The Game Chapter 1-10 by David Proxy!




(© January 1997 by Love in Action Postbus 2195  6802 CD Arnhem HOLLAND)

Chapter 1    THE EXPERIENCE    7
Chapter 2           PROCLAMATION    13
Chapter 3           HOME… AT LAST!    19
Chapter 4           FISHBOWL OF TIME    28
Chapter 5    OUT ON THE TOWN!    42
Chapter 6    THE FIRST WEEK    53
Chapter 7    THE MYSTERY    65
Chapter 8    THE GAME BEGINS    77
Chapter 9           SEDITION IN EDEN!    85
Chapter 10     A TRIP DOWN    95
Chapter 11    THE REALM REELS    105
Chapter 12    THE SECOND ERA    115
Chapter 13         CONTROL CENTER    127
Chapter 14    THE TEACHER    142
Chapter 15    THE DELIVERER    152
Chapter 16    LOVE DESCENDS    159
Chapter 17    THE CURSE ENDS    169
Chapter 18    THE BOMB BURSTS    173
Chapter 19         BRICKLAYERS?    182
Chapter 20         CULTURAL REVOLUTION    197
Chapter 21    WAR ASSEMBLY    209
Chapter 22         ENTER…THE LION    221
Chapter 23        GREAT CONFUSION    228
Chapter 24         TRIBULATION    238
Chapter 25    THE DAY!    246
Chapter 26         FEAST AND VENGEANCE!    258
Chapter 27    THE GOLDEN AGE    268
Chapter 28        CONSUMMATION    280

…Surely the Lord God will do nothing, unless He reveals his secret to his servants the prophets. That it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the prophet, saying, I will open my mouth in parables. I will utter things which have been kept secret from the foundation of the world. For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest, neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad. And He said unto them, ‘Unto you it is given to know the mysteries of the kingdom of God, but unto them that are without, all these things are done in parables, that seeing they might not see, and hearing they might not understand…’
Amos 3:7 Matthew 13:35 Luke 8:17 Mark 4:11 Luke 8:10

This book does not claim  to be theologically perfect, although the author has taken into account–to the best of his ability–all known Holy scriptures and additional revelations by prophets and seers of the Realm, as well as observations of those many souls that had an NDE–a Near Death Experience!
It is not written to give absolutist opinions about things behind the veil. Nonetheless the author believes that–within reason–these things, at the least… have as much an excuse for consideration as others’ dogmas and doctrines, and could possibly turn out to be so when we get There, or at the most… could be very close, if not actually so!
But it is not the object of the book to create new dogmas or give theological proof of every theory, interpretation, facet and fiction of its story! Just as Bunyan never claimed that his Castle of Despond was an actual place…yet it is! In the Spirit! Its aim is…to bring Heaven down to this weary, worn-out, love-starved World! To see life and its temporal worldly experience, from a perspective that has never even entered the minds of most –let alone their hearts! That is…from an absolute eternal heavenly perspective!
So… cut loose and let yourself go, and let all your preconceived ideas fly to the winds, as you dive into a Realm where you have never been… or have you? A dimension, where time stands still…or rather…doesn’t even exist!
I wish you Happy Reading!
David Proxy.

Chapter 1       THE EXPERIENCE
I am one of the morningstars, when all the sons of God shouted together, before the foundations of the Earth were laid. I was there! And I was the joy of my Beloved, who let me play before Him, and I was His pleasure! He delighted in me and fashioned me from His loins and called me into existence! I was born from Him and through Him and He called me David, meaning…His beloved. Pure pleasure were our days, we loved, skipped, gamboled, and flew swift through the halls of Heaven. There was no death… no sorrow. We didn’t know what suffering was. We didn’t know that there was anything but pleasure and joy. I have been Here forever and remember how it all started, when the Father created the Game…

Martin led me across soft luminous green mosses, through a paradisiacal forest where I had never been before. There were sprays of gorgeous colors I had never seen, and towering far above us, enormous trees, some of which I could hardly see the tops of. I spotted amazing new birds, apart from the ones I knew from before, and strange but wonderful animals that enhanced the gorgeous landscape.  It never ceases to amaze me, how infinitely larger the range of creations is Here, compared to what we once held for normal on Earth. Even though I had always believed in the existence of a 5th Dimension, an eternal Realm, my finite imagination had hardly ever scratched the surface of this sheer limitless existence. Really…all things are possible Here!
I blissfully advanced through the effervescent scenery, drinking in all that revealed itself around me. Sharing my feelings of enormous enjoyment with a smile and glance into Martin’s eyes, I was thinking how eversince my arrival Here, I had wished to know much more about the details of certain parts of Earth’s History, that had not been part of my memory. Of course I had in no way experienced personally all details of the Realm’s development. Martin, reading my thoughts, spoke to my mind, “Do you remember the Creation, Dave?”
I wouldn’t say that I remembered it all immediately, as it was a consciousness that in its vastness of details couldn’t fill my mind all at once, as a cup doesn’t hold the sea at one time. But suddenly at Martin’s question multiple memories flooded into my mind, as the index of a giant book. Since my graduation, my mind had changed so much. I can now remember at will everything that was ever stored there during my earthly life, but also everything from my eternal existence, before I was born into the world. I could go into each vein and draw out the finer elements of ‘His story’ as I prefer to call it. To me ‘History’ always sounded so earthly, so carnal, too much like a collection of unrelated, random “evolutionary” coincidences. Whereas…I had always known that it was His story alone, with Him being the main red line through it all.–All things ordered according to His purposes, as beads on a giant necklace, as multicolored strands in an enormous tapestry, which when looked upon from the wrong side, seem nothing but a chaotic jumble of meaningless tangled, and mostly dark threads! Yet when viewed from the right side, from Here–it turns into a symphony of colors forming the unique picture of perfection.
Now, for the first time since my return to the Realm, as a video zooming in on something very far away, I did remember! All the way through my pre-birth existence, back to the creation, and even before the beginning!  I recalled how I, together with others, had been designing and creating parts of animals and plants. Suddenly it dawned what had actually happened! The Game!
It had been the Game that had given rise to the Creation! Presently the question came to mind; “Why and how had ‘the Game’ actually come about?”
With a twinkle in his eyes, as if having long before anticipated my inquiry at this instant, Martin led me out from under the giant trees, into a most gorgeous open space a forest could ever have contained. Here was revealed to my sight a most spectacular architectonic wonder. We were dwarfed by what could best be described as an enormous crystal palace! But crystal being almost a misnomer, as this was much more sparkly and trippy then the stuff we used to call by that name on Earth. This material was alive! It pulsated!
This ‘palace’ was an enormous kind of a fairytale-type place, although not stereotypically so. It sported towers, domes and spires that Neuschwanstein Castle couldn’t hold a candle to. It was invitingly romantic and fashioned in all different architectural and ethnic styles! Both known and unknown: Baroque, Jugendstil, African, Classic, Ming, Egyptian, Atlantean, etc.–you name it–it was worked in somewhere. Yet it was all put together in perfect harmony.This building was designed to spark your imagination and trigger anyone’s memories of the bygones.
Toward and away from it, in divers directions, radiated all these countless “beams” like I used to see lasers spinning off earthly discotheques. These beams however, were not just light, but actual spirit:… happenings, events and thoughts! They zoomed back and forth, not in straight, but along multi-bent trajectories, as if connecting all the Realm’s experience and knowledge in one vast living “internet” of memories, facts, knowledge, feelings, impressions. Straight from all participants that were ever “on line” and could instantly be “chatted” with.
This was the real root of the earthly imitation: ‘the internet’, which is just a borrowed shadow, a poor and faulty copy of eternal realities, as essentially every earthly invention and human creation had been. Man just copies what is revealed to him by inspiration from Here. It had never been random coincidence, but a perfectly timed and controlled dispensation of His revelation! From the wheel… to the phonograph! Evil inventions were dispended by the other side; from poisoned arrow tips to Leonardi da Vinci’s proto-type of a tank, and US smart missiles! Nevertheless nothing is evil in itself…it all depends on the use and the user!
As we floated towards it–because although we walked Here it is without effort–Martin said, “In your writings you talked about a ‘time beam’ and the ‘feelies’! Well, you were somewhat on the right track, but here Dave,” and he held out his arm, “I welcome you to the ‘Experience!’”
Going up the palace steps ahead of me, I followed him, in a surge of eagerness and anticipation, through its amethyst portals into an immense rose-colored hall shaped from one crystal. We were not alone, besides us there were many others, entering and leaving these hallowed halls. Once inside…one began to be automatically guided by one’s actual desire for what one wished to know, through vast adjacent spaces that led to other spaces, which could perhaps best be compared to ‘theaters in the round’ of many different sizes.
My question: “how the Game had actually started?” moved me past other theaters, into a smaller one. Once inside…I didn’t see the theater around me anymore, because all of a sudden…I was completely somewhere else! There–not just “projected before my eyes” but my spirit was raptured–I was translated straight into a scene of actual Realm antiquity–the real thing!

I found myself standing on a deep-blue and golden crystal floor, that you could see into very deeply, embedded with stars everywhere you looked. It was a far grander space, a much more beautiful and majestic chamber, than I had ever seen in all my existence before. I was actually there, and experienced the following:
A couple of meters away from me, with His back half turned to me, sat the Son in a throne-like seat. He was reading a missive! He didn’t seem to be aware of my presence, although I instinctively knew that I could have talked to Him if I had wanted to. But I had enough of a feeling already of intruding upon His privacy, that the awesomeness of His presence held me somewhat in check!
This was no animation, like some earthly hologram. No, this was very real…I was witnessing real historical “footage”–so to speak! And I was in it! A full-dimensional, actual record of eternal history. Somehow it seemed OK for me to be there; so I decided, though gingerly, to stay in His glorious presence, feeling His very sweet, comforting personality.
All of a sudden… I began to telepathically partake of His thoughts and the thoughts that flowed from the message into His mind…

My dearly beloved Son,
There has begun a setting apart, a separation of spirits in our Realm. Sons who say in their hearts: “I will ascend in the Realm, I will exalt my throne above the stars of the Father. I will also sit upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north: I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High!”
It has become the desire of these, to become like Me! Nevertheless, they go about it the wrong way…craving to be like Me in My offices and functions, instead of being like Me in spirit and in heart! This development is not to the benefit of our pleasure, joy, prosperity and bliss! This way, the order, perfection and one-ness of our Realm would eventually desintegrate into chaos and be destroyed!
These voices of envy have arisen in the Realm from sons surrounding Me–among whom My son Lucifer is not the least, in so much that his desire for pre-eminence among you all, has now risen to proportions of fostering eventual division of Our Realm! Therefore, I would set forth a plan whereby we can recreate eternal unity and peace among us all.
Considering the fact that you have been the closest by My side, eversince I created you, without your being constrained to do so, and thus sum up the whole of My hopes for Our love for all of My creations, I have selected you from among all My sons, as the one who shall be responsible for the execution and creation of a new and interesting project in the framework of this My plan!
Lucifer did not precipitate anything unexpected. I anticipated this from eternity!  But I have deemed it wise now, to bring this budding duality out into the open, to challenge it by humoring it. I could of course nip it in the butt, but thus I would compel Myself to infinitely repeat Myself, as surely 2 heads will grow up for every evil one I would cut off! Nor do I desire to destroy or cast Lucifer and his followers out, as I ever provide security for all My creations, and would not unduly harm the sacred trust that is put within Me.
However We shall channel this division into an attraction, in the form of an amusement or sport: like an arms-wrestling match! Nonetheless, as much as one takes a contest out of the house, so as not to break the porcelain, We shall field this also. We will create a “Game!” We will provide a venue for our “duel,” rather than letting it overly affect the Realm itself, through ensuing intrigues and commotion.
We will tame, bridle, ride and utilize this development forever. Moreover it shall provide an excellent learning opportunity for all My sons, as well as for all Our spirit children, to see that pride comes before a fall, and that its fruits of division and independence are disintegrating and destructive. I am looking forward to tackle this project together.
Hail to Love, Our binding force of the Realm and glue of our Kingdom!                                Your loving Father

. . . As soon as I began to reflect upon the impact of this revelation, my experience melted and I was back again in the small theater hall at the Experience Palace.
“Wow! This is the ultimate time-machine!” I found myself thinking. This impressive device had me momentarily even distracted from the important clue to history I had just received.
You could even go back into your own history. You’re all there again, the same as before, subject to all the feelings of yore, the happiness, the misery or whatever, with just one distinction…you can escape it all, in an instant, as you carry the memory of the Eternal always with you on the far fringe of your consciousness. Although again subjected to the flesh, experiencing its pleasures, misery, guilt, sin, love, pride, shame, suffering, blood, sweat and tears, or whatever…you can wake up at will, as out of an evil dream.
This was… genuine time travel! Like personally diving into a movie… any movie, yours or somebody else’s, and you are actually there! Live the life of a former enemy, and walk in his shoes for a while! Revisit the past in the flesh, as all…and when I say all, I mean ALL… seems to be recorded and stored in this place, and retrievable. Not just the audio and video of it all, but the tangible flesh, smells, and feelings of, it full dimensions. All physical expressions of the spirits’ wills; the actual sceneries and settings…e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g! History, as one long de-facto recording. A complete multi-dimensional record from Alpha to Omega, of the history of all choices of all souls and spirits, as irrevocably expressed in the flesh.
Re-visiting the past doesn’t change the record, although I was sure that there had to be room for fiction as well, which Martin later confirmed to me. There is! You can have a real experience and then–at will–change the record into fiction, by your present eternal choice, as I later tried! It’s very exciting, like playing inside a live computer game! Be a “Tron!”
In the ‘Experience’, you can virtually be anything or anybody! This is real “virtual reality!” Earth has nothing on us! Wow! Talk about entertainment! For example… go back into the 18th century and be Napoleon, invading snowy Russia! Feel the feelings of his personality and experience his experiences. Then… if you like… you can change history by attempting to make better choices than he did, experiencing the new outcome! Or in your own life; “What if I had done this instead of that?” The ‘Experience’ automatically and perfectly recalculates the total sum of all new choices and outcomes for you and others, based on that one new factor, and you can see, in full regalia, how history would have been, “If you only had…”
It doesn’t change the facts, of course. Your actual record stands forever, as an eternal reminder to ourselves… and others… of what we are and what we aren’t. What we’re capable of, and what we are not capable of. Positive as well as negative! No cover ups, no conceit! How much you were like God or like the Devil, when left to your own devices. No more deceiving yourself or others, if you should ever entertain thoughts like Lucifer, to become exalted in your own eyes through pride! That’s what life does. The record stands! History… and our history… is eternally there to keep us humble! We write a book with our life once and for all! As is written: “their works do follow them!”

…It all fell into place! “So the Son had been charged with the design and management of the Game, to offset the seed of Lucifer!”
Then I remembered how all of us spirits had been invited into the “grand bowl”, an immense stadium on the Realm’s crystal sea. It can contain all billions of us Here. The Father and the Holy Spirit Mother, had been there on thrones, speaking to all the sons and all of us…spirit children! As soon as my desire arose to once again witness this speech–the theater around me melted anew and…boom…I was there again… back in the antiquity of the Realm.
I was me again! A “young” spirit, how I used to be and feel, before the creation had taken place and ‘time’ had begun. Long, long before…I had eventually chosen to also plunge into Time and Space, and join ‘the Game’. I was so innocent…“just born” in Heavenly terms–which is far longer than any earthly measure of time. Not that there is any age Here. There isn’t, but rather a sort of spiritual maturity, nothing physical, as in the Realm the criterion for adulthood is the wisdom of Love!
I was there again in the audience, together with some of my young spirit friends, very intently listening to the Father’s oration and presentation, as besides using words, He spoke in logos, animations and visions, which were projected on the skies and all around us. And the things He told us… Ooh, they thundered, as they were so new and strange! They filled our beings with tremendous curiosity and wonderment…

Chapter 2        PROCLAMATION
My dearly beloved sons, daughters and spirit children! Among you questions have arisen about… who among you is greatest, who should be dearest to Us. Who should sit with Me in My throne and partake of My mantle. Nevertheless, sad to say, among some it has taken on the form of strife, generating questions, which, if I do not react, will lead to… chaos!
At that word… suddenly the skies grew ominously dark! Violent storms, thunders resounded, and lightnings chased across the expanse, interspersed with numberless grisly visions, which I know now, were scenes from my own and Noah’s lifetime! But at that instant, I didn’t know what they meant. We were all terrified, which we’d never been before! We witnessed utter violence, screaming devils, howling souls, evil cacophonic music, degenerated leering faces blazing hate and anger at us.
All of us wailed and howled at these gruesome sights, and fled toward the Father and the Mother, who covered us under their wings. It didn’t last long, but “chaos” was never forgotten. Though we didn’t understand it, we didn’t ever want it to come again! The Father comforted us and banished our fear with a wave of His hand, and said:
“Never fear! I prevail against Chaos! Therefore I have a proposal to the entire Realm! In order to make evident once and for all–and to all–who among you are really the choicest of wills… and truly worthy and noble personalities who can and shall be appropriately called: ‘My new sons and daughters!’ …to ultimately show you, which of you follow My heart really and who do not lust for My power and glory, nor vainly imitate My forms and functions…I have created a wonderful plan!
I have designed an awesome new game! It is superior to any of the games we’ve ever played before! It’s like a grand role-play, the most dramatic ball masqué… a mysterious parody on our Realm Here! An intriguing puzzle, a parable and conundrum…all rolled into one! A game, in which all of you can and will greatly desire to participate, as it will be such an interesting and rewarding play indeed! Even for Us, your Progenitors, it’s a chance to educate you, to prove Our endless love to all of you sons and spirit children!
I herewith proclaim to the entire Realm, the following decree, that we decide together–in accordance with the holy precept of Love that governs our Realm–to create together a setting necessary for this…our new game! We are about to construct a gigantic and complex game environment, somewhere in the Realm. It’ll be like a miniature Realm, an imitation of it, a shadow world, a play dimension, a “game board” so to speak. In this game however, you…My children… will not  with your hands guide pawns representing you. No, you…yourselves will descend onto the board and become the pawns, living pawns, and you will play yourselves and be played by Us and Our sons!
For a season, this game-board will become the only realm you ever knew! You won’t remember where you came from, nor know where you’ll go afterwards…or even if there’ll be an afterwards! And believe it or not, many of you pawns will even profess there, that there is no other world beside your game-world! However preposterous that may seem to you Here! As ludicrous as a tree denying its own hidden roots, because ‘she can’t see them!’ The following are My suggestions for this extraordinary game, that everyone will tremendously benefit from.
First of all, the impartiality of the play is certain. No one will have any advantage whatsoever over others, other than that –in My case– of a referee. Nor can I deny My absolute status of factual Father of spirits…you…My beloved sons, daughters and spirit children whom I created for Our loving pleasure, nor My absolute and eternal power and Godhead. But even I will drastically limit Myself and My presence in it, so as not to unduly intimidate or override the players. In order to match Our chances with those of the challengers, even We will keep the strict game rules, that are for all contestants alike.
The pawns in this game will be called “souls!” A soul, children, will be your immortal spirit cast in a temporal vehicle of equal dimensions of “flesh!” It’s a substance subject to the laws of this special environment that we are about to create! The game will be somewhat like Chess, with this difference that Chess-pieces have no will of their own. Whereas these pieces–you children–having come down as pawns, shall definitely have a will of your own. As independent animate pawns, you’ll be moving yourselves through the game dimensions called “Time and Space!” Not only will you have a will of your own, but you’ll also be able to accept or reject your players! You can let those players adopt and play you, whose inspirations you’ll favour and cling to. They’ll be like invisible hands that you’ll allow to guide and influence you, even though most of you will hardly realise their existence, nor the fight they’ll have over you.
Those sons you’ll yield yourselves to…will gain access to your spirits’ channel. Those you give access to, you’ll allow to inspire and move you. But without your faith and permission, no players are allowed to interfere under game rules. This will render you a similar majesty of choice as We wield, albeit on a much smaller scale and in a much smaller universe, where you–thank Heavens–can also do much less damage! Only to temporal flesh, but very little to the eternal spirit!
It will be a very precious learning experience for all of you. It’ll be like a school, where you’ll be able to grow up and also become full-fledged sons and daughters! Those of you who wish to become BIG like Me and the sons, will get their chance through this game! You…My dear children…as pawns in the Game, can “play Father” all you want, albeit without a direct knowledge of Me. And you also…My sons…who desire to be like Me, will learn to play God through this game, by learning to take care of the children as I do. Initially you’ll have little experience of what it’s like to be Me: just a smitchen of My eternally accumulated wisdom of Love. But the wise ones among you will catch on quickly, by watching Us in operation. You’ll learn from Us, if you observe Us closely and so become winners up Here!
The challengers–it will shortly become clear who they are–will play out the souls they win through their inspirations, ideas, whispers and nudgings …against Ours! In some cases sons can even oppress or possess, as pawns can choose to partly or even fully submit to one or more players off the board. Ultimately the pawns’ spiritual channels to outside players will know no neutrality! No soul can serve two masters, he will either hate the one or love the other, or hold to the one and despise the other! Thus, all you pawns will be presented with the majesty of “choice”, which is the name of our game! Choice to love and follow the defenders of the Realm…or yourselves and the challengers!
Perhaps you children say, “Oh, that’ll be easy…we’ll choose you of course, Father, the Realm’s side and your love! Why should we ever choose the challengers?”
Well… My beloved children, you’ll discover that the Game is not as simple as that! We’re not gonna make it too easy, otherwise there is no spice, no excitement in it! You see, except for the initial choice which decides, when and where and in what station you’ll be born into the Game, and in what kind of body–your souls will choose their own fate and design their own course!
You say, “Well, Father, we do that Here too? What’s the difference? We can choose our own way Here and make our own decisions!”
But I tell you nay!! That’s where your vision is still limited!  In this respect, your wisdom has not grown, although I think you’ll grow into it soon enough! Here you think you decide freely and that you have choice, and to a certain extent you do. But Here it merely pertains to small issues, such as ‘what pleasure, game or bliss shall we enjoy next,’ or ‘where shall we play, fly or love?’
You’l find that choice is an elastic concept, which increases with the number of alternatives and their powers of impact! The majesty of My choice for example, is so much larger and more powerful than yours–in fact endless–and some sons are beginning to develop a taste for the power of it and attain unto the stature of it, even though they lack My loving wisdom for it. Many just desire a form of godliness but deny Love…the power thereof! These mimics –unknown to themselves– are precipitating this next stage in your development, to learn “choice” in a greater, much more powerful way!  They’ll proclaim to you–My children–that “Ye shall be as gods!” And… you will be, and so are they, albeit through a school of tough experience!
You may say, “But Father…how can I choose more than I already do?” Well, let me ask you: What would you choose without …ME around! In the absence of My positive direction and loving dominion? Is this a surprising thing to you? Perhaps you say, “Are you gonna go away?” No no, I cannot go away. I cannot dissolve Myself! I ever live with you! I know your downsitting and uprising, I understand your thoughts afar off. I surround your path and lying down, and am acquainted with all your ways. There is not a word in your tongue, but, I know it altogether. I have beset you behind and before, and lay My hand upon you. All your hairs are numbered. But such knowledge is too wonderful for you; it is too high right now, you cannot attain unto it. Where shall you go from My spirit? Or whither shall you flee from My presence? If you ascend up into the Realm, I am There! if you make your bed in the lowest parts of the Game, look, I am there as well. If you take the wings of the morning, and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea; even there shall My hand lead you, and My right hand shall hold you. If you say, ‘surely the darkness shall cover me’, even the night shall be light about you. Yes, even the darkness hides nothing from Me, but the night shines as the day; the darkness and the light are both the same to Me.
For I will possess your reins: I will cover you in your mother’s womb. Some of you will praise me, for you will be fearfully and wonderfully made. Marvellous are My works; and your souls shall know that right well. Your substance will not be hid from Me, when you will be made in secret places, and curiously wrought in the lowest parts. My eyes will see the substance of your souls, when it will yet be imperfect. And all your members will be written in My records. They’ll be fashioned in continuancy, when as of yet, there are none of them.
Thus you are ever in My loving presence! I cannot deny Myself! You have ever known Me, but…you have known nothing else! “Father is always there!” You’ll discover how true that is, when I am removed from you! Or rather, when you choose to remove yourself from Me, by descending in our new game!
You say, “How can we remove ourselves from You, Father, Whom we know and love? We are ever living in Your presence and within the range of Your thoughts. We always do those things that are pleasing in Your sight?” But I tell you, as some sons are already tickled pink to challenge Me in the Game–most of them not yet fully realizing what they’re getting into–that even some of you, unwittingly, have also been affected by that same thrill of challenge!
I always knew, that sooner or later, We were going to create this thrilling–although sometimes chilling–game. I need to create it, in order that none of you will remove yourselves eternally, without realising what you’re doing! This way you won’t get lost from Our power of Love unnecessarily! Not as some meaningless chess-piece, lobbed off from the Game-board by random evil chance. Regardless of its infinite worth, it gets lost in the shuffle and is replaced without pity, by some other insignificant piece!
NO! NEVER!! You, Our beloved and loving spirit children, are of unimaginable more value to us than mere chess-pieces, that we toss about without minding them! We created you for Our pleasure, and it will please Us greatly to ultimately increase your pleasure as well! For when you grow up unto Our stature, We can have greater pleasure in eachother! We wish for all of you to become like Us–contrary to the opinion of some–so you can become one with Us, in heart, spirit and soul. So that we can have intercourse together… on a closer level! This is how you will remove yourselves–be it only temporary–by playing in our new game, to ultimately become one with Us–and one of Us! Forever! It is a ‘reculer, pour mieux sauter!’
You will not be much aware of Us throughout the Game! But through this–Our seeming absence–your growth will increase by leaps and bounds. And the heroes of this Game will sit down with Us in Our throne, and become eternal pillars in Our temple, as We do want to share all things with you! But we need to share wisely, lest you and the enjoyment of Our Realm come to nought!
The greatest prize of all…a rhapsody of ultimate pleasures, will go to the greatest winners of the Game. It will be their union with the best player among My sons of the Realm! That son…who will be the most loving god of them all, will prove that he has My love, by even condescending into the Game as a pawn himself, to save and deliver the ultimate winners of the Game. I will out of love, bequeath My most loving son into the Game for you. He will choose to go down and sacrifice himself as a ransom for the deliverance of His young Bride there…those who will voluntarily choose to love Him against all odds! Upon their return Here, they shall become one, and We shall all become one again…one Family!
Then, we shall be able to share ALL things together, and revel in unprecedented orgasmic nuptials. We’ll enjoy a spiritual bliss of eternal magnitude, of the which–be the way–you’ll find a type and shadow of things to come… in the Game itself. A most precious and tasty gift from Us. An illustration that you’ll be able to experience with your game-vehicles of flesh. A foretaste of coming ecstasy: the future spiritual reality of Our firm loving entrance in your soft loving beings! Our masculinity will enter your femininity, which will be the culmination of our pleasure together–the reason for which We created you in the first place! That will be such rapture, when you will fully couple with Us, into one Family; Me… your Father and King, and your Holy Spirit Queen Mother, as well as Our winning Son and Prince of Peace! It will be a superior amplification of the delights we already enjoy! Pleasure such as you have never heard, seen or tasted, nay, has never even entered into the imagination of your heart!
But let Me cease here, speaking in superlatives, trying to describe the inconceivable! Let Me not be more tedious unto you than necessary, as it’s sheer impossible to describe in your present concepts, exactly what the Game will be like, and baffle you with things that are yet completely fictional to you now.
Be it known though, that your decision to participate will be a matter of choice! Your first choice!
Of course, you can ever stay Here–with Us–and still be My children, yet you shall envy those who have chosen to go through this tough school! Equally, the choice when or in what stage of the Game to embark on your quest…is mostly yours too, and not to be taken lightly, as the Game will not be easy. When you return Here, after exiting the Game, your standing will be decided by it! Suffice it to say that all will become very real, as soon as you plunge in and play! So, are you ready for the Game? Are you game? Are you ready for ‘choice’? Then…let’s go!

