TJWL1: To Jesus With Love Book 1

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To Jesus – With Love 1

DFO October 1996

Copyright © 1996 by Aurora Productions, Inc.

[Note for electronic edition: Bolded numbered headings are also the page numbers in the printed edition. Thus, the page numbers in the Reading Chart at the end of this file are also applicable to this electronic edition.]

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I worship You, O Lord, my God, in heart, in mind, and in spirit. I raise my heart to You in prayer, in praise, and in thanksgiving. For You are the Giver of all things, and You are all things to me.
You are my Father, the mighty God, the Giver of life and of strength — He that causes the sun to rise, the light to shine, the night to come, He that creates life, the Maker of all things. And You are my Mother, the Comforter, Who holds me in Her arms, Who consoles me in my sadness, Who warms me with Her love, Who feeds me at Her breast. And You are my Husband, Who loves me, Who kisses and caresses, Who protects and Who provides. And together You are One — One God, complete, supplying my all.
I praise You and I thank You. I lay my heart bare before You in praise and honor and glory and thanksgiving. For I am as the dust of the earth. I am as nothing before You, the God of all things. By You I have life, I have love, I have my all. All things come from Your hand — all love, all peace, all contentment, all lessons. What I am and what I will become is within Your hands. So I praise You and I honor You!


I sing unto You, my King, my God, my Lord, my Maker! I sing from my heart. I sing with my lips and I raise my hands in song and in prayer and in praise unto You, the One Who gives me life, love, joy, peace and wisdom, Who freely gives me all things. I praise You, I honor You, and I glorify You, for only You are deserving of these things.
I love You and praise You and honor You! I thank You, I glorify You, I sing praise unto You! I give myself unto You wholly — body, soul, mind, heart, spirit. All are Yours: my life, my love, my loved ones. All of my being is Yours. I am Yours to do with as You please, for You are the God of all things. You are deserving of all praise and all gratitude. You are the God of all and I am Your child. So I praise You, glorify You, and honor You.


I worship You with every fiber of my being and to You and You alone I pledge my complete devotion above all else. Take me completely as I am. I belong to You. All honor and glory in Heaven and on Earth are Yours. To You will I sing my praises.


I praise You and give You glory and honor and thanksgiving for empowering me to speak forth Your Message. I praise You for the deep desire You have poured into my heart and spirit and mind to spread forth Your message, to preach Your Gospel. I praise You for the desire to go into all the world and to preach Your Message of Love to the lost and to the dying and to the hungry, to those who seek for the true and living God, the God of Love, the God of power, the God of all things, which God You are.


I praise You, my precious Lord, for giving me Your inner peace, such calm as I stay nestled here in Your arms. I praise You for this peace I feel, even when all else seems stormy. I praise You, my wonderful King and Lover, as I bow before You now in humble surrender. I love to sit at Your feet, to gaze upon Your face and look into Your loving eyes. You truly fill my every desire, my dear forever Love.


Your Love cannot be measured. Your mercy is higher than the heavens. Your patience is deeper than the deepest sea.


I praise and honor You and give glory unto You, the God of all creation, Who has created all things — the beauty of all that I see, the wonderment of the smallest unto the greatest. From the atom to the universe, all are created by Your hand, far surpassing all that anyone could imagine or understand!
You are the God of brilliance! The God of depths so deep that none can fathom them! Of heights so high that none can comprehend them! Of width and breadth so large that none can ever fill them!
I give You all glory, all honor, all praise and all thanksgiving, for You are a God so great, so mighty, so vast, so wise, so full, so strong, that I am nothing by comparison. Yet You stoop to love me, to care for me, to want me, to desire me, to save me and to bring me into Your Kingdom to live with You forever.


I’ll sing to You from the very depths of my being. With my last breath I will sing unto You! Glory and honor are Yours in all Heaven and all the Earth and all the worlds beyond!


How glorious Your mercy! How wonderful Your kindness! Your Love surpasses all things. Your mercy endures forever. Your forgiveness is complete, washing my soul, cleansing me, casting away all that is dark and filthy to make me pure. And so I present myself to You — O Lord, my God, my Savior, my Father, my Mother, my Husband, my All — laying myself low, humbly, in submission. For I am as nothing, and You are everything.
There is no honor, glory, strength or love like Yours. What I have, I give unto You. I raise my voice and my heart and my spirit to You in praise and thanksgiving and honor and gratitude and glory, giving unto You all that I have, for You are worthy!


Jesus, Jesus, my precious Lover, my precious Sweetheart, thank You for Your Love! Thank You for Your mercy, Your patience, Your longsuffering. It’s so all-consuming. I feel overwhelmed and enveloped in Your Love! When my body is weary, when my spirit is tired, Your Love is refreshing, Your Spirit is regenerating!


My Beloved, how I love Thee,
Thou art more than life to me.
My Beloved, how I praise Thee,
As I lift my soul to Thee!
My Beloved, in adoration,
I sing praises unto Thee.
My Beloved, I’m so unworthy,
Yet Thou hast chosen me.

How I love Thee, my Beloved,
My Lord, my Spouse, my King,
Lead and guide me in every way now,
Of Thy glories I do sing.
My Beloved, I will seek Thee,
My Lord, my all in all!
My Beloved, how I want Thee,
To Thee I yield my all.

My Beloved, I kneel before Thee,
In humble serenity.
I am at Thy beck and call now,
Thou art more than life to me!
My Beloved, how I need Thee,
I lay my head upon Thy breast.
How I need Thy arms around me,
In Thee I will take my rest.


I adore You, Jesus, my forever Love! I love You and want to love You more than anything or anybody! You are everything to me. I love You more than tongue can tell. I need You and praise You and shower You with words of adoration, and praise You for Your awesome greatness!
Thank You for loving me with such love; it’s so priceless! In a world where men seek for power and riches, there is no price that can be put on Your Love. It’s far greater than all the riches that this world contains. I praise You for this wonderful, marvelous Love — Your limitless Love that is changing my life!


I need You so! I adore You and long for You like no other. I want You, Jesus — no other will do. You are my life, my All, my forever Love, my perfect Mate. In Your arms I find such joy, such total peace and complete understanding. How I love to feel Your tender, loving arms around me — so warm, so big, so broad, so strong! In Your arms I’m so secure, so safe and sound, surrounded by Your strength! Thank You for Your strength and power in me, over me, around me and through me!


I praise You, my sweet Lord, for Your unconditional Love! Where else could I ever find such Love? — Love that is always, Love never ending, Love without measure.
I can’t always understand with my finite mind or begin to fathom how You can love me so, but I know You do. I thank You that I don’t need to understand. I only have to reach out my hand and receive from You. You make everything so easy.
Sometimes when I feel so weak, so low, so muddled and lacking for words, not knowing how to express the innermost secrets of my heart, I stand in silent wonder, resting in the quiet assurance that only You can give, and I know You understand. You lift my would-be worries and fears, and You kiss away my tears with Your gentle caresses.


Jesus, thank You for choosing me, the most unworthy. I love You, my sweet Love. I bow before You now. I want to love You. Thank You for Your vibrant, ardent love, Your passion so wild and free! Thank You that You fill every longing, You complete every desire. I love You, Jesus.


You are my very life, my breath, the joy of my heart! You put the twinkle in my eye, the sparkle in my smile, a song on my lips as I sing to You. I sing because You make me happy, I sing because I’m free. I sing unto You, my King and Lord. All glory and praise be Yours!
I run to You! I cling to You! You are my greatest desire! I bare myself before You, stripped of outer garments, waiting patiently for You in the bed of love, yielding my all to You in total surrender. Ravish me with Your Love from head to toe! Thrill me and fill me to the highest heights in ecstasies beyond the natural realm of mortal men.
You are my all in all, the Lover of all loves. You fill my every longing. Oh, how I love You so! Just to be in Your presence is my reward.
You continue to give and give Your wonderful, ravishing Love without measure. I want more and more and more! Fill me and thrill me to overflowing! I’m Yours! All praise and honor and glory are Yours, my dearest forever Love.
I praise You for Your great Love, for always being there! You never let me down. Others can fail, the whole world can fail, but You never fail. I’m so blessed!


Oh, how sweet to trust You, Jesus,
Just to lie here in Your arms.
How I love Your arms around me,
You keep me safe from all alarm.
Jesus, Jesus, my Dear, my Darling,
How I love You more and more!
How I love You, precious Darling,
I’ll love You for ever more!



Thank You for this magical Love You give me. Thank You for loving me. Such Love! It never fails; it’s always there to lift me up when I need it. Thank You that I can trust You, my dear Jesus. Thank You that I can depend on You. You’re always there to run to. Thank You for Your arms around me. You fill me and thrill me. I love Your passion, Your ardent Love, like no other can give!
Thank You, Jesus, that I don’t have to understand, but all I have to do is lie here in Your arms and feel Your Love and Your warmth. Such security! I have total security in You. You are my strong tower, Jesus. You provide such protection. I love You!

Thank You for Your Love. Thank You for loving me. I’m so unworthy, but You love me anyhow, in spite of all my faults and failures and shortcomings. You love me no matter how many times I’ve missed the mark. Such Love! Such sweet, precious, priceless Love! You are so warm and tender. Thank You for Your arms around me, Jesus. Thank You for holding me. Even when I feel weak and am tempted to let go, You hold me anyhow with such understanding and compassion, as You take my head and lay it on Your breast and tell me just to rest.
Thank You that even when I don’t have the words to express the inner thoughts that are deep in my heart; it doesn’t matter to You. I don’t have to always say it in words. Thank You that I can lie here, just knowing that You understand. As we lie here in sweet communion, I rest assured that You understand the deepest burdens of my heart, the deepest longings of my soul. You understand it all; You know, and the best part is that You love me anyway! You truly care. I love, love, love You, my Darling!


I long for You! I know You’ll never let go of me. I know You are always there and You always hold me. Please help me to stay in Your arms and not jump out. Help me not to run too far ahead or lag too far behind. I long to stay right here, snuggled in Your arms forever.
You are my Anchor to Whom I am tied. It doesn’t matter when the seas get rough or troubled or stormy, because I know I have You. I’m tied to You. None of these things can move me; no troubles can alarm me. I love You and thank You, my precious Lord!
Thank You for understanding. Thank You for holding me tight, Jesus. I love You, my Love of all loves! I adore You! I need You! I want You! You satisfy me at all times.


Your Love reaches down. It touches my heart. It awakens both my soul and my body. I’m renewed! Each day with You is all fresh and new and bright. I love to lie here in Your arms, in sweet peace and rest. I’m so happy that this is never ever going to end, because without You, there is nothing for me. I love You, my most precious Husband, my lively Lover of all loves! XXXXXXX!


All glory and honor to You, Lord, I sing! You are my life. You are my hope. You are my everything — my heart of hearts. I worship You above all. I bequeath my heart to Your tender, loving care. Thank You for how You handle my heart, for how You so gently and lovingly care for it and tend it and mold it and shape it. This little ol’ heart of mine is sometimes heavy and weary with the strain and the cares of this world. I know it shouldn’t be, but it is sometimes. But You so tenderly care for it and nurture it and hold it to Your breast, so close to You.
Thank You, Lord, that I can feel my heart beating next to Yours. Oh, how I love it when we beat as one! It’s such a special gift from You, to be so close to You. It’s so priceless and precious, this warm, tender Love. You are everything to me. Your Love has unfolded the great mystery of life. You are the mystery of life. It’s You, my Love, it’s You that the whole world yearns for!


All praise be to You! I want to shout Your praise from every housetop! I want to declare Your wonderful Love and greatness throughout the universe and beyond!


Your Love is light and warmth and love and caring and sharing and believing and receiving. It bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things and endures all things. It’s never fear or worry or anxiety, pressure, problems, pain or preoccupation. You only are Light, Life, Liberty and Love! — Love beyond measure, Love that never fails, Love that knows no hours, Love that is always there, Love that extends beyond the tides of time.
Your Love reaches up to the highest star, and even reaches down to the very depths of the deepest sea. Your Love knows no days, no nights, no hours. It’s always! It’s forever, and goes on and on and on and on and on and on!


Thank You, Lord, for taking me up into Your arms and bringing me into Your world, Your wonderland of Love — Your marvelous paradise, Your wonderland of glory!


Your Love soothes my heart and permeates my very being. Thank You, Jesus, for Your Love which goes beyond my human understanding and my carnal comprehension. Thank You, Jesus, for Love!


I love You, Lord, just because You are You, because You are always there ready to help me in even the tiniest thing. You’re always loving me, and I can tell You anything. Even when I fall into the very depths of despair, You are always right there to hold my hand, and even more.
I love to cuddle up with You and feel Your arms around me, Your warm, tender Love that always reaches out to me. You are a helping hand to me in everything that I do. If I need a little hug, or a big hug, You are right there to give it to me. When problems arise throughout the day, I know You are there to help me solve them. Even in the seemingly small things, You are so willing and ready to come to my aid. When I’m close by Your side, I really don’t have a care in the world.
I love it so much when You help me with the little things, in the little ways. It’s so precious how You are truly concerned and care about every little detail. There are no little things to You. To some people they might seem little, but little things are big things to You. It’s a special token of Your never-ending Love, that You care enough to help me even in what seem like the smallest decisions. Jesus, I love You!


Thank You that You understand my heart. Thank You that I never have to worry about whether You understand or not, Jesus. When I feel that I can’t explain properly and I fumble over my words, or when I can’t find the right words to express what I really want to say, thank You that I can just lie here and rest in You, and know that You make sense out of these words I speak. Thank You, my dearest Darling, that I don’t always even have to talk to You in words. You just understand everything I’m trying to say, as I pour out my heart to You.


Thank You for Your forgiveness when I stray. Thank You that Your Love, mercy and patience with me is not the same as mine is for others.
Thank You for so patiently waiting for me all those times when I just didn’t get the point. You waited, You were patient, and You never gave up hope in me. You had faith in me that I would come around sooner or later. And Your faith in me worked!
Thank You for having faith in me. Please help me to have faith for others, like You have for me.


