulfillment and peace in knowing that they can help others. It’s wonderful how we are still united—all of us—bound together with cords of love.
I can’t thank You enough for Your love and for personally manifesting it to me in this special way.


I love our quiet moments together. I love to be alone with You, to talk to You, to listen to You, and hear Your sweet voice. I love to feel Your presence. I love to lie next to You and feel Your arms around me. I love everything about You, Jesus. I love our love together. Thank You for all the wonderful blessings on my life.
Thank You, Jesus, for Your time and attention. Thank You that You’re never too busy for me. Any time of the day or night I can stop and direct my thoughts toward You and You whisk me away into the land of the spirit. If I’m feeling lonely or sad inside, You put Your big, strong arms around me and hold me so tight, so close, enveloping me in a feeling of warmth, love and security that washes away all my fears.
If I am confused or frustrated, You stroke my hair and clear my mind, giving me clarity of thought. If I’m feeling the need for a friend or a companion, You’re more than willing to take my hand and go away with me, whether for a little walk on the beach or for a picnic in a beautiful forested area.
Thank You that in the realm of the spirit all our desires can be granted and all our dreams can come true. Anything is possible with You. Thank You for giving me such good things to enjoy.


Thank You for all the little ways in which You bless us, Jesus. Help us not to forget to thank You for all the little things You do to express Your love for us each day. Sometimes we don’t even notice many of Your blessings because we take them for granted. We figure that’s just the way it’s always been, and we don’t remember how great a manifestation of Your love these things are.
Thank You for Your protection in so many ways that we don’t realize. Sometimes we don’t even know that You’ve protected us because we don’t see what could have happened if You hadn’t prevented it. So we thank You for that and praise You for it.
Help us to thank You more often for all the little things, the tiny manifestations of Your love, Your care, and Your safekeeping.
Wonderful, sweet, adorable Husband and precious Lover of mine, I praise You, Jesus. I love to be with You. I love to come to You, because I know that I can say things to You in my own words, and no matter how I put it, even if I stumble through the words, You appreciate it and love it.


Thank You that You’ve called me Your diamond–one of the most precious stones! I feel so honored that You see me this way and You treasure me. Like a miner, You spent hours searching to find me in the mine of this life. You had to hack through the rock and cut me from the side of the mountain. I was encased in drab rock and at first I didn’t look like anything special, but You saw beyond my appearance. You saw the potential and what I could become with Your help, love and care.
You carefully cut me out of the rock and then continued to cut and polish and buff me. It wasn’t always easy for me to take it, but You continued to work in my little life so that I could sparkle and shine for You.
All of the years that You’ve spent polishing, buffing, and cleaning me have made me what I am today. I know that I’m not exactly the way You want me yet, and I still have a long way to go, but I’m trusting that You know what You’re doing and that You’re going to continue to perfect Your little diamond–me–so that I will be exactly what You want me to be.
Thank You so much for having patience with me and for loving and treasuring me enough to make me Your special jewel. I feel so privileged to even be called Your diamond, and feel so secure in the hands of the most skilled Craftsman in the universe.


I love to come here, where I can be with You. I know I can tell You anything, whether it’s something I just need to get off my chest, or something I need to get Your answer for. Thank You that I can speak my piece with You. It’s very important to me to know that You will listen, and that You will always understand. You draw things out of me because You’re so easy to talk to.
Sometimes when I’ve said enough, or when I don’t have anything to say in the first place, I just sit here listening to what You have to tell me. The sound of Your voice brings me such peace–more than anything I ever imagined, beyond all human understanding. Yet it’s so simple, because to get this peace, all I have to do is open the door to Your chambers. I’m so blessed to know where Your door is, and that I can easily reach the knob to open it whenever I want.
Thank You that it’s so simple. It’s not too hard, and the doorknob is not too high. Thank You that all I have to do is turn the knob, open the door, and come into Your presence. These moments alone with You in prayer throughout the day make it possible for me to proceed with ease. I love You, Jesus. Thank You for making it so easy for me.


Thank You, Jesus, for this child of love that You gave me many years ago–to love, care for, feed, clothe, educate and to be there for when he needs my love. Thank You for the love which You gave him for me. Thank You for manifesting Your love to me in this way, by giving me this precious gift of love.
Thank You, Lord, that now that he is grown, he has found his place of service for You. Even though I would love to be with him, to touch him and hold him and be close to him, to see his joy and to experience his happiness in serving You, thank You, Jesus, that You’re with him. You’re the best Father, the best Teacher, the best Comforter.
Thank You for being there with my child when I am not. Thank You for being with him when he battles and when he goes through tests. Thank You for giving him the answers to his problems.
Thank You for the time I was able to spend with this precious one, this love gift from You. Thank You for the love You gave me for him and him for me. Thank You that someday we’ll be together in the Heavenly Realm, in our forever lives with You, and that our time apart now is only temporary, only a vapor. Thank You, Jesus, for Your comfort and reassuring Words. I love You!


I’m so thankful for the struggles in life and the things that are hard, because these make me come to You, and You always give me the answers. You make things so clear and easy to understand. All I have to do is yield and receive.
Thank You for all the difficulties that I’ve had, for the battles that I’ve had to fight and how I’ve had to trust You for the victory. Without these battles I wouldn’t have Your compassion, Your understanding, and Your forgiveness. Being able to sympathize with someone else is one of the most beautiful things in my life. It’s a pure gift from You, and I’m so happy about it and so thankful.
Thank You for keeping me desperate and close to You so that I don’t run off on my own and get proud, self-righteous, and lifted up. Thank You for all the things that You bring my way to keep me humble and dependent on You for the strength and help that I need. Your plan is perfect; it never fails.
What a wonderful God I have!–A wonderful Lover and Husband! I love You so much.
Thank You for crimson and scarlet and rose, for fuchsia and pink and burgundy, for tomatoes and tulips and poppies and redheads, for cherry red and fire-engine red and barn red and just plain red. Thank You for finding so many fun ways and shades to color Your wonderful world with. You’re full of variety and surprises, and that makes life a thrill!