“…Wow,” I thought, “that’s right! We had chosen to come down and dive into the Game! We’ve been with Him from the beginning! Even from before the beginning!”
As I started to reflect on the Father’s Words, satisfied with the answers to my query thus far, my experience melted and I was back in the small theatre in the Palace. Martin… was still there waiting for me! Concerned that I would get enough rest, being a newcomer, and knowing how spiritually taxing so much input can be, as well as how big the temptation to keep on researching… he kindly suggested that we’d “call it a night” and to accompany me back to my mansion. At my consent, we left the ‘Experience.’ At a relaxed pace we flew back home, where he left me.
I retired to my resting chamber, where I had sweet communion with the Master. Soon I fell into this borderland of consciousness, a bit like what we used to call sleep on Earth…

Chapter 3      HOME… AT LAST!
Already in my lifetime, I could hardly relate to normal, common, run-of-the-mill people. For one thing, I was constantly thinking, talking, reading, writing and dreaming about Heaven. After all–I figured, ”if that’s where we’re gonna spend Eternity, then it must be a pretty important place and one oughtta be pretty interested!” And sure enough… I discovered the Realm to be the place where all your heart’s desires don’t  just get fulfilled, but actually far above and beyond! It’s an amazing place of infinite interest! There’s nothing man ever dreamed up, that the Father hadn’t already thought of… and in fact dispensed to them! But there’s plenty that He’s thought up, that man hasn’t even the faintest notion of!
Our spirit-bodies Here, have more power, beauty, grace and greater thrills and more marvellous exciting experiences than ever. All pleasures of the former life are not only continued Here, but enormously enhanced, as well as extended by infinite new ones as well! The Realm is an intensification, amplification, magnification and extension of all thrills, joys and pleasures of the old life… and more. Food, drink, sex, learning, excitements, experiences and discovery… forever and ever!
Even on Earth I had already had proof for example, that there would be food in Heaven. It was written: “Men did have angels’ food.” Manna! So, angels ate food! And they certainly do! And so do we! And not just manna either! All kinds of foods and drinks… and much tastier and fancier! Realm food is far less crude than seeds, flesh and plants we used to eat before… and extremely finer tasting! Here we eat and drink purely for pleasure, never for survival! We can’t die anymore! We don’t have to eat…but we can if we want to! We don’t have to make love…but we can if we want to. Neither for procreation… but we can if we want to!

Besides the Lord, there had been others to initially welcome me: among whom of course my sweet mother Virginia, who from a tiny tot had taught me to love the Master by her own loving example! Also my beloved father Hjalmer, my brother Hjalmer jr., and my son Aaron had been there, as well as my grandparents John Lincoln and Nina Marquis, and Swedish Far far and Mur mur on my Father’s side.
All of them looked young again, as in their early twenties, only much more mature, as their spirits bore witness. All their bodies were shining with an inner glow, a light from within, as Jesus does too… and–as I found out not much later–I do myself as well! Everybody Here shines, although some more than others!
Next after the grand welcome by the Lord, that I really don’t want to get into, as I didn’t think I deserved it–I was led home! There I was in for another shocker! I had always known the scripture: “In my Father’s House are many mansions.” And I could see them…everywhere, mansion after mansion… especially the ones of those that had invested their all for the Lord, because I seemed to live in a section of the City where there were many great Christians!
Now when I say section, I don’t mean in any way a street with twenty houses, or some housing estate, all next to each other, seperated by fences and so on. No way! The section I’m talking about here, is as big as a country the size of Germany! And when I say: mansion after mansion, I mean flying at jet-speed across beautiful glowing, hilly countryside. The mansions were in no way within normal visual reach, except those of people that had chosen to dwell together in visual reach! Like my parents lived near me, as well as some of my other very dear and close friends and beloved disciples, many of whom aren’t even Here yet! But their mansions… are already in building!
My mansion is built up the side of a huge mountain, half overlooking a gorgeous valley on the left–a mix of Californian and French Provence countryside. But then it changes character and vegetation and gradually transforms  into a gorgeous tropical beach with pine trees, coconutpalms and other paradisiacal trees right at the foot of our mountain below the front of our house. Then there is the most luscious azure lagoon of a huge silvery lake to the right! It would deserve more the name sea, as you cannot see the other side of it–that is with normal vision, as Here we can switch our eyes to telescopic mode!
And my mansion? Woah! Huge! At first, when it was pointed out to me, I was intimidated… as I had really hoped for an average-sized romantic little cottage. But this was a virtual ‘landgut,’ a summer palace, with a huge main manour-type of building, flanked by smaller–though still huge–additional buildings!
I found out later–to my relief–that on the hinder premises, there was a little cottage, for my main quarters, exactly like I had always dreamed of. It was situated deep in the forest, up the shallow mountainslope behind the mansion. Which maybe leaves you wondering, what I need all the other space for? Well… that’s what I was wondering too, at first! Until it became clear, that those were to be my official residence and public buildings for functions, conferences, balls, banquets, receptions, parties and visitors lodgings, etc. All in line with my new responsibilities Here in the Realm!
But I assure you, I live mostly in my cottage…when I am there, as I have a busy life already! My newly assigned duties take me all over the Heavenly City, the wider Realm, as well as through the Warp! My cottage is situated on a beautiful open space in my forest. Sounds nice…“my forest”, but that’s what’s so nice about Heaven: everyone is finally Home…never anymore having to feel like a pilgrim or stranger, as if you’re trespassing on some rich person’s property! Like feeling “lost in Las Vegas,” alienated from the system’s game going on all around you, as we used to! No…Heaven is our country, our property, never to be disowned anymore! Our forever Home sweet Home!
My cottage is exactly fashioned like I always wanted it to be. The Lord precisely knowing my heart, ordered it for me! It’s an average-size, one story high, quaint farm-type wooden house with an overhanging thatched roof, even though it never rains Here! The living room opens up on one side–without windows or wall, although it can close for privacy–to a wide, tropical, teak-like, wooden veranda that fans out. Scattered around are the softest rugs and perfect rattan furniture as well as other comfy chairs and couches of Realm materials, with the softest cushions you can not imagine. Yes… besides all the new, we still have the former materials available as well.
The house is flanked on both sides by an English garden, with myriads of flowers, and in the back there is a park-like orchard with multi-fruit trees…more than one type of fruit on the same tree! In front, a wishing-type well with a solid golden pump on it, adorns my front lawn. The pump continually spouts crystal-clear “water of life,” into a pond or small lake, slightly below  the front lawn which borders on it with a crystal, mother of pearl inlaid and 24 carat gold-fringed terrace. The water of life comes through the well, from the River of Life, that flows through the valley below.
All around my lake are gardens and lawns, where “Ring,” my dog from my former life, plays and frolics. Now this you may find hard to believe perhaps but Ring can talk now, although on a very basic level. Kind of like a toddler. “Hello!” “Pet me?” Or during our conversations, looking up from the corner of his melancholic eyes, he lays down his head on his paws, softly telling himself: “Ring…quiet now!” Very amusing indeed! He understands only basic information, like “Get the morning paper from the bedroom!”, etc.
Yep! That’s another hard one for sceptics! Although they don’t get delivered by a newspaperboy–they just ‘spirit’ in–we do have newspapers! Nor is it on earthly paper, but on a material I could hardly describe here: it evaporates as soon as you wish it to! There’s never waste Here! Some conventional things, like informational media, still have their place, even Here! We still like to learn! Some religionists have the notion that when they get Here, “Presto!” They’re instantly perfect and immediately know everything! “Sudden death…sudden glory!” Well… you would be God Himself, if you did! And how in the world, could they be so instantly perfected, when they were so damn imperfect down there? Humbug!
The “paper” contains all kinds of info and is partly personalised, in that it knows what you are interested in! It may be new arrivals to the Realm, that you personally know or famous ones! As well as new departures–all directly opposite from Warp’s arrivals and departures! There is regional and wider Realm-news, and Warp-news! Warp-news is world-news, with this difference, that it’s not anymore the propaganda from the financial powers that be, who own the masters of the media down there. No brainwashing and conditioning, but the real thing! It tells what is really going on…down there! Headlines feature daily martyrdoms of Christians in China, Sudan, Persia, Saudi Arabia and… America!
Waco was big news Here! But rather different, than what they told them down there! I tell you, it was not polite nor politically correct! For example it bluntly revealed which principalities–demons for short–were inspiring the moralistic selfrighteousness of Janet Reno and the henchmen of the BATF! It explained how they managed to hardheartedly justify themselves for bombarding innocent mothers and small children with psychological warfare: the noise of deathcries of birds, Tibetan chants and hard rock noise, for weeks on end!
It told which principality was behind the death sentence through burning, that they had decided upon. I tell you…who our newspaper said it was: Lucifer himself! “The father of lies and murderer from the beginning” had personally been in charge! It also exposed who really had started the fire! The tanks! And how Clinton had personally covered it up! Which principalities were behind the Cult Awareness Network, that had badgered and misinformed the Federal government and authorities, as the present day scribes and Pharisees they are, screaming: “Crucify them!” Which of them had pulled what strings, and which A.C.’s–Anti-Christs–had supplied what finances to whom. What Media-tycoons had ordered their chief editors to present what crap, and how steep they were ordered to slant public opinion against NRM’s–New Religious Movements–better known down there and derogatorily labeled as “dangerous cults and sects!”
Heavenly editorials, explaining who–in their warfare on “cults”–they’re really after! The active, real “revolutionary” Christians, like my followers, who expose their A.C. world-take-over plans too much to the people! These editorials report what’s really going on behind the scenes of the political smokescreen of “democracy”, as Bible prophecy merely indicates!
It also reported exactly what David Koresh really believed! How him claiming to be Jesus had been a misrepresentation from some spiteful former followers and disgruntled Judases, turned into defectors and traitors and new disciples of the A.C.M.…the Anti Cult Movement! The real dangerous cult, like the Spanish Inquisition revisited, with torture and capital punishment again for so-called heretics, in this “civilised” day and age, throug kidnapping and deprogramming!
How Koresh was actually officially cleared from accusations of child abuse! That favorite hysterical mediahype the A.C.-s have resorted to, to incarcerate, incapacitate and even eliminate their Christian enemies!
But also the paper reported, how much the Lord had deplored that he–as one of His followers–sold weapons! Inspite of the fact, that he had a legal permit to sell weaponry, and that almost every American–Christians included–has a weapon in his house and would shoot back at armed intruders in their yard or property, especially when armed. Remember Randy Weaver?
Koresh and his people were honored by the Lord though for their martyrdom, even though he hadn’t perhaps been completely “doctrinally correct!” But the Lord judges so differently, than ‘churchites’–church Christians! Besides…who is doctrinally correct? There are all kinds of believers up Here, most of whom never even darkened a churchdoor during their lifetime, and were no former religionists or churchites! Heaven is for saved sinners, not for the doctrinally correct!
What the Realm’s papers do not glorify, is: man, worldly governments, rich merchants, war, crime, violence, worldly knowledge and worldly philosophy! It tells no lies! It doesn’t assasinate people’s characters, in the name of “freedom of expression and freedom of press!” Nor does it hurtfully expose fellow sinners–men of like passions as ourselves! No…the Lord rather excuses somebody to the Father, while Satan–the accuser of the saints–screams out his accusations: “They have broken the LAW!”
Nah! Our morning-paper is clean, true, and righteous altogether in its judgments! It’s no opinion-industry! There is hardly a “public opinion” Here–meaning the dictatorship of a set of fabricated lies fostered on everyone, agreed upon by a secretive powergroup with a hidden agenda, aiming to push their deceptive objectives! Take for example “Euthanasia.” Murder portrayed as the right to mercyfully help people out of their suffering, whereas it is designed by the A.C.’s to more and more justify future elimination of the handicapped, elderly and socially unadjusted elements of society, and unacceptable system drop-outs and fringe cases, like hippies and Christians! And perhaps finally even millions of so-called “useless eaters” of Third World countries, that are not serving the interests of the coming One World Commonwealth of nations. So to eliminate them, “Euthanasia” will become the “politically correct, socially acceptable way to murder them!” The Euthanasia issue is not a medical one, aimed to eliminate suffering! It is purely a political, or rather a tyrannical, draconian one! Straight from the Dragon himself!
Neither is there a “Save the whales and baby seals, but abort human babies!”-mentality in the Realm’s Press! No…Here the Word of God reigns as public opinion! ‘Love the Lord and love your neighbor as yourself’…which is very easy Here, as everyone is extremely lovable!
Then there is Realm news! All about new exhibitions, social life, concerts, clubs and restaurants, operas, cultural events, etc! Basically a bit like before, but on a far wider scale of interests, that I couldn’t even explain Here.
The news is also much deeper and totally honest reporting, much more involved, as the range of life is so much wider Here. It definitely is not the pre-selected screened and censored fodder they present you with… down there!
There are also announcements about new presentations by men and women in God’s Hall of Fame! Not dry-to-the-bone theology, but juicy inside information and personal lessons in auto-biographic style by the saints themselves, to benefit and give grace to the hearers! Sometimes even addresses by Eloi Elohim–the Lords our God–themselves!

But back to my cottage: the rim of my wonderful huge forest ends the open space that gently slopes and shelves down the mountain and just enables me to see across the treetops, the pretty azure sea in the distance. Besides oodles of new kinds of birds and animals–which I plain couldn’t describe to you here–there are still old-fashioned deer, peacocks, turtledoves and swans in the lake as well as other earthly animals. Animals here though are clean without dirt, flees and defecation on them. They’re all cuddly and soft!
Lawns Here without stinging bugs or mosquitoes, are composed of gorgeous velvety, greener-than-green grasses that don’t itch and the soil isn’t dirty! The grass, instead of sharp and cutting is softer than down, and so thickly sown and springy, that it doesn’t even let you touch the ground! It’s better than the softest mattrass! So it’s a pleasure to sit, roll or make love in!
There are gardenhouses, arbors and little hide-aways and my little lake has a beach of pure 24 karat gold “sand” that fills the whole bottom of the deep crystal-clear azure colored pond. It’s my swimming pool, always with a pleasant temperature–none! As temperature Here is without fluctuation, so non existant! As soon as you leave the water, it instantly leaves your body–or your garments if you wear them–so you’re immediately dry! If you drop any water from say your hands or from children’s water toys on the crystal terrace, it crawls right back into the pool by itself –as if intelligent–while making a pleasant tinkling music!
There is air! The atmosphere being always the right temperature, makes that you’re not even aware of it. We don’t have to breathe to survive, like men “whose breath is in their nostrils!” We breathe only occasionally… just for emotional expression’s sake! A minor breeze gently caresses your cheeks! In short… air-conditioning all over!
The sky is ever clear with mixed deep- and light-blue hues with a smattering of small fluffy white clouds. You can clearly see the sun–if it is not below the City or behind the Earth–through the slanted external see-through gold-crystal walls of the Heavenly City! But Here we’re not dependent on the sun for a source of light. The light of the Lord–much stronger than the sun–emanates from the top down, sparkling and reflecting off of everything and shining everywhere and through everything! And even though it’s brighter, unlike the sun… it doesn’t blind you!
There is often singing out in the forests up the mountain, or high up in the sky, as cherub- or angel-choirs regularly pass over the landscape. Sometimes even full angelic orchestras and choirs together, zoom over the house through the crystal air! And this music…aaah…it carresses your ears! Once in a while, they even sing and play wellknown earthly pieces, but mostly new Heavenly ones, that are much more beautiful, as there is an extended tonal scale Here…so why play the old stuff so often!
I already have had quite a few functions in my mansion down the mountain. One I especially liked, was the “Hello Heaven” party, thrown for me by all my relatives and friends of my youth of the first half of my life, from before I started the Jesus Revolution in 1969! All my aunts and uncles, church- and school-friends, former lovers and former teachers had been there. As I had always grown up in an evangelistic milieu, almost all of my former relatives, cronies and acquaintances had “made it” back to the Realm.
It had been a veritable ball indeed. Stars from my youth like Nat King Cole, Satchmo, Caruso, Bing Crosby, as well as Christian “stars” like Fanny Crosby–now not blind anymore–had offered to sing, as well as Glenn Miller’s Heavenly orchestra had offered to play and back them up, as well as supply the dance music! Mickey Rooney had been there, as an invitee of my Mother, who had always really liked him!
I tell you…we had a wonderful time of dancing, eating, living and loving…if you catch my drift! As we only eat for fun and pleasure, there were “old time-” as well as new Heavenly food buffets and banquets. We drank the finest wines and aphrodisiacs you have never tasted…praise the Lord! Food and drink dissolves inside the body, so you can go on eating and drinking forever like the Romans did…with no need for toilets! Nothing is unclean Here. There is no dirt nor dust! For example…ripe fruit falling from trees, totally disintegrates and sap from it disappears from your hands! No need to wash yourself, your clothes, or hair and take showers. After all, “there shall in no wise enter into the City anything that defiles.” And that is not just meant spiritually, as it says any…thing!
Our party lasted three days, so that all my guests would have a good chance to thoroughly talk and get to know or re-acqainted with each other! But thank God…Here there is never the “Monday-after syndrome!” Monday simply never comes! Days don’t even have names Here, as days are not even noticed or kept track of. “Time will be no more!” has to a certain extent already happened! It’s obsolete! We live in an eternal now! And now and its pleasures, is all that matters! As the old song goes: “Who cares about tomorrow? Tomorrow never comes!”