Thank You, Lord, that I can trust You in all things. I know You are always going to carry me through. Even when I don’t have any strength of my own, You are right there to hold me and carry me and see me through. Thank You, Lord, for Your wonderful instruction, Your leading and guidance. You reach down and take me by the hand and so gently carry me along, with such patience.
You are not only a wonderful Lover and Husband, always ready with gentle kisses, tender caresses and loving touches, but You are also my very best Friend, a Father, a Mother, a Guide, a Counselor, a big Brother. You are everything all rolled into one! You are everything to me.


I praise You, Lord, for taking all my worries and all my cares. If I’m ever tempted to feel strained or burdened with things, I can just wrap it all up in one big bundle and give it to You. Thank You that Your shoulders are broad enough to carry any load. You are my wonderful Wonder Man! I’m crazy about You, Lord! I love You so much!


Here I am, Lord, all ready to cuddle up close to You. Thank You for this cozy little quiet place where I can sit and rest at Your feet. I love to sit here and learn from You. I love to gaze upon Your face, so warm, so tender. Thank You for this place here at Your feet, learning from You.
I look back now, and it’s hard to imagine when I didn’t have this special place. I wonder how I ever made it through my days! The funny thing is, You were right here all the time. My special place was just waiting for me, but I was too busy to notice. But now, I’m going to keep sitting right here in my special, favorite quiet place, in sweet, still devotion to You.
Thank You for this priceless privilege to sit here and learn from You, to partake of Your Words, to hear straight from You, so crystal clear. I love You! I love Your Words! I drink them in! I need Your soothing waters to quench my thirst and wash me clean. There’s such good reception here in my favorite place where I can tune in and fill up with Your ever-loving Spirit.


Thank You for Your Truth — that I can learn from You and get answers from You. Thank You, Lord, for teaching me, for pouring it on so abundantly and with such power — a good strong connection. Thank You for giving me the answers to every question, every problem I could ever have in this life. They are all right here, mine for the asking, if I’ll just sit and listen and learn. Then all I have to do is put the counsel You give into action. Thank You Jesus! You make my load so easy. I praise You, my Lord and King!


I yield myself to You, that in Your lovingkindness and understanding, in Your vision and in the depth and the breadth and the height of all Your knowledge, You can mold me into that which You want me to be. I yield myself to You. I give myself to You, for You are the God of all things. Make me and mold me into that which You want me to be.
I desire You above all others. I pledge my love and adoration in humble servitude to You, my King, my Lord and Savior, my Master and compassionate Lover, Friend and Husband.


Lord, how I love to seek You in the morning. Your everlasting Love is better than life itself. I lift up my hands to You in praise. I glorify You in all things, big and small. This is the day that You have made; I rejoice and I am glad in it!
I dedicate this day to You, my wonderful Savior and King. Jesus, lead me today. Guide my thoughts — every single thought and action, every word that proceeds from my lips.


My precious Lord, I can’t even walk on my own. I can’t make it through this day without You. I lean hard on You now. Guide me in every way, Lord. I don’t want anything to come into my heart or my mind or any part of my being today that is not of You.
Thank You for Your Words. Keep them burning in my heart throughout this day, that they may light my way. I’d be lost without You, Lord. I love You and praise You for taking such good care of me! I’d never make it without You.
I love You and I praise You, for You are worthy to be praised! You are wonderful, almighty, all-powerful, yet so personal, so caring, always nearby. I praise You, Jesus!


How I love You! How I adore You!
My sunshine, my life, my all!
You are my eyes that I may see.
You are my breath that I may breathe.
You are my gift that I may give.
You are my life that I may live.

You are my sun, my moon, my stars;
You’ve broken down the prison bars.
When I was lost and all alone,
You lifted me and brought me Home.
Forever, all praise to You I sing!
Praise to You: my everything!

You lifted me when I was low.
You gave me hope that I may know
Your tender Love in every way —
It keeps me going through the day.
Praise to You, my Lord, my King.
Praise forever to You I sing!

Thank You, my Lord, for bringing me out.
All glory to You I will ever shout!
I love You — I cannot say it enough!
You’re always there when the going gets rough.
Dear precious Lord, my Lover, my King,
Forever and ever Your praises I’ll sing!


I praise the power of Your Spirit! I praise You when my hands are lifted up. I praise You by calling on Your Name. I praise You when I say Your Name — Jesus!
I praise You by asking You to use me in my weakness. Use me as I am for Your glory. Make even my faults and shortcomings magnify how great You are, because You can use a nothing like me. What greater testimony is there to show how powerful You are, Jesus, than that You can use not only me, but even the rocks and the dust to praise Your Name? All Your creation proves Your existence and proclaims how great and wonderful You are!
Your Love proves Your existence. Your Love that stoops to save, to heal, to touch us, to forgive us, proves how great You are. It glorifies Your existence both to those who know You and to those who don’t know You.


Let everything I do testify of You. Let everything I do be of You, so that it will praise You and so that it will let others know that You live, that You care, that You are wonderful, that You are there.
May Your Name, Jesus, be present on my lips and in my heart and thoughts. May Your praise be in my mouth forever.


You are the Master of all things and Your glory is above the heavens. You are the King of all kings and Lord of all lords, my precious Savior, my tender Lover, my faithful, doting Husband, my compassionate Shepherd, and the One dearest to my heart. I desire You above all things that are in the Earth and in the heavens. I am Your humble bride and servant. I love You and I adore You and I give worship and praise unto You.
You have been a strength to me in my time of weakness. You have sheltered me from the stormy blast of the Evil One. You have been my comfort, and You have lifted up my head when I was downcast and needy.
I cling to You as to life itself, for You are my life and my strength, my comfort and my deliverer, my song and my dance, my joy and the delight of my soul. I am Your humble servant, Your submissive bride and I wait to do Your bidding. You are the Lover of my soul and I love You and praise You with all of my heart.


Oh, I love to touch You, to feel Your face, to see You! Oh that everyone could know You as I know You, and as You are!


You are my gentle Shepherd, lovingly guiding me, Your little lamb, in the way in which I should go, keeping me from danger. You are patient in all my strayings, firm but gentle in Your Love.
You have been a faithful Husband Who has never left my side, nurturing and caring and tenderly loving me no matter what I’ve done, no matter how far I’ve strayed, and no matter what other earthly loves I have sometimes placed before You.
You have been a strong and wonderful Father, sheltering and guiding me in the right path, showing me the way wherein to walk.
You have been my Teacher, guiding and instructing me in the ways of life, pruning me and making me into a more fruitful branch of Your Vine.
You are the Healer of my wounds, of both body and spirit. You have poured the balm of Your lovingkindness and mercy upon me time and again.
You are a most passionate Lover, fulfilling my every desire and leaving me breathless at Your touch, at Your deep and searching kisses, Your gentle but firm caresses, Your tender loving and the power of Your Love when I behold Your face.


Thank You, Jesus, for this beautiful new day You’ve given us – a gorgeous day that You’ve made just for us! Each new day is important to You, and You’ve said in Your Word that You renew Your mercies every day.
Thank You for that precious gift of being renewed every day, of having Your mercy toward me renewed. I don’t understand it, Jesus, but I’m so very, very thankful for it and I need it.
I fall so short; I fail so often. There are times when I just don’t yield to You when I should, when I do the wrong things, when I lack prayerfulness, when I don’t walk in the Spirit the way I should. But You give me forgiveness and mercy; it’s renewed every morning.
Thank You for Your precious forgiveness, Jesus. I don’t deserve it and I can’t earn it. It’s a gift from You and I’m thankful for it. Thank You for Your precious Love for each one of us.
Thank You for loving me. I don’t understand it, and I don’t understand why You would want to, but because You first loved me, I love You. I want to give You my love in gratitude for Your Love. Thank You, Jesus!


I want to honor You and glorify You. I take these times with You and set them aside as a special time of honoring You and being a blessing to You, giving my love to You. Thank You for Your Love towards me, Jesus. Thank You for all the many, many gifts You give me. Thank You for the many spiritual gifts I have, just by knowing You and knowing Your Love and knowing Your Word, knowing Your Truth. I am so honored. I am so privileged! Thank You for these privileges, Jesus.
Thank You for being near to me. Thank You for being my Friend. Thank You for being more than my Friend, for being intimate with me. I’m thankful for these ways of being closer to You and trying to reach out more to You, trying to show You more of my love and trying to be closer to You. Thank You for the closeness that You’ve given me.
Thank You for blessing me. I’m so blessed, so richly blessed in so many ways! I couldn’t possibly express them all, but over time I can if I try, if I keep praising You and keep remembering all the things You do. Thank You, Jesus, for them all!


Thank You that I can raise my hands and praise You and glorify Your Name! Thank You for Your Name that is all-powerful.
Thank You for Your marvelous gift of Salvation, for reaching out and saving me. I don’t begin to understand why or how it all works. It’s like a light bulb — I just turn on the switch, and it works! I know I’m saved because You told me I am. I have Eternal Life with You. What a marvelous gift! Thank You for Eternal Life, Jesus!
Thank You, Lord, for all my many, many blessings. Thank You for a beautiful place to live, a beautiful place of service. Thank You for a purpose and real meaning in life, something to put my whole heart and all of my energies into — loving and serving You. Thank You, Jesus, for showing me the way.
Oh Lord, I have so very much! I’m so very thankful! With all of my heart I thank You, Jesus. I praise Your wonderful Name!


Thank You for always being so near, for being a constant Friend and Companion. I love You! I love to talk with You. I love to hear Your voice. I love to feel Your touches.


Thank You for the multitude of Words I have from You, the wonderful waters of the Spirit to swim in, to be refreshed in, to be cleansed in.
Thank You for Your living Love, Your living Word, Your living Truth! Thank You that as I live it, I can understand it more and be moved by it more.
Thank You, Lord, for Dad. Thank You that although You’ve taken him on before us, he’s still here with us in spirit, guiding us and helping us. His Words still speak to us, and they’re always there for us.
Most of all, thank You for wonderful You, Jesus! Thank You that I can cherish You and hold You and give You my heart, my mind, my spirit, my all. Thank You that I can be one with You! Thank You that I can have Your mind, the mind of Christ. Thank You, Jesus, that Your Love constrains me. Thank You so much, Jesus!


Thank You for Your Love, Your tender mercies, and Your care. I love to love You in such an intimate way. I want to become more like You and be a better bride for You, carrying Your seeds, attending to Your household, caring for Your children and being Your lover.


Thank You, Jesus, for our wonderful Family. Thank You for the friendships we can have with each other, that we can be close and be a help to each other, lifting each other up and taking care of each other.
Thank You, Lord, for the marvelous freedoms we have — that we can be close and loving and intimate. It’s just a reflection of the way that we can be with You, an illustration of how we should be with You. Thank You for these marvelous gifts. Thank You for the joy of living.
Thank You also for the many little things we have. Thank You for all the materials You’ve supplied for us. Thank You for supplying the funds we need to get the Message out, to reach others with Your Salvation.
Thank You for the fruit that’s been borne. Thank You for the many souls that have been won to Your Kingdom! Thank You for those precious spirits drawn to You, Jesus, who are learning to grow in You and who are feeding of Your Love and Your Truth and Your Spirit. Thank You, Jesus!


As one lover calls to another, even so I call out to You. My spirit longs for You! I long to tell You how much I love You, how much I desire You. I long to tell You how I am comforted by Your Words, how You put my troubled mind at ease with Your gentle whispers, how You refresh my spirit with Your Heavenly music, how You give me repose from my busy work.
I long to tell You of the hidden things that are deep within my heart — those things which are not easily brought to the light, those things that I wish to share with You because I love You, because You are my Husband and I am Your wife. I desire to hold nothing back from You, so that we may be one.
I’m in love with You, and I long for You. I want to fulfill Your will, to fulfill Your desires, to do whatever pleases You.

I come as a love slave before You, ready to do Your slightest bidding. Ready to go, ready to stay. I’m ready to fulfill Your will in the wings, and I’m ready to come into Your arms and lie with You and be filled with Your seeds.


You are more to me than a lover. You are more to me than a husband. You are more to me than a friend. You are more to me than a counselor. You mean more to me than anything! For You are the King of kings, the Lord of lords, above Whom there is no other. Therefore will I sing to You! I will sing Your praises; I will testify of Your greatness.
You have esteemed me worthy to come and minister love unto You. Even though I was not worthy, yet You have deemed me worthy. And for this do I give my heart to You, to do with as You please.
My life is Yours; my spirit is Yours; my body is Yours — my hands, my feet, my heart. Every part do I surrender unto You.
I am bound unto You, as a lover is bound unto the one whom she loves. I desire not to be loosed from You, for You are far fairer than any other, far greater than any other. The Love that You bestow on me is the greatest Love — a Love above all loves. Therefore my heart is filled with great love for You, that I may fulfill Your call, that I may sing Your praises, that I may declare Your goodness, that I may love You with all my heart; that I may receive Your tender caresses, Your tender whispers, Your life-giving seeds!


My Lord, my God, the love of my life, I praise You for Your overwhelming Love for me! I thank You for Your unending patience with me. Your Love and Your mercy have no boundaries. When I feel so distant, You hold me close. When I feel impatient, Your patience with me is unlimited. Thank You for Your promise that You will never leave me nor forsake me.
I search for ways to express my love to You. I wake in the morning thinking of You; I go to sleep at night wanting to be close to You. I love to love You! I love spending time with You.
During our times in the morning when You and I have such close, intimate communion, we become one. I praise and thank You for the times throughout the day when I can stop and channel all my love, all my attention, and all my affection to You, my Love, my Savior, my Deliverer, my everything! You are everything to me!
Without You I could not face the day, or the next hour, or even the next minute. I can’t live without You! You give me life. You give me breath. You give me a purpose and reason for existence.
Thank You, dear Jesus, for the ways You manifest Your Love for me. I love You dearly, and I’ll love You forever!