Your love is like a faithful shadow that follows me wherever I go. I can never go so fast or so slow that I lose it; it sticks with me just the same. It’s there with me when I’m talking, walking, eating or playing. This wonderful love of Yours follows me high and low. It never tires of being with me, never gets bored, never gives up, never gets frustrated–this wonderful shadow of Your love.
You’re there no matter what I do, and every time I look, this gentle shadow of love is faithfully there to remind me of Your presence. It’s never intrusive, rough, or brusque with me, but always gently and patiently awaits my every move, like a servant. It’s a continual reminder that You are a constant in my life, a very present help in trouble, a Friend that sticks closer than a brother.
You’re always obliging. You jump and play while I jump and play. You laugh with me when I laugh, or cry with me when I cry, or work with me when I work. You’re a lifelong Companion, One Who follows me like a shadow no matter where I walk. With You I’m never alone, sweet Jesus.


Jesus, thank You for Your gift of prophecy. This gift is a fascinating one, though at first glance it seemed rather odd. But the more that I look at it, turn it over in my hands, and use it to communicate with You, the more I realize that it is so much more than I thought in the beginning.
It is like a special, magical door into the realm of endless possibilities, beautiful and fitting word pictures, golden honey drops of love from Your lips. Passing through this door brings discoveries of every kind: from the joys of Heaven to the depths of Your comfort; from the passion of Your love to explanations of the mysteries of life; from encouragement after disappointments to clear guidance when I’m seeking Your will.
This gift of prophecy is so interesting! Every time I pick it up, I know that if I hold it in my hands with a believing and expectant attitude, there is no telling what wonders will be revealed to me.
Thank You that even though I don’t know what the future holds, I know Who holds the future. I know I can trust in You and Your love. You’ve never left me, You’ve never deserted me, You’ve never let me down.


Jesus, I love the way You remind me that I can’t do anything without You. I’m sorry that I don’t get the message sometimes, and I think that when I’m not feeling strong and capable, there must be something wrong. When I stop and yield to You and take time to let You love me, I realize that I’m exactly where I should be–feeling incapable without You.
I’m so happy to need You and to be wrapped in Your arms, where I find grace and strength. I know I simply have to yield to You, give everything to You, surrender to Your beautiful Spirit, and let You take full control. The best place I could ever be is in the position of utter dependence on You, because I know that as I lean on You and depend on You completely, You will accomplish what You want.
Thank You for reminding me that I don’t have to do anything in my own strength. Thank You for giving me Your strength whenever I need it–and I always need it!
I honor You and praise You and extol You! You are marvelous! Your works and wonders amaze me, Your patience astounds me, Your care touches me, and Your unending love overwhelms me.


A picture unfolds and fills my eye;
A rainbow descends to paint the sky.
Emotions rush in and flood my soul;
Love pours in and overflows.

Comets may come and they may go;
Shooting stars may fall and glow.
But this, yes, this I always know:
It will never ever leave my soul.

It came in a blessing, dropped from love,
My heart yet beats to hold memories of
This precious, wordless touch divine,
Given to yielded hearts entwined.

Not in the physical realm, as so,
But spiritually tangible, a radiant glow,
Angelic, yet human, wondrous to know,
Breathless, refreshing, exciting, oh!

Jesus, Your love’s even more than that,
It can’t be described with words intact.
For You love me through others, and yet it’s You,
You fill my life with wine anew.

You’ve captured my heart, my soul, my being–
All I can say is I love the feeling!


Dear Lord, how I love You! You make everything so easy for me. Even when there is confusion, hustle and bustle all around me throughout the day, You make everything simple. All I have to do is quietly open this door to Your presence and gently slip in. It’s so peaceful here, so calm in the stillness.
Jesus, when I’m with You I feel so young, so alive, so vibrant and so happy! Thank You for giving me the wonderful gift of Your Spirit.
I’m so blessed, even though I might not have a great education and a lot of material things. I don’t have any seemingly important career or a big position in society, or a famous name, but I know I have greater blessings and greater riches than most people. I wouldn’t trade You and Your special love for me for anything in the world.
It makes me so happy to know that no matter what may happen in the days to come, no matter what trials or difficulties arise, I’ll always have You. Thank You, Jesus, my wonderful Love and Husband!
Thank You, Jesus, for holding my hand when I’m scared. Thank You for being there to catch me when I fall. Thank You for being strong for me when I’m weak. I need You so!


Jesus, I know that You understand my innermost secrets and feelings. You know that I sometimes feel alone because those closest to me have left Your service and given up the fight. Thank You that You’ve given me the strength to continue on. I know that this strength doesn’t come from me, because I don’t have it within myself. It comes directly from Your hand and it’s just another one of those priceless gifts that You bestow upon me.
I know that these loved ones are in Your hands, and for that I thank You! If it weren’t for the assurance that You are in complete control, I wouldn’t have this special peace in my heart. Thank You that You have Your hand on these I love and that You will bring about Your perfect plan in each of their lives.
Sometimes it’s hard when I don’t know what the future holds, but I’m so grateful that I can know You–the One Who holds the future! You do all things well, and You can make even seeming defeats turn out to be great victories. So I know that You’re going to bring great victories in the lives of these who have left Your side and gone their own way.
Maybe it’s just what they need–to try out different things for a while. Thank You for Your assurance that they always have a special place at Your table and in Your house, and that You love them and will always have Your arms open to receive them again.


It’s a wonderful life! Not many people can say that these days, but I can, Jesus, because I have You, Your love, Your life-giving Words and my wonderful Family. You have blessed me so richly that I can’t find words to describe the joy in my heart and the satisfaction in my spirit that comes with knowing You so intimately and having the privilege of serving You day after day.
Who could possibly ask for more? You’ve given me my heart’s desires time and time again. You’ve never failed me. You’ve manifested Your love to me in countless ways, and each day I fall more and more in love with You.
Thank You, Jesus, for the sweet care of our brothers and sisters who love us and who impart Your love to us. Thank You that You manifest Yourself through them in so many ways–the kind words, the smiles, the tender touches, the sweet caresses, the encouragement when we’re feeling down and discouraged, the helping hand when we have a heavy load, and even the instruction and correction that we receive that helps us stay on track.
Thank You for how You shine through others to love us, encourage us, strengthen us and help us. Thank You for loving us in so many ways and for manifesting Yourself to us through so many different channels.


