Simple Equadorians Prove the ‘Flat Earth’ is Round in 2 Minutes Flat!

Starry News - Paradise Post From Taiwan

According to the intellectually challenged American Millennial pitiful products of John Dewy non “education”, who believe they are living on a Flat Earth disk instead of on a ball, Equador has no Equator as “there is no ball!”
Now watch these simple Equadorians prove in 2 minutes that there IS INDEED an invisible line going across Equador that causes the Coriolis effect. (If you don’t know what that is, watch to see what it means).

Can you find Equador on your map, you poor American Flat Erf kids? I know it is hard with all that lack of education, but give it a try. It is in South America! That is a continent! It is on the left bottom!


Now if you still have doubts -because those smart Equadorians threw the water in clockwise! Ha! For filthy lucre! — here is a real scientific proof that the Coriolis effect is…

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