When I pause to look out my window and see the beautiful clouds You made, off in the distance, I think of You. When I see the multitude of trees and flowers my soul is refreshed by Your creation.
My love for You is rejuvenated when I see Your marvelous creatures gliding across the sky with their wings outstretched, floating along on Your reassurance of safekeeping.


Lord, why do You love me so? I don’t under-stand it. I can’t comprehend it, but I want to thank You for it! I need Your Love. I praise You for Your understanding of my deepest thoughts. Your understanding of my problems and cares gives me comfort and faith. I lift up my hands to You and You pull me close, away from the cares and burdens which try to cause me to get my eyes off of You.
My heart sheds tears of overwhelming joy and happiness for the freedom and liberty I feel just by knowing You are near. There are not enough words to express how much I love You, and how thankful I am for Your Love.


O Jesus, my sweet, precious Lover, I want our love to continue forever! I want it to become deeper! I desire our connection to be stronger. As I rest so comfortably in Your arms, asking You to hold me close, I’m happy and reassured that You see my desire to be closer to You, to love You more, and to be a better wife and servant to You.
I see Your gentle, tender eyes and feel Your eternal, unconditional Love. I thank You for Your Love. I praise You and give You glory and reverence and honor!


You deserve more than I have to give, but what I have, I give to You — my heart, my life, my time. It’s all for You, for I am Your creation, created to love and adore You. I find great pleasure in and I thrive on praising and loving You and extolling Your praises. I love You, my Sweetheart! I love You, My Darling! I love loving You!


Come, my Love, let us be together. Let me whisper tender words into Your ear. Let me tell You of the great things that You have done for me. For You are my strength, my health, my Salvation, my all.


Wonderful God of Love, great God of the universe, great God of everything, how I love You! How I adore You! How I cherish You!
I love You because You first loved me! You created such a beautiful world for me to live in. You gave me the means to know true love by knowing You, my Creator, my Lover, my wonderful Husband.
Without Your Love there is nothing — nothing to live for, nothing to cherish, nothing meaningful, because You are Love. You are the embodiment of Love.
Thank You for this wonderful love that You’ve put in my heart. I praise You for it! You made me to love You, my Creator.
I adore You! I adore Your Kingdom! I adore Your Spirit! I thank You for them. I thank You for the Love, the peace, the joy, the kindness, the longsuffering, the gentleness, the tenderness, the caring, which give meaning to my life.
I praise You for the love You give me for You and for others — for my brothers and sisters who also love and adore You, and who are thankful to be a part of Your Kingdom.


Thank You for Your wonderful plan for man-kind to be drawn to Your heart of Love, for You are the Lover of all lovers. Every person needs to know the joy, the satisfaction, the genuine fulfilling Love that comes only from You, my Creator, my Lover, my Husband, my God, my Lord, my King.
I praise You for the power of Your Spirit that gives me the boldness, the love and the determination to reach out to others and love them — to love them so much that I love them right into Your Kingdom, by telling them of the Love that I have found and by offering them this beautiful paradise that they, too, can be a part of.
Thank You for putting the desire in my heart to love others and care for them and nurture them and teach them of Your Love and Your beautiful Kingdom.


I praise and glorify You for the perfection of Your universe, in which everything works in rhythm and rhyme. Thank You that You’ve put it in my heart to do Your will, to obey and follow Your teachings, Your leading, Your guiding, Your Love. I love You!


You are the most wonderful God, the God of Heaven, the only true God, and I praise You! I glorify You! I lift my hands in adoration and thankfulness that my name is written in Your Heavenly Kingdom, in Your Book of Life, and that I’ll be with You for eternity.
I have no greater joy than to know that I will be with my God forever, to love and cherish and adore You, to bask in Your warm, loving Spirit, Your gentleness, Your kindness, Your mercy, Your Truth, Your Love and Your freedom.
Thank You for making me a part of Your glorious plan. Thank You that I can be called Your child and even Your bride. Thank You for making me Your wife, insatiable and desirous of You at all times.
Your Love is wonderful, surpassing the love of all others. You kiss Me with Your lips of Love. You caress me with the breath of Your Spirit. You pour Words of Love into my heart until I feel like it will burst.
Thank You for giving me this passion for Your Love. Thank You for putting this need so strong in my heart to love and adore and cherish You. May my love for You be this strong always!


I love You, Jesus! Sometimes my soul feels snared, like a bird trapped with weights of doubt, sin, and care. There are weights of being critical, of feeling incapable — many weights that pull the wings of faith down. But thank You, Jesus, for how You bless and help me, for how You always set me free, for how I only have to utter a faint cry for help and You swiftly come to the rescue, brushing away all the weights and setting my soul free to fly on wings of faith and praise!


Thank You, Jesus, for how You know each one of us so well. You’re so wonderful and marvelous! You are worthy to be praised! It’s such a joy to praise You and thank You and yield myself to You. Even when I feel shy and ashamed, feeling too bad or sad to come before You, with Your whispers of Love You beckon to me and encourage me that You just want my love.
O Jesus, that is all that I can give You, and even that is because You first loved me. Thank You for taking my love! Thank You for loving me and holding me and caring for me! I want to do that for You also.
I love You, Jesus, and by Your grace, I give You my all.


Thank You, Jesus, that You’ve loved me all these years. It’s just amazing, because I know how bad I’ve been. Yet You say You still love me, that You’ve always loved me. Thank You so much for loving me.
Thank You for making a way for me to come to You and talk to You. — And not only can I talk to You, but You’ve given me a way to be so close to You and see deeply into Your heart. Thank You for talking to me and communicating with me. Thank You for always being right here beside me, so close and supportive, so interested in every part of my life.
You’re truly the most amazing Friend and Husband and Lover that I could ever have. You really are interested in me and You really do care. I know that, because You never go away. You never get mad at me and leave me. I feel that there is nothing that I can do or say in return. I’m awed at how You love me and care about me.
Thank You for being willing to come down to my level, so that I can understand You and know You and feel Your Love. You’re so great, Jesus — You’re everything. Yet You lower Yourself to be close to me. I love You, Jesus!


I kiss You, Jesus! I love You and I need You so much! Thank You so much for Your Words. I need Your Words more than anything in life. I’m so happy for Your Words; they’re so beautiful and pure and give so much light and strength and hope to me. Your Words are so encouraging, so powerful, so real and so meaningful.
I praise You for Your wonderful Words. I know the Enemy hates them, but Your Words turn me on so much. Thank You for the wonderful effect that they have on me. They are so satisfying! So filling and exciting! They make me so happy because I know You want them to make me happy — and they do, Jesus!
I kiss You, Jesus, and I kiss each one of Your Words that You send to me. I’m so unworthy, so little, so nothing, but You care enough to give me Your wonderful golden seeds. Thank You, Jesus!
Thank You that Your Words are making me strong! They’re making me what You want me to be. Thank You for the unseen power of Your Words that work in my life. I know they’re working in my life because You promised that they would. Your Words are Spirit and Life to me.


Thank You for Your wonderful power, Jesus. You’re so great and mighty and You can do anything! You can take my life, and if I’m yielded, You can turn it into what You want it to be and make it into something beautiful. Like that song,
“Something beautiful, something good. —
All my confusion You understood;
All I had to offer You was brokenness and strife,
But You made something beautiful of my life.”

Yes, Jesus, You are the only One Who could make something beautiful out of my life. And You have, Jesus. I’m so thankful.


It’s awesome to me how You can take any one of us and help us to be better people. Thank You for helping me to be more loving, kind, considerate and thoughtful — all those things that I so desperately want to be.


You make it so easy for me to be good, Jesus. I just have to love You, obey You, look to You and cling to You, and You’ve promised that You’ll do everything else. Thank You, Lord, for the power of Your Spirit that strengthens and changes me.


My precious Jesus, I’ve loved You ever since I first heard about You — since I saw and felt Your tenderness and Your Love reflected in those who told me about You. Then, when I met You, that was it! I was in love, more deeply than I’d ever known love before. Thank You for touching me. You reached the places in my heart that nobody even knew existed. Thank You for knowing the depths of what was inside — my longings for You, my desire to know You. Thank You for loving me, oh my Sweetheart!


I love You, Jesus! I need Your Love. It’s so wonderfully precious to me! Thank You for the wonderful Spirit that You are, that envelops me and gives me that cozy, warm feeling of being needed, being a part of something big, part of an existence that’s so beautiful — part of living! Thank You for the marvelous life You’ve given me, that You’ve entrusted me with. Thank You, Jesus! I love You, Jesus! I praise You, Jesus!


Teach me to love You, for I want to give myself to You, now and forever.


I love to touch You and to feel Your touches. I feel Your kisses so many times, every day, through those around me. I see Your Love in our babies’ eyes. I feel it in Your tender embrace. You fill my heart with such joy that sometimes I feel it could burst! Why You love me, I don’t know, but Your Love for me has stirred within me depths of emotion that I’ve never experienced before. My longing for You and my desire to love You with all my heart, grows as time passes.
You continue to bestow Your Love on me in so many ways. When I feel the warm sunshine on my face, when I look at the colors of the sky, the richness of the earth and the beauty of the trees lifting their arms to You in praise, these things stir me. They move me, for they are Your caresses to me.
You bring me joy! You make me laugh! The freedom that Your Spirit gives me lifts me on the wings of the wind, to come to You, to be one with You, to be closer to You, with a closeness that can never be found with anyone here on earth.
Our love is more precious to me than diamonds and gold and anything else on earth. I love You!


Thank You that You’re always there for me. When I need to talk to You, You’re there. When I want to hold You, You’re there. When I need Your comfort, I feel Your arms slip around me and embrace me. Thank You that I can see You, feel You, touch You, lie with You, and experience ecstasies of love with You.
When You and I are together, all else fades, and all I know is You. The fulfillment You give me at those times is greater than I can express. Precious Jesus, I love You. Sweetheart, thank You for giving me so many of Your Words, for they are kisses to me, deep and ardent. They excite me, and I delight in them.
Thank You that I can know Your thoughts and Your feelings towards me. You speak what is on Your heart, and Your enormous Love is manifest in every Word that You pour forth.
Such joy I have through knowing You, through being in love with You, through living with You. You have given me such freedom, such passion! I love to kiss You and love You and be loved by You. I love to be one with You! I love the glow that comes with being in love with You. Thank You, my most wonderful Sweetheart!


I thank You, Jesus, not only for the beautiful joys that You give me, but also for the tears of sorrow that You bring my way.
Thank You for the difficult times, for they drive me to Your breast and I cling to You and You comfort me. They bring me to know You — to abandon my will and my life to You. I can cling to You and You will hold me, no matter what sorrows or storms come my way. I thank You for this unchangeable faith that You give, because You promised it. You told me that You would always be there, and You’ve never, ever failed me. I thank You, my sweet Lord!
Thank You for all You’ve given me — not only Your Love, but Your life. I praise You and I rejoice that I can love You so completely, with every fiber of my being. With my very life I can love You. This is my praise to You — my life in Your hands. I love how You fashion me. I love to feel the tenderness of Your touch as it molds me. I rejoice to do Your will, O my Lover! I rejoice! For it is a gift of Your Love to me. As I melt into Your will and into Your Love, You give me such sweet satisfaction that my life becomes praise to You!


Jesus, Jesus, Jesus! Sweet Jesus, how I love You! I am so thankful for You! I lift up my heart to You in praise and thanksgiving. I lift up my spirit to You in thankfulness for all You have done for me. Jesus, You are so wonderful to me. I thank You for Your lovingkindness, for Your faithfulness, for Your mercy, for Your goodness, for Your gentleness toward me.
Jesus, I praise You with my whole heart. I praise You with my whole being. I lift up my hands. I lift up my heart. I lift up my spirit unto You, for You are my everything, and without You I am nothing.
You give me love, You give me life, You give me joy and happiness! You make life so wonderful. You care for me. You are so concerned about my every detail. And because You love me so much, I in turn want to love You back.


All glory and honor are Yours! I sing praise to Your Name — Your wonderful, wonderful Name! I love to say it! I love to shout it! I love to hear it ringing in my ears! I love You and thank You for all You do for me.


Oh, how I love You! I love You! I love You! I love You! I love You! I love You with all my being! I worship You! I adore You with my whole heart! I throw myself at Your feet! I kiss Your feet! I kiss You everywhere in thanks and in gratitude for Your great Love for me, which I don’t understand, but for which I am so thankful!
I hold You! I weep tears of joy! I praise You for Your Love and for Your tenderness, for Your mercies, for Your magnificence. Though You’re so great and a mighty King, yet You stoop to hold me in Your arms and wipe away my tears and kiss me!
I long for You as the night awaits the dawn. I embrace You tightly as the vine clings to the tree. You are the theme of my every day. You are the sum total of all my thoughts. I live for nothing but to hear Your Words, to do whatever You wish. You are the answer to every question, the meaning to every purpose, the strength to every weakness. You’re the eyes and the ears, the very heart of life. You are the sunshine of the universe, the power behind every atom, the eye that is in every place beholding every thought, every feeling, every need. You are the arms and comfort of God to carry us, His Love to save us!


As small as I am, please take me and use me in whatever way You want. There’s no greater honor than to be completely Yours, to be Your lover, to receive Your seeds, to give myself wholly and completely to You. Do with me what seems good to You, only please never forsake me, never leave my side for an instant, for a moment! My Lover and my King, this one thing I ask, that You never leave me for an instant, for that would be too much. I could not live without You for a moment. Life without You would be the greatest despair, the greatest abandonment, the greatest loneliness.
You fill my heart with everything! You are what makes me complete! You are happiness! You are the ultimate of everything that there is. Without You there is nothing, for You fill all things with Your Spirit and Your Love. I owe You everything! I want to praise Your Name and glorify You for eternity, with all my being.


