Angel Base Log 003

KNOWING REINFORCEMENTS WERE ON THE WAY, I GRABBED THE SERUM and injected it into my arm while charging the enemy.  They were prepared for a large angelic onslaught, actually.   Judging from the mechanics above the glowing red eyes of the troops on the ground, they had considerable additional air defenses.

Thus, the commanders laughed and pointed at me, uttering garbled demonic phrases in their ancient tongues and the volley of arrows began to hail forward.

Why is this stuff taking so long to take effect?   The fighting serum of David usually filled me with a berserker rage. I would need that to buy time for the youngins back at the temporary station where I’d left them.  Rachel would also be a great asset but for now the battle was mine.  All trepidation aside, I’ll be completely honest with you.

I love this kind of thing.

Serum or none, this was going to be more than enjoyable.  After utilizing a praise-filled force field to deflect the fiery green arrows I was in the enemy’s zone, manifesting whatever weapons came to mind at the moment.  Battle ax in one hand and ninja sword in the other, it was slice and dice time!  The thing with demonic armies is that they all hate each other and are actually incredibly terrified (of their bosses and being sent to the abyss)  so it’s usually just a matter of getting them to turn on each other.

<Rachel> How are you doing down there bubsy?

<Penuel> Just lovely, lady.  G R A T E!   Where are ya!!

Before I could get her answer in the intercom a large filthy mechanical walker shot lasers at me from behind.  I rolled under an ogre sized demon commander and leaped up to the cockpit of this thing, noticing it was completely automated.  The former pilot was dead, his body rotting inside and making everything smell AMAZING. . . okay I’m being sarcastic, it smelled indescribably nasty.  I think that was the idea.  They’d stolen this from some poor fallen brother, years ago.

I managed to dismantle the thing with my sword without destroying it.  After this battle I could send someone to recover the old thing and do something about it.  He deserved a proper burial after all.  Or perhaps the bones could be revived?

The lasers were cutting through ranks of foot soldiers but the commanders didn’t care.  In fact the sad thing was how they personally seemed to like seeing even their own guys get massacred.  Truly nothing was sacred to these guys.   Therefore I would show no mercy!   I switched the ax to a grenade launcher and started shooting in all directions.

<Rachel> Almost there.  Looks like you’re having a party though!  Are the kids safe?

<Sailex> Kids are safe!  I’m coming to you Phanuel, hold on!

<Phanuel> I’m fine guys.  Hey can we turn off this group chat thing?  It’s really distracting.

<Rachel> You got it.

ALL AROUND ME FIRE RAINED, but using the fallen brother’s mechanized walker for cover I was able to use live life ammo to create a Heavenly atmospheric protective guard in that position, then set up a living turret to launch projectiles from there, thus granting me sufficient cover to rush into another part of the demonic host.   Their main constant strategy seemed to be overwhelming numbers.  Once you got in there and started fighting using the new weapons they were toast.

Fountains of light and pure Heaven were streaming and launching from the fallen brother’s carcass, and so I used that moment to dive into another area of the battle field.  From there I was able to also call in more reinforcements, as I figured Rachel’s would take a while.  The Phoenix fighters, of which Sailex was one would be able to open interdimensional gates to teleport whole hosts if need be.  I figured just a few ancient warriors would do the trick.

SAILEX TEXTED ME ONCE AGAIN saying she’d be at the top of the summit.  Getting there would be easy, except for the fact that at that moment my serum came into effect.  Overdosing on that stuff is never recommended, and in this case it was second dose.   Doh!  I’d taken one that morning already!  Several winged creatures were swooping in to have their shot at me.  They had the bodies of dragons and the faces of men, and their expressions were contorted and twisted with rage and despair mixed.

Keys Turned to Swords, Praise blasting tech, water of life shooters, ahh, which weapon to use?   I stood there thinking maybe a little too long because of the opposite effect of a double dose of the serum.

Humility would be the way out of this one until I could get my mind back in order.

<Sailex> Use the mantle of humility!  I’ll find a way to your position!

That’s exactly what I had thought.  Moments later I was practically invisible, blending in with the dirt on the ground.  This particular mantle covered your armor to the point you’d become practically unnoticeable by the Enemy. . . but more importantly the hijacked brethren the Enemy used would not even pay attention to you.   Yes, you got me right there, a lot of the Enemy’s ranks were actually Christians he was piggybacking upon like my poor fallen brother back there.

It also made me not as strong as a fighter, as my body was too overloaded.   I used one feature on it to shrink myself down to the point I could use the remaining power I still had.   The power of weakness!  Indeed this battle was the Lord’s afterall.   As I did this I saw the Enemy start to attack each other, as they were impatient to attack SOMETHING.  After the two dragons nearly finished eating each other, the less dead one limping off to somewhere, Sailex came and got me.

<Sailex> Phanuel why do you do this?   Get in here!  We’re providing some of the finest Heavenly ground troops for this particular battle.

<Phanuel> Is that right?   Let me just take a nap while they finish the work then. . .

I SAW A BLINDING FLASH OF LIGHT AS THE GATE OPENED.  Sailex flew up into the air and opened a portal so that floods of our good friends, decked out in armor from various ages and battles of ages past came on in!

Now do not mind the overly nerdy diagram, but the best way to visualize this was exactly as pictured above.  The playing field was largely mapped out for the inflow and outflow of our troops.  This was utilizing Cloud technology which I’ll just have to get to later.  Our Heavenly troops can actually build the battlefield underneath their feet and force the Enemy to play on it.  It’s sort of a reverse from the demonic masonic checkerboard, where the Enemy used to make us play on HIS battlefield by HIS rules.   These temporary setups were thanks to the power of the keys, which enable Heaven to plant itself down on earth.

Eventually StarLion would make it down here and give an even larger battlezone, but with just one Pheonix Fighter like Sailex we were able to cover enough ground here to bring in a huge plethora of our own troops.  Perhaps Rachel’s help would be unnecessary afterall.   Did you get that Rachel?

<Rachel> Hey I’ve been keeping the Lord happy up here while you guys have been playing video games this whole time!  My job is the most most important!

<Phanuel> Point taken.   Keep doing what you’re doing then,  I heard you spoke with Wisdom as well! Does she have any new presents for us?

<Rachel> She sure does.  I’ll show you later.  Did anyone think of involving the kiddos now that the battlefield is set?

<Phanuel> You just leave that part to us, ma’am, we’re on the Earth and you are in Heaven.

SHE HAD A POINT, and I asked Sailex to bring in our trainees before too many of the hordes were massacred by our forces.   In addition I hoped to go out there and make some friends with these guys myself!

The inside of the Sailex craft was marvelous in itself, and I had to get my bearings there because of my reduced height.  Part of the strategy for this mission was afterall just to rest in the Lord.  I needed to do that myself!



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