Chapter 4       FISHBOWL OF TIME
I became curious again for the deeper background of the Father’s planning of the Game. So when a lull in my new duties allowed me, I soon whisked off again direction Experience Palace! I went there alone this time… flying leasurely, enjoying the gorgeous landscapes of the Eternal City! Once arrived, I felt myself drawn again by my questions and desires to learn, into one of the theatre-halls. My surroundings melted…and I was at once in a new place and time–actually…before time began–in another impressive chamber of some Royal Palace somewhere in the wider Realm. The Father and Son were apparently having a brainstorm together. The Father was saying  to the Son…

“If We’d try to explain to Our children what would happen to the Realm and to them, if We would allow this seed of division to increase Here unchecked –they would never understand. They lack even the very concepts with wich to describe ‘chaos’ or ‘annihilation’, where our word ‘bliss’ does not even convey its full meaning to them, as they never experienced the opposite: like ‘suffering’ and ‘misery’!
“Or light, for that reason,” said the Lord, “they’ve never known total darkness!”
“Right! Nor the opposite of the power of Love, the devoid force of Evil! We didn’t ever give it place Here before…as I scatter the least of it with My eyes…but now Our lightbearer is toying with it, entertaining it, and he’s fast becoming the evil one! Th’evil one, or soon…Devil for short. ‘How the mighty have fallen!’ That’s the problem of being a god…the choice! I ever knew it was going to come to this sooner or later! You create children in your likeness… they’re going to have choice as well. Then, when they grow up…they want to exercise it! It’s unavoidable, as water wets you. Not that it worries Me son…I’m just explaining!
“I understand Father,” said Jesus quietly.
“This is also part of Fatherhood…the vicarious hurt you feel when your children choose to get burned and many others with them in the process!  See…you’ve got to understand…perfection is not creating a controlled peak environment where automatons are programmed to obey as robots, that never stray. That’s not life! That’s death! I don’t like loving a machine! I prefer to love a god…like your Mother! She chooses to return My love! Therefore… life is never perfect, and perfection would be dead, therefore perfect perfection doesn’t exist! Like a static movement is a contradiction in terms! I’m still learning, how about you? Because I’m alive! I live and therefore learn. That’s much deeper than “penso ergo sum”–some smart alec adagio that these future inarticulate “Humanists” are gonna come up with!  No!! It’s: “Vivo ergo apprendo!” But they won’t get it, because that would mean ME, and they don’t want Me! Because with Me in the picture, their “penso” is flawed and their “sum” is vanity!
“That’s deep, Dad!”
“I know…,” said the Father, and pensively continued, “…how deep it can go…and will go!”
There was a long silence for a while and the Father stared at the Lord from His throne. I could feel how Jesus wasn’t sure if He was looking at him or through him…or whether He was somewhere else. It felt like a lifetime, as the last saying seemed very ominous and dark.
At last the Father broke the silence…
“I’ve got to allow it son!”
“What Father?”
“Lucifer’s choice! He’s gone beyond discipline! He has closed his ears and heart! But you see…you allow one…you allow all!”
“I understand Father.”
“As I wrote you…if We cut off this evil head, surely two will grow up in its stead! And cutting off means repression, restriction and death! Not choice and therefore…no freedom, no learning–and therefore no life! That’s what suffering pawns in this Game are not gonna understand! In bad times they’re gonna say: ‘How could He… IF He really exists…ever willingly subject us to this kind of misery!’
“Well, first of all; they don’t realise that it’s not Me…who subjects them to misery, but Lucifer’s choice, their choice, and others’ choices… subject them to it!
“Yes, true…indirectly I do…because I give them choice! But if I don’t…I don’t allow them to become like Us, and that would stunt their growth. That would be worse than cutting them off…like selfishly castrating a boy soprano to keep his voice from descending! Neither do they understand that if I would censor Lucifer…that I would have to censor every Tom, Dick and Harry, for ever after! Thus I would compel Myself to endlessly repeat Myself… to abort Choice which I allowed and chose to create in the first place! How else can they learn to handle choice, other than through choosing?”
“Well… why did You choose to create us with free choice Father? You know…just for the record.”
“For all our pleasure! Mine! Your Mother’s! Yours…and theirs! Simple! If We hadn’t…We would have stayed alone… surrounded by automatons, dumb clones which is unthinkable!
“Because no choice… means no love! No free agent to give love to, nor to receive love from! And no love means no pleasure. And because I’m not a Buddhist, to Me that’s unthinkable! Try it! Unpleasure…? Nonpleasure…? Unjoy…? Non-joy…? Unlove? There ain’t nothing like it! A word yes, but only a word without a concept! It is a non-concept!
“Why? For the record again…”
“Because I am that I am! I am Love! I am choice! I am life! I choose love and that’s My nature and pleasure! I cannot just non-exist! I can’t think of ceasing! I wouldn’t know how to? I am…amen? And besides Me, there’s no other! And not just that…but I also happen to be the Boss! Ha!”
“Alright…that sounds convincing enough to me!” smiled the son.
“I am glad it does son, or else…” Here the Father made a fierce face, shook His fist and said: “The two-faced God will teach you a lesson!”
They both chuckled!
“Allright, but now…evil will become very abundant in the Game! It’s gonna be the evil ones’ own fault! Not the righteous! Either they discover the power of love or they’ll stumble unto the power of evil. With either one, they’ll affect their fellow pawns around them–in ways they can’t even imagine yet– for good or for bad! And we’re gonna see some good results. But believe you Me, mainly a lot of bad results; darkness, division, doubt, discouragement, despair, deviltry, demonism, dearth, destruction, death, damnation and devils, etc.
“Yes…but just in the Game, in a controlled environment,” said Jesus, “Thank Heavens not up Here!”
“Yes! Well, that’s to say…we’ll have to tolerate his face in our congregation at least every once-in-a-while.  And not just his face, but I’ll tell you a sad secret, because I know it’s bound to happen soon, that before long, even up to a third of My sons… are bound to follow Lucifer’s example and will eventually turn against Me …to join the rebellion!
The Lord was silent after this, looking down, pondering these significant words, with his teeth on his lower lip, not really knowing what to say! He looked again at the Father, Whose eyes were moist and soberly looked away! After a while He said…
“It’s gonna cost, Jesus! The duality will gradually move and auto-exile from Here to set up Camp in–and begin to express itself–down in the Game, as the opposing side. The moves of the Challenger and his seed will through trial and error increase more and more, and will culminate at the climax of the first era of game history. Then in the second era–after we have irrevocably injected Our unifying and saving seed of love, grace and truth–the duality will at last turn into a very clear-cut division in the dramatic finale. A war of the worlds, so to speak, will ensue…between love and evil, as antipodal as they’re spelled almost: l-o-v-e…e-v-i-l! Even spearheaded by two specific leaders, although not living in the same time. In the very last days of that era, when it looks like Lucifer has almost taken it over, the ‘Game-board’ shall be filled to the brim with the most pawns ever. All souls and spirits will finally be compelled to clearly choose sides. There will be no neutrality anymore then, whether it be on, above, or under the board. Time will tell, who is on Our side.”
“Yet every one will have a chance to escape his dark clutches,” said the Lord, “As much as they’ll love the truth, they won’t believe the lie that will abound then, and thus they could escape like birds from the fowler’s nets!”
“Yes, but those that love darkness and evil, will fall under Lucifer’s spell and be trapped in an evil time! In that generation, all things will come to a head,” said the Father, “but  that is still…a long way off! Well, I guess we should begin planning the environment where it’s all supposed to take place…I was thinking that what we need to emphasize as our basic set-up, is Time and Space!
“Yes!” said the Lord, “besides Good and Evil and the duality!
“Right, but Time…absent Here–at least non-functional and inconsequential–will become one of our main tools there. Or limitation, if you prefer! We’ll create a warp of ‘time’, separate from the Realm–even though contained within it–wherein we can create the temporal environment for the Game. In our timelessness, bliss enjoys the pleasures of love in the eternal present! But in this antipode we’ll amplify time, which will cause the souls to regret what was, fear what will be, and thus pleasure will largely elude them!
“Time,” mused Jesus, “is gonna create a whole new way of being, as well as all these concepts relating to it. In the game, souls will begin to adopt and use a whole new way of expression for a new state of mind. Just as real to them as our present timeless words and concepts, depicting our everlasting reality and state of being.
“Right! Just like this room for example, begins and ends with walls, floor and ceiling…‘time’ is a section of eternal life. Time, the length of the Game and of “life”–the course of each soul–will be an infinitesimally thin slice of our eternal being, sandwiched between the creation and consummation of the Warp, as well as the creation of the living soul and the return of its dismantled spirit back Here!
“Contrary to our limitless existence Here though,” said the Lord, “time will become very tangible and create a definite start and stop! The Alpha of Our creation and the Omega of consummation, irreversible and non-transcendable! They’ll be subject to time, not willingly, but because we subject them to it–even though they choose to participate!”
“Right! And subject to space as well! Just as goldfish have no concept of a universe outside their bowl…other than a faint glimmer of light, so we’ll create a ‘bowl’ for our Game participants. And as fish don’t realize that they’re in a bowl…as they’ve never seen, or been on the outside…so the souls will not know anything else, apart from the inside of their ‘bowl’! From our perspective, their perception of the bowl is extremely limited. They only perceive half of it–the inside–as a reflective, spherical, unidentified restriction, that shows fish bigger than themselves every time they face it! A neat parable by the way. They do not even consider, that this glassy limit might have an other side to it. That it’s actually only a thin shell that separates them from an immense universe of our reality! Their puny bowl is as a drop of water compared to the ocean of our Realm!
“Yes! We on the outside know there’s more to it than meets their eye,” said Jesus, “We see the fish, but the fish can’t see us, unless we come close enough and touch the glass, where our mere index fingers become their gods!”
“Most souls in the Game will almost turn out like fish,” quipped the Father, “opening frowning mouths of constant complaint, preying on the smaller ones of their own kind, blowing bubbles of vanity, and drinking in their own environment & offal! At least the ones who choose to be fools, slow to believe! From the moment they leave Here and wake up in the Game, they’ll consider Us a faint glimmer! ‘Heaven,’ ‘Paradise,’ ‘Valhalla,’ ‘Nirwana’, ‘the eternal hunting grounds!’ will be a few of their names for us Here.
“Yep…It’ll be a very hard-to-grasp entity indeed, and for many, not more than a label for the spurious, or at the most a handle for the elusive! Therefore souls that do choose to become wise–on return Here will shine as the brightness of the starry firmament down there–those heroes that turn many to righteousness–as those future stars for ever and ever. Real winners!”
“That’s a game!” said the Father, “Many run in a race, yet only one is winner of the Grand Prix. ‘The bridegroom coming out of his chamber, rejoicing as a strong man to run a race.’
“Yet, the race will not be to the swift,” said the Lord, “nor the battle to the strong, neither bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favor to men of skill, as time and chance will happen to them all. But apart from the Grand Prix there will be multitudes of other prizes as well, for many ranks and gradations of overcoming. Oh, that our runners in this race were aware, that they’re surrounded by a great cloud of spectators on our heavenly bleachers Here–we outside the bowl looking in and cheering them on–that they may lay aside all weights and obstacles that will so easily beset them!
“Right!”, said the Father, “But back to our fishbowl…We’ll have to somehow separate the game-environment from the Realm through an equivalent of a bowl, some kind of one-way-mirror. A physical gulf, as well as a spiritual veil between Here and there. So that we cannot only observe them without them being able to see out, but also, that they spiritually, empirically and intellectually have no direct evidence of our existence!
“Well the first aspect of that physical veil,” said the Lord, “will be the fact that they live in reduced dimensions, of time and space, without interface to our multi-dimensional Realm! Space…will be the physical gulf!
“Definitely! They can search for the end of their universe all they want, and probe it as far as time, space, and the flesh will allow them, yet never see the end of it… as there ain’t any!
“Yes, what end is there to nothingness? Our limitations of it, lie fully beyond their dimensional framework and perceptibility!
“Good! That way, our higher plane will be completely out of their frequency-reach, their tactile, perceptible, visible and dimensional reach, as parents hiding from the baby behind the curtain!
“The spiritual aspect of this veil”, continued the Lord, “should be the absence of actual knowledge of Eternity, by placing a temporal memory block in the spiritual mind of the soul! The physical mind will be fully blank, when the spirit children are born into the Game as miniature souls, ‘babies.’ They will at first be unable to think even, for a lack of thoughts, words and concepts!
“Sounds good…no previous knowledge of the Realm whatsoever. They’ll only remember their eternal history, upon return Here!
“Also Father…we could limit their senses to say…five? Only…sight, touch, hearing, taste and smell! Although throughout their quest, the overcomers can learn to regain the sixth and seventh of our range Here. Thus they can regain a partial knowledge of the Realm, as reward for their love and trust in Us? Faith that works through Love!
“Oh sure!” said the Father, “And a minority among the winners could get to know us, by hearing us…our whispers…and prophesying them! Until we give Lucifer his due to sever the silver cord between their spirit and their flesh vehicle, then they’ll remember Eternity, and know again as we know them!
“Sounds great, Father!”
“So Son, I recapitulate…We create a time-warp, a tension between something and nothing–a contradiction in terms–by hanging this finite ball without cause, in infinite nothingness! Let’s call it ‘Earth’… the lighted theaterstage of all the action in endless dark space or ‘Universe!’
“These phenomena,” said the Lord, “will pose enough of an enigma to most souls, their time-based perception being largely conducted in a frame of mind of: cause and effect; beginnings and endings! They’ll be unable to figure out, in their finite minds, how a temporal, finite thing can just hang there in infinite nothing!
“That’s also part of the veil!”, said the Father, “It should boggle their minds!”
“And through the pride of life”, said the Lord, “most will be unable to confess that they don’t grasp it. They’ll either brush it off, acting as if the enigma doesn’t exist by choosing to fully ignore it, or by becoming fools, professing themselves to be wise, by explaining it away with farfetched theorems.
“Yeah…”, laughed The Father, “I’ve pre-visioned some of these theories already… uh…the “Big Bang”, …the “Primordial Soup”…and the-uh…”Extinct Primary Primates” or something! And some more of that balony! They’ll even discuss these…in serious “scientific conferences!” Mama mia…as the light shines in  darkness and the darkness comprehends it not! Anyway…these and other riddles will serve as solid reminders of the Realm, proving to even the die-hards in the Game–if they would acknowledge it– that there has to be more than just ‘cause and effect’ and ‘beginning and end’. That some things can only be known through extra sensory perception. ESP! Through the sixth sense for example: ‘intuition’–which by the way I’ll make stronger in the female gender–and the 7th, ‘faith,’ the most precious!
“Yes, precious, although–sad to say–discredited throughout by most souls,” said the Lord, “as all spiritual memory, even of Us, will be erased!
“Yes and that’s how the unthinkable Here can become possible there,” said the Father, “that they’re even gonna make choices that counteract Our absolute will of Love! The absence of Our Love–not that it is absent but it won’t be directly sensed anymore–will definitely introduce several phenomena in the suffering range. Loneliness, jealousy and selfishness, which when faced with, will either cause souls to have ‘fear’ or ‘faith’ and to either shrink from their quest or tackle it with a greater zeal! We can’t make the test of life too easy, in order that it has some permanent merit…something that stands for ever, and doesn’t have to be repeated. An everlasting milestone!
“Also, Father, how about drastically cutting back the mindpower and memory-retrieval of the souls. Lets say…to about 10 % of our capacity Here?”
“Sounds good!” said the Father, puckering His lips, “You mean, in order to not endlessly prolong the Game where they completely destroy faith in love down there?
“Uhu… or even destroy Our creation itself, through the analytical predictability of intellect left to itself, without the wisdom of love. This could even result in their splitting of the basic building blocks of their universe, too soon! As is…intellect will become for many an end in itself, rather than merely a means to an end. And this intense pride of intellect more often than not, will damn the soul!”
“Fine…let’s cut it back!”, said the Father, “Blessed be the multitudes of poor in spirit, who as a rule will return Home much quicker than the so-called ‘wise and prudent!’ They’ll find ‘grace’ to believe in us much easier, although they’ll call upon us with different names, and come from peculiar folds and will be raised under myriads of strange and weird doctrines. Yet…I look at the hearts and raise Me children also out of these folds. May all those come to Me, that follow My Heart, My Spirit or My Deliverer that I shall send, through regeneration and replenishing of My Holy Spirit! By the way, the game as a kind of obstacle race, like trying to look through dark glass …even with only 5 senses in operation and all other hurdles sofar, would still be too easy. Let’s focus on the one major hurdle!
“What have you in mind?”
“Well…Lucifer has already introduced it in a way. It’s his desire for, and fascination with vile things. Rejection of our love through pride…resulting in rebellion, darkness, unfruitfulness! As a baby fascinated with its own offal, and consuming it, not realizing it is vile, yet developing a taste for it, as it doesn’t know there is no growth in it! ‘Evil!’ By not installing all the good we have Here, at least by minimizing it, evil will become larger than life! The fascination with evil through pride…is the obstacle! Lets call it…‘sin’”
“Sin! Hmm…a desire for evil… interesting!
“Yes Evil! Here they’re not acquainted with it! It’s extirpated by the abundance of pleasure. As perfect health knows no disease! We–as well as you and the other sons–are somewhat acquainted with it, but I’m the only One that cannot be tempted with it. Which is what some of you are also learning through this game. I’ve been through that. I create it as fire creates ashes, but it doesn’t fascinate me anymore! Lucifer is fascinated though…and is contaminating others quickly with it!
“So how will the Game and sin end?” asked the Lord.
“For each soul, their course through the Game and sin–will end with their return back Here! For those from the first level who find ‘grace’ to call upon us to re-anchor and record their souls up Here …it will occur at death! Death…the severing of the silver cord linking spirit and body! Without the actual sensual perception of the Realm, death will come to be perceived as very threatening, final and drastic. Throughout the Game most participants will dread their termination, because of ignorance what will happen to them afterwards! They’ll show a prevailing tendency to “hang on to life” through fear of death and the unknown…and so be all their lifetime in bondage! And for most, it’s good they do, because if they knew what they’re missing, they’d be terminating themselves much more than some are already going to do!
“Yes, but what about souls that choose to die unrecorded, who don’t  press ‘save’?
“Well…even though the severing of the ‘silver cord’ removes part of the veil,” said the Father, “sad to say, unrecorded souls will continue on in the Game as lost spirits. Not Here! After death, these will descend into a deeper level of the Game! Dismantled, they’ll continue on as spirits –like us–invisible to the souls on the first level, on a spiritual warp-level in the ‘unseen state’. Let’s call it ‘Hades’. Death for these unrecorded souls, cannot imply an instant return across the ‘gulf’ to the Realm, as they are not regenerated!
“So…then we’ll also need some gulf between Hades and Here, which they cannot cross over! So they’ll be unable to perceive the Realm?
“Oh…there will be! Hades will still be down there on the ball! They’re not gonna go anywhere! Also under the surface of the ball, as those spirits are not subject to the physical anymore! They still won’t perceive the Realm, although being behind the veil. Some of them may see us in action there, but we will not manifest ourselves much there.
”But even in Hades,” said the Lord, “those lost spirits can still be instantly recorded…no? If they choose to accept grace and receive faith to call upon us…right?
“Of course…even though they won’t be immediately restored to the Realm, their names and spirits will immediately be re-generated and recorded in our Register of Life! Furthermore after their salvation, they can immediately start serving the Realm, there where they are! For those that call upon Us from Hades, there will be 2 times of restoration to the Realm. One at the first, and the other at the second coming of My Deliverer! But those that still refuse to call, having seen those days, will have to stay there until the dissolving of the Game! Then, towards the very end of it, when time will cease to be… Hades and death will also be swallowed up in victory. At the end, when all our spirit offspring will have played through the Game, we‘ll re-gather them all together before My Throne, to tally up the ultimate scores!
“Well…” quipped the Lord, “all this sure makes this game a lot more serious than chess! So I imagine that their departure from Here should definitely be voluntary, although most of them will finally not want to stay behind and miss out on the obvious benefits that spirits who return Here will manifest! They’ll all wanna become ‘big’ and grown-up as our new children and to eventually participate, no?”
“Oh yes…but time and place will affect everyone differently, although there will be nothing new under the sun in each stage of time, still different times and places will have different effects on each spirit. Different strokes for different folks! Therefore, none of them, should be going without Our counsel and without their being ready to dive in. Also the first, should not despise the last, because of a ‘lack of courage or bravery’, because I’ll tell you…many of the last shall be first, as well as some of the first last! The last will have gleaned a lot of experience from the millions of spirits continually returning Here, which will teach them some spiritual humility, even before leaving! But I know that some will have no qualms entering in.
“Indeed! I can think of many already, who’ll be raring to go!” said the Lord.
“Right! OK…So next we should discuss the creation of the ‘game board!’ It’ll be a very interesting project indeed, to create a copy of our Realm in reduced form on this tiny ball! It should be an illustration of it, like a caricature of someone’s face, by blowing up certain characteristics and minimizing or deleting others! I would like you to be in charge of the creation of this Time-Warp and its world, as you have always sought My will in the smallest of matters.
“Thank you Father, but couldn’t all spirits participate in the creation of the several living props, as there will be a myriad of things to be designed and thought up?
“Oh definitely! They will! It will be a great learning opportunity, not to be missed! I have seen them coming up with thousands of kinds and colors of fish for example, which among other life forms, will inhabit a liquid sub-environment, called ‘sea!’
“Great Father! Then we’ll work out the finer details later! But how about the ball, itself. Earth! What shall we do with it?
“Well… I kind of had in mind to make it a contrast of solid and liquid! Like I mentioned the sub environment ‘sea’? The liquid, H2O… water… I already called sea!
“Why liquid and solid?
“Good question. Well, as we decided to make this world a poor limited copy of our Realm, we’ve still got to get as many opposites in this creation as we can, to be able to quickly re-educate the blank minds of the newborn with scope and vision. In order to illustrate all shades between good and evil! So, We already have the basic antithesis of something and nothing, right? Then on the something side, we can start with a subdivision of solid and liquid!
“Yes…but why not solid and gas for example?
“We’ll have gas too, but in the nothing!
“In the nothing?
“Yes! As a step into space! As a layer around the ball!
“Like I said, as basic divisions. Solid, liquid…then gas! Going from something to nothing! Like steps!
“Ah, I get you! OK! Then after gas?
“Nothing! Space! Because those will be basic conditions! Solid, liquid, gas and then nothing!
“But why?
“OK! Solid doesn’t move, doesn’t change much, liquid moves and changes more, but doesn’t escape the solid! Gas flies away! Ah, you’re smart!
“You get it?”
“Yes! An illustration of the heart of the souls?
“Close! Of their spirits! The hard don’t change. The mallible do, but they never rest, nor escape from the hard and are subject to the air. Its only the vapory, the misty, and the hazy that change a lot and are somewhat elusive, but closer to the Heavenlies, although still subject to gravitation.
“Yes, a universal material attracting force, that pulls souls onto the gameboard!
“Aha, as an ilustration of the fascination for evil in that world?
“Exactly… and the attraction of every world! The pull of this world though, can break their bones or head, and if you get pulled back after being too far away, it can kill you! My moon will have less pull, and so it won’t  kill as quickly and you can jump much higher!
“Oh sorry, I didn’t tell you yet, but I thought it good to give the earth a satellite, a celestial body orbiting around it!”
“Like a physical illustration of our Realm, its inhabitants as well as My Deliverer. As he will reflect Me, this body will reflect the Sun’s light to the Earth, having its face always turned towards the Earth. Sometimes it will be visible and sometimes dark. It will only be best visible during Earth’s nights, like in times of trouble and anguish, when it will soothe those that look for its light. It will daily pull up the seas level, symbolic of raising the level of the future masses of souls. It will also have a beneficial effect–beside others–on harvesting and sowing times when it is fully visible, symbolic of the activities of our people down there, disseminating Our truth and reaping our new-born children.
“Aha…a nice idea! I like that!” said the Lord and started softly singing, “Fly me to the moon and let me swing upon a star…Hmmm…would make a nice song!”
“So…next,” said the Father, “the contouring of the solid and the liquid.
“Well,” said Jesus, “once you contour the solid, the liquid is contoured as well!”
“True…so out of the sea we’ll raise a big chunk of earth called ‘land!’ Later, after the beginning of the second era, we’ll divide them into 7 subdivisions, we’ll call ‘continents,’ and a bunch of smaller ones, called ‘islands.’ But first we’ll shape the land.
“High and low! Mountains and valleys!
“Yes…and flat plateaus! Then liquid distribution; sources, springs, rivers, lakes, waterfalls! In the first era we distribute water through mist, and the second one through rain!
“And next, apart from fish in the water, there should be many thousands of other animate species, running around on land.
“Yes,” said the Father, “and besides animate species, we should also have in-animate ones, clothing the land, like…plants, trees, shrubbery, grasses…etc. Green!”
“What green?”
“Those grasses, fields and trees should mainly be colored green! Many different shades, but green!”
“Why only green?”
“‘Well we decided to cut down their visual perception of the color spectrum to only 7 basic colours–including black which is actually a non-color without a frequency! As this means a narrowing of options, it is also a radicalisation of their influences. Red will drive ‘em crazy. We made green with a sedative effect! Also the expanse of space must be something cool as well!”
“Light blue perhaps?”
“Yes, blue is cool. Green with lightblue! A sun of gold in a field of light blue reminiscent of our Royal colors!”
“What about if we also make a switch of colours, like another set, as a change for them, like it could perhaps symbolise their change of emotion, like setting the sun in a field of sober grey to sober them up once in a while!
“U-uh, they’ll sure need sobering up! So how about hiding the sun altogether, as an illustration of Our absence?”
“Yes, but maybe only part of the time, as they wouldn’t get the illustration otherwise!”
“You’re right! OK, then sometimes blue and shining and sometimes hidden and grey, or even dark grey going on black, when the winds of Luciferian adversity are blowing wildly!”
“So, green jungles, forests and fields! But later on many will become brown steppes, savannas, prairies and yellow deserts, as Lucifer will obtain Our permission to judge certain groups of souls that break the rules too much and he’ll withold water from them! So then air management: temperatures, climates, weather systems, wind and rain etc. etc.”
“So…there is lots to do! I suggest therefore, apart from all the planning and designing of this environment, that the actual creation and setup, the putting of it into place, will not exceed 6 ‘days’ of game time, as to keep down the size of it! After that we’ll definitely need one game-day of rest, to recuperate from all our work!”
“Fine!” said the Lord, “I’ll hand down guidelines to the spirits for designing and planning. Certain items will come into play right off the bat and some only later on in the Game, as they’re necessary for its proper course, as pre-visioned by us!”
“True… certain props will become obsolete in later stages of the Game, as for instance the ‘Tree of Life!’ Also most of the ‘sauri’ and ‘mammoths’ will disappear, at the end of the first stage of the Game! All spirits will freely take sides in the developing duality, which they will not be able to link to the rivalry up Here. Their minds will have been erased, except for the basic functions of input-acquirement, analysis, “fuzzy thinking”, “deduction” and a few other systems, now known to us alone. They’ll become apparent though to some of the souls near the end of the Game, when the rebels will begin to discover and misuse these psychological mechanisms for their own ends!”
“They’ll get a chance to change and improve upon some of the set-up of the environment or make it worse–for that reason. Even unto the possibility–if it were possible–of complete annihilation of environment and souls! But I will not allow this! I am the only one who could do that, if I should want to. But like I said before, I cannot be tempted with evil that I created, and I actually wish to preserve this basic setup forever, as a new improved part of the Realm, where the winners and Us will live re-united, in marriage to My deliverer son, happily for ever and ever after!”
“Well, from here on, dear son, please take over the directing, planning and management of the Creation of the Game, our incubator of a new generation of My sons and daughters! Of course in close teamwork with Me and your Mother! You have always been very close to Us and you will act as Our voice and be Our Word! You have been with Us from the beginning. You’ll be Our channel, Our Word, and… Our Word is Us!”

