MO Letters ah Upload’n


More lovely prophecies up for grabs! I’ve been overloaded with blessings and battles recently, how about you?  Things are heating up!  Both in the physical and in the spiritual.  Both on this planet and off planet.  It’s good to be here with you, my friend.  You know I walked the walk I talked the talk, found out it wasn’t worth much without Jesuuuuuus, without Jeeeeesuuuuuus!   Now I’m planning to get hip hip boogie to the woogie the bang bang boogie you don’t stop whippy to the wippin’ the beat!

Sorry, a bit drunk right now, on coffee and the H.S. that is.

So much, too much going on at the same time and my spirit reminds me this morning that in Jesus, “All things have become new” and we only need to appear before Him and let Him direct our paths.  Sometimes my spirit just knows so much more than my carnal fallen nature and distracted soul ever do!


2 thoughts on “MO Letters ah Upload’n

  1. This made me laugh ha! I’m glad one of us is tripping out on the Spirit, I’ve had my relatives from China staying with us for the past fortnight and as much as I love to see them, it’s all a bit of a strain – lack of spirituality and all that surface stuff near on kills ya! – and I’m now feeling like a fish that’s been out of water that has sunk into the mire of dispondancy almost! Things sure are heating up out there though and there are some sinister happening going on in the political arena right now what with the latest incident in Britain just a few days before an earth-shaking vote which is all very suspicious and convenient and if it is conspiracy which is certainly how it looks and most likely designed to make BREXIT look bad then it’s certainly having the desired effect of swinging the public vote to stay IN now being in the lead – UK voters have to be kept in line with the globalist agenda after all!

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    • GBY Sistah!! Welcome in the Spirit anytime to my humble abode of delightful insanity. Tis the world that’s mad, sad and empty. I’d rather be insane than one of them sad reasonable establishment folk!

      What was it that happened in Britain before the vote? There must be some intense warfare going on over there because a dear friend of mine who was there studying suddenly had to leave and miss nearly a year of school just because of some minor tooth operation going wrong. She’s going back for a period of time but I couldn’t help but wonder if she was there on some sort of assignment, being a spiritually aware Christian. Anyway, lots of love to your dear Family!

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