Your Love reaches down: It touches my heart. It awakens both my soul and my body. I’m renewed! Each day with You is fresh and new and bright. You brighten my life!


On my lips are praises to You, my God. In my heart I want to continually sing songs of thanksgiving to You, my Lord. In my mind I want to continually think thoughts of goodness towards You, my King. Your mercy endures forever. Your tenderness and forgiveness are without end. Your Love envelops me as a warm, soft summer breeze. It refreshes my soul; it gives me life and strength and vision.
In my weakness I look to You, O my God. In my sinfulness, I look to You, O my Lord, and I find strength and forgiveness and the realization that Your Love is without end. I know that I am undeserving. I am unworthy of such love and such forgiveness. I am unworthy of such tender care. But I find such peace of mind, such satisfaction and contentment in knowing that You care for me.


You are my very life, my breath, the joy of my heart! You put the twinkle in my eye, the sparkle in my smile, a song on my lips as I sing unto You. I sing because You make me happy, I sing because I’m free. I sing unto You, my King and Lord. All glory and praise be Yours!


I receive Your Love. I open my heart and my mind and my body to You. I receive You without reservation. I hold back nothing from You, my Darling, my Husband, my Lover. I give You my everything in praise and honor and thanksgiving for all that I have received from You — Your Love and tenderness and mercy.
I know that You care for me as a bride, as a lover, as a helpless child. I know that You watch over me constantly, that You never sleep nor slumber in Your diligent care for me, Your child, Your lover, Your bride.
All that I can give or do or say is so little to repay You for such great love. I can’t pay You back, O my Lord, my God. I do not find the words nor the means to give unto You that which is worthy of You. I am so small before You. I am so helpless, so weak. In myself, I have no love, no wisdom, no strength. Without You, O my Lord, I am nothing. I am as dust. I am hopeless and helpless and useless without Your Spirit and Your Love to bring me to life, to give me strength and power. You are everything, O my Lord, and I am as nothing before You. I am Your bride, Your lover, and I long to please You and love You and serve You.


I find such pleasure in Your Love, such excitement in Your Spirit! You thrill my heart with Your Words of Heavenly mysteries, and I want nothing more than to hear, to listen, to receive the voice of Your Spirit. I want to feel Your Love strong in my heart. I want to hear Your thoughts in my mind. I want my motivation in this life to be that which pleases You. Your desire is my desire, O my Lord. Your wishes are my wishes, O my King.
It is my heart’s desire to be as soft, moldable clay in Your hands, to be what You want me to be, to go where You want me to go, to do what You want me to do, to say what You want me to say. I want to glorify You, that I might be a vessel of Your Love and light and truth.
I kneel before You, my King, my Savior, my Lover. Make of me what You will; do with me what You will. I am Your humble servant. I am nothing before You. I give You my all — my heart, my soul, my mind. All that I hold dear in this life, I lay at Your feet in submission, in surrender, in total yieldedness. I love You, my King, with an unending love that reflects Your unending Love for me, a Love that is the manifestation and fruit of You having loved me first.


I want Your Love to rule in my heart, O my Lord, my King. I want only to be Your love slave, totally submitted and committed to doing Your will. Your wish is my command, O my King, for I am Yours and You are mine, and we are forever joined together in love. For this I give You praise and glory and honor.
All glory be to You, my King! All love be to You, my Husband! I am forever Yours. I kneel before You now in submission and humility. My only desire is to be one with You — one heart, one mind, one body. My prayer is that I might give You pleasure, that I might bring forth fruit for Your glory, that others might look upon me and know that I am Yours and You are mine, that they might see in me Your light, and Your power, and Your Love.
O my King, my Lover, my Savior, I want nothing of myself. I do not want my own thoughts or my own ways or my own attitudes. Take from me any thoughts or desires of my own. Purge me from my sins. Cleanse me from my evil ways. I do not want to see things through the eyes of the flesh or in the ways of the world. I want only for You, my King, to live and work in me.


Thank You, Jesus, for the privilege of serving You, of being able to walk closely with You by faith. Thank You, Lord, for faith. Thank You for the power of Your Spirit. Thank You that You guide each of us through our lives. Thank You that You love us each individually.
Thank You, Jesus, that I can talk to You any time I want. I can pour out my heart to You, and You’re always there. Thank You that You have the answers that I need, and You answer me.
Thank You for Your Word which gives so many of the answers. Thank You that at least I know some of it, and it’s an ongoing process to learn more. Thank You, Lord, that I’m in Your school and I can major on Your Word. Thank You that it’s so deep, never-ending, that I can keep learning and growing and drawing ever nearer to You.
Thank You for setting me free — free to live for You, free from the bonds of the System. Thank You for delivering me from many of my hang-ups of the past, for setting me free in Your Spirit. You said that where Your Spirit is, there is liberty! I know that. I’ve lived it, and I’m so thankful for it!


Thank You for trusting me with all that You’ve given — Your Word, faith, the power that You give us. Thank You for the power of prayer. Thank You that I can come before You for anything — for problems, for situations I know about, for dear ones I love, for Your care and protection for others, for my parents, for my loved ones, for my friends — and know You’ll hear my petitions. Thank You, Lord, that You’ve given me the power to reach out to others through prayer.
Thank You for watching over me, guarding me, guiding me. Thank You for my guardian angels that protect me and keep me. I know that You keep me in ways I don’t even know about, from things that don’t happen because You prevent them. I’m thankful for all the ways that You protect and keep me.
Thank You, Jesus, for caring for me. Your tender mercies mean so much to me. They’re so precious to me, Jesus. You’re my precious Love. You’re my precious Lamb. Thank You for the example You’ve given me, the answers to life. Thank You for instructing me and helping me to have such a healthy, happy, wonderful life. I’m so blessed! I’m so free!


Thank You, Jesus, for the great and mighty things You show me. You said, “Call upon Me and I will show you great and mighty things.” Thank You, Lord, for the privilege of knowing the future and knowing enough of it to be excited about it, to look forward to it. Thank You for the visions of Heaven You’ve given me. Thank You for the goals that I have to strive for. Thank You, Jesus, that I don’t have to look back. Thank You that You’ve liberated me from the chains of the past. You’ve told me that I can forget the past and forget those things which are behind and look to that which is ahead, to look forward, to look to You, to have the Heavenly vision. Thank You, Lord, for visions of the future, visions of the Spirit.
Thank You for this exciting life! Thank You for the thrill of being alive, the thrill of serving You, the thrill of seeing souls won, people’s lives changed by Your Spirit and Your Love. Thank You for the thrill of seeing answers that are needed for the world put into action in the lives of others, as well as in my own life. Thank You Jesus! I’m so blessed to see these things! Thank You that You’ve given me eyes to see and ears to hear, sensitivity to You and Your Spirit. I’m so blessed, Jesus!


Thank You, Lord,
For the good that’s been done.
Thank You, Lord,
For the souls who’ve been won.
Thank You, Lord,
For the children we’ve raised.
Thank You, Lord,
For giving us faith.
Thank You, Lord,
For the Word that’s been spread.
Thank You, Lord,
That o’er evil we tread.
Thank You, Lord,
That we love one another.
Thank You, Lord,
That we’ve all stuck together.
Thank You, Lord,
For the hungry we’ve fed.
Thank You, Lord,
To the light they’ve been led.
Thank You, Lord,
That we’re married to You.
Thank You, Lord,
Your Love’s faithful and true.
Thank You, Lord,
For a Heavenly reward.
For all this and more,
We thank You, Lord.


Thank You for the physical gifts in which I see Your Love around me each day — the red apples, the orange oranges, the yellow bananas, the green vegetables, all the beautiful colors. So much variety and so many colors! So much love! With each bite of delicious food, I feel and experience Your Love and Your care and Your provision.
I look up at the ceiling and at the walls and I feel Your protection, and I thank You for the refuge You’ve promised Your children. Thank You, Jesus, for the soft pillow under my head, for the mattress to rest my body on, for the comfy chair to sit in while I’m refreshed by Your Spirit.
Thank You for my loving Family, my brothers and sisters. I look around and see and feel Your Love for me. Thank You, Jesus, for Your Love! It’s so overwhelming, so penetrating! I thank You for it.


Help me to be thankful continually for Your many blessings. Jesus, Jesus, I love Your Name! I praise Your Name! I need You, sweet Jesus.


Help me, Lord, to be like Your Love,
not knowing any hour or time.
Help me, Lord, to be like Your Love,
that gives and expects nothing in return.
Help me, Lord, to be like Your Love,
that just loves to give and give.
Help me, Lord, to be like Your Love,
that is meek and kind and sincere.
Help me, Lord, to be like Your Love,
that’s so wild and sexy and free!
Help me, Lord, to be like Your Love,
where faults are lost in Your Love’s sea.
Help me, Lord, to be like Your Love,
to laugh with those who laugh,
and with those who weep.
Help me, Lord, to be like Your Love,
never-ending and never too busy to stop.
Help me, Lord, to be like Your Love,
to give my life that others may live.


Thank You that I can live each day surrounded by Your unfailing mercy, smothered in Your undying Love. Unworthy as I am, I revel in Your delights, and I love it! I love You now, and I’ll love You always.


Jesus, I love You so much. How wonderful it is to wake up right here with You lying beside me. This is such a sweet haven of rest that I’ve found right here in Your arms. You give me such security and peace and warmth.
It’s such a priceless treasure to lie here with You and enjoy Your pleasures. The most wonderful thing about it is that I have You all the time, throughout the day! I can carry You with me everywhere I go. You’ve given me Your heart, and not just a little piece of Your heart — but all of it. You are mine and no one can take You away. From the highest heights to the deepest depths, You are mine forever.
Thank You Jesus! You are so wonderful! Who is like unto You? There is no one. Thank You Lord! Thank You for making me most richly blessed. I’m blessed with true riches. Just to think about it is more than my finite mind can comprehend. It’s too astounding to even try to understand.
I can never even attempt to understand Your great Love for me. It’s too vast, too all-encompassing, too great, too grand, too colossal! My sweet Lord, You are so wonderful!


Sweet, Heavenly, wonderful, creative Jesus! I love You so much! You’re so great and all-encompassing. Thank You for being just what I need at every moment of the day. When I’m stuck with a difficult problem, You’re the Answer Man. When I need some quick assistance, You’re my ever-present help in time of trouble.
When I just need someone to talk to, You’re a loving, listening ear and a shoulder to cry on. Sometimes I feel like I wouldn’t want to cry in front of anyone else — even though I know deep down it doesn’t really matter — but I never feel that way with You. I can be just who I am, and know that You accept me and love me anyway. In fact, You love it even more when I can be myself in front of You and tell You everything.
You love to listen to me and hear the deepest thoughts of my heart, even when I think that they’re weird and not worth saying. Each time I trust You with another piece of my heart, You give me another piece of Yours, a little more of Your Love and Your peace and Your happiness, so that I walk away from my special time with You a little different — a little more like You. You’re just what I want to be like.


Thank You for Your freedom, Jesus. I can be anything that I want to be with You. I don’t have to conform to anybody’s mold! I don’t have to worry about the world breathing down my neck telling me what I need to be or what I need to do. You’ve set me so free to follow You according to my faith, Jesus.
I love freedom! I love to be able to burst out of the molds of the traditional and the expected. Sometimes I like to do things that seem kind of unusual to some people, just because it’s different. It’s important to me to be different sometimes. Not too different, but I just want to burn free, to break out of the chains of conformity!
I know that You can relate, because You were a rebel too. You found the ultimate cause to rebel for, and I’ve found it too. I’m not rebelling from You or from the Family or my work or my shepherds. I’m rebelling against the Devil and his old lies that he tries to dump on me. You’ve set me free to really sock it to him with all the power of Your Word! We’ve got so much power, Jesus, and Your freedom is the best power of all!


I never really knew what it was like before, to be in love with You. I knew that You loved me, but I didn’t understand what that was, what You were feeling. I read in Your Word that You loved me and that You gave Your life for me, that You died for me. I was thankful and I appreciated it, but it was a little hard to understand.
But now I understand better, because I think I’m falling in love with You, Jesus. I keep feeling more and more that I want You. I have feelings for You, big feelings. I think I’m really in love, because I want to do things that make You happy. I want to do things that please You. I want to spend more time with You. You’re on my mind all the time.
I think I’m madly in love with You! Jesus, I want to tell You all the time that I love You. I want to say it over and over again: I love You, I love You, I love You! I know I must be in love, because when I say “I love You,” I don’t feel it’s enough. Words don’t suffice, because the feelings inside are greater than the words can express. Inside I feel like I want to give You everything, anything, whatever You want or ask! I do love others, but my strongest feelings are for You.


Your voice is as the voice of many waters, giving love, wisdom, enjoyment, help, surcease from pain, joy in battle, strength in sickness, strength and help for evermore.
Why do I doubt Your Love, Jesus? Why do I doubt that You can come through and use even me? Let me yield to You in the bed of love, in Your arms of Love. Let me be one with You in spirit and in truth. Let me be wholly and completely Yours, forever and ever. Make me Your bride! Make me Your wife! Oh, my Beloved, the fairest among them all — I love You, and You are mine.


Jesus, I give You honor and thanks and glory and blessing. Unto You, O Lord, do I submit my soul, my body, my heart and my mind, in humble adoration. I love You from the depths of my being, and I praise and honor You with all my being! I come before You and bow at Your feet and give glory to You, in thankfulness for Your great, overwhelming Love and compassion, mercy and long-suffering. I give You glory and honor and praise above all that is in the heavens and in the Earth and under the Earth.


