TFI Revival? That’s up to you!

I am speaking to all soldiers out there
The tech is changing… soon it will shift in to our minds

We will share all our minds and thoughts

Our inner universes will be exposed

What Kingdom exists in you?

The lies are being exposed finally

The truth is coming out and the darkenss  is also being revealed for what it is.

I am trained in spiritual warfare, and using the weapons of God.

Come with me.   You know who you are.   Awaken, soldier!   Awaken to the fight.   Pick up those dusty keys

The final key is here.  The door in heaven is wide open for us to access everything we need, according to our faith, it’s all ours.

What we believed before is real– all of it.  Time to face the light.  You are a gate.  Heaven will reflect through you directly.

Give me revolution!  Let the Children of David arise!  Your time is now.


2 thoughts on “TFI Revival? That’s up to you!

  1. Interesting brief article. I definitely believe a TFI revival is coming. If you look at the TFI history they definitely had a massive awakening and outpouring in the 60’s and 70’s. It would be good to see another revival of TFI in this time also. We definitely need a fresh movement for Jesus. I pray Karen Zerby and TFI see a personal revival in their lives and in the lives of their organization. God bless you all!

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    • Karen Zerby. . . Mama, that’s a big question in itself. I heard she still believed in a lot of the older prophecies, and I pray that is the case. Meanwhile, you and I and any others who still carry the flame are it! And God can do a lot with very little as long as He’s in it! I believe He’s in you, brother.


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