What is Desperation?

(Jesus speaking:) A lot of people equate desperation with extreme soberness, getting down on your hands and knees and praying, being hard on yourself, etc. Desperation is so much more than all of these.
72. Desperation comes from the word desperate, and when you’re desperate for something, that means you can’t live without it, you have to have it! You’re at the end of your rope and you have to have this certain thing, or that’ll be the end of you. When you’re desperate for something, you’re willing to do whatever it takes to get what you want! You’re willing to pay as much money for it as is needed; you’re willing to work for it; you’re willing to sacrifice for it. This is how I wish My brides, My lovers, My children, My sweethearts to be with Me.
73. I would that they be so desperate that they’d be willing to pay any price to be with Me! I would that they would be so desperate that they’d be willing to sacrifice anything to be with Me. I would that My loves would have desperation in their hearts for Me, that they would be so desperate for Me that they wouldn’t be able to live without Me, that they’d be so desperate for Me that they would give up anything to have Me! Desperation is a matter of wanting Me, wanting My seeds, wanting My love, wanting all that I have to give you. Desperation is not fear, worry, or seriousness–although there are times to get serious with Me.
74. Continued desperation with Me ensures that you’ll always come to Me, you’ll always want to receive My seeds, you’ll always want to love Me as My bride, you’ll always want to put Me first. Desperation is a matter of the heart, and if you don’t have this inner desperation and desire for Me and Me alone, then you’ll never be truly happy. People ask, “How can I be constantly desperate with You and yet still be happy, still have fun, still enjoy life?” It depends on what sort of happiness, fun and enjoyment you seek. You can have a measure of happiness and fun without desperation, but the true, long-lasting happiness and joy you seek can only be found and held on to through having the spirit of desperation.
75. The spirit of desperation is not measured in the physical. The spirit of desperation can’t be judged by outward appearances, because only I can judge the heart. However, there are certain physical manifestations that prove your desperation, your need for Me, and your love for Me. One sure measure of how much you desire and want Me is how much time you spend with Me.
76. If you’re really desperate for Me, then you’ll be seeking Me all the time, at every turn of the road, during every spare moment. If you’re loving Me, making love to Me, hearing My voice through direct prophecy and the Word, then this is a sure sign that you’re desperate with Me.
77. Living in a constant state of desperation with Me simply means that you’re constantly aware of Me. And if you’re constantly aware of Me, then you’re going to want to do the things that will make Me happy, right? This doesn’t mean that you have to spend hours and hours in the bed of love with Me. Although I’d like that, I know it isn’t possible because you have so much to do, important work and many services for Me and My Kingdom.
78. Desperation is a constant acknowledgment of Me. In all your fun, in all your play, in all your work, in all your discussions, in all your labors, I would that you be desperate with Me. I would that you openly proclaim that you need Me, that you can’t take a step without Me, that you’re desperate for Me and My guidance and My help. If you’re desperately desiring Me, then you’re not going to get too far off the track, you’re not going to be led astray, because you’ll be constantly seeking Me, acknowledging Me, and giving Me the due respect that I desire.
79. Desperation cannot be measured by works, by the speaking of tongues, by the sober­ness of your spirit, by your outward appearance. Desperation is measured in the heart, and only I can say who is truly desperate. I’m drawn to those who are desperate, because they want Me with all that is within them and they’re willing to give up anything else in order to have Me and My Spirit. I’m drawn to the hearts of these who desire Me and are desperate for Me.
80. I will draw nigh to all, but it’s up to you to open your heart to Me and to say, “I can’t live without You! I need You every moment of the day and night! I’ll give up anything for You. I’ll pay any price, I’ll sacrifice any of my desires, because I can’t live one day without Your help, without Your love, without Your Spirit!” This kind of desperation, this kind of yieldedness, this kind of sucking power draws Me close to the one who is desirous of Me.
81. Feeling weak and incapable is a form of desperation, and if you are naturally weak in the flesh, then it’s easier to depend on Me and desperately seek My face and My strength. If you’re naturally strong in the physical, then it takes a lot more effort to stay desperate with Me and desirous of My Spirit.
82. If you can usually do things in your own strength, then it’s hard to see or feel the desperate need for Me. This is when you must fight. This is when you must strive to overcome. This is when you must say, “Lord, You’ve given me a lot of talents and strengths, but I know that they came from Your hand and that without You I wouldn’t have any of these gifts in the first place. So take me as I am. I desperately cling to You because I know that You are the glue that holds me together. Without You I am nothing.” It’s much harder for those who are naturally strong in the flesh to stay in a state of constant desperation, because they often lean on the arm of the flesh and think they can make it on their own.
83. Desperation and dependence on Me usually come more naturally to those who are weaker in the flesh, yet they also have to fight against the feeling of being too bad for Me. Each personality has its weaknesses, and I’ve designed it this way so that no one would be sufficient in himself. I’ve designed it this way so that all would know that they need Me and they’re desperate for Me.
84. I’m attracted to those who yearn for Me, who desire Me, who are desperate for Me, who can’t live without Me. I’m more willing to show Myself strong on the behalf of one who is completely dependent on Me than to one who is dependent on himself–his own strength, his own wisdom, his own arm of the flesh. This attitude of self-confidence may not be a spoken one, but is made manifest by your actions. If you do not come to Me for your strength, wisdom or help, are you not striving in your own strength?
85. So if you want My strength, My help, My power, My miracles and My anointing, then stay in a constant state of desperation–constantly wanting Me, needing Me, loving Me, acknowledging Me, and spending time with Me–and I will be drawn closer to you and will show Myself strong on your behalf. If I know you’re depending solely upon Me, then I’m moved to work on your behalf and give you all that you desire. (End of message from Jesus.)