You have never left me forsaken, Jesus. You have loved and supported and held me through the years, through the turmoil, through the tests and trials. Though I have been faithless, yet You have remained faithful; though I have been weak, You have been strong. Now I see that through all these trials You were trying to draw me to Yourself, so that we could be together in love.
Now I lie in Your arms and I rejoice that You have kept me for Yourself. I am so happy that You have kept me through many difficulties. When I was too weak, You sent help. And when the help would interfere with my connection with You, You put me in a place where I would have You and You alone. Thus did You love me; thus did You win me.
Let me never leave Your side! Let me continually cling to You! You know that I need You, but sometimes my own spirit carries me away, as I hurry and work and fret and am consumed with the business of the day. Let me not stray, Jesus! Let me stay in Your arms forever, by Your side always! I love You!


Jesus, let me be as a young bride who does not want to go anywhere without her lover, who does not want to take one step that will take her away from him, but who looks to his every wish and every desire and every whim.
Let me be so in love with You, Jesus, that Your slightest wish is my desire, and Your slightest leading is my motivation. Let me constantly show You my love, not just by my own works, but by attending to Your slightest wish, by doing Your works — those that You wish to do through me, and not what I have in mind or consider most important.
I want to praise and love You all day long. I want to be Yours all day long. I know I can’t stay in the bed of love forever, but I would like to! I would like to love and love and love You forever! Please let Me stay with You! Please, can’t we stay in bed all day? I know that this isn’t possible, but I would like to. So since we can’t, will You keep me close by Your side?


Oh, how I love You! How precious You are to me! How Your Love does surpass all others! How wonderful You are — kind and gentle, and yet also mighty unto me.


I want to go all the way for You, Jesus. I want to burst out and really do something for You. I want to change the world with Your Love. I want to be radical and different and wild and crazy for You. I love being Your crazy crusader and a far-out nut for You. I think we’re the coolest thing around, because we have a real cause that we’re fighting for. It’s worth giving everything for, and that’s why I like it.
I love You, Jesus! Thank You for giving me all this to live for, to fight for and to die for. I want to burn up for You every day! I want to give my all to You, one hundred percent of my heart and life. I’m sold out to You, and all I want to do is live every ounce of my life in service to You, to spread the crazy, radical message of Your Love and freedom to the whole world.


You light up my life and give me hope to carry on. You’ve replaced all my fear with perfect Love. There is no other like You, my Lord of lords, King of kings, Lover of all lovers! Thank You for Your magical power. Your magical touch is breaking the chains that have had me bound. I love You! I need You! I want You! I desire to have You!


Jesus, You’re the first One I turn to when I have a question or a problem. And now it’s so much easier than before. You’re the One I look to, the One I want to hear from, the One I have feelings for, the One I want to be with all the time.
It’s because I’m in love with You that I ask, “Am I doing the right thing? Is this making You happy? Will this please You? Is this what You want me to do?” I’m so excited about this new thrill in my life of being in love with You. I’ve found such happiness and excitement! Sometimes I find myself with a smile on my face, and it’s just because I’m in love. I feel like I’ve come alive! I pray it never ends! I always want to be in love with You for as long as I live. I’m so excited about being in love with You! I wish I could express it, but I can’t. But I know that You know what I’m feeling inside.
I’m Yours! I’m all Yours. I’m so in love that sometimes I think nobody could be as happy as I am, no one else could feel this elated or be more in love. I know we don’t walk by feelings, but I love this feeling of being in love with You. I want You more than anything! — My Lover! — My Soul Mate! — My forever Love!


Thank You, Lord, for supplying our every need. We have such happy lives! Thank You for happiness. Thank You for joy. Thank You for gladness! Thank You, Jesus, that we can live together in unity and that we can be a help to each other. I know we fail many times, and we could love each other more, but I thank You for the times we do it right and we are a blessing and a help to each other and to Your work, and to those out in the world who are in desperate need of You. Thank You for those opportunities.


Thank You for the material things You give us. We are richly blessed in those areas as well. Thank You for supplying all of our food, all of our physical needs. Thank You for the water we drink, for the fresh air, for the sunshine, for healthy bodies and for strength to serve You. Thank You for everything! You said to give thanks in all things. Help me to remember that, to always have a thankful heart, to lift up my heart in thanksgiving to You.
I know I can never pay You back, Lord. But as little as it seems compared to all You’ve done for me, I give You my life, my love, my all. I’m Yours, Lord. I love You forever.


As I cuddle up close to You, Jesus, I feel so happy and comforted and secure in Your arms. Thank You for Your wonderful, warm Love. I love You so! I need You so much, Jesus! You’re everything to me. My wonderful, special, adorable Husband! I kiss You! I love You!


I just wanted to stop and take time to tell You “I love You” and “Thank You for everything!” I’m having such a good day; thank You for that. Thank You for my comfortable, warm bed. Thank You for the sunshine. Thank You so much for this wonderful Family that I can be a part of. You’re so good to me. I just can’t get over knowing You and that You want me to belong to You. You make me so happy and You fill my days with blessings — real satisfaction in my work, real peace of mind knowing that You’re taking care of everything, and real happiness living with the Family. I feel I can’t thank You enough, but I’m just so happy that You understand each word that I say to You, and that You know I’m very thankful for You and that I love You. I appreciate all that You do for me. I love You, Jesus!


You’ve given Me so very much! You pour it down. Your rain never stops, Jesus. Your stream never runs dry. There’s always more to draw from. There’s always more to look forward to. Thank You, Jesus, that I can go forward. Thank You that You’re out there guiding me and showing me the way. Thank You that I can follow You. Thank You for being a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path. Thank You for Your guidance through Your Word. Thank You for speaking to me through the voice of Your Word. Thank You for Your still, small voice that leads and guides me and shows me and directs me.
Thank You for the marvelous miracles You do in my life. Thank You for blessing me, Jesus. I’m so unworthy! Thank You for being so giving, so loving, so understanding, so trusting! Thank You that I can love You above anything. Thank You that I can look to You for everything. Thank You, Jesus! Hallelujah! Thank You for being my sweet Jesus, my dear, sweet Friend and my precious Lover. I love You and adore You and I was made and created for You. I praise Your Name!


O Jesus! Wonderful, beautiful, lovely, gorgeous Jesus! You are my everything — my love, my heartbeat, my hope, my smile, my tenderness — everything. You are truly everything I could ever want in a husband. You’re just perfect. No one could be better than You, Jesus.
Thank You for giving and giving and giving again. You bring tears of joy to my eyes because I can feel Your Love. I feel like all I’m saying is thank You and how much I love You, but I hope that this small token of my gratitude and love is pleasing to You. I love You! I praise You! I honor and extol You forever and ever!


Thank You so much, Jesus, for the songs that You give us — those beautiful, inspiring songs. They hold me and keep me through many battles and questions. I love the songs You give, Jesus! I’m so inspired by them and so thankful for them. The words mean so much to me. They are truly strength-giving. Thank You for giving them to our dear brothers and sisters. I’m so thankful that they write them down for us.


My delight is in praising You, my sweet Lord! I delight to praise You day and night, for You are adorable. You’re wonderful! You’re marvelous! You’re it! You’re everything to me! Without You I could do nothing, so I praise You and I give You thanks. Thank You, Jesus! Praise be unto You!
I will seek You early in the morning with my praises, and throughout the day Your praise will continually be in my mouth. I know that praise is comely, and that You dwell in the praises of Your people, and I want You to dwell in me, and with me. I will praise You and give You thanks for the marvelous things that You have done for me.
As a woman seeks to please her husband, so I seek to please You, my Darling, my Love, my Husband, my everything! I know that You love praise, and that You desire my praises, so I will give them freely. So do I desire to have them continually on my lips, for I love You and I need You and I want to seek You day and night. I know that without You I can do nothing.


Dear Lord, I love You! I need You! Marvelous Jesus! Wonderful Jesus! Your Name is wonderful, for wonderful things You’ve done for me. My sweet, precious Love, I need You! I adore You!


My heart swells with immeasurable joy to reach out and touch Your tender hands of compassion. I feel the warmth from Your heart as it beats close to mine. I feel the breath from Your mouth. I know You are close, and I thirst for the waters You give — the everlasting, ever-flowing waters from Your cupped hands. As You reach forward toward the River of Life with cupped hands, You become as an urn that pours forth the refreshing, revitalizing, renewing, rich Words of comfort and joy.
I come before Your throne to kiss Your feet, for they are as flowers, scented and beautifully formed. The music from Your angelic choruses ’round about lifts me to the Heavenlies, as I reach for more. For You are abundance; You are all-powerful, giving and giving until I overflow!
I melt with Your tenderness. I break with Your mercies. I am strengthened by Your blood, for it flows in my veins and gives me vigor! I am connected to You as the grape is attached to the vine. You give me juices sweet, turning them into wine, to soothe and uplift me, and to glorify Your Name.


On Your oceans I sail, and You give me the wind. You hold the compass. As I firmly grasp the rudder, I glide along on the waters that You create. The stars by night are my guide, as angels and lights from the heavens. So are Your kisses, as the stars in the sky innumerable, and in many ways they are made manifest. I feel them, I experience them, and I return them; they are my delight.
I feel Your light, brighter than the sun. I feel Your waters, fresher than the purest mountain stream, purer than the freshest fallen snow on the mountain peaks. I rise above all creation and embrace You as I feel You beckoning, and I answer Your call. I leave the flesh behind and soar high in Your Spirit, where I meet You and greet You and praise You and hold You.
I rejoice in Your companionship, for it is beyond what any friend can give, beyond what any love can give. For You are my Companion and my Love — a Love of great majesty and victory and honor. I praise the very thought of Your presence. Your grace has saved my soul. I am not of myself, but am of You. I acknowledge the great, vast, magnificent Spirit of God!


Thank You for everything You’ve ever done for me. Thank You for everything that’s ever happened to me in my whole life. Thank You for every single thing, even the disappointments, because I know they were all from Your hand. Even if they weren’t directly from Your hand, they were allowed by You to see how I would react — to train me and to teach me to draw closer to You. You wanted to teach me the talent of rising above situations, and praising You for them. You wanted to help me to see that You are in all situations. You’ve allowed them in order to test my faith, to see if I believed that You would get victories out of seeming defeats. Therefore You’ve strengthened my faith by allowing these disappointments, so that I would be more and more able to have victory over things of the world and of my mind and of my heart.
Thank You, Jesus, for every time that I’ve been between a rock and a hard place. I know it’s been because of Your specific Love for me, Your Love tailored to me. I thank You for everything that’s ever happened to me — the successes and the seeming defeats. I thank You for them, Jesus! I praise You for them! I praise Your glorious Name! I praise Your Love for me! Thank You, Lord!


Dear Jesus, You are the most wonderful, anointed Lover I have ever been with. It’s a joy being with You in every way. You are a joy to my spirit, a joy to my body, a joy that fills me through and through! It’s always amazing to me how, even when I’m down, this joy from you never ceases. Even in the midst of discouragement and battles, that joy from You is always so pure and real.
I’ve experienced this joy for many years now, and it never ceases to amaze me how unfailing it is. You are always there! Always! You have always been with me in every facet and detail of my life. I praise and thank You for this, my great and wonderful Lover! I love You so very much, dear Lord! I love You so very much, my great and wonderful Love! You are truly my best Friend, my most faithful Lover, my greatest of all joys! I’m so grateful and happy with the endless Love You keep pouring into my heart!
I am most richly blessed. Imagine, Lord, being chosen to serve You in the greatest movement on earth! What love, that You have given me this beautiful life, living in this Heavenly Kingdom on earth! It’s something that boggles my mind, and probably always will. How did this ever happen to little ol’ me? You have given funny little ol’ me so very, very much!


I love the Words of David! I love the Words You are pouring out through Mama! I love how these Words are the fiber of my thoughts and being! You have washed me with Your Words for many years now, and continue to do so. You have created me not only physically, but spiritually, and for this I am so grateful, my wonderful, wonderful Love!


Thank You, Lord, for never failing me. Thank You for looking down on this simple little nobody and making something useful out of me. Thank You for being so warm and loving and beautiful and handsome and thrilling! Thank You that I can love You and have the privilege of knowing You in this wonderful new and intimate way. Thank You for the bountiful riches of Your Love! Thank You for picking us nobodies for this wonderful Endtime army, for making of us little Davids! I’m so grateful, My wonderful, handsome and truly beautiful Love! I love You, my Love, I love You!


Thank You, Jesus, for making time in Your busy schedule to come spend special time with me. You never make me feel like I’m imposing on You. You listen to my complaints, problems and petitions throughout the day, and You are always willing to take the heavy burdens off of my shoulders. This is why I want to shut out all else during this praise time, and only praise and love You and thank You and make You happy right now.
Help me to be the type of lover to You that I’ve always longed to be. I want to love You in such a way that You’ll feel like saying, “Such love has made all the things you’ve done wrong fade away. I love you and you are no burden to Me. You make Me happy and are a receptacle of My Love, and therefore I don’t see anything I don’t like or love about you.”
Jesus, I can’t earn Your Love, but I can — out of thankfulness and devotion and adoration — put my all into being the lover You need and want me to be.
Thank You for making it so easy for me to please You and love You. I want You to be inspired and glowing as a result of this time of our loving each other. I am happily challenged to come up with new ways to express my love for You. May my words of love for You also be turned into deeds, manifested through showing my love to others.


O Jesus, how I love You! You are lovely, You are beautiful, my Love! You descend to give gifts to Your children, and You have showered me with Love. You have given me more than I could want or ask for. You have given me pleasures and happiness and joy immeasurable. You are the source of joy. You are He to whom I may go to learn how to have a happy, fruitful life.
You love me so greatly that You have planned out a life of usefulness and joy for me. You have patiently led me each step of the way, and have held me up when I have fallen. Jesus, You have been too wonderful to Me. You have brought me into a large room and have anointed me with the oil of gladness. Goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life, and I shall abide in Your courts forever.
You have never deserted me. You have never forsaken me. You have cherished and helped me each step of the way. For Your constant care, I do love You. For Your ever-present bounty, I do thank You. For Your great, personal Love, I do adore You. For Your majesty and power, I do worship You. You are mine — my Lover, my Friend, my Husband — and I am Yours forever!