You flood my soul, like the morning sun burst drenches the landscape. Like the noonday sun, You light up my world. Like the stars in the heavens, You watch over me by night. Like sweet-smelling flowers lift my spirit, Your Spirit covers me with Your sweetness. Like the dew that settles on the grass and sparkles and shines in the morning sunlight, Your Spirit settles upon me, making me sparkle and shine for You.
Oh, Jesus, You fill up my senses in everything I see. I look around at Your creation and I’m overwhelmed by its beauty and richness. The sight of Your sunsets leaves me breathless. I’m speechless at the beauty of Your sunrises, thrilled by the rushing of Your ocean waves. I’m warmed by the feel of soft sand beneath my feet. I’m comforted by the gentleness of the songs and praises of the birds, refreshed by the feel of the moss under the trees, cooled as I inhale deeply of forest scents.
I see and feel and touch Your love daily through Your beautiful creation. Your Spirit is everywhere and envelops me in a wonderful womb of Your love. I am so richly blessed. Thank You, Jesus, my Darling. I love You.


You are so good to me, Jesus. You are the best Protector, the best Keeper, the best Guardian, the best Guide I could ever ask for. You lead me beside the still waters. You never walk too fast, and You always let me rest when I am tired and weary. You give me refreshing, crystal clear waters from the streams of Your Word when I’m thirsty, and the nutritious bread of Your promises when I’m hungry.
You are such a wonderful Father, Protector, and Shepherd, caring for each of Your sheep. You’re ever alert and attentive, on guard and vigilant. I know I’m never out of Your sight. I know I never have to worry about losing You; You always know right where I am and what I’m doing. I know in my heart that You love me more than I could ever imagine, and I’m so thankful for that.
Thank You, my dear wonderful Lord, for making everything run smoothly. Life is so simple and easy following You. If I stay close to You, then I can abide under the shadow of Your protection and evil will not prevail against me. As I follow Your path of light and life, there are pleasures forever more.


Hearing You whisper in my ear as You lead me, direct me, guide me, encourage me, and understand me is my comfort, my delight, and my peace. I love You. Thank You for making this inner doorway to Your presence, this beautiful archway that I can pass through any time of the day or night just to talk, or simply to listen to You.
Oh Jesus, I never want to stray from You. I never want to be distant or cold or uncaring toward You. I want to return to You the same constant, warm, never-ending love that You give me. You said that love begets love and that the reason I love You is because You first loved me. Thank You for the love You give, so that I can return it to You. And may I always be a reflection of Your love to others.
Thank You for loving me first! Thank You for wanting me and accepting me and receiving me as I am. I am so blessed to have You and Your love, that I want to give You everything. I will do my very best to love You with all my heart, with all my strength, and with all my mind. You are my forever Love, my first Love! You are the most important thing in my life. I love You, Jesus.


I thank You, Lord, for Your beautiful creation–for the trees that lift up their arms in praise to You, for the birds that sing their songs of thanksgiving, for the butterflies that are like little flying flowers, and for the blossoms in their multicolored beauty, turning their heads to give You honor.
Oh Lord, I want to be like that happy pansy, honoring and glorifying You, always turning my face to You, for You are the Giver of all things. You created us for Your glory. You made Your entire creation to honor You. It’s so beautiful, so majestic!
The sunshine is like Your love shining on us, melting and warming our hearts, making us one with You. For You are the Maker of all things, our Master, our everything, and You care for us all. I want to thank You, my Lord, as long as I live–which, thanks to Your loving sacrifice, is forever! I love You!
Thank You for this new day, fresh and clean, unspotted and unspoiled by yesterday’s messes and spills. While I was sleeping, You cleaned them all up and made all things new.

Morning by morning new mercies I see.
Jesus, You’re so wonderful to me!


How do I love You? I cannot count the ways! I love You to every full depth and breadth and height that my soul can reach! I love You more than life itself! I love You with feeling that words cannot utter. I love You till the end of time. I love You now and forever.
And why do I love You?–Because You have loved me with an everlasting, unending, and uncompromising love; a love that is faithful, true and divine, that knows no boundaries. It does not start or stop, but is continuous and always. Thank You, Lord, for such immeasurable love.
Oh, that there were words in my mind and on my tongue that could describe how great, how wonderful, and how beautiful You are to me. You are truly more to me than life itself, for without You, my life would never be complete. You have put Your life and Spirit deep within my own. We have become one, and You are an inseparable part of my being. We will be as one forever and ever, and nothing–no height, nor depth, nor even death or Hell–can ever come between us, for we are one.


Jesus, I kneel before You as Your humble bride. Thank You for loving me in spite of my shortcomings, my sins, and my failures. Sometimes I come before You so ashamed of myself that I can barely lift my eyes to look upon You. But You gently reach down and take my chin in Your hand. You lift my face, and You encourage me to gaze into Your eyes to see the love there for me, shining brilliantly, longing for me.
You desire to have me and ravish me in spite of the fact that sometimes I am a rebellious bride and I don’t come when You call and I am not always there for You. Sometimes I linger too long in the wings of the temple and miss my opportunity to be with You. But You have such patience with me, such love.
When I finally do come, You receive me with open arms, a smile on Your face, and love and longing in Your eyes. It’s such a comfort to me that no matter what state I am in, I have full assurance that when I come to You, You’ll receive me. Sometimes You’ll talk to me and lead me and guide me in the way that I should go, but You never make me feel condemned. You so lovingly and patiently teach me and guide me and point the way.
Help me to be like that with others when they fail, or don’t do their part, or they stumble or fall. Help me to impart the same love to them that You impart to me–unconditional, unending, forgiving love.


Jesus, You’re so good to us! You love us so well! You give us so much love! You give and give and give again. We’re so undeserving, yet You keep pouring it out abundantly. You answer even our tiniest requests, and give us riches beyond measure in the priceless treasures of Your Words. You help us to see the future, so we can warn others and lead them to You. You give us peace that passes all understanding, because we know we’re under the shelter of Your mighty hand.
You are intimately involved in every aspect of our lives. You understand even the things we don’t, and it all works together for Your perfect purpose. You’ve given us promise after promise–promises of protection, of healing, of victory, and of comfort–and You’ve never failed in any one of them.
You’ve given us a wonderful future where we will live forever with You in Your eternal and glorious Kingdom. You’ve given us a ministry and a calling that will keep us inspired and busy for You, as long as we keep listening to Your voice and yielding to Your will.
What other wife has ever received so much from her husband? Thank You for giving us life and a purpose for living. Thank You for giving us the Family, loving brothers and sisters all working together toward the same goal–Your goal. Thank You, Jesus! We love You so much!