As I started pondering all the words of the Father to the Son, I was totally impressed by how He had foreseen, and had had the faith to allow the rebellion of a third of His sons, who in turn–throughout history–had deceived billions of spirits, and how the Father had outwitted and outmaneuvered them all, from even before the foundations of the World.
As I was musing on this, suddenly I heard Martin speak to my mind; “Yes, and how in His infinite mercy, He has given them every chance to return from their self-declared independence, to realize themselves their delusions of grandeur, by showing them the error of their choice through this enormous game.”
I turned around, happy to see my new friend and mentor Dr. Martin Luther, standing behind me in the theater room, who had obviously come for fellowship and even participated in part of my experience, although I had not seen him there as he didn’t want to infringe on my privacy!
“Yes!” I whispered in awe, as we flew out of the palace together on our way home, “Such infinite love for His creations, born with choice.”

Chapter 5       OUT ON THE TOWN!
I was sitting on my crystal terrace next to my wonderful cottage lake, trying my hand at oilpainting, something I never had had the time or the opportunity for on Earth –let alone the talent. I was together with Libby, one of my faithful former disciples who often visits me, not living far away, to spend the “night” with me. Afterwards we had both been inspired to start painting the gorgeous swans on the lake, when I suddenly had to think of Pat. Pat was a girl that I had met and witnessed to in Texas, on one of my travels as a booker for Evangelistic TV and radio shows in the late fifties.
Even though I’d been married at the time, I had off and on had relationships with other women, as I was often lonely on these travels, that took me all over the States! On one of these journeys, I had run into Pat. Relationships like this, often started by me taking pity on and witnessing to lonely women that I’d meet. But as I’d witness the Lord’s love to them, there seemed to be nowhere to draw the line between His love and my own love, as it all comes from Him anyway. So often they felt more love than they’d ever felt before, and they consequently drew me into their hearts, their houses and sometimes even into their beds. With Pat it had been the same. She’d gotten saved and became an on-fire witness for the Lord, even though she never darkened a churchdoor.
I became so curious to know what had happened to her, that I left of painting and prayed to ask the Lord, what had become of her! The Lord told me, that she had passed over already long before me, in 1983. So she was Here!
I thanked the Lord and walked into the house. The “screen” came out of the wall–a direct spirit-operated info-system, that reads your thoughts–or the Lord’s–and gives you, at the drop of a hat, all the information that you need and are entitled to!
There she was, in a hologram type of 4-dimensional presentation, including all her particulars. She looked younger and even more beautifuI than before, glowing from within with the Lord’s light!
I found out her location and pertinent info and was even allowed by the Lord’s privacy protection–knowing how much I loved her–to read some of her private information. It turned out that, after our encounters, when she had prayed with me to receive the Lord and after we had subsequently lost contact, she had become the owner of a beauty salon in Honkus Texas. In that position she had witnessed herself to many women and children of her hometown. She had raised two children as a single mum. Nonetheless she had later contracted cancer and had passed over Here.
I learned how she had been richly rewarded by the Lord for her witnessing and had received a magnificent mansion, up in the fourth Heaven, in some typical Texan countryside. She was surrounded by some of the very people that she had won to the Lord, who had also passed on in the meantime. As well as some of her saved family ascendants and even de-scendants, as one of her sons had graduated too in the meantime, from a childhood disease.
I wanted to surprise her, so I decided to not call her on the “net”, as she would have jumped at it and begged me to immediately come over with the speed of thought! There are still areas of privacy Here! Even though it says that nothing is hidden that shall not be revealed, it doesn’t mean that it all happens immediately…or to you!
There are many ways to communicate Here …in ever closer ways short of instantly meeting! Aside from the good old letter and telephone–Here called televoice as it works without machinery–there is also direct-thought transfer  –you could say telepathy in earthly terms, and…the net. The net is an instant communicationsystem, just short of instant tele-transport of going there yourself! With the net, you just manifest yourself live by tele-projection where you control how much of yourself or your surroundings you wish to display…for reasons of privacy for example. It’s a bit reminiscent of starwars holograms. Only much more extended with full feature manifestation. But  all totally without machinery!
The only reason the “screen” has a fixed place in the home, is so that you know where to look for the information! Although if you wish to check it somewhere else, it can come to you tele-pathically or tele-visionally–which means a real vision or apparition–also without machines!
Here we are in no way bound by machinery, as everything can go without. But it is there, when you need it, purely as an assistant. Machinery is even a wrong term, as there is nothing mechanical or electronic about them. They are basically spiritual appliances, that just use a manifestation or vehicle! If anything, these vehicles are almost more organic, real natural looking gadgets! They can even follow you around like a pet, if you like them to. All without bothersome cables, interfaces or electricity etc. Electricity of yore, was just an illustration of the spirit Here! Here we don’t need it anymore!
I found out what Pat’s agenda was going to be in the near future, to be able to instantly invite her at the end of my surprise visit, to go out on the town together to Philadelphia! Philadelphia is an area of Sion, the city you could call the Capital of New Jerusalem. It’s in the middle of it, equidistant from all corners of the pyramid and accessable to most, even for our brethren from lower levels. It’s an extremely cozy place, where you can find anything to eat, to drink or see or listen to. Any cultural setting or event, be it Greek, red Indian or Tibetan. Dressed in any kind of costume, you can hear any kind of music of all different times or do any kind of dancing, or enjoy any kind of theater, opera, musical or whatever entertainment, education, art or what have you!
I invited a bunch of others to meet us there too, whom I also wished to give a swell time to. My beloved mother, Virginia, as well as some other close old friends and members of my new founded Family who had already arrived Here. We made an appointment to meet in front of a certain club…as I remembered what style of music Pat really used to like!
I also invited one of my dear forefathers on my mother’s side; a German Christian Jew named Isaac Brandt. He and two of his brothers, Adam and Jacob and their families had accepted Jesus as their Messiah long ago, and as a result of persecution from their own people had left Stuttgart Germany and sailed for America in 1745, thirty years before the American Revolution! As peace-loving Mennonite farmers, they had settled in Pennsylvania.
I wanted to return him the favor, by giving him a sample of the kind of entertainment that our generation had enjoyed. Isaac had done the same for me, shortly after my return to the Realm, by taking me to his 17th century Saxon Bierkeller–also in Philadelphia–even though he had never visited one in his lifetime, as that had been against his strict religion of “the Brethren!” All dressed in lederhosen, we had enjoyed this lively establishment, called the “Eternal Reformation!” It came complete with the popular music of their day: ballads and hymns with lutes, flutes, pipes and drums!
We’d had a wonderful time of fellowshipping with some of his contemporaries… drinking beer, dancing and talking–you know the Germans. All these guys had been more or less from the same time-slot, and had, almost without exception, all been former Beer-lovers. They still reverted sometimes to the old stuff–just for “good ol’ times” sake, as it tastes a bit archaic and is very inferior to the celestial beers, wines, spirits and aphrodisiacs that are abundant! We had really gotten to know each other! Albrecht Dürer, Melanchton, Zwingli, Johannes Huss, Menno Simonsz and Luther had all been there as well…including Martin’s famous earthly wife, the former nun. Not that anyone is married Here…we’re all one Heavenly Family. All married to eachother and mostly to the Lord!

On the day appointed I flew down to Pat’s place, and approaching her mansion, I imagined myself in Texas. The scenery, the styles of mansions, the nature; this was real applepie U.S-of-A Texan countryside! I only missed seeing the gasstations and honky tonks! Although I bet there is one–even Here! A honky tonk I mean! Having lived there myself for a long time, I felt immediately at home–even more so than if I had been in Texas itself! I sailed down, sending my cupid ahead as I approached. Pat came out onto the veranda, anticipating something she knew not what. I knew she’d be expecting a visit, but I had put my cupid on recognition hold. I really wanted to surprise her!
I landed right before the veranda, plunk–in front of her! She cried, running down the stairs; “David…David, where have you been all those years! I missed you! I love you!” Not believing her eyes, she fell straight in my open arms and almost swooned! She just showered me with intense kissing, right on the mouth. She was so ecstatic and so was I! It turned out, she had gotten wind of some of the Lord’s accomplishments through me on Earth already, yet none of the finer details.
We slowly floated up and away from the mansion, into the air, our gowns and shimmering garments slowly falling off of us. They drifted down…toward the fence of the courtyard, knowing where we were gonna collect them afterwards! Here even things have intelligence!
We loved each other for the longest time, flying through the air, making love through the clouds with flips and somersaults. It’s impossible to describe the fulfilment and satisfaction we both felt at our reunion. The gratifying loving sex we enjoyed which always leads Here to Heavenly sex, which is the full union of spirits, where you join into eachothers beings and become spiritually one, with the most amazing effects. You kind of rub each others heart and spirit until a crescendo appears and your senses take not only leave of you, but you explode into a physical as well as a spiritual orgasm, impossible to describe. We zoomed and twirled around through the air, arousing eachother.
After our “crescendo”–as I call it–and its subsequent release and relief…we smoked a lucky…ha! NO WAY! Damn the world and its shit! No, she suddenly sailed down ahead of me, looking coily back over her shoulders, beckoning me with her eyes to follow her.
After I had absorbed my garments, she showed me her small palace, while loading me with all her benefits. She showered all her gratitude on me for my helping her–in days of yore–to get to know the Lord! She wined and dined me and introduced me to all her relatives and friends, that were also won as a result of my obedience, who thanked me as well! Even though I gave in turn all glory to the Lord, she made me feel like the king, that the King of kings has made me.
After we spent a wonderful time reminiscing about the past and exchanging some of our testimonies about what the Lord had done in our lifetimes, I at last invited her to go out on the town together with me, and to meet my friends! At that, she changed right there in gorgeous shimmering finery, that she had designed and sown herself, and off we flew…direction Sion…into the summery Texas evening, as a heavenly “dusk” encroached upon the scene. It’s never fully night Here, as the Son always lights the City, but there are times of dimming in certain parts and then again in other parts, to indicate times of rest, recuperation, recreation, praise, worship or entertainment.
Although according to earthly standards, the distances in the city are immense, travel can go faster than the speed of thought–that is, if you insist on missing the scenery.
The city lies foursquare, 2.200 kilometers (1500 Roman miles) wide, long and high, with a basic area as big as Europe! But then the city, which has the form of an immense pyramid, has twelve inner levels, spiraling down from the apex, around a central axis. All levels have their own sky, each approximately 180 kilometers high! The river of life streams down from the apex, out of the throne of God, along the gentle sloping of the spiraling floor all the way down, to the bottom! At the end of the coming Millenium, when the city will have landed on the new Earth, it will stream out of the city into the surrounding lands!
The four outer walls are made of see-through crystal-gold-like diamond, a material we didn’t have on Earth! It is the most beautiful stuff you’ve ever seen, and you will ever see! It scintillates and sparkles from the inside, even without having facets! Amazing!
The lower level areas are bigger of course, and contain the dwellings of the lower classes of Children of God. Those that took it easy, or didn’t do much for the Lord nor for others. The bottomlevel is mainly reserved for those who just believed and received the Lord as a fire escape, including most of the churchites! Nevertheless, it is much more stunningly beautiful than you could have ever imagined in the old life. As is written, “Eye has not seen, ear has not heard, neither has it entered into the heart of men, what God has prepared for them that love Him!”
No more grey cement blocks or ugly brick walls! Here…all is made at least of gemstone material. And I don’t mean a mosaic of little gemstones, but a whole building made for example of one continuous ruby or turquois or topaz. You’ve never seen anything like it, in all your imagination! The closest I had seen on Earth were those little animals and forms of pure crystal, that you sometimes saw in these brightly lit glass displays in shopping centres. They looked like miniatures of our buildings Here!
The architecture of our buildings defy gravitation and all other earthly physical laws, as well as your fantasy! Gravitation Here is also a lot less heavy! The constructions heave, bulge and undulate in impossible ways! Seemingly over-extending arches, spheres and gigantic domes connected without seams to thin looking supporting pillars. Bubbly forms, conical sub-structures, pyramidical designs that slowly turn into domes. Buildings shaped like flowers, with gigantic crystal petals and curving leaves overleaving each other, in kingsize dimensions and gorgeous supernatural colors that defy description!
Buildings higher or wider than ten kilometers, are not exceptional, yet they don’t impose on the landscape. Rather, they are intertwined with their surroundings, their settings–the hills and mountains that they ‘re build on or against. Even the gigantic trees and flowers that grow through, in and out of them, sometimes make you wonder… what belongs to the tree and what to the building, as they are built in such harmonious synthesis!
The nature in the city is of course also much more brilliant and exuberant than on Earth! Nature is not subdued to the city, as in Europe for example. Like in Germany, even the trees and the forests obey the system! No… Here, nature is wild and free and subdues and compliments the dwellings! Yet it is not impenetrable or chaotic like some Amazon jungle! It is friendly, or rather…loving and lovely! The flora in the city is better than art-work, no brown leaves or other corruptions, but with brighter greens than you could ever imagine, often luminescent. All sorts of hues and colors, and brilliances. Just like in the experience forest, there are huge towering trees everywhere, like in the paintings of the romantic era, only much bigger! Huge cedar-like stepped branches with paradise birds, pheasants, peacocks, tropical and other new unknown birds all over them! Towns and cities Here are not sterile, but full of animals people and nature!
On our way to Sion–which is on the sixth city level, we flew past different countries and nations across the fourth and the fifth, as on every level all races, ethnic groups and languages have representations! Only Here, the impossible humanist dream of “all nations living peacefully together without strife, hate and segregation” bla bla… is living reality! Nevertheless even Here, birds of a feather seem to still stick together, although more so on lower levels. On higher ones, former spiritual, organisational, or denominational ties seem to supercede national and ethnic ties more!
Yes, denominations, although organisationally defunct of course, are still observed as far as a sense of belonging! People seem to still feel a bit more comfortable with their own kind of the old faith, even though there is a lot of mixing going on as well. But pride and contempt seem to still have some effect…even Here! For example the Catholic priesthood–those that “made” it Here–seem to feel a bit shy around their Protestant contemporaries–those that “made” it Here…because of their former unneccesary celibatary lifestyle, even though the Lord doesn’t judge them like that at all! He takes everyone unconditionally where they’re at and loves them all, and judges everyone according to the love they showed, according to their faith, trust, loyalty and yieldedness to Him! The former priests and monks, by the way, were very much making up for lost time with all the hundreds of thousands of their own nuns from all centuries… God bless them! They were some of the hottest ones around… especially those that had had mystical love relationships with the Lord…as genuine brides of Christ!
Let’s face it, many Protestants were quite self-righteous, because of their “doctrinal correctness!” Many of them are still working on that weakness, even in their eternal lives. Those people who think they’re gona be instantly perfected by just arriving Here, are in for a big surprise! Sure…the flesh is gone and all of its detrimental effects on the spirit, and there is naturally a lot of very positive peer pressure and a healthy respect for Eloi Elohim, the Lords our God… but perfect? No! I haven’t seen it yet, except for Eloi Elohim themselves! But as is written: “even the Son learned obedience through the things that He suffered,” how do these people expect to be perfect, where most of them just began to be Children of God! No…we have a long way to go, as “the spirits of just men…being made perfect!” We’ve got an Eternity to go!

Pat and I, passed over gorgeous landscapes, rivers, valleys and mountains, dotted with magnificent villages and townships, edifices and architectural wonders with undulating forms and structures never featured on Earth, in dimensions that you could not even imagine. Not that everything is gigantic, as there are also the many beautiful mansions, villas and palaces of the saved of all ages scattered everywhere. And when I say scattered, I mean just that. Everything is very far from overcrowded! New Jerusalem is huge!
At last the capital of the City came into view–Sion, and its entertainment center; Pliladelphia! “The city of brotherly love!”  We sped up, as we were eager to see the most magnificent eternal city ever designed. Like a live fairy tale, it shimmers and scintillates like diamonds and rubies and agaths and crystals, glowing with heavenly bright golden light and the love of Jesus. We flew past the dazzling center with its public buildings, arts and crafts-houses, museums, wonderful theaters, impressive opera houses and government buildings. One phenomenon that was very obviously missing–and I thank God it was–were churches and cathedrals! No churchsteeples with crosses to be seen anywhere, nor even something faintly reminiscent of them! “And I saw no temple therein!”
At last we reached Pliladelphia–the area of town where pictoresque streets wend their ways between small multi-national, multi-ethnic, and multi-cultural buildings. Quaint restaurants, “fachwerk” houses, fancy clubs and bars–in bright colors as well as plain ones–where necessary to create a certain atmosphere–were scattered all around. Philadelphia can best be compared to the Plaka–the entertainment and restaurant centre of Athens with its small streets, cozy restaurants and music places, although of course much bigger! Yet it also has the mystery of a Marakesh Bazaar, the ‘altstadt’ of Salzburg or inner city of Amsterdam and many other earthly places of recreation and entertainment on earth.
Effortlessly we glided through the streets. You get never tired Here as when I used to be a tourist in the world. Your feet would hurt, and it would be so hot, that your armpits would smell of sweat and made you feel uncomfortable. No, none of that Here– just perfect atmosphere, temperature, spirit …everything just right! No criminal elements or unfriendly people, rip off artists, pickpockets, or even just people out of the spirit–“fleshing out” in gross ways! Thank God for deliverance!