I praise You, O Lord! Let all the people praise You. I kiss You with the kisses of my mouth, for Your Love is better than wine! You have satisfied my desires and put a new song on my lips, even songs of praise and gladness! You have lifted me out of the pits of self-degradation, self-depreciation, and self-recrimination. You have freed me from the chains of self, and showed me that I can fly above the narrow confines of my own mind to have joyous, glorious union with You.
You are marvelous, O my Lord, and that, my soul knows right well. You have known and measured my every step. You have kept me from falling. You have only allowed those missteps which would lead me closer to You. I thank You, O God, for all Your commandments, for they are right and true.
I thank You for Your boundless Love, which has never let me down nor forsaken me. I thank You even for my imperfections and my weaknesses and for the failures which I experience, because they show me my own limits and drive me to You. I thank You, O my God, for all that You do in my life, for all the wonderful things that You do for me. Most of all I thank You for the warmth and the reassurance and the joy of Your presence, for how You are with me every step and how You uphold me with Your strong right hand.


You are sweeter than honey to my soul’s taste. I desire and hunger for You to fill every crevice in my heart. You know me better than my closest friends.
Your Love is like the ocean waves. I feel Your Love pressing on Me and washing over me, bubbling around me, sparkling and whirling, changing and moving in new ways, just as the waves splash up against the rocks, washing and lapping. I’m lost in Your Love! I want to feel You all around me — surrounding, overtaking, enrapturing — till I swim dizzy in Your Love! Lost in Your Love is where I want to be found, for only there will I find that You’re all that I need.


I love You! I love You! I won’t and I can’t let You go. I hold You. I cling to You. Please let me stay by You. It’s so dark and stormy. — I don’t want to lose my grasp on You. I can’t go out on my own; let me stay by Your side. I need You forever. Forever and always You’re mine!


O Master, so gracious, my heart is as a bird soaring across the mountain peaks, through clouds, through the rain and storm, and into the sunshine of Your Light and Love.


I love You, Jesus! I praise You and give glory to You! I adore You! I’m so thankful for Your Love. Thank You for loving me. Thank You for Your sweet kisses and caresses, Your Words, Your golden seeds that give me purpose and a reason for living. I praise You, Jesus!
All glory to You, Jesus! All glory and honor unto You, precious Lord. Thank You for Your Love. Thank You for Your protection. Thank You for Your provision. Thank You for Your encouragement. Thank You for Your mercy. Thank You for Your supply. Thank You for Your faith in me. Thank You for Your longsuffering in spite of all my weaknesses. Thank You so much for loving me.
Thank You for taking me as I am and loving me in spite of my many weaknesses. Thank You for leaving Your Father and Your Heavenly Home and coming down to Earth to be a sample of love for us. Thank You for dying for me, that I may live with You forever.


Praise be unto You, Almighty God! Praise be unto You, my Lover! Praise be unto You, my Husband! Praise be unto You, my all in all! Praise be unto You, my breath, my life, my reason for existence! Praise and glory be unto You!


My soul magnifies You, O Lord! I lift up my heart to You, My precious Savior, My Lover. I offer You praise. May my lips praise You forever and ever. You are worthy, O Lord, of all glory and all majesty. Praise be unto You!
I come and lie prostrate before You, for I am unworthy of such great Love. But You are a Lord of tender mercies, and You lean over and lift me into Your arms, unto Your bosom. You hold me close to You, and my heart is overwhelmed with love for You, my dear, precious Jesus. I am but dust; I am but a worm. I am not worthy of such great Love! I give my heart unto You. I pledge my love to You. I adore You. You are my Rose of Sharon. Praise be unto You!


I praise You, my dear Lord! I praise You, my adorable King! I praise You, my wonderful Lover! I praise You, my handsome Husband! I have great need of You and I’ll praise You all the day long. I’ll delight myself in praising You day and night.
I love You! I need You! I adore You! I seek You and I desire You! I want to praise You and give You thanks for how wonderful You’ve been to me.


I’ll praise You in the morning,
I’ll praise You in the noon time,
I’ll praise You at the evening hour!
I’ll give praise to You, my Sweetheart;
Praises bring Your power!

I’ll kiss You in the morning,
I’ll kiss You in the noon time,
I’ll kiss You at the evening hour,
I’ll give kisses to You, my Lover;
Kisses that won’t ever sour!

I’ll love You in the morning,
I’ll love You in the noon time,
I’ll love You at the evening hour!
I’ll love You forever, sweet Jesus;
You are my strong tower!

I’ll praise You in the morning,
I’ll praise You in the noon time,
I’ll praise You at the evening hour!
I’ll give praise to You, my Sweetheart;
Praises bring Your power!


Oh, Jesus, You’re so kind and tender. I know that You have compassion on me. I’ve seen how many times, when I was desperate for help or for a token of Your Love or encouragement, You came through and did something special, some little thing which meant so much to me. It showed me that You really do care about the tiniest aspect of my life.
I love You! I adore You! I need You! I want You! Come to me and love me! Come into me and fill me with Your seeds of love. Fill me to overflowing — not just so that I can hold it within myself, but so I can give it out. Help me to overflow on others with that same love. I want to love others with Your Love. I want to give them the Love You’ve given me.
Jesus, help me not to be selfish with Your Love. I want to share it and give it and pour it and live it, and I know this is only possible if You do it through me. You’ve been so unselfish with me. You’ve been so generous, so kind and understanding. I love You! I love You!


You are my Husband, my Provider, my Protector, my Companion, my best Friend, my Answer Man. You are my Playmate and my Praymate. You are my all in all. You are my everything!


You’re so wonderful to me. I could never describe in words the many, many things that You do every day to make my life a better one. I love You so, and I need You desperately, more desperately as each day passes.
Help me to draw closer to You, to love You with a deeper love. Please come to me, Jesus, and love me. Touch me with Your Spirit. Fill me with Your Love. I need You! I need Your Love, so that I can give love to others. I need Your warmth, so that I can be warm with others. I need Your forgiveness and Your mercy, so I can be forgiving and merciful to others.


You said, “Whosoever will, let him come and take of the water of life freely.” Thank You, Jesus, for the water of life. Thank You for the love of life. Thank You for the joy You’ve given, and how enjoyable life becomes when You are a part of it. Thank You for the Love You’ve given me through other people – dear, precious ones. I’m so thankful for that, Lord, and for all the things You do every day to show me just how much You love me.


My dear wonderful Jesus, I love You so much! Thank You for this new morning, with brand-new mercy, brand-new love, brand-new forgiveness, help and strength. You’re so wonderful to me. You’re so patient with me and my shortcomings and my carnal weaknesses. Thank You for being so kind to me, and not looking at all my faults, not condemning me for the times that I haven’t drawn close to You like I should.
Now I lay those things from the past aside — my mistakes, my failures, even my spiritual laziness — and I just want to love You right now. Please forgive me, Jesus, for the times when I haven’t loved You. I know that You’ve always loved me. You’ve done so many wonderful things for me. You’ve helped me through times when I thought I wasn’t going to make it. And now, instead of remembering the pain, those times are only a memory of victory and triumph over fear and doubt, worry and failure. Things that looked insurmountable are now just landmarks of the past where You brought me through to victory.


Thank You for Your joy! Your joy, O Lord, is my strength. Praise be unto You, Jesus! Praise be unto You, my Love! I adore You, sweet Jesus.


You are so beautiful to me! You are so beautiful to me! You’re everything I’ve dreamed of, everything I’ve hoped for, everything I’ve ever wished for, everything that I need. You are so beautiful to me.
Great is Your goodness and great is Your beauty! Oh, how lovely You are, my Beloved, my Darling, my precious One! Your beauty excels all others. Oh, how I long to touch You, and for You to touch me, to touch my very soul, my very being! Oh, let me kiss You! Let me love You! Thank You for so great a love. You are so wonderful.


How pleasant it is for my eyes to behold the sunshine. The warmth of it is like Your gentle touch. I feel so enveloped by Your Love. It is like the gentle breeze that caresses me. You are so gentle with me, so tender. I love how You love me. I just can’t get enough of Your Love, I want more and more and more! I love You! You fill my soul and my spirit with delight!


I love You, my dear Jesus! I lift up my heart to You and I run to You, to kiss You and hold You and tell You how much I love You.


You are my Love. You are the One my soul longs for. As the young deer searches after the fresh water, so my soul searches after You. When will I come and appear before You? Thank You that You have called me to appear before You now. I’m Yours, my Darling! Thank You for making me Your Bride.


One thing have I desired, and that will I seek after, that I may dwell with You all the days of my life, that I may behold Your beauty. You are so lovely, and there is none upon Earth that I desire more than You. When my heart and my flesh fail, still You do not fail. Oh, how I thank You and praise You and glorify You for Your great Love for me. I feel of so little value, but still You love Me the way I am. In fact, You made me for Your pleasure.
Oh my Love, please help me to bring that pleasure to You that You desire. My Love, my Darling, oh, how my heart breaks at the thought of the many times I have failed You. But still You love me; still You forgive me, though I am but dust. Oh, how great You are! Your compassion is new every morning; great is Your faithfulness! My faithful Husband, help me to be faithful to You.


Oh, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, thank You so much! A new gift! Wow! You are so good to me. Thank You for this new garment of praise. It is so beautiful! It scintillates, it radiates, it shimmers and shines! Oh, it’s so beautiful. Thank You for giving it to me. I can hardly wait to put it on. Can I try it now? Oh, it’s so beautiful. Thank You for helping me put it on. You are so wonderful! You give me such wonderful gifts. I love You so much.
It feels so good. It’s so pretty! Oh, such joy! It’s bubbling! I can’t keep from laughing! Oh, my Love, my Sweetheart, thank You. I have so many new garments to choose from now: the garments of love, of prophecy, of meekness, of humility, and now praise. They are so beautiful, so elegant, so comely.
Please, my Lord, help me not to go back and put on my old rags. I sometimes have such a hard time even finding my way to the closet. Help me, my dearest One. I’m so sorry that I sometimes dress so shabbily when now I’m Your bride and Your queen. Help me to remember to put on my royal garments. They are so beautiful, so excellent. Help me to show my gratitude for the beautiful garments You have given me by wearing them. I love You forever.


I thank You, Lord, for the victory! I thank You for peace of mind and heart. How true is the verse, “But Godliness with contentment is great gain” ( 1 Timothy 6:6 ). Thank You for helping me to say yes to what You ask of me. I couldn’t even do that without Your help. Thank You for the great gain I have received — Your peace and sweet contentment.
Thank You for the trials that are bringing the peaceable fruit of righteousness into my life. Thank You for putting me in the fire to burn out the dross, so that Your sweet face can be mirrored on mine. Please don’t stop until all that others will see is You in me. How wonderful! Thank You, Lord, for the fires that are bringing that about.
I love You, my dear Lord. I thank You for the heartache that has driven me to Your arms. I desire to be in no other place. Thank You, Lord, for bringing me through the depths, to see that I can’t even have victory and the peace of God that passes all understanding without You. I don’t understand it, but I just thank You for it. You are so good to me!
You are good and greatly to be praised! Your excellency is beyond words. All I can say is thank You. How great Thou art!


My sweet Lover, it’s time for us to be together. I’ve been thinking about You all day, My precious Jesus, and I’ve been waiting for this time that we have to spend together. Every time I think of You, I can feel my heart beating more rapidly, and I can feel a shiver rush through me. You’re the most wonderful One I’ve ever known, and I thrill to Your Love!
Here I am, all alone with You in the peace and quiet. All other distractions are gone; it’s just me and You. I love You so much, and I want to be with You. I want to feel You inside of me. I need Your Love, because it’s what gives me strength and joy and peace and happiness. Your kisses fill my heart and make me want to burst with joy!
When I’m with You, I know that everything’s going to be okay and that You’re going to work everything out. While I spend this time with You, I know You’re caring for my work and all those other things that I had thought I should be doing instead of being with You. When I put them all aside, You tell me, “Now I can do them for you.”
Thank You for thinking of everything. Thank You for handling all the problems and emergencies that I would be struggling with right now if I wasn’t cuddled up close to You.


I just want to have more and more of You, more and more of Your seeds, so that I can become like You in every way. You’re my ultimate role model. I love You, my sweet and precious, eternal, forever Lover. You’re the thrill of my heart — my best Sweetheart! You make my heart skip a beat and burst into glorious song! I will now carry the refrain of that song close to my heart until our next time together.


Now that I have found You, I know what it’s like to be loved fully, deeply, immeasurably. I have never been loved by someone so completely, so intensely, so all-knowingly. I am perfectly accepted, perfectly loved, perfectly cherished for everything that I am.
I don’t have to cover up my faults or make light of my weaknesses. You see them, and You cover them with Your Love and Your all-encompassing compassion and forgiveness. You take my hand and we move on together. You tell me the things that You would like me to change, and You help me to work on them. I never feel condemnation or criticism from You, only the most perfect Love. All of these and many, many more, are the reasons why I love You.


Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, my favorite Name! Jesus, I want to tell You some of the wonderful things I love about You. I love Your wonderful, warm hands, and how You hold my face in them and kiss me with Your kisses. I love how You kiss me, so sweetly and tenderly. I thank You for Your Love and Your sweet kisses. My body and spirit tingle at Your touch! I love the warmth of Your embrace. Thank You for loving me. Thank You for Your golden seeds that fill me with delight.


I love You for Your wonderfulness and Your greatness! I love You because You’re so much bigger than I am. I love You because You’re always right by my side when I need You. I love You because I can come close to You at any hour of the day or night, and know that You are awake and there for me.
I love You because I need You so much. I love You because You need me too, and You need my love. I love You because You’re sexy! I love You because Your Words turn me on! I love You, because when I’m low and discouraged, You send some special little miracle or thought or word my way that cheers me up and sends me along the road to victory again. I love You, Jesus!