Thank You for the mates and the lovers that You give us. Thank You for the love we can share, the special things and special moments with You together with someone You’ve sent to us to show us Your love. Thank You for the joys we can share together–the companionship, the thoughts, the treasures, the love, the secrets, the warmth. Thank You that we can work and play together. Thank You for these times together that are so very dear; the times we learn to treasure, and that become sweet memories.
Thank You, too, for the times when we are apart from our loved ones. Thank You for what a blessing that is, too, though not without a few tears. But thank You for how these tears water our love, and bring us closer to You. Thank You for how times apart from loved ones deepen our love for the one who is away. It strengthens our communication, our fellowship, our bonds with You, and opens new channels for Your love to come in. Thank You for how it teaches us to pray with more meaning, with more depth and sincerity.
Thank You for how a separation such as this works in my own heart, for the breaking gives me understanding, compassion and humility. It softens my spirit and helps me open up more to others too. Thank You for how it teaches me yieldedness to Your will by taking away my own. Thank You for how when I miss my loved one, it helps me to be reminded that they are Yours first and foremost.


Thank You for Your tenderness, Your peace. Thank You that I can rest all my weight on You, as I lay the burdens of my troubled thoughts aside and rest my weary head upon Your chest. Thank You for understanding when the hot tears roll down my cheeks. Thank You for not chiding me for foolishly looking at the waves. Thank You for how You gently wipe my tears away with Your warm hands. Thank You for understanding my weakness.
Thank You for waiting so patiently until I arrive at the point where I realize that You’re my only option, and that lying in Your arms is my only respite from the battle. Thank You that praising You, truly loving You and focusing my thoughts on Your loveliness lifts the tension and the confusion.
I thank You for the storms and battles that drive me into havens of rest with You, where all is perfectly calm and still, where You await me with Your balm to heal my wounded heart.
Jesus, thank You for loving me. I benefit so much from knowing You, from being in love with You, from being wed to You.


Thank You for Your precious Words and Your voice. I can’t take a step without You, Jesus. I’m so happy that You’re always by my side to help me and give me the answer to every question and every problem. I can always turn to You. You’re so helpful, so eager to speak, and so happy to be here for me. Thank You, Lord.
Oh, Jesus, Your Name is sweeter than the sweetest honey. Your fragrance is more pleasing than the most costly ointments or the fairest rose. Your touch is gentler than a summer breeze. Your smile is more radiant than the bright blue sky. Your eyes are deeper and fuller than the ocean. There is nothing that can be compared with the splendor and majesty of Your warm, rich presence.
When I am near You, I feel like a warm amber glow is all around me, and it can melt away everything that is difficult or unhappy or unpleasant. Your wonderful presence fills my being, fills the atmosphere around me, fills my thoughts, and replaces all worry, fear, doubt, gloom, despair, and sadness. For You are joy itself, love itself, life itself. I love You!


My soul rests …
In quietness at Your feet.
This time–sacred, joyful, sweet–
Fills my heart with praiseful song,
Lifts me from the noisome throng
Into Your arms.

My soul lies …
In humble submission on Your breast.
You hold me close in soft caress,
And whisper lightly in my ear.
“Fear not, My darling, for I am near,
To hold you.”

My soul entwines …
Itself in Thee–Thou in me, I in Thee–
Let us thus forever be.
Fill all of me, I ask, fill me
With all Thy love, till there will be
Nothing else.

My heart beats …
With eagerness my only prayer:
Let me never stray from here,
For I have always craved Your touch.
I love You oh so very much,
Dear Jesus.


We’re so thankful for the love You give us. You are love, Lord; Your Words are You and Your Words are love. It’s so beautiful to hear them, feel the results, feel their spirit, feel that every time we hear Your Words we’re getting more of You, absorbing more of You, and becoming more like You.
When I stop for a moment to count my blessings, to reminisce on how You have worked in my life, praise and thanksgiving well up in me. I have no reason to complain and every reason to praise You.
Thank You, my precious Lord and Savior, my wonderful King, my ever-present Friend and Companion, my most precious Lover and Husband. I could say thank You a million times, and it still wouldn’t be enough. I can’t think of anything I could ever do or say that could possibly be sufficient to repay You, Jesus. But I do promise, by Your grace, to always keep You first in my heart and life and to love You more than anything or anyone else.
I am Yours and You are mine, and I am so very, very happy about that. I love You, Jesus!


Crystal waterfall of love from You,
Cascading, falling, in purple hue,
I stand beneath Your joyful stream,
And opening my inner being,
Am filled with sparkling, tingling fire,
Liquid light of Heavenly power.
Enclosing, plunging, cleansing flow,
Wanting, never letting go,
I am swallowed up by Thee
In aqueous bright symphony.
Holding gently, precious stream,
All my thoughts and hopes and dreams
Within profound, absorbing depths
Of omnipotent perceptiveness,
Bubbling up again in song,
Swirling, twirling, carried on,
Thrilling, intoxicating high,
Exciting rapids swiftly fly.
I hear the heartbeat of the rill–
What joy, what joy to do Thy will!
Slower now my merry course,
A gentler, perpetual force,
Rolling on in graceful rhyme,
Far beyond the bank of time,
Here I lie, content to float
Upon this starry, timeless moat.
Total and enduring rest
In this eternal, close caress.


What a joy and privilege it is to receive Your seeds–Your loving, beautiful seeds of life! I want more and more of Your seeds. I want all of Your seeds that I can possibly get. I can never get enough. They’re so full of life and light, and I keep wanting more and coming back for more.
Thank You so much for being present in every aspect of my life. You are not just the One Who I need the most when I seek companionship or comfort, but You fill the need in every area of my life, whether practical, spiritual, or emotional.
You are my Lover, my Exercise Instructor, my Editor, my Critic, my Advisor, my Co-worker, my Overseeing Chef, my Witnessing Partner, my Mate. In every aspect and activity of my life, You are the ideal Companion. It’s so reassuring to share every moment of my life with You. You’re so very fun, relaxed, wise, all-knowing, understanding, resourceful, caring, helpful and encouraging.
Thank You for being my Partner in all the ups and downs and ins and outs of life, with all its problems, joys, challenges, griefs, laughter, tears, fun times and work times. You’re my ideal!