At last we approached a medium size place, with a name written in shining living letters that seemed to dance: “New Graceland” All our  friends and relatives were already waiting on the terrace outside, sipping drinks, and sweetly welcomed us with hugs and kisses!  As soon as we entered the portals, we were warmly welcomed by a sweet, former American lady!
“Hello,” she said, “what a pleasure, what an honor! Thank you David and Pat and everyone else for coming!”
She already knew who we were, and she was for real! She was not after our money, nor in a hurry, although there were many other guests. She took her time to comfortably seat us and was an angel to us. She took our orders and obviously enjoyed serving us her own culinary specialties. There were other helpers, all friends of this family, that seemed to have… a lot of friends.
We relaxed, looking around at the other guests who were friendly nodding and smiling. Nobody was snooty, too cool or too high and mighty. We were home…in some family’s homey restaurant.
Suddenly introductory music struck up and a stage appeared out of nowhere. People started to clap and shout and even whistle, because…wonder of wonders, there center stage…with full orchestra ready behind him, was standing, in an amplified outfit reminiscent of his former earthly one,…none other than… the King of Rock and Roll…Elvis Presley himself!
He smiled big…though humbly, and bade us all a wonderful welcome, and called many customers by name, us as well. Pat was elated and had her eyes firmly fixed on her former idol! She was to be even more surprised a moment later…as I had ordered “a special” for Pat.
Elvis beamed as I had never seen him do on Earth, obviously completely redeemed of any of Earth’s blames and blemishes–he was so filled with the Spirit. The band struck up, and of all songs, he sang…especially for Pat: “Are you lonesome tonight!” The lights went low and in the middle of the song, followed by a halo–like a spotlight–Elvis came over and invited Pat for a dance, during the song’s break!
He was still at it! His former talent still in full array, but now…in glory! It was beautiful! The sounds of the music were majestic and augmented by instruments that I–as a considerable greenhorn Here–had never seen nor even heard about yet. Most of the guests present, seemed to be familiar with them though! The music traveled all over. It filled not just the atmosphere, but seemed to undulate and roll over and around us in multiple–at least octaphonic effects.
Elvis sang with such emotion that it made you weep, as you could see that as he sang, he was praying for his fans still on earth! Singing and praying for their salvations, from a broken heart forged on the anvil of earthly miseries and failures, which he had encountered in his former broken life. Here these former miseries had turned inside out, into blessings and prayers and intercessional pleadings, that made the music so rare, that it made your hair stand up on end! No shallowness or frivolity at all! It made the audience weep with much emotion as well, commiserating for those still left on Earth! As he sang, we could see the faces of those that Elvis was thinking about, projected in mid air. Faces that he could now perfectly recollect from his fully restored memories of performances in days of yore. Faces from many of his fans– some even still in Hades–as well as from present scenes on Earth! People who were at this very moment listening to his music down in that “valley of tears.” Lost and lonely people, touched by the feeling of infirmity that the tones and lyrics of his recordings still give them! Thank You Lord for Your Eternal love for every soul that ever lived! This…was real entertainment!!
After the music died away and the words and tones ceased, everyone stood up as one man and applauded Elvis for the longest time, while he himself was praising the Lord with his eyes closed and arms outstretched! He would have never dared to do that in former days. The A.C. controlled showbizz world would have dropped him like a hot potato, as they had so many for less than that! They had barely put up with all his Gospel Songs, because of public opinion which was still pretty Christian in his days! How the world had changed…in only one generation!
After everyone had settled back in the comfy fauteuils, the sweet lady returned with the orders and asked us: “Did you enjoy my son’s singing?” It was Elvis’ dear believing mama, that had implanted her faith early in her son’s life, which had also saved him!
“Oh definitely,” we said, as I stood up and took her hand and kissed her and hugged her, as tears trickeled down our faces, as we all remembered the story of her and his life!
Heaven–believe it or not–is a very emotional place, full of loving emotions of pity and merciful feelings and sincere compassion and nobody is ashamed or too proud to display them either!
“God bless y’all,” the unmistakable low voice resounded. Elvis himself entered upon the scene, shaking our hands and hugging us all! He hugged me for the longest time and wept on my shoulder, although we had never met! He said, “Thank you David, what you have done for my generation and many of my fans! I wish I had known you before I died o’drugs. I might have lived, you know… and come away with y’all… to become a missionary too…” His frame started to shake again with tears!
“Come on now Elvis! You did what the Lord designed you for, and He answered your prayers to do what you did! You reached multitudes, especially with those beautiful Gospel songs of yours…about the Lord, and He used you like that! “Let every man stay in the calling wherein he was called!” Where would the world have been without an Elvis, huh?”
“And look how you still inspire us all today and forever,“ said my mother in her sweet voice, standing arm in arm with Elvis’ mother who added: “That’s right honey… I keep telling him you know!” she said to my mother.
Elvis smiled through his tears and said in a low but trembling voice: “Thank you Dave… I shore appreciate that!” Wiping his tears from his face, he announced: “Now… let me sing for you guys some special ol’ time favorite — especially to get Dave & Pat movin,” he added with a mischievous smile.
He walked over to the stage, while his mother encouraged by our words, gazed with admiration upon her son from behind us, as she put the remaining plates before us on the table. Our eyes met and she read my mind: “He is a wonderful boy!” She beaming with pride thanked me with a nod and a smile! “Now enjoy the food, y’all!”, she chimed sweetly!“
“Thank you ma’am, we sure will!,” we all echoed together!
“Schönen Dank,” said Isaac.
But suddenly the band struck up with the next song, just for the fun of it, for “goood ol’ times” sake! Elvis girating the pelvis, accentuating the beginning tones snapping his fingers…
Ta-daaaa… tam tam.  Ta-daaaa… tam tam…
Going to the party at the county jail,
The prisonband was there, they began to wail!
The band was John Banana, John began to swing…
You should’ve heard that knocked out jailbird sing…Let’s rock!
Everybody let’s rock! Everybody in the whole cell block,
Was dancing to the jailhouse rock!”
Everybody left their plates on the table, no matter how tasty it looked, because this invited for a dance! We were all rocking out together having a wonderful time! The entire evening, into the early hours of the next day, we were dancing, eating, talking with Elvis. We heard his testimony from the stage, that he seems to tell every night he performs! And finally he sang some renditions of those beautiful Gospelsong that he used to sing in the old life. As well as some new ones he had made up Here to honour the Lord, and some he’d borrowed from contemporary Christian stars, still on Earth. And for us…he sang some of our very own Family songs that he had especially learned for the occasion! God bless him! So sweet!
Afterwards everyone returned home to rest, while I “rested” a bit more… in  Pat’s mansion! Thank the Lord for our Heavenly life of love…life abundant…without end!
Chapter 6      THE FIRST WEEK
I remembered how the Son had relayed to us–spirits of the Realm, the creation-message of the Father. He had inspired us to let our imagination run wild, to help create and fill the Game-environment. We had been so turned on by the idea of the new game! Everyone was raring to participate. After the initial planning we had all formed teams and groups for design and creation. The Son had explained to us, how He would put the foundations for the Game-world into place. Once again I visited “the Experience,” this time wanting to know how He had done it! I let myself go with the flow of my thirst for knowledge!

Suddenly I was somewhere in the Realm, and  I… was the Lord! I heard “Myself” say: “Let there be a void!”
At once as an overlay on television, new dimensions were cutting through our known Realm dimensions. Gigantic curtains of darkness began to appear out of nowhere. The lighted forms and shapes of the Realm slowly disappeared out of sight, and pretty soon a complete vacuum of nothingness had stretched itself out all around me. It was utterly dark around me, except that I could see the light emanating from my body.
Next I found myself speaking matter into existence! I chose a selection of Realm elements, downgraded them to the lower dimensional limits of this Warp and made every conceivable mix of them… and it was so. A mass of dark grey matter without shape or form hung before me. I spoke, “Let water cover the matter.”  And it was so! By its nature the water moved about unfixed, and I moved across the face of the waters and the face of the deep.
I heard myself–the Lord–thinking: “A magnetic field keeps matter together now! When I propel this matter into a spin I shall create a sphere! Nevertheless its centrifugal force must counterbalance gravitation, as to neither crush the future inhabitants by too heavy gravitation, nor to spin them off into space by too little! The spinning of a ball in the dark though, without any reference point, will be nil, as speed is relative to light and time. I first need to place a temporary light, until I bring in the permanent ones to give speed its reference. Dark space is nothing…so speed will be nil, whether it be fast or slow!”

…Just as I had always suspected, it hadn’t started with a “big bang” explosion of all matter in the universe that was supposed to have been concentrated in one dot as small as a ballpen-point  in a very hot region. Besides, if that had even been so, who had created the dot of matter? Where did it come from, as well as the heat and energy for the “Big Bang?” And who had created the universal laws of physics that governs matter? The laws of thermo dynamics, etc? Then they teach–falsely so–that the dot of matter started spinning so fast that it became a disk of matter that finally exploded and disintegrated in a big bang and shot all over the void! But according to the law of angular momentum the cosmic bodies should’ve all been spinning the same way, and they don’t!

Next I heard myself speak: “Let there be light!”
Instantly there was light, not all around as in the Realm, but concentrated in one place, a sphere of it, separate from the matter. It lit up the side of the matter closest to me and the light. The light instantly denoted darkness. The Lord could have created the light larger than the darkness–so much that darkness would almost be non-existent! But in the Warp He created the light much smaller compared to the darkness, to illustrate how precious truth is when it’s scarce, and that grace abounds much more where iniquity abounds! Without light no one would see matter, and without matter no one would see a reflection. Light would be alone without a mate, as a husband without wife!
The Lord was thinking, “An unfixed light as reference point for speed is relative, as the dark void is no wall to hang a picture on. Two bodies travelling thru the void in the same direction at the same speed, have no speed. If I would send the light in orbit following the spin of the matter, there would be no speed!” Like it is now… still!”
I went into the light and spoke to the matter, “Let there be speed!”
Suddenly the mass of water-covered matter before me began to slowly rotate! I shaped the matter into a sphere…a ball…as a potter shapes a vase between his hands.
I found myself thinking “Speed is the discrepancy between the moving directions of bodies of light and matter. The light on the ball I call ‘day’ and the darkness on the other side ‘night’! The first full revolution of the globe under the light, I call the first “day”. Time has begun! I’ll subdivide the revolution time into 24 slices and call them ‘hours’, illustrative of the 24 future top-winners of the Game: the elders! An hour will be a frequently used measure of time–a regulator and proportioner of action and rest!”

As the second revolution –the second day– started, I spoke, “Let there be a firmament between the waters!” I saw how about half of the watershell rose miles above the other half on the globe, creating an expanse between the waters. Between  it, I created gasses. The upper waters formed a shell, the outer sides of which above the poles, almost instantly froze into ice, as the inside was warmed by the light. The earth looked like a silver ball, shining in the light!

I heard Jesus think, “The upper canopy of water–during the first game era–will keep out cosmic radiation, which will speed up the aging or dying process in the second era, shortening the life-span of the souls by 90 %. One of the atmospheric gasses oxygen, will be the gas that souls and animals must breathe continually to stay alive. An illustration of how every spirit or every wind of doctrine blowing around this world is not necessarily beneficial to the soul! As oxygen among other gasses–some of which deadly–only our refreshing Spirit among so many other spirits, is the only one that can keep them alive!”
“Water, that the souls need to daily drink for survival, will be an illustration of our thoughts that could give life to their beings! The seas of waters also symbolize the future multitudes of billions of game participants, and how the wicked majority of them will get swayed and swell into roaring waves that cannot rest!”

So that’s… how it was before the Great Flood! The earth had been like a hothouse! I saw how the body of light was visible through the upper canopy of water as bright as today, although a bit indistinct, as through water! The atmosphere was nice, equally warm all over, while at the night side the waters formed condensation… a mist hanging over the waters, that would water the ground at night. There were no clouds and no rain. I felt how the weight of the water canopy on the atmosphere, made the airpressure almost double what it is today! It was one big hyperbearic tank! That meant that everything would grow faster and taller, that men could easily run a hundred miles: that wounds would heal up in half the time, that people were far more healthy and thus lived hundreds of years longer than today and were far more intelligent! I also suddenly realised, how dinosaurs with their much too small lungs and tiny nostrils could have breathed and survived during this era and why most of them became extinct after the flood, as the airpressure became what it is today!
“Aha,” I thought, “so it wasn’t a meteor hit after all, that made them extinct! That’s a false notion cooked up by Lucifer and his followers, to prove evolution and to give rise to doubts about the Bible’s account!”

The waters divided into two layers–one below and one above–symbolised us children! Some below in the Game and the majority of us waiting up in the Realm, to flood into the Game sooner or later! As the upper waters would eventually flood into the lower shell during the Great Flood, and then evaporate again, as purely distilled clouds which would then cycle back as clean rain and snow to the earth!
The droplets of rain are illustrative of the winners among our beloved souls that–once returned Here–were going to descend again to “moisten” the twice-born sanctified souls below–saints for short–through their largely unseen assistance and ministration! The “beloved” in the Game were to be enveloped in a cloud of invisible ministering spirits–silent witnesses of the unfolding drama!
Not illustrating multiple lives through reincarnation, as that would make the Game endless, meaningless and futile, just going on and on, as a vicious evolutionary cycle without objective! Instead, it would be a blessing for the souls, to die only once and after that the judgment of the Game!

When the third revolution began, I–the Lord– flew inside the inner firmament across the seas. I spoke: “Let the waters be gathered together in one place and the land rise up!” A very large area of matter began to emerge out from the waters, that rolled off of it, and gathered together into the lower places. I called them “seas”. The elevated matter I called ‘earth’! Until the end of this third day I filled the still wet earth with lots of stationary hardware; micro bio-organisms like grasses, mosses, flowers, seed-yielding herbs, fruit yielding trees after their kind, whose seed is in itself. The virgin earth filled with forests and meadows on rolling hills and mountains looked beautiful!

As the fourth revolution began, I sped out into the void of space. I spoke, “Let there be lights in the dark void of space to divide the day from the night, and let them be for signs, for seasons, for days and for years, and for lights in the sky to give light upon the earth!” And so it was. To divide the light from the darkness, I abolished the temporary light, and made two great lights instead, to give light upon the earth, the Sun to rule the day and the Moon to rule the night!
After completing our solar system and milky way by a word, I sprinkled around incalculable constellations of lights, stars, in the form of stellar systems, galaxies, nebulae, spirals as well as other light-less spheres… planets! I also created black holes, that suck space bodies to a nether-warp. All this to illustrate how some spirits will shine as the brightness of the firmament, whereas others will be sucked in by Lucifer and his followers! This universe of innumerable lights was in perfect order! All of them were not in travelling chaos, but their internal positions were firmly fixed, and distances permanent, exactly defining times and seasons to the second!

My experience of being the Lord finished and presently I was back in the “bowl” before the beginning of time. I heard the Lord explaining His actual Creation plan in advance to us spirit children…
He said: “Also on this fourth day…We’ll bring the Earth in orbit around a big ball of fire and light, called “Sun!” The Earth will circle around it every 365,25 days. This central hub of the wheel of existence–giving them heat and light, whereby all life is sustained–illustrates how the Game is centered around Us, the unknown Creator of it. This cycle shall be called a “year”, and will be the main measure of the souls life-spans and game-history!
“The Sun’s temperature will be perfectly balanced with its distance from Earth, so it won’t be too hot nor too cold for the souls! Its light, blinding the souls’ eyes, if looked in too long with the naked eye, is another reminder of Our existence, Our merciful loving warmth, but also Our dazzling truth and eternal perfection! If the Earth were closer to the Sun…all life would burn up, if further…everyone would freeze to death, as other planets in this solar system shall illustrate!
“The Earth turning around its own axis, is an illustration of the fact, that souls by nature will be self-centered around their own spirits, unlike Here, where we gyrate around the power of Love–the Father of spirits. The Earth half lighted and half dark, will be an illustration of the duality! If the Earth would be bigger than it is, the souls would be too heavy and be crushed under their own weight! If it was smaller, its atmosphere would fly away and all inhabitants would choke to death!
“We’ll also create one small ball in the vicinity of Earth, called “Moon!” It will circle the Earth hardly changing it’s position for thousands of years, having its face always exactly and perfectly turned toward it. Let them copy that, ha! It’ll even have a distinguishable outline of a face–if you look good–cocked sideways with an open mouth and wide innocent baby eyes! Of course the children of darkness will never acknowledge this wonder, and explain it away as “mere coincidence!,” as they’ll always deny all wonders of Our universe and all reminders that We put in!
“The Moon with its innocent face will be an illustration of My special beloved children, those who will choose to reflect the light of Our love to this weary world. Although they’ll circle around under the gravitation and influence of that very world, they will not be sufficiently subject to it, to fall back onto it! The Moon circling freely in a liberating orbit virtually staying equidistant from Earth through centrifugal force, is in itself also proof of Our supernatural design! The statistical chance of a body finding the right speed, to perfectly balance the pull of gravitation and the lift of the centrifugal force for thousands of years, is so infinitesimally minimal, that it can hardly be expressed in a number! Another reminder of Our existence! If orbiting too slow, it would fall onto the Earth! If too fast, it would fly away!”

“On the fifth day, we shall abundantly scatter free-moving hardware in the waters: fish. In the open sky above the earth; fowl. We’ll also create great whales and all other moving creatures that the waters will bring forth abundantly after their species! And every winged bird after its species. We will cause them to be fruitful and multiply to fill the waters in the seas, and to let the birds multiply in the earth. That will end the fifth revolution.”

“On the sixth day, We’ll first put forth couples of living creatures after their species on the earth; cattle, creeping things, and beasts of the earth. Then We’ll make the souls, called “Humans,” after Our likeness. We’ll let them have dominion over all the earth, over the fish, the birds, the cattle, and every reptile of the earth.
We’ll create man in Our own image. They’ll be male and female like Ourselves and We’ll bless them! Male as the Father and Me, and Female as Our Queen Mother the Holy Spirit, and as the spirit of the future Bride that will become one with the Deliverer Son, and will thus be brought into their tri-unity! On the seventh day we will take the day off…”

As I began pondering on the seventh day, I emerged out of my experience, remembering the break we had taken after creating the Warp. Everyone had rested during the seventh revolution, since the beginning of time. We had spent the day observing our new world–His and our creation–like a new aquarium, now teeming with life! After the first 6 days, we had soon gotten the feel of time, although it still didn’t mean much to us in the Realm. Only later did we realize how the Father and the Son back then, were already setting the standard of the future earthly week of 6 workdays and rest on the seventh, which pattern eventually took hold in almost every tribe and nation! Such amazing prevision!
By the time of creation, all new “hardware” was of course already fully created in spirit… in ghost… so to speak! Just the fleshly “hulls”, subject to Warp’s laws of physics of time and space, were created… or “slapped on” as it were! Soviet scientists had discovered this fact in their ESP research, when taking ESP photographs of amputated people. They discovered that the aura of the amputated members were still visible in form on the picture! They could even still be felt by those souls.
I suddenly remembered how my spirit friends and I had worked on designing a piece of animal hardware that was going to be a raccoon. Right away I was there again… by experience.

I saw how we decided unanimously that it should have a mask over his eyes like a robber, as we had programmed it to steal eggs, and a tail with black and white rings, giving somewhat of a hint of prisoners clothing! Not too much, as we weren’t supposed to make “reminders” too obvious. Reminders were all looked over for obviousness through a filter, by the Lord personally, in order to not contravene the workings of faith! Suppose for example that the Moon would have been made with a clear distinct face painted on it, people would have never doubted whether there is another dimension or not!
We programmed the Raccoon’s brain-software, that it would have a habit to wash his food as we knew that laundering of stolen goods was going to be commonplace! For that reason the Lord had even let us in on some of the world’s future, as He was personally involved supervising every project and often giving suggestions! It had been such fun and exciting to design the raccoon, not just the way it looked, but its funny gait, facial expression, the way it ate, drank and made love–the whole spiel.

Suddenly I had to think of Martin, wondering where he had been during the preparation of the creation. At once, I was somewhere else, transported into another place of design. I found myself observing Martin as a young spirit, totally absorbed in the design of a blowfish, creating the biological machinery of the blowing mechanism and the extraordinary stretch of the skin. It was fascinating to see the foresight and intense planning that went into every little detail of this odd-looking fish!
Such nuts these Evolutionists were down there–and still are! As was written: “Professing to be wise, they became fools!” Saying that “nature changes and adapts itself according to the need.” A shark wants to look like a hammer and so develops over a period of two billion years a hammerhead. An Indian cobra sees a man, and wants to disguise himself as one, out of “survival instinct”, so he develops first a hood and next a picture of two eyes and a nose on it! A reptile gets a desire to fly and so grows wings and hollow bones, and over a period of a billion years he becomes a bird! If all that were so…man would have been flying billions of years ago!
They promote “nature” to the position of Godhead, as according to them, it has an intelligent plan and meaning. Yet it is subject to the research and whims of man. A god with a superior ability to create, yet dumb enough to let man leash it, and destroy the ecological balances it made! Some kind of moronic genius, like these scientists it created! Some overindulgent papa that is led by the nose by its smart-alecky, spoiled children!
All because they don’t want to believe our real Reality…they don’t want to retain God in their knowledge–purely out of rebellion! Because if they would accept the Father, they couldn’t just ignore Him! Since the sixties… this balony theory… through the constant, active intervention of the anti-christs, is the only one that is tax-supported and treated everywhere as an “axiom of science!” Whereas even the famous anthropologist Margaret Meade herself, was honest enough to say that, “Even though I am a confirmed ‘believer’–mark the word!–in Evilution,”–my favorite way of spelling this hideous deception–she conceded that “there is not one iota of evidence to support it!” Ha! There are none so blind as those that will not see! Really, if it had all happened to come about randomly, why anything, even some new branch of evolutionary highly poisonous mosquitoes, could have wiped out puny man in a couple of days. Or even a new virus for that matter! And why doesn’t every flower turn on its stem following the sun, as the sunflower does…isn’t that the desire of all flowers?
As I was watching the blowfish creation, I got to observe some of Martin’s character as well. I saw how his strong personality was already in existence then! A stubbornness and persistence, that later–when submitted to the Lord and under His influence–would yield such an historical explosion as the Reformation! God bless him!
I desired to see other creations, and flew past oodles of design units where pro-active creation was in full swing. Animate hardware, called “animals” were designed in the form of set species, from field-mice to tyrannosaurs, moving about at random will without roots, at different speeds and in myriads of ways: sliding, crawling, flying, swimming, creeping, hopping, jumping, sailing, slithering, walking, skipping, floating, soaring and what not! They could all feed and “heal” themselves…repair breakdowns to a certain extent…take care of themselves, through involved brain-programs installed in them. Heavenly software-programs or so-called “instincts” were written, that made some creations even capable of learning things! For example parrots and meyna birds imitating human speech or the chu chu sound of a locomotive!
I saw how the two animals that were to become man’s favorite pets; cat and dog, were fashioned along female and male traits too, to act as mirrors of some aspects of inter-sexual relations and character-traits of the two genders! Why don’t they see it? It’s so obvious, as the Lord used to say, “O fools, slow to believe!”
Most of life was designed to proceed from “seed!” Tiny biological, genetic micro-processors, designed to be the major way of procreation, growing along pre-programmed lines of top genetic engineering, into sizes a million or more times larger than themselves! Self-contained, auto-powered, minuscule, pre-programmed, male micro-organisms, activated often by water! They “boot” so to speak, as soon as they are moistened by contact with water or wet eggs, the compatible female micro-processors, that when joined together start procreation. Talk about High tech! Try that with their microprocessors! Ha!
Furthermore biological hardware, called “plants,”– were designed and created by multitudes of spirits in laboratories and workshops of the Realm, already carrying seed inside. Multiple millions of flowers, mosses, grasses, plants, bushes, trees, shrubs, cacti, fungi, weeds and micro organisms–such as benign bacteria, amoebae and cells etc.–were fashioned, created, tested, and synchronized in perfect ecological balance with each other!
And so the Lord, with our help, created this immaculate environment on Earth–in the form of a lush garden in a place called Eden, situated in the middle of the undivided earth, between the rivers Euphrates and Tigris. Later called Mesopotamia, it became the cradle of civilization!
I saw how actually the creation itself, was made as a perfectly balanced, fully integrated, auto-replenishing, self-seeding, ecological system, of self-propagating, self-procreating, self-preserving living bio-mechanisms. It was all set in motion by the Lord only once and for all, henceforth forever taking care of itself! Nothing needed to be replenished, repaired, refueled, or re-adjusted anymore from Here, except a fine tuning and correction at the beginning of the 7th Millennium. Until the complete overhaul of it by fully re-melting and re-creating it, at the end of the Game! A whole new Earth, that will be fully integrated as a permanent undivided extension of the Realm.
I observed how there was a state of furious and enthusiastic production, with all spirits personally involved to make the project as successful and wonderful as possible! Billions of calculations and probability studies preceded actual models and prototypes, that were put through test-run after test-run! I observed think-tanks of spirits perfectly planning everything. Nothing was left to chance. The creation was designed even in view of the history that was known by the Lord to unfold. All so-called future freak events were calculated in…ranging from earthquakes, plagues, meteor hits, diseases, draughts, floods, extinctions of species, mountains exploding,  comets, human auto-genocides through worldwars, child- and fetal-murder crazes, bridal murder traditions, all balanced by birth explosions elsewhere!
The Lord even left room for types of organisms, plant-life and animal-species, which He knew, weren’t going to pan out eventually. He calculated them in, not as mistakes, but to show for example that some of the largest, strongest and most ferocious animals, like the dragons or sauri, had a smaller chance of ultimate survival than weak, little Man, created with little or no natural defenses, yet with brains and the blessing of God with which he would conquer the rest of creation. Proving the principle of “mind over matter” and that “evilutionary survival of the fittest” is a false doctrine in most aspects.
Of course, with animals, the sick will always be a victim, but besides being a species maintenance system which the Lord installed, it was designed to be an illustration to man that he should act differently! In the species of man, the sick, invalid and weak have often overcome in many amazing ways, creating inventions, art, and summits of thinking, the depth of which the healthy often couldn’t even fathom or attain too! Thus, the advantage of a handicap!
The Lord told man–not just the Westerners–to “have dominion over all the earth, and over every living thing. Be fruitful, multiply and replenish the earth and subdue it. All seed-bearing herbs and trees in which is fruit, yielding seed shall be for meat for you.” And with “replenish” He didn’t mean at all that He had instructed them to abuse nature and exploit it to pieces, of which the A.C.’s would later accuse Him! Of which they themselves, as “the great men of the earth”–the merchants–would later really be guilty! But rather the Lord told the first two human souls in the Game to “tend the garden and be fruitful and multiply” and to “replenish the Earth!”
I saw how the Lord in His mercy, placed so many “reminders” in the Game, of the perfection, rhyme and reason of the Realm and its love, that thoroughly deny so-called “ random coincidence!” Man is really… without excuse!
Some game-participants were even going to choose to become reminders themselves in the Game! Reminding other game-participants of erased things they knew before in the Realm! Some would choose to lack some “normal” ability which all other souls would have, and as a balance have increased mental capacity beyond the “normal” 10 %, in one or a couple of their mental, spiritual or artistic abilities. Deprived of capacity to compensate for advantages! Thus some would be able to make instant calculations like we can Here, as in the movie “Rainman!” It would be counterbalanced by a handicap in their physical body or their personality! Like mongoloids are often very sweet and kind! After all…scores in the Game are not judged by personality or physical ability–as souls judge–but the same as everyone else. The accumulative score of the Game would of course be judged by how much love and wisdom was gained and shared with others!
I saw how numerology was a reminder. For example 7 being God’s number. The Earth has 7 continents and “the 7 seas!” Earth’s music is based on 7 notes, the rainbow counts 7 basic colors including light itself, and the week 7 days, your head 7 entries and the Lord has 7 Spirits, which makes number 7 very special indeed!
Other reminders the Lord lovingly put in unfolding history, to help souls find Him easier, were phenomena like that the very rock on which the Deliverer of the Game would be murdered, was shaped like a skull, and later even called so; “Golgotha…the place of a skull!”
The shroud that the Deliverer would be buried and resurrected in, would be one of the only large pieces of cloth still around in good condition after 2000 years! The only cloth in history with a photographic-like image burned in it, of a crucified man, cut with a spear in the upper abdomen, 2000 years before the advent of photographic fabric printing. And it wasn’t even done with a camera! Man’s modern science is still not able to repeat this accomplishment. The shroud bears the imprints of Palestinian coins of 30 AD, that were laid over the eyes of the dead man, as was the custom in the days of His life! Also it miraculously survived burnings and onslaughts of critics and bribed scientists!
Even the layout of the world and its continents, was not without significance. For example, the relatively small necks of the Suez and Panama areas. The huge landmasses of Africa and S-america were so designed, as to force future Western imperialistic discoverers to go very slow in their opening up of the world for commercialism. But when the Lord wanted to drastically speed up History, two “simple” incisions in these landbridges sufficed to dramatically speed up worldwide imperialism and commercialism, even before the days of aviation!
The “Holy” Roman Empire centre, Italy–whose inhabitants during the Ceasars would excel in marching and were the first to construct “highways” for it throughout the known Earth–was perfectly shaped as a stumbling fancy boot with foot and heel. It stumbles over Sicily, whose inhabitants would be looked down upon by that holy boot, and at the same time become a stumbling block for it, and for the rest of the world, for that matter! Statistically speaking in earthly terms of “chance” it would be too small to express in a number.
The geographical area, from which the Lord designated to start His influence in the world–his pussy into history–was precisely put smack dab in the middle…on the small pivoting landbridge of Palestine, hinging 3 of the great continents together: Europe, Asia, and Africa! It would also become a perpetual stumbling block in the Game’s history, as they have been and will still be scrapping it out over that piece of land until the Time of the End!
Moreover the people that would originate from this– His now former nation– who lived there before He scattered them all over the world, as He had promised He would, for rejecting their own promised Messiah, would throughout history carve out such a prominent place for themselves on Earth, that many have suspected them from scheming to gain world-power for themselves! Especially near the end of the Game, that minority was to become the richest and most powerful ethnic group in the Game, controlling the most powerful enterprises of the world; finances, international banking, big business and most of the media and… Hollywood! This small ethnic group got so powerful, virtually worldwide, that it was the only one able to push legislation penalizing speaking against them!
Their one volume, called “the book”–Biblos–would form a record of the Words of the Lords our God. It was to reveal Their existence and interaction with certain mediating souls called prophets, and with His nation on Earth called Israel, and with the people that would first believe in their Messiah–Christians. It would be the first, the oldest, the most translated, distributed, quoted, sold and widely read book in history, as well as the most burned, and widely persecuted book in the whole world! It would also be the only book with reliable and proven predictions about the future of the world, and yet the most ignored and publicly maligned as such! The first printed and most controversial and published book in history, and yet the most ignored and embarrassing book, because of its candid nature! Its ultimate 66 generally accepted volumes, written through 40 souls, was the first book to have numbered sentences, whose numerology has consistent meanings as well!
This book would become the cause, foundation or partial justification of three of the major Warp religions. It would trigger archeological findings, that unearthed whole cities and unknown civilizations, and yet is criticized to the hilt by “science”–falsely so-called–as a legend, a metaphor and a myth! It would become the cornerstone of the last most powerful cultures, nations and empires of the Earth, that would conquer and subdue it, and yet be ultimately denied and blacklisted by those same cultures! In other words, a most unusual book! The Realm’s given manual and His Majesty’s Words for game-participants!
And last but not least, toward the Endtime, the Lords our God would allow mathematicians, to discover a mysterious double bottom under the Bible! From before the books of Moses were written–5000 years ago–God had hidden the entire world history encoded in secret skip-codes under the entire Hebrew text!