I love You, Jesus! I praise You! Thank You for the peace and tranquillity of spirit that You give. You’re so close when I’m sometimes so far away. When I’m often so distant, off in my own little world, You remain faithful. Any moment, whenever I stop whatever I’m doing and look up into Your beautiful temple, You’re always there.
You’re always ready and willing to pick me up, to brush me off, to clean me up, to give me Your wonderful peace, Your wonderful glow, Your wonderful Love, that restores my hope, restores my heart, takes away all the hurts and gives me the courage to go back out into the world. You give me tranquillity of spirit.


Thank You that You created the trees, and the grass and the fields, the birds and the animals, the rivers and the lakes and the fish and the seas, the heavens and the clouds, the rain and the sun, the universe, and us! Thank You, Jesus, that You created me. I thank You, Jesus. I thank You for Your great creation.


All praise be to You, Jesus! All glory today and tomorrow and every day, forever and ever!


Thank You, Lord, for everything You’ve given. Thank You for Your great Love that You show in so many ways that I don’t even understand and can’t comprehend because it is so, so great! It is so near that I can’t see it, and so all-encompassing that I just don’t realize how much of it there is! But thank You, Lord, for Your Love that I do understand, and that I can see in so many ways — the greatest of which is Salvation, the great Love that caused You to die for me. Even this I don’t really understand and won’t comprehend fully until I meet You.
Jesus, one part of Your Love that I can understand and praise You for and thank You for is how I know I am forgiven. You forgive me, Jesus, for so much.


Thank You, Lord, for loving me when I’m so bad. Thank You that You can still help me when I feel like I’m a hopeless case. Thank You that I can’t be too bad for You, Jesus, and that even when I feel that I am at my worst, You still love me and forgive me. Thank You that there’s no sin too great that You cannot forgive, even when I think it’s unforgivable. Thank You Jesus! I praise You, Lord, for such great Love that You can forgive me. Thank You that there’s no condemnation in You, and that You never condemn me for anything I’ve done.


Thank You, Lord, for Your mercies! No matter what I’ve done, You have enough mercy to cover it. Your mercy is greater than my faults. No matter who I am, or what the offense, You don’t turn Your face from me, but You will still comfort me. Thank You, Jesus! Thank You that You don’t turn Your back on me or rebuke me harshly, because if You did, Lord, I’d just feel like dying. But You understand, Jesus. You have love enough to understand that I wouldn’t be able to bear it, so You take me in Your arms and forgive me. Thank You, Lord!
Thank You for wiping away my tears no matter how hot they are, or how many. You just hold me all the closer to try to comfort me, to let me know it’s okay, that I am forgiven. You tell me to stop crying and not to worry about it, but just to try again.
Thank You, Lord, that You love me in my failures just as much as when I succeed. Thank You for such great Love and forgiveness! I can come to You unashamed and be comfortable, even though I know I’m nothing. Even though I know I deserve nothing, I can still come to You because of Your great Love. Thank You, Jesus!


Oh Heavenly Master, I thank You for creating me. Thank You for Your deep love for me. Thank You for Your personal Love that comes right down into my soul. Thank You that You love me, just me, just the way I am.
Lord, I love You! I love You the way You are. I love what You are. I love You because You are. You are so incredible! You are the source of Love — the source of all Love, and the source of true Love — true Love that cares, that upholds others, that really understands.
You’re so loving! You’re so absolutely loving, and everything You do is in absolutely perfect love! In every nuance and from every angle, You only accomplish total, absolute, complete love in everything You do, in every action You take, and in every thought You think.


Thank You, Lord, that I can participate in Your Love. Thank You that You work through me. Thank You that You’ve shown me how to connect to Your Love. Thank You for coming into me. Thank You for using me.


When I am sick, You are ever at my side, attending to my every need and whispering Words of gentle reassurance: “The miracle which you call health is just around the corner. You’ll hold it dearer after this.” Together we’ll hang on. When I am weary, You mop my brow and give me magical strength and courage. Together we’ll go on.


I bring You all my disappointments, like so many broken toys, hoping that You will fix them. Instead You smile and say, “You won’t be needing those,” and You give me other things far greater than I ever dared hope for. It’s amazing how You know what I need, when I don’t even know myself!


Your answers come as the whisper of a Lover, when passion has given way to pleasure, and pleasure to ecstasy, and ecstasy to surcease and warm embrace — soft, gentle, tender, loving.


Thank You for Your kisses, Jesus, which are sweeter than honey, tastier than fine wine! They move me and warm me! They set me on fire! Thank You for Your Words of love and passion that You whisper in my ears to comfort me and reassure me that I am pleasing to You.


When I offer up my little handful of love, I am engulfed in a sea of Yours. When I reach out to touch You, I find myself already enveloped in Your strong, loving embrace. When I direct my love to You, I feel like a child shining a flashlight at the sun. You shower me with such Love and care.
When I desire only to surrender to You, to give myself to You and to please You, You fill me and thrill me and give me so much more than I could ever dream of giving You! I try to give You everything, yet I feel like I only receive. Each time I come to You a pauper, pennies in hand, I leave the richest person in the world.


I thank You, Jesus, that when I hear Your still, small voice in my heart, You’re not speaking harsh words of reproof to me. You’re not ministering condemnation to me. You’re speaking uplifting words of life and joy and forgiveness and hope! I give You glory and honor, as I am unworthy of Your Love. You humble Yourself to kiss me with kisses of tenderness, and You speak to me with Words of honey love.


Thank You, Jesus, for creating the Family. It’s an Endtime Family. You waited until the time was right to create it. Thank You that we have the message, and that we have Your prophet and prophetess, Dad and Mama. Thank You, Jesus, for giving us Your Words for the Endtime. Thank You that we have the Family to help us follow Your Words.
Thank You for those who have chosen to give their all. The only ones that can be in Your army, and stay in Your army, are those that choose to be chosen. To be chosen is such a great honor, Lord. You bestow honors upon us!


I’m the vase, You’re the water. I’m the frame, You’re the picture. I’m the lungs, You’re the air. I breathe, but I breathe You. And if I didn’t have You to breathe, I wouldn’t breathe! If I didn’t have You as the picture, my frame would be empty. And if I didn’t have You, the water, to fill my vase, I would be nothing but an empty, useless vase.
Please show me how to let You into my life more. Please help me to let You fill up my vase. Please help me to let You paint the picture of my life. Let me constantly be aware that You are the air that I breathe. I love You, Jesus.


Thank You, Lord, for the privilege of being so close to You. Thank You for Your great Love, without which we could do nothing. Your banner over our army is Love. Thank You for Your army of Love. Thank You that You’ve shown us how to let You work through us. Please do work through us.
I open up the floodgates of my heart, and my spirit, and my will. My will is like the floodgates that can either hold You back from working through me, or that open up and let You work through me, so I give You my will.
I lift my gates up to You! I lift my hands up to You! I lift my heart up to You! I lift my floodgates up to You, and I let You flow through me. I ask You to pour through me. I want You to pour Your Love through me! I give You my will and ask that You take over, this day. Please work out all my problems, all my challenges, all of the work that is laid before me. Please organize it. Please orchestrate it. Please do what You want today, Jesus. I simply lie here in Your arms, submitted to You, and I ask that You take over — Your loving heart, and Your loving mind, and Your loving Spirit.


Lord, You are the emotion of my heart. You are the love emotion of my heart, because You are Love, and any ounce of love, any gram of love that I feel or that I have for anyone or anything, or that I experience, it’s just You, Jesus. It’s not me at all; it’s You, because You are Love. You are my emotion of love. You’re the One Who gives me my emotion of love. You’re the One Who allows me to feel the emotion of love.
I’m the feeler of the love, but You are the Love. You’re the emotion. Thank You for giving me that emotion, Jesus. Thank You for giving me You, and letting me feel You, that I may feel love — not only love coming in, but love going out to others.
Your love emotion is like the air. I breathe it in and I feel it. I exhale it and I breathe it out, and I feel it for others, and I give it out to others. I feel it coming in, and then I feel it going out for others. I thank You for it. I thank You that You are the love emotion. You are Love. I thank You for giving it to me, and for residing in me.


I wait for the sound of Your voice as it gently, softly whispers through the stillness, as it lingers in the quietness, as it fills the air around me. It enters my heart, filling every vacuum and flooding my mind with light and Love and warmth. I hear it and I am renewed, refreshed, refilled, and made happy. Hearing Your voice solves everything! It melts me. It changes me. It makes me more like You.
Your voice is what I live for! I wait for it, I feed on it, I crave it, I want it. Your voice is the seed of Love. Your voice created everything; it is the beginning and the end of all things. Your voice is the power behind the rotation of Heaven and Earth. Your voice is so loud and so great and majestic that it can be felt in all of creation, yet can only be heard in the quiet and the stillness. Your voice, though made for all the world to hear and witness, yet delights to speak to the individual.
How priceless and wonderful is Your voice that speaks Your heart and Your mind, and makes known the secrets of my own heart. You speak to me as a demonstration of Your Love for me. Your voice is the very Love of the One Who made us all. Your voice is the heart of God speaking to me.


Oh, how Your voice satisfies, electrifies, and gives me pleasure! How I love to hear Your voice! How it excites me to hear Your whispers, to feel Your kisses, to know Your Love through hearing Your voice. Hearing Your voice supplies all of my needs, answers all of my questions, satisfies all of my longings, and fills me with faith. Your voice pets me, caresses me, loves me, tells me I am Your Own, that You are with me. You are watching. You are helping. You are answering.


The Kingdom of Heaven already is, but for me it’s also something to look forward to, something that is coming. I know I have a taste of it now, but as You said, eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor yet has it entered into the heart of man, the things that You have prepared for us. But You did also say that the Spirit hath revealed them unto us. It’s nice to have a little revelation of the things to look forward to, and I thank You for that.


You make Yourself so available, always ready to receive me, to hold me, to comfort me, to let me feel Your strength, to let me rest in Your courage, knowing that You watch over me.


Thank You, Jesus, for Your Love for me. I love to be enveloped in Your Love and in Your Spirit. Thank You for Your constant care and protection. I praise You and love You. Thank You that I can be in this world but not part of it. Thank You that I can be proud of the calling to which You’ve called me, to be an ambassador of Your Love.
Thank You, Lord, that I don’t have to operate in my own strength; I simply can let You move and live in me so that Your light and Your Love shine through. Thank You, Jesus, for making it so easy for me to simply come to You, to love You. By loving You and receiving Your Love and Your Words, Your seeds, I receive the strength I need for each day.
Thank You that You love me even when I forget to thank You and love You and remember You as I should. Your Love is everlasting and so unconditional, beyond my human comprehension. Thank You, Jesus, for Your never-ending Love for me, that You love me in such a personal and intimate way.
Thank You, Lord, for being my Lover, my High Priest Who understands me and relates to my needs and my concerns. You fulfill my every need; You take care of my every concern.


You promised You would never leave me nor forsake me, and I see that promise fulfilled every day, every hour, every minute of my life. I look around and I see Your Love. I see Your Love in Your supply. I see Your Love in Your creation. I see Your Love in the precious Family You’ve given me.
Thank You, Jesus, that I have hope in You. The day will come when I will see You face to face in that great Marriage Feast of the Lamb, where I’ll be together with You, to love You and to be loved by You. Thank You that I have Eternal Life, Jesus, and I’m going to live forever. Thank You that I can give this precious gift to others — the most valuable gift in the whole wide world.
Thank You, Lord, that You’ve given me such an important job of sharing Your Love with others. I feel privileged to be called to such an important profession. I take my ministry seriously. I don’t want to fail You. I want to be Your ambassador of Love.


Everything that I have to offer, everything that I have to give, everything that I am, I give to You, Jesus, in thanks and praise for Your wonderful Love, Your supernatural acceptance, Your unending mercy and Your overflowing passion!


Thank You, Jesus, that You love my praises. Thank You that You love my thanks, and that You accept them. You love to hear me. You never tire of me. That’s such a marvel to me. You love me when I have deep things to say, or happy things to say, or simple things to say, or profound things to say. No matter what I have to say or thank You for, You listen and You love to hear from me.
It’s so sweet of You to be so understanding and loving and patient, Jesus. You’re such a good sample to me of how to receive thanks from others, to stop and listen to others. I love You and I can never stop thanking You for all that You’ve done for me and continue to do for me, including all the things You do for me that I don’t even know about.
I praise You and I love You. I honor You. I worship You because of my deep, sincere love for You. Your Love is all around me. I see it everywhere. I feel it. I absorb it and I need it. Thank You, Jesus, my Lover of all lovers!


I thank You, Jesus, for Your soft lips that kiss away my heartaches, my disappointments, my worries. I thank You for Your sweet lips that continually pour forth to me honey Words of encouragement, instruction, guidance and love — especially love.


Thank You, Jesus, My wonderful Husband and Lover, for giving me this new way to praise You and thank You for everything You’ve done and been for Me. Thank You, sweet Jesus, for giving me the words to express the deepest thoughts and feelings in My heart for You.
Your Love completely overwhelms me! I feel like My heart could burst sometimes, it is so full of adoration, love and praise to You. It leaves me speechless when You take me in Your arms and hold me. All I can do is gaze into Your face and loving eyes and sigh, and rest my head on Your shoulder and enjoy Your tender kisses and caresses.
The Words You whisper in my ear explode within my heart! Tears fill my eyes when You tell me how You see only beauty, and none of my flaws at all. Your mercy and Your Love for me have been so great. When I was faithless, forlorn and destitute, Your faithfulness lifted me from the pit I’d sunk into. As You pulled me out of the ashes of defeat, You washed me and cleansed me and clothed me with a glorious new garment of praise.