You have the most beautiful face, Jesus. I love to look at You! I love to adore You! Looking in Your eyes sets me at rest. Seeing Your smile puts my heart at peace. Your expression is so gentle, so caring, so understanding.
Your eyes look deeply into mine, search my soul and fill me with special warmth. I can feel You reading my thoughts. I see the sparkle and the twinkle in Your eyes, letting me know that I’m loved, that I’m special to You, that I’m unique. The light that shines from Your face makes my path clear and lights my way.
I love You because You answer my prayers. I love You because You answer even the prayers that I had not yet thought to pray. I love You because You peer deep into my heart and see the things that are written there: the unspoken words, the unfulfilled wishes, the dreams that I have barely dared to dream. You take these all into Your hands. Some You fulfill before my very eyes, others You baptize with Your peace and tranquillity, and others You quietly cause to fade from my mind, so that when I go to look for them they are no longer there, but answered, and in their place is a wonderful realization of Your presence.


How blessed I am to have the reassurance of Your unfailing, never-ending love. How comforting it is to know that Your strong and loving arms will always be wrapped around me. How secure I feel, knowing that You’re always watching over me, knowing my every thought and action. How Heavenly to know that You understand my heart. You see inside me and truly comprehend what I feel, what I think.
You understand how lacking, how insufficient, how weak, how sinful I am. Yet You can also see and understand how deeply I love You, and how in my heart I truly want to do only that which pleases You. You lovingly choose only to look at and dwell on the love that is in my heart for You, and to overlook the great bundle of lacks, faults, mistakes, sins, and failings.
Your love helps me get up and try again when I feel that I’m unworthy and surely too bad for You. For I know that no matter how badly I feel, how miserably I’ve failed or fallen short of what You would have me do or say or think, You are still there for me.
Sometimes I feel so terrible and icky that I don’t even want to be around myself, let alone anyone else! I feel that no one could love me the way I am. But You take me just the way I am, and I don’t have to put on any false fronts or cover-ups. All I can say is “Thank You!”


I can’t live without You, Lover of all loves! You’re what keeps me alive. I want You, all of You, every part of You!–I want You to be in me, every part of me, all the time, every second of every day.
Take me over, Jesus! Be my heartbeat, my energy, my strength! Please, sweet Lover of mine, be my breath! I want to inhale You, to breathe deeply of Your Spirit every minute of the day. Ah, sweet aroma–the breath of Your Spirit is my life.
I have to have the constant fresh air of Your Spirit all the time. I need the oxygen of Your Spirit to stay alive! How I love to inhale Your fresh clean air–it’s so refreshing! I’m getting hooked on breathing Your Spirit!
I love how You love me. I love how You give me the strength to hold on when things get rough. You give me such satisfaction and fulfillment.
I would never dream of leaving this special place of service that You’ve given me. I feel so privileged, so loved, and so accepted. Thank You for Your unconditional love for those within Your Family, as well as for those who’ve left. You truly do work all things together for good, and I love and praise You for it! I yield my all to You and trust in Your goodness.


Lord, I bring my weary soul to Thee;
I rest within Your arms and see
Your face so clear, so fine, so free.
You strengthen me.
Your eyes impart the peace I sought;
When I bring to You my muddled thoughts,
I leave them with You, as I ought,
You quiet me.
Finite love I bring to Thee;
Mere drops compared to Yours for me.
Like a boundless, overflowing sea,
You wash o’er me.
Defeat and trial, things bittersweet,
I bring and lay before Your feet.
You stoop to take them, and we meet!
You comfort me.
My every thought and hope and dream,
My very self I give, and deem
Them naught compared to Thee. It seems
You know my needs.
No matter what I bring, though weak,
You accept my childish “gifts” so meek,
And give me back what most I seek–
You love me.
My wishes, all I hope to be,
I bring with trusting heart and see
You grant them. Yet my will to Thee
I give freely.


I want to thank You, Lord, even for the ache in my heart, for the feeling that my life is coming unraveled. Thank You for the feelings of emptiness, frustration, loneliness, the feeling of being desperately thirsty in my soul, because all of these feelings drive me to You.
I know that if I will just come to You, You will soothe my frazzled nerves, You will patch the rips and tears, You’ll fill my emptiness and be my Companion through the lonely moments–loving me and giving me to drink of the refreshing waters of Your Word.
I always know to come to You, because You alone can do all these things for me. You alone can reassure me that all is well. You alone can calm the troubled waters of my soul. It is the sound of Your voice that I long for, the touch of Your hand that I faint for, the kiss of Your lips that I would die for. As the hart panteth after the water brook, so panteth my soul after Thee, O God. My soul thirsteth for God, for the living God. When shall I come and appear before You?
Thank You that I can enter the peaceful forest of Your Word. I can rest beneath the towering trees there. I can be cooled by the soft shade and satisfied by the fruit thereon.


Thank You for the treasure of beautiful music. Thank You for the sounds that thrill my body, lift my spirit, and rejoice my heart. Thank You for the instruments, the notes, the melodies, the words–for such expressions of heart and soul. It’s such a wonderful way to communicate, such a unique way to convey a message and to understand what someone else is saying or feeling.
You’ve made music such a wonderful avenue for witnessing, and You’ve given us so much music–Heavenly melodies, Heavenly lyrics, Heavenly anointing and divine inspiration.
Thank You that You always have new melodies, new lyrics and new styles, and that You love to give them to us whenever we ask You. Thank You for our musicians who can pull down these dazzling songs straight from Your Heavenly reservoir of music.
These songs give us such a charge, such a rush in the spirit. They’re electrifying, beautiful! They move us and make us want to dance and sing and love and hug and kiss and give You to others. Your music is the best, Jesus. We’re so thankful for Your Heavenly music, for Your Heavenly vision, and for this tremendous gift and treasure You’ve given us.