Chapter 7       THE MYSTERY
I had always wanted to know the secret of life, the mystery of it, the goal. I think everybody does to a certain extent–except perhaps for the really dull-witted brute beasts. So off I went again to the Experience and was forthwith lead by my desire. I was again in the company of the Father and the Lord, the original divine planners of all things. The Lord was asking…

“How shall we introduce the mystery?”
“What mystery?
“Our mystery!
“Through a mystery of course!
“What do you mean?
“Well if you mean ‘how shall we explain the mystery,’ it is no longer going to be a mystery…
“OK…so how shall we introduce our mystery, meaning: how are we going to present it? What is a mystery anyway, right? Normally it’s a secret! A closed book! But it cannot become even that…without some clue, without some kind of hint, otherwise it’s not even going to be any mystery! Even a closed book you recognize by a cover! So what will be our cover? The tip of our iceberg?
“I’d say,” said the Father, “the first question is: ‘what is going to be our foremost mystery?’ The essence! Like…we’re mysterious in many ways. For example…our very existence, the Realm’s existence, etc. But I wouldn’t even consider that the core of our mystery or the main enigma, the red line!
“So what do you suggest Father?” asked the Lord.
“I asked first!
“OK… You’d like me to learn, I see. Allright…well let’s see. I guess that the essence would be Our nature! Your nature!
“Uhu…go on…
“I’d say our existence is the least of the mystery. Only fools will say in their heart that there is no God…that there are no gods!
“Yes, because even the children of the Evil one, are not going to be atheists. The challenger is going to be their god!
“Right, so our nature and our will is gonna have to be the core!
“Yes, but I would rephrase that…
“Yes me too! To…our desire!
“Nail on he head! A plus!
“Thank you Father…but I learn a lot from You!
“I know son, but the credit also goes to the one that is learning!
“Thank you, but without your questions…
“Well, how about your suggestions! Without you bringing them up, we wouldn’t even have gotten this far!
“We sure are a mutual praise society!
“Well…everybody thrives on praise! Even we!
“So Dad, what is our desire? What is Your desire!
“What is yours?
“Ha! There you go again! OK, I would say our foremost desire is for love… for union!
“U-hu! Love for who? Union with whom?
“Well uh…love for all! Even for those brethren–the sons that oppose us. But especially love for our children that are gonna be lost in the Game, because basically You already know –even now, before we lay the foundations of the Game–who is going to choose us in the long run! But of all our desires for all the lost, I’d say that…our desire for the lost of good will, for our children, is our strongest desire!
“Voila…the essence of our mystery: our desire for our kids!
“Yes, and how would we express that?
“By allegory!
“How? No, don’t say it… I’m already thinking! Lets see…uh…OK! We are craving for fellowship with our lost kids…while they’re gonna be gone in the Game!
“Right, they are part of us…and will be apart from us.
“Yes, and we can hardly stand to be apart from them. We’ll miss their fellowship terribly…
“Because we love them! I guess because they’re so sweet, small, cute, innocent, funny, lovable and they give us pleasure! Especially the newborn, the spirit babies are totally helpless dependent on you. They make you feel fulfilled. You see the fruit…all you worked for. You see the progress in what you taught them. Childrens’ love is very pure, because they’re spontaneous. What they give…touches your heart.
“Because they have what we don’t have! We’re not cute and innocent…
“Well I hope you are! And you are cute too! In my eyes you’re still sweet and lovable, but true… you have grown up to Our stature and are less so than before.
“Yes…uh…right…well, thank you Father.  But I guess we crave them, because they accentuate our growth. We feel like a mountain in their valley…needed! Like a strength in their weakness, and that is a thrill for us. That is part of our pleasure! Like Your pleasure with me and the other sons! Especially those that follow You! You feel superior, because… frankly…You are…because You’re in a position to dispense more, to give, to love, to bless, to teach, to procreate more!
“True, that is part of My pleasure! Growing is an effort, a trial and gives pain, but the surcease comes in the pleasure of discrepancy with the former stature, especially when embodied in those around us who are still of that very stature!
“Well I couldn’t have worded that better! So it is the discrepancy, the dissimilarity that gives pleasure. That is the primary essence of our mystery. So we need to illustrate these very essences: The discrepancy of natures… the growth… the mechanics of desire and pleasure… the dispensing and receiving of love, etc.
“Yes, but the children also have pleasure in learning and receiving and in weakness as well! It is a two way street! So, how would you illustrate all that?
“Well, it’s all in opposites right–the whole creation– high and low, slow and fast, plus and minus… so I guess we should express the difference between us and the souls as some kind of plus and minus too! Kind of like You and Mother! Your respective natures, their difference, the relationship and its mechanics and its results, we should illustrate too.
“You mean In the flesh?
“Yes, you said in allegory! So in the flesh!
“Well, You both are quite different in nature, although at the same time You are similar and complete each other. It’s the discrepancy between strength and weakness, higher and lower stature, hardness and softness, rigidity and flexibility, the giving and the taking, the desire to desire and the desire to be desired. Also, you both have different functions:
“You are the creator, You initiate, You are like the sun in her sky…more in the limelight. Yet…the husband has no power without the wife, and cannot manifest or show his power of light without the background and darkness of her theater! You have a different role than Mother, of an authority and disciplinarian, therefore You need to come across more bold, confident, strong, and swinging your rod of enforcement! You’re the provider of answers…of life! You give the pioneering penetrating seeds, like you do with me. You scatter the seeds of thought, of innovation, of creation, of life, of love… That nature and function is the giver, the plus! We could call it… male!
“Son, you are very similar to Me, so you are male too!  And so will the Deliverer be. He’ll be like a bridegroom coming out of his chamber to choose himself a bride from among his lost children, as I found your Mother once upon eternity! She is My counterpart, My moon, the reflector of My light. I’d call Her female!
“Right! I was about to say that! Mother is the receiver of your seed and carrier of the receptive potential–the egg! She is the shielder, cushioner, incubator and feeder of the potential, the resulting offspring: the children. She is your valley and you are her river! You are the sound and she is your soundboard! You are the penetrator of her darkness, the yang of her ying! You light up the Realm, You’re the pioneer. Mother has the role of follower, the caretaker, the comforter, the soothing voice, the spirit of truth, the guide. You are the preacher. She’s the pastor. You supply what She desires most, and She supplies what You want most, her beauty and grace, her soft forms and yielding body… Her receptivity, to enter and fill Her emptiness to supply Her with Your creative seed! To love and cherish Her and feel Her heart! Whereas She… wants to absorb Your all! Your desire, words, love, protection, provision, firmness and strength. She yearns for and dotes upon your children. She loves to receive and have You! Her desire is unto You and what You can do for Her and give Her! So we’ll call You plus: male! And we’ll call Her minus: female! Plus and minus, not in a moral sense…by the way, as they are both good, needed and functional!
“It sounds good! I like it. So that’s what We’ll do–create souls in our own image: Male and female? Simple!
“Yes, but that is just the main setting, because then we’re gonna have to define the relationship the two are going to have, which will illustrate the mystery!
“You mean… the difference between your Mother and I and the way We interact, should be expressed in the flesh?
“Yes, thát too … but especially the difference in nature between Your male Son–the future Deliverer–and His future female Bride. The way they interact. How He yearns for His lost children and wants to interact with them and they with Him!
“Hmmm… I see…interesting! Well…I like it! We can program the male souls to always be attracted to the female and vise versa. We could express that in the flesh. That they instinctively desire each other, their natures as well as their bodies.
“Yes,” said the Lord, “but also the different natures of their desires should be illustrated differently in their flesh and behaviour, like hard and soft!
“Right! We could create her smaller in stature, softer and more beautiful and graceful… softer skin and more softspoken… perhaps her voice with a child’s pitch! He yearns for her beauty and softness and wants to protect her. Whereas we’ll make the male by nature taller, with bigger bones, feet, hands and shoulders. Also harder, faster, stronger, more rigid… with a lower voice and rougher… and more hair all over his body. She looks for his firmness and rigidity, being soft and flexible! He looks for understanding. She to understand!
“Lets make it,” said Jesus, “that the form of the female flesh automatically causes a reaction in the male, without him even knowing why! And he desires to find out and probe what it is, that he likes in her, and that way they get together… united!
“U-huh!” said the Father, “And perhaps program the female so, that she likes to be desired and held and caressed, and she somehow attracts the male to herself through her flesh and behavior! With her little mannerisms, nice smells, colors and garments that partly reveal and partly hide her inner things he desires!
“With what purpose?
“To illustrate and show the Bride–the lost children–how to attract the Deliverer, in order to eventually unite them. So they can procreate and have offspring. The male is symbolic of the Deliverer, and the female of the elect of the lost children. The Deliverer is attracted–as we are–to the Bride and wants to re-unite and engage in a relationship with her, already in the Warp, as He aims to enter the spirit of the lost.
“Yes,” said the Lord, “our plan was…to already regenerate them in the Warp before they return Here…
“OK…and then we want him to bear fruit in their spiritual life, right?
“Yes! They”re supposed to then influence and gather the other lost children to receive him also…
“OK! And he desires to implant his spirit in their hearts right?
“OK, I’ve got it!” said the Father, “The male should be attracted by the female flesh. And somehow, he needs to enter with his flesh into her flesh and implant his fleshly seed in her. Spurt in her a spire, representing his spirit! This seed then brings forth a newborn soul…another child of God!
“But this spire should not do the job alone. The female needs to give something of her flesh too, that makes the new life together with that fleshly seed, otherwise she wouldn’t have any relationship to that new life if it wasn’t partly hers too! Like the potential of Mother that You impregnate. You conceive and make her potential pregnant with the seed of Your mind and heart. Her potential could be a fleshly female ovum… an ‘egg’… and his fleshly male seed penetrates this egg, upon which its constitution changes, becoming a new miniature life… a baby soul! And that’s how we increase the number of participants in the Game!
“Hmm…interesting! A a male and female part getting united and creating a new male or female again! Wow! Terrific! So then the new life is carried and grown inside the female until it is big enough to stand on it’s own… ready for expulsion…for birth! The Bride should also feed her newborn baby?
“Yes… from her heart…from her bosom! With something that started growing in  there, since the Deliverer impregnated her. But especially since she gave birth, she somehow starts to secrete his Words, that she kept in her heart, to the new life, which makes it grow!
“OK so how to express in the flesh that her heart grows with his word, and that it secretes to the new life?
“Well perhaps there, where the heart is situated in the left chest, her body can grow a physical sack or bulge with a liquid that secretes from it…we could call it ‘milk’!
“And that bulging bosom is symbolic of the reservoir of her lovers words?
“Yes…of her heart, the core of her being and desire! She keeps His Words in her heart! And the male lover likes her heart, and that she fills her heart with his words! So we make him desire that bosom in the flesh too!
“It’s kind of funny though… ” said the Father.
“To have one bulge in front of the heart on her left chest! So asymmetric!
“Yes I agree…let’s have two! One on the right side as well! Besides her lover has two hands and that way she can have more milk for the baby and switch between them. So, one can fill up while the other is being drained! Besides if she has twins she can feed both at the same time!
“FIne! So be it!” Said the Father, “OK, next, how does he impregnate her?
“Well…as the Deliverer tells her his promise, his Words…
“You mean that his mouth makes her pregnant?
“Well, I think that would be too abrupt. There will be stages in the conquest of the lost souls. They won’t go for it immediately! First he could give her his words. The Female could be made so…that she is very receptive to words.
“So, how would we express that in the flesh?
“We could program them so, that their mouths like to touch each others mouths! Like the words in allegory! We can call these touches of the lips “kisses!” And he first wants to “kiss” her with his words! Then…as they get deeper involved…they could kiss and touch each others tongues. Then as she yields more, with his actions he slowly conquers and unveils her heart, her two bosoms. He caresses her bosoms with his hands, and we design her to enjoy that.
“How,” said the Father.
“Well, we could make her very sensitive there, in a pleasant kind of way! Say we concentrate nerves there that feel real good!
“Good idea, we can center those nerves on the spot where the baby sucks the milk, which will then also be pleasurable. It turns her on, to feed the baby there, and the male’s kisses and sucking as well!
“Alright, and I guess then…he searches a place where to enter his seed. But I still don’t know where!
“Well,” said the Father, “He could perhaps secrete his seed at his mouth and she could produce the egg on her tongue and when they touch, the egg conceives?
“But…where does it go then…in her stomach? No way! The way we designed the digestive tract, that egg will be broken up into its basic components and taken up into the bloodstream! Besides the mouth should only be the first stage of the conquest of the girl, before he gets down to the nitty gritty!
“You’re right! OK, then we’ll have to make other secretion points, where her egg and his seed get in touch with each other, and then it starts growing there, in an extra pouch or something?
“No no,” said the Lord, “too cumbersome for humans, we could do that later with one of the animals perhaps. But You forgot something, the male has to penetrate with his flesh into the female flesh, as a symbol of the entrance of the Deliverer’s spirit into the soul of his Bride! So we need to make the male enter the female somehow, with a finger or an arm or a leg or something!
“Well, why not make an extra limb then! And in the female another mouth, symbolic of the receptivity!
“But where?
“Well wherever…as long as it’s at the same spot for both, so that there have to be no strange acrobatics.
“But where? On their heads? That is supposed to be the place of the brain, of just the computer. With their thoughts they can’t procreate.
“I’ve got it…on the bellies, where we have anchored the soul to the solar plexus, the seat of the spirit. If there’s anything the Deliverer wants to enter, it’s not the brain, but  the soul…the spirit. It should be a spiritual entry not a mental acceptance! So let’s make the male enter the female belly, with his belly. Besides–and that we should have realised earlier–the offspring can only grow and expand in the belly…the only place in her body that could accomodate and fit a growing baby!
“So, You want to make an extra limb on the male’s belly, Father? That’s where we placed the belly button of the umbilical cord already!
“No I didn’t mean so obvious there, that’s gonna hinder the airflow also–the aerodynamics. No, I meant under the belly, between the legs! It won’t be in the way there!
“Well… what when he sits down on it? Besides… that’s where we already planned the offal-duct!
“I know, but that’s no problem, we can make another limb…wait…we can have another multi-functionality there, like the mouth is used for eating and breathing and now kissing! The offal ducts could be used for procreation!
The son wrinkled his brow and pulled up one corner of his mouth. “How had You envisioned that? How in the Realm, can You ever unite such beautiful things as the seed and the egg, the creation of such glorious new life, with the dirt of the offal of the digestive system?
“No no no…I didn’t  mean to use that duct, but rather the liquid offal ducts, as we designed dirty urine to be a cleanser of wounds at the same time. And it’s also symbolic, that when a soul is born, it is born in an unclean spot.
“Aha,” smiled the Lord, “You mean born in sin…?
“Right! Born in sin! Born in a dirty world! Born polluted!
“But that way they’re going to equate the beauty of procreation and the mechanics of the conquest of love, with sin as well, that way!
“That might very well be. The proud will–those that resist the way they are created and programmed– as it will highly embarrass and humble them to be subjected to these natural “dirty” functions, which is very good for them! But those that realize that they are sinners, will then also conceive of and desire a savior–the Deliverer, savvy? Only in a soiled imperfect state they’ll realise their need for…and will desire penetration from a Deliverer! Get it? Otherwise they don’t need Him! We are not gonna call the so-called righteous to metanoia! Salvation will purely be for sinners. The ‘healthy’ don’t need a doctor!”
“Deep! Father, You are a genius! We can make seed impervious to urine.
“Yes that’s no problem! Neither that she’s gonna need a mouth or an entrance there, as well as a channel for the expulsion of the baby! But in the male, we’re gonna have to devise a limb there. That’s much tougher! His gender organ! And if it is to penetrate her…it’s gonna have to be pretty stiff, like a finger or something.
“I thought of that! But then on the other hand it would really get in the way that way, because as it has to enter the female belly on the bottom, it would have to stand upright. That will be very inconvenient for the Male!
“Well,” said the Father, “it could represent the authority and responsibility he carries…his scepter, which is never easy!
“But You forget one thing… that it is mainly supposed to symbolize pleasure…of love and re-uniting. The males are gonna hate that thing before they get to use it!
“Well couldn’t we make it pleasurable standing up?
“Yes… I envisioned that too. But we’ll have to make it very pleasurable, if it is gonna stand up all the time and not bother him! But they’re gonna want and need a break from it too! It  couldn’t be an all day thing either. We didn’t design the Warp to be that pleasurable also! Even Here we are not at it all the time either!
“I’ve got it,” said the Father, “We could make it with a muscle that can make it stand up and turn it down, when not in use. Also it needs to be downward for the urine, unless we want him to spray it all over the place.
“Oh yeah, I forgot about that!”
The Father was silent for a while, “I got it! I got it! I got it! You see we can’t make it with a muscle, because then the member would have to have a bone inside!”
Showing the Son an instant animation He said, “And that could be difficult mechanics in that spot, where it would have to hinge on the pelvis, with a virtual 180 degree hinge first of all, and because of the small size of the bone it would be very vulnerable to breakage, especially if the member has to be quite long. It might even break during penetration–of all times! Or if there would be a front collision that would break the hinge very easily! Besides, for penetration it would be good for the male perhaps, but bad for the female, even dangerous for the cavity that we would make in her, and especially for a baby that will be kept in there until birth! It has got to be penetrative but not lethal! It sounds more like a weapon that way, whereas we are designing it as a symbol of our love and pleasure! It is not supposed to be a sword…”
“So what have you in mind, Father?
“A balloon! You know how balloons stand up when you fill them with air and they are very rigid? Then you let the air out, and it is limp as a sack. So we make it like a sack…
“And then have air come inside? From where?
“Yes I got stuck there too…We could use water perhaps, or the urine from the bladder somehow?
“Oh no… too messy Father! I’ve got it! We use the blood, which is also following the symbolism much better. The blood being the flow of life! And the blood that the Deliverer is gonna shed for them!
“Now…that is a very good idea!
“And we regulate the blood to come in when the male feels like it!
“Uh-uh,” The Father shook His head, “Not only when he feels like it! It is his duty! He’ll feel like it anyway, when it starts standing up, seemingly by itself! But especially when the female feels for it, what I mean is…when she reaches out for it. You see that limb is the life giver, it is in a way the male rod of authority, like the authority of the Deliverer. Only when the Bride gets approached, chatted up and conquered, she responds to the Deliverer’s advances, then she grabs for his horn! She gets horny! She wants him…and it! We program her so that she loves to be filled with that thing! And she can only get his seeds of life when she humbles herself, takes off all her cover-ups of hypocrisy and false fronts of pride and clothing of selfrighteousness, and allows Him to de-robe her. Then… he enters into her. During this process we make the blood flow richly into the sack and it begins to raise it’s royal purple head and gets in position for penetration!
“We could call it a penetrator…or pen for short,” said the Lord.
“Yes, whatever…I am sure they’ll come up with plenty of names for it! As well as for the female part…
“But Father, I disagree that this horn will only come up when she feels for it, because it is supposed to symbolise his desire to give life and his desire for her, his bride! And his desire is always…forever! Even when he is busy doing something else, she’s always on his mind! I mean he virtually wakes up with it on his mind.
“Yes, that’s true. OK, we’ll do it like you say. Whenever he wakes up in the morning… or when he thinks of her, or sees her or her body… or when she shows her interest, and of course especially when she grabs for it…then the blood flows in and it gets rigid.
“And what about her?
“Well, what are we gonna make the female like? What will the reaction of the Bride of the Deliverer be like? Does she always think about him?
“No…I don’t think so, she’ll be too busy with the cares of this life, with herself or with her offspring! Also that will tire her and she’ll have problems, like head aches, and plain don’t feel like it…
“Right!” Said the Father, “So she needs to be conquered with patience and attention, with love, with words, with care and caresses and kisses, and she must have the feeling that he’s not just interested in her potential for the pleasure of penetrating her part and spirting his seed…but in all of her! So that’ll be the woo-ing part…to be discussed later.
“Yes, but what about her physical?
“Well like I said, a mouth that leads to a cavity where her egg is situated and where the offspring can grow until it is ready for expulsion! And we program the male to love that thing, in order to plant many many seeds!
“I think that’s gonna need some lubrication,” said the son, “like the oil of the spirit!
“Yes, the whole penetration thing should be symbolic. The lost–through pride–will fear to give up control over their soul. They fear the Deliverer, they fear consequenses of opening up, of receiving Him, because they think it will cost too much to abandon themselves…that they’ll lose ‘self control!’ They’ll fear that it will hurt, that it will cost their reputation, that people will make fun of them, that they’ll be only used by him, that they will become his slave, and bla bla bla…
“So the penetration will be shunned, although secretly desired? But they do want offspring and to receive Eternal Life! So they like the attention, but they’ll only lay themselves down, if they believe that He really really loves them…then they’ll finally let him in! So… from the beginning of the creation I will make them male and female. For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall be joined unto his wife, and they two shall be one flesh. This is the great mystery: I speak concerning the Deliverer and his Bride. And what I thus put together, let no man dare put asunder! Because they’ll become one… for eternity!
“Yep! And wen they do let him in,” said the Father, “they’re both gonna love it! They’re gonna go and go and go and go…and go again!
“What do you mean Father?
“Well…I thought of introducing here something very very Heavenly into the Warp, that will exceed everything else in that weary world. The penetration and consequent conception are symbolic of the salvation of the soul! The greatest thing in the entire Game! So, for this phenomenon we should pull out all the stops, and make it very very special! There shouldn’t be anything better in all the flesh, except perhaps spiritually for those who really deserve that. But even this wonderful experience, I think, we should make spiritual as well! Where they almost go out of their flesh! Some real peak experience!
“Ah,” said the Lord, “you mean you want to make this penetration like one of our orgiastic experiences Here?
“Oh definitely! A reward for both Bride and Bridegroom! Like a consummation! So much so, that it will be the joy of life! The thing they’d wanna do all the time, the thing that everybody wants. If they weren’t so damned embarrassed by it, they would sing about it in all their songs! But they’ll only sing about it euphemistically! It will be the theme in almost all of their songs…unwittingly… about Us! About Love! All you need is… love!