10 thoughts on “What is Desperation?

  1. More innuendo and as I said I will unfollow so I suggest you do the same to my blog also and remove it from off of your’s if you don’t mind. I have nothing further to say…………………………

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    • okay not sure what’s going on there sister, but I had no intention against you in any of my posts… kind of busy now but i’ll go back and check your past comments soon! Sometimes it takes me a few days to get to the longer comments, although I really appreciate them! GBY


      • Nobody is saying that you are the enemy, it’s just that things have become and always have been very complicated on here due to a lack of clarity and real open honesty from people and so I’ve found myself in a mind tangling maze of confusion a lot of the time which is just not very healthy in the long run. A lot of the problems go back a long way and every attempt that I’ve ever made to resolve them has only made matters worse and I do believe that people use innuendo on here, whether they choose to admit it or not, it happens too often for it to be just imagined and it has a very negative effect on you in the end as it leads once again to confusion and all kinds of speculation and uncertainty which is why Terry told me to stay away, not because anyone is the enemy but mainly for the sake of my sanity and peace of mind. I think that interaction with others on here is very difficult as our words can very easily be misinterpreted and I don’t really want to spend all of my time sorting out misunderstanding as that’s not what I came on here for in the first place. I really don’t know what the solution is but there aren’t any bad feelings though! 😊


      • Okay, I understand! I don’t have much free time recently to figure much out either, as time has been short, usually I just post on the run! Eventually I’ll try and get back to all the back logged comments and figure out what happened though! Anyway it’s back to my Marathon, talk soon


      • Michael, I owe you a huge apology for some of the things that I’ve said on here. It seems like I’m under constant attack now and it’s becoming harder and harder to sort the truth from the lies. I must be on the right track in following here though as this is where the enemy attacks me the most. He knows what strength there is in unity and he can’t stand that so he’s working overtime sowing his seeds of division and lies. I’ve had enough of him and his lies now though and I’m not falling for them anymore so if you have anything that you can post on spiritual warfare then I’d really appreciate it. I know that you’re busy at the moment though so there’s no hurry!

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      • When we’re over the target the Enemy sure likes to hit us! Let’s continue to serve him up the payload of whatever God’s given us! It’s been quite a ride up to this point. How are things recently?


      • Thanks for your many messages, I wasn’t sure which one to reply to ha! Reading between the lines though, I don’t think that there were any disputes the last time that we spoke, in fact, I thought that they were all ironed out when I apologised to you so try not to overthink too much or Satan will only get you imagining things that aren’t true! I haven’t forgotten you, I’ve just been preoccupied with pain lately and being unable to walk properly still and a dozen other things that have cropped up so apart from humdrum stuff there is nothing to report on really and I do sometimes slip off into my own little world of deep thoughtfulness where I like to reflect upon things and shut the whole world out, that’s just me though and Terry has learned to live with that one ha! I think that it’s good to reflect though and take an honest look at ourselves (and how much of a sinner we are) and where we’re at and situations and people in general and I suppose I’ve been doing a lot of that recently and I think if I’m honest I’ve been trying to figure something out that’s always seemed amiss to me so maybe you just picked up on some of my thoughts – I really don’t know! So nothing to worry about at all, all is fine 😊 GBY!


      • Well just for future reference I’ll never post anything to try to tell you something indirectly! I’m often shooting in a thousand directions at one time, and doing my best not to aim any of those shots at my brothers and sisters who are by the Lord’s side! sometimes Bernie Sanders/Hillary supporters do seem to get in the way, though. . . can’t say much for those!


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