I love You, Jesus! I love You for Your wonderfulness. I love You for Your greatness. I love You because You’re so much bigger than I am. I love You because even though You’re so big and important, I can come close to You at any hour of the day or night and know that You’re awake and there for me.
I love You because I need You so much. I love You because You need me too, and You need my love.
I love You because when I’m low and discouraged, You send some special little miracle or thought or word my way that cheers me up and sends me along the road to victory again. I love You because You’re tremendously powerful. I love You, Jesus, because You’re You!
Jesus, I just love praise time. I love to know that You’re listening and happy to hear what I have to say. It’s so encouraging that You really like my words of love and praise to You. It’s so exciting to think that You, the great King of the Universe, stop and listen and drink in my praises. It’s wonderful! It makes me so happy to know that I’m making You happy. It touches my heart to be able to openly express my love for You and know that You appreciate it. I love to praise You.


Thank You for the loved ones and friends You have given me. Thank You for the special times we have fellowshipping together with You. And when You ask me to be without my loved one for a time, thank You for helping me through the times when I miss the intimacy and company that I once felt so near.
Thank You for how You keep things in the proper perspective, and how when we give everything back to You and surrender it all to Your hands and give You our “Isaacs,” You give us back so much more than we could ever give You or sacrifice.
Thank You how You never leave us comfortless, but You’re there to speak to us in the quiet hours with special love Words that we’ve never heard before, the most tender comforts of Your love, for You know so well what it’s like to be alone and to be away from the one You love the most. Thank You for this blessing.
And thank You for the joy that floods us when we’re reunited again, that special moment when we embrace and hug and kiss and look into each other’s eyes. Thank You for the happiness that You reward us with for the sacrifice of sharing our dear one with others.
Through these times I have learned that it’s always best to trust You and that when they are held in Your hands, my dreams and my hopes can find a safe dwelling place.


You’re the best Lover and Friend I could ever have. Even though I tell my earthly loves my feelings, or of my love and thanks, it’s not the same. They don’t understand me like You do. You accept everything I tell You, and You understand. It’s so beautiful, Jesus.
I feel really sorry for people who don’t have a relationship with You; it must be so sad and so lonely. I can hardly wait for the day I can see You face-to-face and wrap my arms around You–Home at last in Your loving arms!
Thank You, Lord, for how You fill our vessels to overflowing every day with Your precious seeds, Your answers, and Your jewels. You pour them on us in a flood of great abundance until we overflow with the power of Your Spirit, the treasures of Your answers, the wealth of Your wisdom, the Spirit of Your love, the blessings from Your hand. You are so great, so awesome, so powerful, yet You bend so low to speak to Your little channels, giving us Your love.
Keep us always empty of ourselves so that we can be filled with Your Spirit. Help us to be soft and receptive and desperate every day so that You can use us.


When my heart feels burdened, my soul distressed,
And my mind wants to work things out,
I can raise my heart to You, dear Lord,
And praise and sing and shout.

I reach for Your Spirit of wisdom and love;
Your voice is refreshing and pure.
You wash my carnal mind with Your voice,
So clear and strong and sure.

I love to listen and hear You speak,
I feel Your love all day long.
You lift and kiss me, You thrill and excite me,
You flood my soul with Your song.

Sing on, dear Jesus! Your song gives me life!
Nothing matches or even comes near.
My spirit flies! My heart revives!
You’re my Love, my Life, my Dear!
All that I have is Yours, Jesus, because all that I have came from You–loving gifts from Your hand. I give it all back to You now in thankful praise.


I want to follow You! I want to obey You! With Your help, I’m determined to walk the path You’ve put in front of me with a happy spirit and a joyful countenance. I’m going to follow You to the best of my ability. I’m going to love You and share Your love and Your kisses with others as much as I can. Thank You that You can cause me to walk with a spring in my step and a gladness that no one can miss.
I want people to know I’m thankful to be serving You, and that I count it a privilege and an honor. Your love has no equal–it is worth more than anything I could ever give up.
Thank You for telling me what to do, for showing me the path ahead. In gratefulness and appreciation, I want to walk it with joy and happiness, with all of my heart.
Sad and lost I wandered, seeking a home, seeking love. I wandered through many valleys and trekked through long tunnels, seeking the light that would lead me home. Then I found You–my beautiful, loving, adorable, wonderful Savior. You swept me off my feet. You picked me up in Your arms, and You carried me away to Your palace of love. I am Home at last, and I will live with You and love You forever. Just as You have never left my side, grant that I never leave Yours.


I love You, Jesus! Out of my heart I want my best praises, my sweetest words and melodies, to come forth to You. I want to give the best of everything I have to You, and only You–the most fragrant flowers, the best of everything, small and great, because You’re the One Who loves me the most.
Oh Jesus, when I wake up I want to give You my first thought. I want to give You the first praise of the day, to come before You with the first words of the day before anything else. I want to give You the best of each day. Before any other thoughts or any other works, I want to be with You.
Please help me to do that every day, every morning! Help me to give You the first time, alone and in quietness with You, because I love You and I want to praise You.
I want to get Your first thoughts. The first thing I want to do is get Your love. I want to show You in every way I can that You’re first. I want to ask You what You want me to do first, before I do anything. I want to look to You first in everything throughout the day. I want to talk to You first and put You first. Please be my first Love.


I want to feel You. I want to feel Your energy, Your Spirit–You–and I want You to feel me. I want to know that everything’s okay. I want to know that I’m one with You. I guess I just want to know You. But I don’t mean an intellectual knowledge, Jesus; I want my heart to feel Yours pumping, and the beat of Your Spirit. To be able to know You, to feel You, and to be one with You is the greatest desire of my heart, the greatest desire that I’ve ever had.
I’d give up anything and everything to have You, to have that knowledge which is more than knowledge, to feel Your Spirit deep inside of me.
Endless, boundless care;
Immeasurable store;
Inexhaustible treasure of infinite devotion;
Limitless adoration, unbounded and abiding;
Enduringly tender, continuous, invariable warmth;
Enveloping and cherishing;
Eternal value, everlasting and unchanging;
Embracing all in undying, timeless forgiveness;
Heavenly passion; exquisite delight; interminable rapture;
Radiant light of celestial bliss,
Overwhelming, satisfying and finally,
Overflowing in continuous steams–
All this is Your immortal love.