I am nothing, and nothing in my hands I bring. In my hopelessness, I lifted my eyes to You. As I looked up and stretched out my arms to You and begged You to take me, as dirty as I was, Your hands were already reaching down, and You drew me near, ever so near, until I rested in Your arms. Then You took me to Your bed of love and made me Your special bride.
Jesus, I thank You and I praise You for being such a wonderful Lover and precious Husband to me. No one can compare to You, my precious Love! You are everything, and more than I have been longing and waiting for. I never imagined it would be like this. I want to love You always and forever! I continually praise You in my heart and declare before the people that You are the only One worth living for. I want to proclaim for all to hear — that You saved me from destruction and put a new song in my heart and praise on my lips that will never fade away.
Oh my Love, hold me ever so near You! Never let me go or drift away from You. For without You, life is not worth living, and the light in my life would slowly die and be gone. Thank You for lighting my way, lifting my heart, and raising me up! I love You and praise You, my Love of all loves, my Friend, my Guide, my Husband! I praise You forever and hold You always dear!


O beautiful Lover, Husband divine, I am but clay in Your hands. Yet You take me and fashion me and breathe Your Own life and Spirit into me and make me into Your Own lover, that I may spend eternity in Your arms.
The mystery of Your Love is beyond finding out. My soul rejoices in You, and my body rejoices in the promise of Your redemption. I long for the day when my spirit and risen body will join with Your Spirit and Your body as one. Truly, what is man that You are mindful of him, or the children of men that You visit them, and come to dwell in the midst of them? How wondrous are Your ways!


Sweet Lover, how wonderfully You work. You toss aside my confusion as easily as the morning sunlight floods a darkened room when the shutters are flung open. So I fling the shutters of my life open to You. Come rushing in and fill me with Your Love and light! Fill me with Your very Being! How wonderful are Your works, and at Your right hand I find pleasures forever more. Lover divine, thank You that You will never leave nor forsake me.


One look into Your eyes and I can scarcely breathe! Your Love leaves me without speech or words to express the joy I feel. One glimpse of You and all my good deeds seem as nothing. One look at You and the very pattern of my thoughts, the illusions of things I call myself, melt suddenly away as frost fleeing from a window pane when a fresh fire is lit, and all can see out clearly again. One look at Your great Love and there is no measure so small that can measure me or mine. One look at You, and quickly I see my worth is not of me, but my only worth is You and letting Your Love shine through.
Oh, how great and beyond all thought or reason is all the Love You have just for me! At last I see that anything of value in me comes from having You in me. Any good thing I have or do, precious Lover, is You and You alone. I am nothing more than an empty pot, and even that I would not be if my old pot had not been a gift from You. You are all there really is. At last I can stop trying to measure myself by myself, or compare myself to others. And I certainly can’t measure You or Your Love. It’s too big for me to measure. All I can see is my need for You.


You brought me out of nothingness, and now, awakening, I see in the glow of Your Love what I must do. Now that I am aware of You, I want to use each breath of life to praise You! O wondrous One, great Lover divine! My heart fills to overflowing with words I do not yet know how to speak, to express how I feel about You and Your Love for me. These are words unspoken, unspeakable, words beyond my carnal comprehension, utterances of joy incomprehensible. They are there, planted in my soul, but can only burst forth in the color and splendor of tongues unknown to me as yet — golden gifts from You of thought and praise, of love and appreciation that I can feel but must wait to let Your Spirit articulate.


Oh Banner of Courage
In the battle of life,
We lift our eyes to Thee.
The weary and worn,
The tattered and torn,
You lead to victory.
When our ship is tossed
And all seems lost
On the raging storm-tossed sea,
Your Beacon of Light
Pierces our night
And shows the way to Thee.


I thank You, Jesus, for Your feet that lead me down a pleasant path, that lead me through the adventures of life, that lead me to Your Kingdom which is to come. I thank You that You don’t walk so far ahead that I lose my way. I thank You that You don’t take giant steps that are too big or too difficult for me to follow. I thank You that You don’t lead me over rough terrain that wears me out, or over steep mountainous cliffs that scare me, but You lead me on gentle paths, beautiful paths with gorgeous scenery and delightful weather. As we walk, You warn me of the pitfalls, instruct me to go this way and that way, to “watch out for that branch,” and “be careful for that log,” and “oh, let Me help you over the stream.” You’re constantly there helping me, guiding me and assisting me, to make my journey as pleasant and as beautiful as possible.
I thank You, Jesus, that I’m able to travel the road of life with You as my constant Companion. I thank You for revealing to me our ultimate destination — Your Heavenly Kingdom. Thank You for the Heavenly Kingdom that You have prepared for Your children, a place of such beauty and happiness!


I thank You, Jesus, that of all the people who have ever lived and who will yet live, You have chosen me to be one of Your Endtime soldiers. I am so weak and so small. I know so little compared to many who are wiser and faster, who are brilliant, who are more adventurous and daring, who are stronger and more cunning. Yet You chose me to be one of Your Endtime soldiers. It is a place of great honor and privilege, and I thank You and I give You all the glory!
I know that it is nothing of myself, it is only You, Jesus — Your strength, Your power, and Your anointing. Without You, I am nothing. Without You, I am lost. Without You, I can do nothing! So if there’s any faithfulness or success or beauty in my life for You, I give You the glory! I take none of the glory myself, for I know from the bottom of my heart that without You, I can do nothing.
Help me always to cherish the precious place You have given me and not to compare my place with that of another — not to wish that I had something else or that I was somebody else, but just to be thankful and to praise You and glorify You and do the best I can for You, knowing that You love me and need me as much as I love and need You.


Thank You for the Love You’ve given me. Thank You for uniting with my spirit, and becoming one with me. I love You, Jesus! You’re my all in all. You’re my everything. You’re the only thing I have to hang on to, to cling to — and I do. I cling to You desperately! Without You, without the breath of Your life, without the breath of Your Spirit, I know that I am absolutely nothing. Without You to hang on to, I’m nothing. There’s nothing there without You. You’re everything; I’m nothing. I’m nothing but a tool and a channel. I exist only to hold You, and to love You.


Thank You, Lord, that You are Love. It has nothing to do with me, Jesus. It has nothing to do with me being a great giver of love, because I’m not. I feel Your Love coming into me and going out to others. When I feel love for others, I know it’s You loving others through me. Thank You for loving others. Thank You for giving me feelings of love for others. I know these feelings are from You, Lord.


King of Glory, Father of Lights, Flame of God, Light of the universe, Heat of God, Energy behind all things, Word of God, light my fire! Help me to burn for You. Shine brightly on every part of my life, in every area of my heart. Let me be a reflection of Your light. Light my fire with desire — desire to love You, to praise You, to burn brightly for You. Light my fire to be totally consumed with obeying Your every wish, doing Your will. Then living my life for You will be my passion, and my love for You will be red-hot.
Light my fire so everything within me that is not of You is burned out. Light my fire so that others around me will feel the warmth of Your Love reaching out. Light my fire so that the flame of Your Spirit in me burns out the dross and the impurities of the Enemy. Light my fire so that I have a burning passion to witness Your Word. Light my fire so that the light that is given off is You, and reflects Your power.
Light my fire so that others will see me burning for You. Light my fire so that as this world gets darker, Your light will shine more brightly. Light my fire so that I may light the fires of others, that we may be on fire for You — lights in a dark world, torches that carry Your Word, faithful witnesses, warning messengers. We are Your flames of fire for the last generation. Help us to burn for You!


Lord, thank You for this wonderful opportunity to praise You. You’re the Creator of the universe, so how can my heart be filled with anything less than total praise and utter thanks to You? Thank You for every single thing that has happened in my life. — Every single thing! Thank You for every time You took me out of a trial. Thank You for every blessing You’ve bestowed upon me: the breath that I breathe, the body that I dwell in, hands that can write, eyes that see, knees that bend, legs that carry me, and my soul that You’ve created and placed in this house.
Thank You for everything that You’ve done. Thank You for humbling Yourself to come down to my level. Thank You for opening up a line of communication with me. Thank You for giving me the door to enter into fellowship with You. You did that by laying down Your life for me, by carrying my burdens, my faults and my sins, and by taking the blame, the guilt and the punishment for me. Thank You, Jesus. I love You, Lord. I want to be wed to You, married to You. I love You!


Thank You, Jesus, for dwelling within me. Thank You for speaking through me. Thank You for giving me Your Words when I ask You questions. Thank You so much for such a treasure! To have You speaking in me and giving me Your answers is more valuable than gold or diamonds or anything of this world! Thank You so much, Jesus! Thank You for those answers, Lord.
Help me to take time to let those answers flow out of me, to let You speak, to listen to those answers, and to let You have Your way in my life. Thank You for leading me, keeping me, protecting me, and supplying for me. Thank You for all that You do for me. You’re my all in all! I am nothing and can do nothing at all without You, my Husband, my Lover, my Bridegroom, my King, my Creator, my Master!


Jesus, thank You so much for making me Your bride, for choosing me to be Your lover, for blessing me with such intimacy, for taking me into Your secret chamber and for loving me, receiving me, desiring me and making me Yours. Thank You, Jesus, that You desire me, that You like to be with me, that You enjoy my company. Thank You that I turn You on, that I move You and excite You!


Wonderful Friend, Companion, Lover, King, Savior, Lord and God! So many things are wrapped up in You, Jesus. You fill so many facets of my life. I praise You for that.
As the Word says, You’re my shield and my buckler. You go before me and You are my rearward. You hold me up from behind. You hold me up in front and brace me on both sides. With all that You have to do, it’s truly marvelous, Jesus, and a wonderful thing in my sight. Even though You’re God, I imagine that it takes a lot to stay on top of everything that’s going on. Thank You for looking down on me and caring for me.


I love You because You’re tremendously powerful. I love You because You answer my prayers. I love You because You answer even those prayers that I had not yet thought to pray. I love You because You peer deep into my heart and see the things that are written there — the unspoken words, the unfulfilled wishes, the dreams that I have not dared to dream. You take all of these into Your hands and You bring them to pass. Some You fulfill before my very eyes, others You baptize with Your peace and tranquillity, and others You quietly fade from my mind, so that when I go to look for them they are no longer there, and in their place is a wonderful realization of Your presence.


Thank You that our relationship has so many facets, Jesus, so many relationships in one relationship. Thank You that You are my Friend, my Companion and Fellow-soldier, on Whom I can rely. I can come to You and tell You my secrets, my longings, my desires, my anxieties. And it’s not just a one-way street. You also tell me such wonderful things and take me into Your confidence. That is truly a marvelous thing. You’re not just a friend, but our relationship goes deeper than that. We’re husband and wife, mates, and we’ve had children, spiritual babies, souls won that I will be able to know forever in Your coming Kingdom.
And, Jesus, we not only have that relationship, but also one as between the Lord and His vassal, one in which I can bow my knee to You as my sovereign Lord and King, and can serve You. But in every way You also look after my welfare, and in such You also serve me. That is another truly marvelous thing.
I guess the best relationship of all is having You as my God. You are not just my King, but also my God — the One Whom I worship and I adore, the One Who created me and everything that I see.


Thank You that I never really have to be anxious about anything. I never have to be tense about anything. I never even have to worry about anything. You have given me great assurance and deliverance from those things, because I know You’re there and You’re working everything out. There’s nothing to get upset or uptight about, because You are in total control of everything. You’re not going to let anything happen that will hurt — at least not in the long run — as long as I go to You, Jesus. That’s a wonderful confidence to have, and I thank You for that.
So many people have struggled over trying to understand Your workings, and have gotten themselves into a mess. Thank You that those things don’t really worry me; they don’t bother me. Lord, I’m not trying to understand Your nature, or dissect You. I’m not trying to figure out exactly how You did everything; that’s not important to me. The thing that is important to me is that You are, and that I love You and that You love me. Your Love for Me is greater than my love for You, as is manifested so many times.
Jesus, You are truly out of this world — most wonderful in every way! I praise You and I thank You for that. Thank You, Jesus!


When your heart is aching, turn to Jesus.
He’s the greatest One that you can know.
He is always waiting right beside you,
Blessings, love and comfort to bestow.
Heartaches, take them all to Jesus;
Come to Him today; do it now, don’t delay.
Heartaches, take them all to Jesus,
He will take your heartaches all away.


Lord, You are the only One that I really want. I want to feel You. I want to hold You. I want to grab on to You. I reach out to You now, Jesus. I reach out and I ask You to take me. Take me into Your arms. Hold me. I need You. I need You just to hold me. You’re the One that I really love, and You’re the One that I want to draw close to now. So please come, my Lover. Please come, my dearest Husband. Please take my troubled, weary heart, and hold it close to Your heart.
I praise You, Lord! I love You, Lord! I need You, Lord! I need Your comfort. I need Your help. I need Your understanding.


Home at last! The journey was long, but Your Love made a way and won me to You, and here on the shores of eternity we begin anew. Morning dawns upon our first day in our brave new world of Love. Old things are passed away and all things have become new. The Son of God has taken His bride. Oh, mystery beyond the wisdom of the sages of all ages! It was for love that You left Heaven that night to search for me and find me. And then You placed Your crown upon me.
Oh, joy of my soul, for Your pleasure I was created. So now I stand at Your right hand to serve Your pleasure for ever more. Only a humble earthen vessel am I, yet touched by God and formed to hold such a treasure, the treasure of Your pleasure. I am to be Your lover and bride. Like sweet mother Mary, Your lowly handmaiden can only rejoice at Your choice of lovers.


Let all the children of love praise the Lord! Let all the children of passion praise the Lord! Let all the children of mercy praise the Lord! Let all the children of praise praise the Lord, for He alone is worthy of such praise. Praise be to Jesus forever and ever and ever, our Lord and Savior and King and Husband, our constant Companion and Comforter. All glory, all honor, all praise to Jesus!

* * * * *


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