And there I knew enough… I came down from my experience and was baffled by what I had seen… the actual “planning of sex!” “Yahweh Elohim” (Yehovah Echud) , the “Lords our God” (are one God) had unashamedly designed all those sexy, sensual, lustful parts and had planned every single nerve ending that feels sooo good, as well as imported the most Heavenly phenomenon in all the Earth… the pinnacle of human emotion… the orgasm!
I now understood, how sexy God is, to have thought up the whole thing in the first place. Our God is sex! Because They are male and female, so They must have sex too!  Heavenly sex! Wow! What a realisation! How I had been deceived by the misguided moralism of the religionists, who had always dished up such an a-sexual God! How things had been misinterpreted! What a wonderful God! I loved Him even more than I had already! He really is…Love!

Chapter 8       THE GAME BEGINS
Wanting to know how the Game had finally kicked off, I was transported in the spirit to the grand bowl, which word is a misnomer, as it is nothing like anything you’d have ever seen on Earth, an auditorium so splendiferous and immense, that it can accommodate many billions of spirits at a time! I was myself again…one of the spirit children among all Realm inhabitants.

…In the early morning we had watched the Lord creating cattle, reptiles and beasts into the warp, which task was completed by 8 a.m.–the 2nd hour.
Next, we had all gathered together for the send-off and farewell of the first souls! Seeing all this again, it reminded me somewhat of the first manned space flight! The spirit volunteer who from among all candidates had been selected to be the first to enter the Warp on his quest, was called Adam! His closest friends were bidding him farewell. None of us knew–except the Lord of course– how long Adam would be gone in the Game.
“How long?”, were the words on most everyone’s lips, while feeling the thrill of grappling with this new concept of “time!” Through the Game a measure of awareness of time had grown among us spirits. We were becoming conscious of the definiteness of time and choice. Everyone realized that Adam wouldn’t be able to see us or even be slightly aware of our existence for…”a season?” “An age?” “How long is an age?”
We, on the contrary, would receive news from his trip, through the multi dimensional communicators similar to the spirit-technology of the Experience Palace, set up centrally to monitor his progress. Also news-channels were available with reports from angels, who were selected to be the Realm’s “players” and guiding hands over them! Designed to be ministers unto the first souls, they were to be their guardians and inspirers. They were to “spirit into” them, if and when the souls would choose to yield to their influence. They were the soul’s personal “guardian angels!” The Father’s official representatives from among the loyal sons–the last resort that could protect a soul against any harm or danger, if the Lord Himself should will to intervene! Souls hardly realize how much of their thinking is a result of, or at least, triggered by their inspirations, even “sparking” their memories.

Adam stood on the central dais, obviously with mixed feelings as he looked around excited, but at the same time hesitant in his expressions. He had been personally briefed by the Son, about the tremendous opportunity to go and learn in the school of the Game! But also about his responsibility as the first one–that everything he did was going to have its repercussions on thousands of generations of souls to come. He had been made aware of some of the possible dangers of his quest, that there were no guarantees of a quick return, and that he could be gone much “longer” than he imagined! Even, that there was a very slight chance that his soul, by itself, would decide not to come back at all until the Game would be completed! This thought however, Adam had boldly dismissed, but it seemed to make the Lord’s eyes moist, Who is ever so tenderhearted, as He was obviously touched by the thought in His heart!
Adam… was steadfast, raring to go and ready to take any risk. In spite of his “butterflies,” he thoroughly enjoyed the glory of the grand moment! The knowledge that the Lord was going to be with him in the beginning of the Game–to ensure a proper start–seemed to greatly undergirt his confidence!
Floating center-stage in the grand auditorium, there was a full-dimensional live projection beamed back from the heavenly “garden of Eden” on Earth! We saw the Lord personally checking on last things! Adam’s–yet lifeless–soul was ready laid out on the ground, at least the body part. It was designed and created by he Lord Himself, using the very minerals of crude Earthly matter itself–in many ways inferior to Realm materials!
Adam’s body was definitely the most intricate contraption that had ever left the workshops. It was nonetheless only the most glorious creation, not the most beautiful! That had been reserved for the second “send-off”, who was going to join up with Adam a little later! None yet knew who it was, other than that she was a female spirit! Male and female–until the Game–had never been so distinct and pronounced among us spirit children, as it would become throughout the Game. We were still kind of like little boys and girls on Earth, hardly even aware of our own gender or even that of the angels or God. Trough the game, it would become much more explicit for us up Here and for the game participants of course, in function, status, , dress and role, and even in flesh…in order to gradually prepare newborn souls for adult sexuality!

…the matchless moment of Realm-history had arrived. Under a loud swell of cheers and praises, Adam waved goodbye to all from the stage. It had so been arranged, that he would walk into the live projection of the lush garden, and at that very instant he would disappear, while being translated into the body lying on the ground in the Garden, to become the first “living soul!”
All of us “held our breath,” as we watched how the Lord in the garden, finally stepped up to the lifeless body on the mossy ground. He gave Adam a sign, who stepped up to the edge of the projection, once more waving goodbye! The Lord then knelt down as though to kiss the body, whereas He actually breathed the breath of life into its nostrils! That very moment, Adam stepped into the garden and vanished! Then… wonder of wonders…he woke up in his body on “the other side!” An immense applause and waves of our praises filled the bowl. “Choice” had begun! Adam had started the Human race!
We were all euphoric as we saw Adam sitting up in his vehicle of flesh, blood and bones! Flesh so firm and non-transversible, that it was subject to “damage”–a very strange concept to us Here! One could see that he had no notion at all of what was going on. He didn’t even recognize the Lord, Who righted himself after “breathing” Adam awake! The Lord smiled down at him, and Adam beamed back such an innocent smile that everyone roared with laughter, as we gazed with wide eyes on this eternally significant spectacle! It was innocent all right, as it was obvious that Adam knew nothing and nobody “from Adam,” not even the Lord, nor the garden around him, nor anything for that matter! He was an oblivious blank!
It was thrilling! All of us were leaning forward, perched on the edge of our seats, our mouths hanging open in wonderment! The Lord pointed at him and said: “Adam!” Adam with a blank expression pointing at the Lord repeated: “Ah-dum!” The whole theater roared again and doubled over! Even the Lord and the sons were amused! This went on for quite a while, where Adam was learning his first words! So hilarious!
Next the Lord took him along on his first walk, showing him around the garden. But as He saw that he was becoming engrossed in the interesting luscious garden surrounding him, He vanished out of his dimension and sight for the time being–though not out of ours! Adam began tasting his first fruits and each time he thoughtfully tasted a new fruit, it caused that section of the audience that had helped design it, to cheer and rejoice!
The Lord had taught him to name all the animals and all creation, so he soon started naming everything about him. Most sounds were inspired by the two angels hovering around him, who were practicing their first inspirations. It was evident though, that Adam had quite a character of his own, as he wasn’t wont to follow all of their nudgings! Instead he would oftener act or go in the opposite direction of their inspirations! He was not at all 100 % steerable, which began to show up in the waning of the spirits’ efforts to try to get him to do things!
The Lord having assumed his normal constitution, dissolving his theophany–his visible earthly warp projection–began to instruct the ministering sons who were assigned to guide Adam. He referred to him as “My child” with which he seemed to refer to the innocent, uninformed state that Adam was presently in.
The Lord was with him–on and off–even though He had said that He would remain out of sight and unknown to the Human race as a whole. But because the Game had to start clean–and the Garden of Eden was supposed to be an illustration of the Realm’s perfection and because the Father and the Son had designated it as an example, this “perfection” required Their presence. Therefore He walked with Adam in the Garden below, and a little later also with the second female send-off, just as He walks with and among us Here, in our Realm “above!”

A little later, on the same “6th day” of creation around 4 pm, after Adam had named most of  the creations and creatures of “nature”–including our raccoon–it became obvious that something was troubling him. After seeing how the animals all had their female counterpart, he had begun to realize that a mate for himself was missing! I could see that he felt a bit lonely and unfulfilled, as his human emotional make-up was programmed to be. The Lord seemed to have waited for this moment, as He didn’t want to bring the answer around before he needed it! I guess he might not have appreciated it otherwise!
At that same time, we saw Eve approach the stage in the auditorium, the first female spirit that would run in the Game. But strangely, as of yet, there seemed to be no soul ready for her! Nevertheless the Lord gave Eve a sign anyway, to make herself ready and so she kissed her spirit-mates and friends good-bye. Then…right under our amazed eyes, the Lord in the garden caused Adam to fall in a deep sleep. From His spirit vantage point, reaching His hand into Adam’s body, He unhinged and took out his right lower rib!
Now, even though I was born into a very fundamental Bible believing family, I had sometimes been inspired–obviously now by the wrong source–to wonder whether this passage in His Word was to be taken literal. But now I saw first hand, how He almost instantly and magnificently created out of the basic components and minerals of this rib… in one superior masterstroke of His genius… a woman!
Suddenly I understood…it was a skit! An illustration! A parable! The woman–the Bride of Christ–was to be taken out of the man. Out of a rib of the Bridegroom! A rib–the supportive girder of the protecting cage of his heart. Close to his heart! Part of his bosom! Part of one body! “Bone of his bones and flesh of his flesh!” “Wow…,” it dawned on me, “Even that long ago! It had all been so meticulously planned!”
When our dear Master of ceremonies gave the signal, Eve stepped into the garden. She disappeared and possessed the body that the Lord had so lovingly prepared for her! And…what a body! We were thrilled at her stunning beauty and features. Although the basics of the souls’ anatomy were designed in Realm laboratories, the extras were thrown in by the Father and the Son for surprise effect, at this very last moment!
This was an unexpected turn of events, such a sudden masterstroke from the Lords our God! Eve outshone Adam in beauty so much, that even the sons immediately desired her, as soon as she was created! They were going to act upon that desire as well–as I learned a bit later on in the Game!
She was formed in a fashion that none of us spirit-children had ever seen before. True, there was male and female in the Realm, but the way Adam and Eve were fashioned, expressed this difference in a much more pronounced way, physically, as their “flesh, blood and bones” had properties that us spirit-children did not yet possess, which made it all look very desirable to us then.
Especially the form and behavior of Eve, created such desire in us male spirits as we had never felt before. It struck a chord in our deepest being, of which we hitherto had been unaware that it even dwelt in us. This was certainly a new day! Our females were as impressed with the prowess of Adam and all desired him, but less than the males Eve. Even the females could feel the desire for Eve almost, as they could feel her radiation, and wanted so much to be like her and to be desired by Adam or possessed by any male for that reason!
We thought Eve was beautiful, with long flowing hair and these “graceful swellings on her chest,” which were so desirable and somehow so good to look at and attractive! These were not designed on Adam, although he did have the nipples for them, almost as if they could grow if the Lord wanted them to! The way Eve swung her body and hips when she walked was very attractive, actually her whole make-up! Oh, the smiles she beamed at Adam and the Lord, the way she flashed her eyes! Those eyes! Those were completely something else, they seemed to suck on Adam in longing desire, which made the onlooker want to fulfill them. One could almost fall into them! This was astounding–extraordinary! This had never been experienced before! Now thát was pleasure!
I suddenly saw the sons watching us children, not with condescension, but with a smile on their faces, as sexuality was not at all foreign to them, albeit not so basic and merely carnal. Angelic sex was already then, far greater and much more developed than what we children, were about to be introduced to!
To us…it almost looked like pleasure in the warp nearly exceeded that of the Realm! It caused such a stir in the audience! All of us were oohing and aahing, and blessing the Lord for this new gift of His…this phenomenon!
As it had come about on the sixth day, everyone talked about it for ages: “on the sixth, on the sixth!” It was later dubbed ‘sixth’, or for short “six!” In later ages though, one would begin to pronounce it in the present Latin way!
It was a total revolution in the Realm and we were thrilled to pieces. Especially after we saw how “six” became even more thrilling, as we watched how Eve had woken up without her previous memories of the Realm and was dumbfounded and joyful to see Adam. She naturally wanted his company and being unable to think yet, for a lack of words, she needed guidance. Her desire was immediately unto her husband, who had also woken up at the same moment, with bliss in his eyes, as he suddenly perceived the most gorgeous creation he’d ever seen! Bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh as well!
His juices began to boil and his lust started to rise and they were soon engrossed in ardent embracing, as Adam was indubitably inspired by what he had seen the animals do with their mates until 4 pm. We all eagerly watched how Adam and Eve started to put their yearning for each other into action, as they were trying to get into each other. Their spirits couldn’t merge anymore like Here, being seperated by bodies of flesh, so they tried to get as close into each other as possible! At first by means of their eyes, hands, and their faces. But from one thing came another and it was so funny for us to see, how they started to press their lips together and lick and suck on each others mouths! Then they began to play with each others bodies, being attracted to each others different features. Eve was just as interested in Adams swell organ at the end of his belly, that grew in size and character as she toyed with it, as much as Adam was in the mysterious lips and cavity at that same spot at the end of Eve’s belly.

This was the first “soft-porn” since the foundation of the world! But I rather call it “love-born,” which is virtually non-existent in the Satanic 20th century warp! This is how the Lord intended sex to be: harmless, innocent, shameless–in the proper, non-moralistic sense of the word, meaning; “without shame!” Oh, how the churchites and most religions had completely missed the point! Just like the self-righteous older brother of the prodigal son, who wouldn’t go into the party, and murmured to his father afterwards, “But You didn’t even give me so much as a little goat for me and my friends, and look, now you have killed the fatted calf for this backslider brother of mine! Humpf!” And the father had answered him–just, but lovingly–“Son, all that I have is yours all the time!” In other words, it had been his’ for the taking, all that time, but he hadn’t, because of his own preconceived ideas of morality and his false doctrines of self-righteousness! Such a shame! What a loss of time! And what a loss to the Church of God! And to the lost souls that could have been brought to Him, if they hadn’t been turned off by the churches’ travesty of truth. Thus it had fallen into the hands of the Enemy, who stole the cherry off the pie to exploit and manipulate this gorgeous creation of God for his own smelly purposes! What a waste!

Having finished this train of thought I wanted to experience my early unspoiled reactions to Adam and Eve’s sexual adventures again…the auditorium appeared again.
I observed how they just loved being together and playing like this and it wasn’t long before an amazing thing happened. The two features at their bellies ends came together, or rather…became one, as two fitting pieces of a puzzle. They enjoyed doing that so much, that they kept fitting them together in rhythmic motions as they stood swaying in the soft grass! Lying down at it, seemed not to be natural yet. After all…Adam had just picked up the basics from watching the animals!
The endearing couple seemed to have very much joy and pleasure. They were making moaning and yearning sounds together, until they suddenly exploded in a crescendo of these incredible attractive sounds caused by some unknown thrill, that none of us children had ever heard! Not just that, but after Adam had sped up “fitting” his’ with Eve’s, they seemed to come to this certain climax! He finally disengaged from Eve, and came out dripping…with seeds, that seemed to have been injected into Eve’s cave! What an amazing feature! What furor was kindled in our hearts! “Six” was a complete and instant hit!
Thus the Game became an integral part of the Realm, without which life Here from then on, was unthinkable! After a long while the spirits began to get familiar with the sights of the first adventures of Adam and Eve and “six”, and many of us began to drift out of the bowl to devote ourselves to our other usual pleasures. Yet everyone kept continual tabs on the latest developments in the garden, which was now the hottest thing going in the Realm! But soon the facts of life were to become even more interesting, actually beyond all expectations! I heard how the Lord gave Adam and Eve their first commission. He told them: “Be fruitful, and multiply!”
Now I knew…without a shadow of a doubt, that “sex being a sin” so-called, “sex being a result of the fall”,“sex being inherently wicked!”, “sex being a creation of the Devil!” had all been totally false doctrines! Because how could they be fruitful and multiply before the fall without sex? Did they multiply through division, like amoeba? Of course not! Nonsense! May God damn every sex-hating, hypocritical religionist, as they have damned so many souls to unbelief throughhout the ages, with their first degree murder of the truth!
Next the Lord said, “Replenish the earth, and subdue it. Have dominion over the fish of the sea, the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moves on the earth. See, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree with fruit on it and seeds inside; it shall be food for you. And to every beast of the earth, and every bird of the air, and everything that creeps on the earth wherein is life, I have given all green herbs for meat”
That shows…and I could see, that there were no poisonous plants at that time yet! Neither thistles and thorns, nor anything that would hurt or destroy!
And so it was… paradise on Earth. All animate life forms were vegetarian! In those days it was unthinkable… that one day they were gonna eat each other! How gross!
And the Lord saw every thing that He had made …including sex… that it was very good. And it sure was!
“But for how long?” I was pondering in my heart, as I knew from the Word what had happened not long after. I wanted so much to know the details. What had really happened…what had Lucifer’s role precisely been in all this? I floated automatically into another hall, and became rapt in another scene of the Realm’s antiquity…

Chapter 9       SEDITION IN EDEN!
I stood in some dark recess, with many purple and crimson hues, and saw and remembered him as one of the main principalities from before the beginning of time! He, that was “to bother the nations.” It reminded me instantly of the verse in Isaiah:
“They that see you, shall narrowly look upon you, and consider you, saying, Is this the one…that made the Earth to tremble…that did shake kingdoms; that made the world as a wilderness, and destroyed the cities thereof; that opened not the house of his prisoners?”

There he was…Lucifer himself! Exalted in his own eyes, as he was indeed one of the Father’s most glorious creations; long jet-black hair, deep enchanting eyes and his spirit-body embedded with musical instruments, which used to make him a pleasure to the eyes and a joy to the ears! His personality was most charming, being a chief cherub of the Realm, his name meaning ‘lightbearer’! In his heart however he had not been satisfied to be just a bearer of the light, but wanted to become the light himself, and thus a dark change had come over him!
Clothed in black, he appeared about seven feet tall! I must say not just handsome…but beautiful, jet black hair, snow white skin and the color of his eyes, instead of blue or whatever, was a deep violet almost a deep purple! And when you looked in them, it was like looking down into the Grand Canyon, very much like a pit that’s just bottomless–this power!
Nevertheless, I was neither impressed, nor inclined to worship him, as so many had, who had fallen under his influence. But instead I felt adverse and loathed him…filled with sorrow for the millions who had been and are afflicted…at this very moment… by this creation of God! I almost thought “miscreant,” but he had had a choice too! He didn’t have to fall! The Father had to allow his wrong choices, but He makes all things work together for good to those who love Him, in the end anyway. The scripture came to me:
“Thus says the Lord God; You seal up the sum, full of wisdom, and perfect in beauty. You have been in Eden…the garden of God. Every precious stone was your covering, the sardius, topaz, and the diamond, the beryl, the onyx, and the jasper, the sapphire, the emerald, and the carbuncle, and gold. The workmanship of your tabrets and of your pipes was prepared in you, in the day that you were created. You are the anointed cherub that covers; and I have set you so! You were upon the holy mountain of God; you have walked up and down in the midst of the stones of fire. You were perfect in your ways from the day that you were created, until…iniquity was found in you.”

