Phanuel stood on his bed peering down across the Sailex interior.  It was obvious there had been a significant passage of time, as he was experiencing an extreme sense of having rested and slept.  This had not been the sensation last he’d remembered.

Sailex appeared in front of him (the spirit of the craft herself) and spoke in tongues for a few seconds before proceeding to tell him the news.  It’s better to get in tune with the Lord first, afterall, she thought.

“We’re creaming them.”  she said finally.  Phanuel looked up at her and nodded.  Not that he trusted himself but the Lord had indeed gifted him to deal with these kinds of situations.  She went back to the main control panel and offered him a seat as well.  “Are you interested in piloting for a while?  It’s my turn for a break!”

“Sure, I’d love to.  What an honor!”  Phanuel stepped over her into the control pod and was able to switch places with her to the point that the entire ship now became an extension of his soul.  Behind him Sailex now lay down on the bed, opening an old Catholic volume.

“This book is exactly like Inception.  Have you ever seen that movie?  I love that movie!”  And she started to read a chapter to him.

“I don’t watch movies.”  Phanuel said, engrossed with scanning the remains of the battlefield.  It looked like a massacre, with very few good guys lost.  Utilizing Sailex technology updated by Heaven’s finest and latest technicians, he was able to assess the situation in no time.  It was actually his style, and he appreciated not having to sit through Sailex’s report.  Soon he would be back to normal and able to use his own craft.  I should point out that a lot of these angels and spirits have their own craft named after them, or at least close.  Phanuel’s craft was usually called the Penuel.

The spiritual nuptials introduced by an imaginary vision. . . Sailex began to read to him.


“Seriously I’m okay for now.  However, your voice is lovely, keep reading!”  He added, not wanting to lose this chance to operate this unique and special craft.   Perhaps he could get the entire Phoenix to come here and share more secret angel prototype craft like Sailex!

Suddenly his whole mind began to tickle and red swirly things appeared.  There must have been something wrong!  All of her sensors were picking up something strange, definitely out of the ordinary. . . the craft swooped down over the wreckage of more enemy craft.   Small flags had been erected over fallen warriors that had belonged to their side in the past (the saints who had been carried over to work in the enemy’s camp).

“Isn’t it beautiful how the Lord is inviting His brides into intimate union with Him through imagination?  No matter how long we use this weapon of intimate love with Him it just never gets old.  Finish up there soon Phanuel, we need to go back to Heaven and soak in this!”  She said, unaware of the alert signal.  She was really resting now.

Let her rest, Phanuel thought, pinpointing one of many moving targets.   The Enemy was reviving?  No. . .  this was something else!  Upon closer inspection it seemed a miracle had taken place.  Dead bones were rising up out of the battlefield, no longer dead.  Flesh began to cover them, and soon they were standing fresh and as good as new.  A light shone from above the clouds and soon it was obvious the reason for this sudden resurrection.

<Jesus> I am come that you guys may have life and life abundantly!  All who are Mine will stay Mine, and will never be lost, even if they give up on themselves. . .

HIS VOICE rang in everyone’s ears.   The other people down below who had come to help clean up everything started to worship Him.  There was a gentle and glrorious melody that rang through the air and Phanuel had to park the Sailex due to the sheer emotion of the moment.  He could no longer drive clearly anyway because of the tears running down his face!

He opened the door and came down the walkway of the craft with Sailex behind him, and they just stood there and praised God as the power to raise the dead was being clearly seen here – not the devils, mind you, but all the saints who had died in this fight were now being brought back.

<Phanuel> Lord you are worthy of all our praise forever!   How is it this could happen here?  How could your children fall like this in the spirit?

<Jesus> There is so much freedom for My children, and they even have the freedom to leave me if they choose.  However no one comes to Me can ever be lost.  Now I have come that they might have the victory, for even in seeming defeat is My total victory over death seen!

NOW THOUSANDS OF FALLEN were coming to Him and thanking Him, although they were naked at first angels swept down and clothed them. One could sense the deep sorrow they had for having failed and yet Jesus washed all these tears away.  The love everywhere was immense, and now it was obvious what this battle was all about.

Many of these were the Lord’s brides who had since ceased desiring to follow Him as such.  The pursuit of this world’s trinkets or whatever had obviously gotten in the way, and the Enemy had recruited them even to the point of their fighting God’s army.

<Jesus> Remember that I do not judge nor condemn anyone.  I hope for all to come to Me to truly know how much I love and forgive everyone.  Phanuel you have already inherited some of these old mantles and recovered lost brides.  The Rachel mantle has been given you to know Me intimately also as the bride, so that any time you wish you are now able to come to Me.

<Phanuel> Lord, this awesome gift is beyond me, but let it be as You have said.

Phanuel thought of calling up Rachel at that moment, but knowing she was probobly busy he decided against it.  There were more battles to come, he felt.  Now Sailex was getting busy with the newly revived souls and receiving orders from Jesus to start taking them back to the base.  StarLion appeared above the battlefield, and Cloud came and removed much of the infrastructure she had provided for the grid (more on that later!)

<Zhang Fei> Phanuel you have way too many mantles. When are you going to share these?

<Phanuel> That’s for me to decide!

Zhang Fei was one of the ancient Chinese warriors sent to finish off the remaining hordes.  He pointed to the sky as the StarLion arrived and then another smaller craft, about the size of say maybe a large mansion came and landed in front of them.

<ZhangFei> Tea?   Aboard the Naioth?  The school of the prophets!

<Phanuel> Sounds like a plan.  Let the Lord and the StarLion personell take care of this situation!  I’m ready for what’s next.


The Interior Castle, by St. Teresa of Avila, [1921], at


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