Now that I have found You, I know what it’s like to be loved fully, deeply, immeasurably. I have never been loved by someone so completely, so intensely. I am perfectly accepted, perfectly loved, perfectly understood and perfectly cherished for everything that I am.
You tell me the things that You would like me to change, and You help me work on them. I never feel condemnation or criticism from You, only the most perfect love.
I don’t have to cover up my faults or make light of my weaknesses, because I know You will view them with compassion. You cover them with Your love; You accept them through Your forgiveness. Then You take my hand and we move on, together.
All of these and many, many more, are the precious reasons why I love You.
Nothing’s too hard for You, Jesus. Nothing’s too big or too small. Nothing’s unimportant. Nothing’s impossible. Nothing I do surprises You. Nothing can take Your love from me. Nothing’s too much to ask. Please make me more like You, Jesus.
No one is unimportant to You, Jesus. No one is too tall or too short or too slow or too clumsy. No one is ugly in Your eyes. No one is boring. No one is too bad for You. No one is beyond the reach of Your love. Please make me more like You, Jesus.


You are my life, You are my joy, You are my everything. I need You so much. To say “I’m thankful for You” does not even come close to expressing the way I feel toward You in my heart. For me to fully express how much You mean to me would take more than the mere tongues of men; it would take the tongues of angels.
You are my everything! Without You I am nothing and can do nothing. My heart yearns for You as a lover yearns for his loved one. My soul longs for You as a man in the desert longs for a glass of cold water. You are so wonderful to me. I don’t deserve any of the love that You give me. I don’t deserve the abundant blessings that You pour upon me, and I don’t deserve the mercy that You continually show me. Because of that, I am eternally indebted to You and I owe You my life. Thank You for loving me.
Thank You, Jesus, for Your beautiful creation. Thank You for the sun, the moon, the stars, the trees, the grass, the flowers, the rolling hills, the meadows, the streams and the ocean. Thank You for giving us all things to enjoy. Thank You for the birds that sing their sweet and cheery songs. Thank You for the wind that cools and refreshes. Thank You for the rain that washes everything clean. Thank You for each of these tokens of Your love.


Thank You that I don’t have to know anything; all I have to know is You. Thank You that I don’t have to be anything; all I have to be is with You. Thank You that I don’t have to know where I’m going; all I have to do is follow You. Thank You that I am weak, so Your strength can show through. Thank You that I don’t know what to say, so You can speak through me. Thank You that I don’t know what to do, so I have to ask You.
Thank You so much for the way You made me–such a nothing–because that’s just perfect for You. The perfect vessel for You is the one that doesn’t know anything and can’t do anything without You, so it can be what You want it to be–an empty cup that You can fill, a nothing that You can make something, a weakness that You can turn into a strength, a zero that You can transform for Your glory.
Thank You that I have only to yield to You, to let You work through me, move through me, and speak through me–and then I don’t have to worry about the things I can’t do. You’ve made it so simple to let You help us with our problems. It seems hard at times to put our whole trust in You when things are going wrong, yet it’s so important. Help me to be a perfect vessel for You by always being open to what You have for me.


It’s not work to praise You, Jesus. It feels so very intimate to have You inside of me, feeling what I feel. Then Your precious Holy Spirit loosens my tongue to woo You, to give me expressions of thankfulness and love, to tell You how grateful I am to You. It’s so pleasurable to have You voice the thoughts and the sentiments of my heart. When I yield my tongue to You, You even give me the words for feelings inside me that I don’t know how to express by myself.
I feel at one with You when my tongue is yielded to You. I feel such peace, such well-being, such relaxation in every pore of my body, as I let Your Spirit take over and express praise to You through my mouth, through my body, through my lips, through the smile on my face and the thankfulness in my heart.
How sweet-talk endears us to each other! And what a marvelous, marvelous mystery it is that in speaking praises through my tongue You are also feeding my soul with beautiful gems of truth and love. It is as though, for each word of praise that I offer You, You give me back some rare, beautiful and sparkling gem.
Thank You for the mysteries of Your Spirit. I don’t understand them, but that’s what makes life with You so exciting!


I long for and I anticipate learning new ways to express my love for You. Just as You desire my love and praise, so I desire to cultivate the gift of praise so that it expands, so that I have greater ability to express my love for You. I want to be able to tell You over and over, in many and varied ways, how I worship You, how I love You, how I want to always be Yours, and how I want to always say yes to You, and bring You pleasure.
So teach me Your secrets, Jesus. Teach me the ways to bring You the most pleasure. I live for this alone: to bring You pleasure, to wait upon You, to serve and to do even the lowliest service for Your Kingdom with as much pride and diligence as if it were the loftiest calling in the world.
My heart in deepest praise doth rise
To soar in joy through bright blue skies.
My arms in humble thanks are raised
In gentle, loving, longing praise.
Without You, Lord, the day would be
Restricting, chaining, clogging me.
But Your release, Your power, Your grace
Make everything fall into place.
Your wisdom is so strong and true,
No need to wonder what to do.
One look into Your smiling face
And I find strength to run the race.


Thank You Jesus, for my loved ones, and how I can enjoy close and intimate relationships with others. Thank You, too, for the times when I don’t have anybody who I can feel close to or be intimate with. Even though it’s difficult, I know that You have a purpose in these times too.
So thank You, Jesus, for the loneliness that I’m experiencing now, that I might have this special intimacy with You. Thank You for how You take my broken heart and mend it with Your loving Words. Thank You that in Your presence is fullness of joy.
Oh, Jesus, You are everything to me. Thank You for how when I feel lonely and my heart feels empty, You fill it with Your love. Your love, which is so vast and overwhelming, overflows and washes away the hurt. Thank You that You fill me so full that the emptiness leaves.
Thank You for giving me a Family which understands and is there for me when I need a helping hand. Thank You for their love. I praise You, Jesus, for the love and comfort that You continually give. The waterfall of Your love and Your Words continues to pour upon me in such great measure. It’s never-ending, it never ceases, and it’s unconditional.
I love You, Jesus. I’ll love You forever. I want to always be by Your side.


Jesus, thank You for being my personal Business Manager.
Thank You for clarity of mind. Sometimes I feel lost in the forest of my service for You, not knowing what to do next, what my priorities should be, or what is most important. Thank You that this causes me to seek You and to seek the counsel and help of others. It helps me not to be too independent. And thank You for then blessing my efforts with such clear plans, clear ideas, clear indications of which paths to take, how fast to go, and for giving me peace by showing me the overall vision and goal.
Thank You for being right there to help me with the things I have to do. I don’t have to worry that I lack wisdom or knowledge or experience, because You have all of that waiting for me as I turn to You. I confess my inadequacy and my need, then await Your whispers–and You are always so willing to help me and work through me. Whenever I have a problem, or need to know what to do first, or how to plan my day, I can just go to You and You give me clear counsel; You tell me how to get the most out of my day.
The wonderful thing about going to You for help is that a day planned by You is satisfaction guaranteed.


I cannot live without You, because You are my Lifeline, my Support System! The fresh air of Your Spirit is so invigorating, it gives me energy to continue on with the itinerary of the day.
Your Spirit is my super pick-me-up! You pep me up! Please fill me with Your full potency. Turn it up, pour it on! You are my strength, my power! Thank You that I can breathe in all I want of You and feel renewed. You rejuvenate me, revitalize me, and revive me. The fresh, clean, pure air of Your Spirit sparks me to life again. You reactivate me! You rekindle a fire within me! Each time I breathe deeply of Your Spirit, it’s a new awakening. You are my resurrection! You’ve brought me back to life! Thank You for the vitality of Your Spirit.
Now I’ve had my pick-me-up, and I’m all refreshed. Your energy is running through my veins, and I’m ready to tackle the rest of the day!
Jesus take these kisses, my words of praise and joy, and let their thankful offering fill Your heart.
You are everything: my night and day; my morning, noon and evening; my food and water; my strength and my life.
Though my words are small and feeble, they reach up to You, my great and mighty God. Please take them now as gratitude for all You’ve done and been to me.


You truly are my first Love, my most beloved Husband, my ardent Lover, my greatest Friend and most intimate Companion. No one knows me like You do, Jesus, and You make me so happy. I want You to know my every thought, my every desire, my every secret. I don’t even mind You knowing about my problems and weaknesses, because You look upon them with such mercy and understanding. You know that these very weaknesses are what remind me of my need for You. And though You know me inside and out, You still love me just as much as ever. That means so much to me, Jesus.
I want to know You as You know me. I want to know what You think about everything, Your views on everything. Every detail about You interests me: what You like, what You want, what You don’t like, what makes You happy, what makes You unhappy. Your opinion on things is very important to me. I want to know Your emotions, Your passion. I want to know and feel and receive Your love deep inside of me.
With each passing day, I want You to be more and more a part of my life and my thoughts and my decisions. I want to become more like You. I want to think Your thoughts and see things the way You do. I want us always to be as one.


Thank You for the disappointments, the changes in plans, the things that just don’t turn out the way we thought they would. You tried to warn me, Lord, but I just didn’t heed Your signals. Now I know more than ever how well You take care of Me, because You did give me advance notice as to how things would turn out. You did let me know that things weren’t going to transpire as I expected, but I just didn’t think that was You. Now, through this disappointment, I’ve learned to know Your voice better; I’ve seen more clearly how I can trust Your whispers to guide me; and I’ll recognize it quicker next time when You warn me of things to come.
Jesus, thank You for my body, which still works well in spite of the years it’s been in service! All moving parts function, and I enjoy physical things like sports and walks even more than I did when I was younger–maybe because I appreciate these activities more. Thank You that my body is in need of repair, You fix it so well and You even keep it from many of the major problems that many without faith suffer.
You’ve truly kept my body well, Jesus. Thank You for Your many faithful admonitions through the years about its care, as I’m reaping the benefits of now. Thank You for the prayers of my brothers and sisters, which have also helped to keep it in good running order.


I love You, Jesus! You’re perfect, and all that I need. You’re a warm comforting security blanket when I need that. You fill me with energy and pep me up when I need that. You’re a Companion and Playmate when I need that.
You tell me when to sleep, if I need rest; You tell me when to get up, when I need to work. I need You so much, Jesus. Thank You for making order out of the tangled mess of my life. Thank You for giving beauty where there was once chaos, and putting everything in place for me. You give me all of the help that I need.
I feel Your warm arms around me, Your tender caresses, Your reassurance, and Your encouragement. I feel the peace of mind You give me. I enjoy the contentment and satisfaction of knowing that I’m doing Your will because You have helped me to obey You. I’m truly blessed, Jesus, and I love You so much. I’m all Yours, always Yours, eternally Yours.
All I want is to make You happy. I just want You to take me and enjoy me as Your wife, Your bride. I want to give everything to You because I’m devoted to You, my dearest Husband. I’m in love with You, my darling Lover. I’m part of You. I love You, Jesus.


Thank You, Jesus, for giving me Your Holy Spirit to help me praise You. I know not what I should praise for as I ought, but Your Spirit makes intercession for me. I’m so earth-bound and empty that often I don’t even know where to start. But when that happens, I can just lift up my heart to You and Your Spirit takes over. You pour it on until it overflows and comes out of my mouth in the form of beautiful praises to You.
Thank You, Jesus, for giving me Your Holy Spirit to help me praise You. In my natural state I’m blind and deaf, and my heart is closed to the wonderful spiritual realities that You have for me, but You reveal them to me by Your Spirit Who searches all things.
Thank You for pouring forth praises through Your yielded channels–whole booklets of them now–so that we might know and appreciate and praise You for the things that are freely given to us by You. When my battery is flat, I can just reach for one of these booklets and make these praises my praises, and they propel me into Your presence. What a loving plan! You think of everything.


This is the day that You have made! I will rejoice and be glad in it and all the wonderful things You have in store for me. When I think of all I have to do, I just get bogged down. But when I turn to You and love and praise You, everything gets easier. I can ask You to tell me what to do first, and what to do next, and how to plan My day. You simplify and clarify things, and make them so much easier. You take the weight off, by organizing my life for me. Thank You for this wonderful day ahead! Thank You for all of the beautiful things that You must have planned for Me.
Thank You for my sweet mate. Even the little irritations, or disappointments that come our way are solved or eased by You. You don’t expect us to be perfect, but when our own love falls short, You take us both in Your arms, hold us tightly, and tell us where to go from there. You give us the guidance and help we need. You’re a wonderful Marriage Counselor!
Most of all, when we love You together, You infuse our relationship with more love than we ever thought possible, because we’re in love with You most of all, and You’re the best Husband there is. Thank You for being married to us, Lord, and for helping our marriage grow in love for You.

* * * * *

Copyright © 1997 by Aurora Productions, Inc.


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