Lucifer had not been happy with this grand plan of the Game, but much happier with the developments before the Father’s masterstroke of unveiling “Choice!” He, perfect as he was, even in understanding, realized the danger of eventually loosing his self-made influence and eminent position among the Realm’s inhabitants.
I saw how furious he was, almost pounding the floor with his feet as he walked back and forth! I read his mind, how he was pondering ways to turn the chain of events into a successful one for his own benefit and designs. He contemplated how he couldn’t very well stop the Game, as it had been accepted by most of the Realm. Even some of his own cronies, who admired him for his independence from the Crown, and who were enthused by the seeds of rebellion that he had been sowing, seemed to be enchanted by the Game!
His knowledge was tops in many fields and thus he was very sour, to say the least, as he suspected that this game was going to have its repercussions for him and his crowd, as now…he either would have to submit again, and play “Father’s little game” to learn his lessons, and earn his marks in allegiance and yieldedness to the Father, or continue to separate himself and ultimately lose his influence and position to the other sons and winners of the Game, and thus be stripped of his power and glory, or even worse?
I could read him thinking: “how his friends looked to him, to see what he would do! How he would lose face so terribly by yielding again and lose all respect!”
In his pride he decided, “there was only one option left, and that was to continue his way, and become fully independent and make his own course to be the captain of his fate!”
And so he destined himself to become more and more an antipode to the Father and an open collision of interests became unavoidable!
I saw how Lucifer was unsettled, unsure and confused, and how he tried to figure out the thoughts and intents of the Father, which were in basis good and well-meaning, even for him, to be taught that humility and yieldedness are far better for happiness than proud independence! But Lucifer had become sensitive. He was reading between the lines and had started “seeing things!” The Father probably foresaw what was bound to happen and what couldn’t be avoided, even in His perfect wisdom!

The whole Realm had witnessed how sweet and endearing the ultimate game had embarked on its journey, from which it would never return! It was splendiferous! All creation held its breath at the innocence of the two first participants kissing, caressing, making love, “fitting” and firking, enjoying this wonderful sex!
Everyone had been enthralled, except this one! I felt him fuming, as it suddenly dawned on him, what the Lord’s objective was…with this new pleasure called sex. This was going to make the Game much more attractive than he had suspected. Until now he had sneered at the Game, and considered it “a waste of time,” and he had told his friends that “he would never participate and that they would not be cool either, if they did,” as many of them had shown interest in it. But when he saw…how God had made sex, he began to fear the power of the Game, and most of all the power of sex! The power of advertising the Lord’s mystery and the power of procreation through multiplication! He had not expected that all the spirits now–more than ever before–would desire to participate! The warp had become almost as attractive as the Realm itself. Even more attractive through sex, as all wanted to be able to taste of this new pleasure, that looked and sounded so good!
Lucifer realized it would mean more spirits participating because of sex, as well as through sex, from the resulting births! I could sense Lucifer’s hate for sex! Not only because of the afore mentioned reasons, but because he never wanted to be so dependent anymore on another spirit…to enjoy something so intimate and to be known that close, where he would lose his newfound thrill of proud “independence! No…just the thought alone gave him the willies!”
He most of all hated the long term objective of sex, which–he realized–was to teach the spirits how to love in general, and how to ultimately love the Lords our God and to become like them and one with them! And he had no intention whatsoever, to even want to become one with them, as he had chosen to do his own thing! He started to hate love and deceived himself that he didn’t need it! Love had to be stopped! Sex had to be stopped! The garden had to be destroyed! The game had to be scuttled! But how?”
All of a sudden, he spun around, left his chambers and flew swiftly down to the auditorium! I followed him! He obviously didn’t want to be seen by anyone, as he watched the Game on the stage projectors from the darkened fringes of the theater. I felt his mind racing and plotting, as he observed the Lord’s activities, trying to find some loophole!
But the Lord–Who is no dummy either–in His omniscience, knew that, and he was all too willing to provide him with one, so that he could eventually hang himself in it! Thus he would perhaps be humbled and see the error of his ways and return to his first estate. Some seem to really have to learn the hard way!
But I couldn’t stand any longer to be so close in his presence–in spite of my curiosity–as I felt the vibes of his intense pride, as thick scales and strong as steel cables, and of his vehement ambition and craving for power! I had to have a break! I understood enough! I had now experienced him…by the hearing of the ear and the seeing of the eye!
He and his ilk, during my lifetime, had made me fall so many times! They had destroyed my health so often. They had egged on our vicious enemies, to try to thwart and kill us. They had withstood the answers of God to my questions and needs. They had tried to destroy my happiness and joy with their deception, lies and condemnation, in order to destroy my testimony, so that the many others who were saved through my obedience, would have stayed lost! “Who opened not the house of his prisoners?” How true!

I was back in the experience, glad to be out of lucifer’s direct proud presence for a moment. But I was hooked on these “feelies!” I just wanted to experience again and again. It was so interesting to see, how it all had really happened! And I didn’t know everything yet and craved to know the end result of Lucifer’s shenanigans…though a bit more on a distance this time…away from his viscious vibes. I let myself go again…

…Now I was in the garden of Eden! I could watch every angle and aspect of the developments on earth! I observed how shortly after Eve had acquired Adam’s simple basic language, the Lord instructed both of them in it, that they could eat of all the trees in the garden–even of the tree of life in the middle of the garden! But…He told them…not to eat of the one called “the tree of knowledge of good and evil,” because, as soon as they would eat of it, they would die! Then the Lord left them to their own devices, and left the scene, because He knew how soon “Choice” was to really begin!
I had often wondered why the Lord would have temped them like that, with that tree, almost as if he wanted them to fall. But now I began to understand that in order for them to play God, they had to learn how to resist the temptation of evil. Now, if they had chosen to eat of the tree of life instead, they would have become immortal and probably been instantly ressurrected back into the Realm! But the learning experience would be null and void, if they couldn’t learn that lesson! Actually they already had experienced ‘good’, as the love and sex had been wonderful, but…it would only become apparent as such, against the dark background of evil! And evil…was well on its way!
For lo and behold…Lucifer, as soon as he had heard that instruction, had of his own accord gone down into the warp. He sneaked into the garden and possessed the serpent, the most subtle spirited animal of the entire creation, and therefore fit to accommodate him. I was surprised to see how the serpent was still equipped with legs! He looked like a kind of extremely long lizard with an enormous wrapping tail! He climbed into the very tree the Lord told Adam and Eve not to eat of, and waited patiently for Eve to stroll by. Somehow he knew that she had the greater curiosity of the two…to see this “evil tree!” Also…that the ears were a softer spot in the female gender, than in the male.
And…sure enough…there she was! Eve stuck her head out over the plants looking curiously at this intriguing tree! As soon as she was close enough, I heard him hiss; “Eve! Did God say that you should not eat of every tree in the garden?”
Eve was taken aback! A serpent…in the very tree that they shouldn’t eat of? It is hard for human nature to think straight, when you’re being asked a question and put on the defensive, and so she didn’t realize the lie that he fed her. She fell right into his verbal trap, and said, “We can eat of all the trees, but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, which is in the middle of the garden, we should not eat nor even touch it, or we will die if we do!”
It wasn’t even in the middle of the garden! That was the tree of life! But because it was put off limits by Lucifer–the Lord had just given good advice–in her mind it suddenly had become the midst of the garden! Typical human nature!
Lucifer chuckled at her naiveté! I read his thoughts: “It sure is fun to play around with these humans! I am sure I can get them to do anything!”
I guess it went easier than expected, to take advantage of their innocence! Which he…in his extreme self-righteousness–soon coined as “stupidity!”
“Aw…go on! The Lord didn’t mean that! Take a little bite…come on! It won’t do you any harm and you certainly will not die! You see…He knows that when you eat of it, your eyes will be opened, and you shall be as gods! You’ll become as smart as God…knowing good and evil!”
Before she knew what happened, Lucifer–to whom not many of us even in the Realm had wits enough to talk back–had talked her into plucking the fruit, under the pretense that he knew better than the Lord and that the Lord had been holding something back from them! Eve fell for the serpent’s words and ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil! It wasn’t even so much the fruit itself, that had the effect on her, but the act of disobedience that did it, although the dying process had begun.
Adam fell a bit later, through his soft spot…the woman! He arrived on the scene looking for Eve! After the initial shock that Eve had counteracted the Lord’s suggestion, yet seeing that she was still alive, he also believed the lie that they wouldn’t die, and so took a bite as well! A strange darkness came into their souls, as it now had become Lucifer’s territory as well! He gained sudden access to their spirits through their channels of disobedience, and he rushed in with all his rebellion and lies! He had become their new god!
Now he was able to freely talk to them, as their eyes were opened and they could definitely see evil now! The evil of their own disbelief in their beloved Lord and their disobedience to His Word! They had opened a channel to the Enemy, who was exploiting it in a hurry!
“Now just look at your selves!” He said: “You guys are naked! You should be ashamed of yourself! Look at those things at the end of your bellies! You should at least cover those! So you won’t get lustful thoughts about dirty things! Cause look how dirty those channels are! Yuck! You must think you are just animals or something, huh? They do it!”
Adam and Eve’s minds, now clouded by their evil disobedience after swallowing his hook, were too confused to recognize the line and sinker, and they believed the serpent. It looked like he “knew what he was talking about!” He “made them aware”, he “opened their eyes”, that they were “naked!”
What an awareness! Who cares or wants to know that they’re naked, when it’s no problem! But, he filled them with an evil desire to hide their sin–their evil disobedience–by expressing it fleshly, by desiring to cover up their flesh! And so they “knew” that they were “naked” and that it was “disgusting” and sooo “naive!”
He contaminated them with his philosophy, that they weren’t any better than the animals, that had also been “copulating”–as he put it with disdain! He accused them of being “animalistic” and yielding to their “lower” instincts! He pulled out every word, epitaph and label that he could find in his repertoire, to describe how despicable and demeaning sex was! He told them in no uncertain terms that it was: “not proper, impolite, not prim, even ungodly!” Mind you…the hypocrite! He labeled it; “very low, course, vulgar, common, boorish, childish, bourgeois, gross, sexist, pornographic and that it just wasn’t cool!”
He accused Eve of being “Lolita-ish, nymphomaniac, wimpish, childlike” and “that she let Adam push his male chauvinist culture on her!” “She was gonna have to do all the housework because of it, and she would never be ‘emancipated’ this way. Neither would she be able to make something of herself, or a ‘career’ for herself and she’d be so tied down to household chores and taking care of plenty of babies!” And so on…and so on!
Next he told Adam, that “he was just a plain male chauvinist pig, and the archetype of some sex-hero, who didn’t even have an education, or any style whatsoever for that reason! A banal runt of a sex-maniac, who wouldn’t even be able to make it half the time anyway, and that if he wanted to impress Eve, that he would have to go about it in a different…more cultured, a more sophisticated and more intellectual way!”
He gave them the whole run down, in graphic pictures and visions and explained every word exactly, until they got the full gist…that they were just completely out of it! They were “failures,” and they were “naked” and  “everybody could see it” too, and…“sex was evil!” Sex equaled “sin!” The last thing Lucifer said was, “Now consider yourself educated and enlightened like me!”, and he waddled off on his snaky legs!
Left alone in their own stew, they were so disgusted with themselves and each other, that their idyllic romance completely shattered. An enormous row broke out between them, accusing each other of the same things that Lucifer had accused them of! They were finally so frazzled and discouraged, that they both needed sympathy and an inadvertent look for help signaled by one of them, was enough to make up, and cry in each other’s arms and to love and forgive each other! But the damage had been done, as they had believed and received the snaky lies, which had taken root in their alienated minds and they both felt extremely evil in their “nakedness!” Also they began to immediately sit on their sexual urges as good old Baptists on their sins! Ignoring them as long as they were able, and acting that they didn’t have them!
Suddenly Eve’s eye fell on the next tree…a figtree. She plucked off some leaves and attempted to cover her vagina with them, soon followed by Adam, who didn’t really get it together, as they kept falling off. For some reason, they didn’t choose any big leaves which were in abundance…elephant-ears … waterlilie-leaves! All they had faith for… were tiny fig-leaves, as if their faith and confidence was so worn down, that they could now only think in small, narrow-minded, petty concepts that the Evil one had given them. A little figleaf here and a small figleaf there, until at last Eve got the humanist courage to sow them together in a skirt! Pretty soon they were engrossed in the petty sowing together of their own righteousness, in the form of figleaf-skirts, with which they cloaked their once honest organs, to hide their awful “crime” of sex! The first slips and panties!
Man had fallen into sin and…looked ridiculous! They, however, in their fallen state, imagined themselves a whole lot more respectable, better educated, more together, cool and acceptable, as well as less “animalistic” and “sexist” at least, as that was the last thing they wanted to be!
The Lord, whom I saw watching this whole travesty from the spirit, was sad for them of course, but He also couldn’t help be amused by their floundering, as things turned out precisely as He had foreseen them to happen!
So in the cool of the day, He walked in His theophany through the garden, calling for Adam and Eve, who He knew were hiding out between the bushes. Adam knowing His Master’s voice, finally couldn’t stand it any longer, and sheepishly stumbled out from behind a hibiscus bush and said, “I heard Your voice in the garden but I was afraid, because I am naked…so I hid myself!“
“Who told you, that you were naked?” said the Lord, “Did you eat of the fruit of good and evil?”
Well…Adam tried to pass the buck, by blaming it on Eve! And Eve passed it by blaming it on the serpent! And the Lord knowing it was the serpent’s and Lucifer’s fault, cursed them, saying: “Because you have done this, you are cursed above all cattle and every beast of the field! On your belly shall you go and you shall eat dust all the days of your life!” For Lucifer…that meant that he had virtually alienated himself from the Realm and condemned himself to spend most of his time going through the earth–the dust–in self-imposed exile. The snake lost its legs and got a split in his long lying tongue, and sliddered away…as a lasting living allegory!
“I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your seed and her seed. It shall bruise your head though, and you shall bruise his heel.” Meaning that his spiritual offspring, the children of the Devil, would ever be at loggerheads with the children of God, and that ultimately he would be mortally defeated in the head, although he had power to incapacitate the earthly footholds and even cut off the life of the Deliverer!
Lucifer’s fate was sealed, having condemned himself to “go on his belly and eat the dust of the earth!” His belly, the seat of his spirit, would mostly be spent in the timewarp from now on, spiriting around through the earth! Although not officially exiled…he no longer felt super at home anymore in the Realm, standing condemned by most of its inhabitants! He felt “freer” outside the presence of the Father and the Heavenly Family! No one to cramp his style, so to speak!
Adam was also condemned, to eat bread “in the sweat of his brow”, because fruit would not be abundant enough anymore to sustain them. The earth became cursed with thistles and weeds, which would make his new job of agriculture quite a bit more enslaving. Probably designed also to keep him busy and thus out of trouble, because idleness–as they had found out already–had definitely become Lucifer’s workshop!
To Eve the Lord added: “I will greatly multiply your labour and multiply your conception.” Another proof that there was already the potential of limited conception without labour… before the fall! Goodbye…sex-denying religious hypocrites! He added: “You shall bring forth more children in sorrow, and your desire shall be to your husband, and he shall rule over you.” So the fact that men have ruled over women throughout history is not a cultural thing–as they would have you believe–but a placing of an actual spiritual curse that came to rest upon the wicked! If you don’t believe it…just look at history! It can only be broken through salvation, as there is no male nor female in Christ Jesus! Meaning…real equality for the Lord’s  followers…not that there is no male and female!
The fact that the curse of Lucifer had made sex to be a “sin”, slowed down the projected growth of the human race, so the Lord had to increase the frequency of births. Because of the fall in sin… the Devil was enabled to cause untold wars and murder! The Lord was compelled to increase childbearing to compensate for the consequent terrible loss of millions of human lives!

I returned…happy to be back in the love filled spirit of the Experience, and to see I was in the unexpected company again of my sweet friend Martin, who had come for fellowship. He looked at me inquiringly to see what the effect was on my spirit, as he read in my mind, who I had just see in action!
“He is still at it!”, he spoke with his eyes!
“I know, incredible…but true! But he also knows, that now his time is super short, and soon it’s going to be fulfilled what is written; ‘Yet you shall be brought down to hell, to the sides of the pit. How are you fallen from Heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! How are you cut down to the ground, which did weaken the nations!’”
“Yes,” said Luther, “the time is drawing near, that he and his rebels will all be completely thrown out by Michael, the loyal sons and all of us! Thank God we’re in a majority, two thirds against one third of the riffraff!  Hallelujah!”
On our way back home, Martin said that the Lord had told him that a nice surprise was in store for me shortly, although he didn’t yet know what!
After he left, I took again a nice rest in my luxury apartment in my official Mansion down the hill, in sweet anticipation for what I didn’t know yet…

Chapter 10      A TRIP DOWN
I was resting in my private quarters, where noone ever disturbs me, when in communion with Him. I lay on my bed, perfectly content in the ever present  joy of My Lord with a pleased smile on my face, as I returned to full consciousness. I bathed in the golden light of the Lord shining through the windows–a picture of the Lord’s love which is always tangibly “shining” on us Here, just as the earthly sun always kept us warm! That’s one reason why no one is ever lonely Here! We always feel perfectly loved and accepted! And as no one is lonely… no one is jealous of others, as no-one is afraid to lose love.
I gazed with pleasure upon the beautiful deep-red colored wooden paneling of my meditation-room, which had been so lovingly prepared for me by some of my eternal friends…even before I had returned Here. Red wooden panels, that were beautifully carved into embossed harp of David emblems, with in-laid glistening crystal strings, framed in bright golden in-laid harps! Such intricate artwork you never encountered on Earth.
Suddenly someone’s presence dawned upon my consciousness. I arose and went into the adjoining white and rose colored marble parlour, with a wall-to-wall, white ermine fur-like floor. At the bottom of the free standing unsupported spiraling wooden staircase in the middle of the room, stood Dr. Martin Luther with a pleasant smile.
Since my return here, the Lord in His wisdom, had assigned Martin–one of the 24 elders–to me, as my spiritual guide and overseer, to initiate me back into eternal life and to teach me the ropes of my new responsibilities and duties of His Kingdom! He was a very excellent choice of the Lord, as I had always greatly admired Martin for his undaunted rebellion against the ungodly influences in Christendom–whether they were the powerful institutionalised scribes and Pharisees of his day–the Papists–or any other ungodly secular forces of Emperors, Kings or nobility. He had been fearless in overcoming. He had thrashed the Enemy so bad, that he had not only managed to institutionalise “salvation by grace” by splitting off an alternative Christian powerbase from the “Holy” Roman Empire and the Orthodox Church, but he had even forced the huge Papist Goliath, to clean up its corrupt act eventually, as well as its many heresies of the Word of God through their very own Counter-Reformation!
Martin had not been perfect, but he had definitely been one of my greatest heroes, without whom we wouldn’t have learned about real salvation purely by grace as a free gift, and we would still be burned as heretics on the pyre for it as well! His teachings had resulted in the salvation of millions of souls–genuine believers, who otherwise would still have been steeped in men-, temple- and relic-worship, to please and appease God with “perfect” behaviour from a sinful source, as impossible as getting clean water from a dirty well!

“Hi Dave,” he greeted me cheerfully, “Good news for you! The Lord told me to take you on your first visit into the Warp!”
“Ooh wonderful, where we’re going?”
“Listen to your heart!” He smiled!
“Ah… to see Maria and my beloved staff?”
“Where else?”, he laughed.
“Oh Yes Siree! On my way!”
No need to clothe, brush your teeth, or put on aftershave or shoes! No need to prepare a lunchpack or bring a suitcase…we left instantly, Martin leading the way. We swiftly flew out of the valley along the river of life, across magnificent mountainous landscapes, beautiful parks and lush gardens in the direction of another nearby township, where we landed at a way-station, where a “personnel-disk” was waiting for us.
A personnel-disk is an orb of energy and light, as often seen by humans on earth, who call them “UFO’s”–Unidentified Flying Objects!
Nevertheless this was no ‘object’, as there was nothing 4 dimensional about it. These “orbs” are spiritual vehicles, not subject to the laws of Warp-physics. That’s why they’re so often seen flying impossible courses and trajectories down in the Warp. They can make sudden sharp angles at very high speed, as they have no weight, gravitation, nor momentum and can therefore accelerate instantly from zero to hyper speed, and make for example… instant 15° turns!
The Enemy–by the way– also has his vehicles, that have been traced by men as well. These however, have much darker auras and come from beneath the Earth, not from above. They transport his demons, who sometimes actually pose as “extra-terrestrials”, and even kidnapped and abused souls– even sexually–to thus give rise to belief in fables of dangerous “alien forces!”
He deceives mankind this way, reinforcing his false doctrine of haphazard evolution! Humans tracking Satan’s UFO’s, also functions as his own psychological brushfires to terrify the masses to flee into his arms! Like “Independene Day!” “Let’s not only unite the world against international criminals, terrorists, nuclear danger and dictators, but even against possible dangerous Aliens!
It’s one of Satan’s favorite tactics: to “liberate” man from diseases or dangers that he himself instigated and put there in the first place. As the Pharisees accused Jesus: “He casts out devils through the prince of the devils.” They obviously knew what they were talking about!

It turned out, that we weren’t the only ones traveling. There were several warrior angels to change the guard down there, as well as two new ministering spirits assigned to assist at Mama’s home. One introduced himself as Gatten, and the other as Oliver.
I learned that Gatten was from Nubian descent and had lived during the Roman Empire as a Christian slave and gladiator, whereas Oliver had been a close friend and confidant of Wycliffe, the hunted clandestine Bible translator and distributor, martyred by the Roman Catholic church during the thirteen hundreds! They had obviously been faithful and loving Christians, as I have already learned that most graduates Here, don’t get to go on missions into the Warp. Let alone…to top security situations, as the one we were headed for!
We boarded and flew briskly several levels down the spiral and out through one of the Eastern Pearly gates. Then onward through the sea of glass, out into space, down toward the Earth, looking much like we saw it on TV often, from moonlanding- or shuttle emissions. The pretty blue from the atmosphere and oceans, greens from the ever shrinking forests, and many shades of pale cream and yellow from the ever expanding deserts. Nevertheless still beautiful, like a scintillating gem in the eternal, star-studded blackness of the infinite Warp!
At last we came to hover–invisible to natural human eyes–over a city in Hokkaido Japan, where we stopped about a hundred meters over a sizable house in one of the suburbs. I was astonished by what I saw!
The house was surrounded by a thick shell of demonic rebel spirits and top-demons. I was told by one of the warrior angels with us, that intelligence had communicated to him, that just a short while ago, Satan himself had been here, but had just left on a mission somewhere to “the City” in London– the “state within the state” of Britain. He said, that he had gone there to have communion with some of his top A.C. international bankers of the “Illuminati” I remembered that name, as a shady subversive political organisation, founded in 1776 in Bavaria Germany by one of their early wizzards, Adam Weishaupt! But I had understood it had ceased to exist shortly after it had been forbidden by the Bavarian government of those days.
The angel reading my thoughts said, “Ah… ‘Bayern’ was just their trainingground! They went underground after that, and the Illuminati moved its headquarters to Sweden, where they eventually murdered the king and took over the royal family! They’ve since been very active behind the scenes organising amongst others the French, German & Russian Revolutions, the World Wars and the undermining of Western politics and the sovereinty of their states, to lay the foundations for their One World government!”
I was surprised by the Angel’s knowledge, but then realised that he must know world history as his backpocket, having himself been closely fighting the Enemy behind the scenes and having seen all their tactics and strategy since the beginning of time! I was impressed!
I had never before in my existence, seen enemy forces firsthand–let alone in action like this. I had felt them enough though, in my earthly life, and even had had dreams and visions of them sometimes, but never like this!  It was interesting to see the very strong presence of them, how they were waiting for spiritual avenues to open in the hearts and minds of our souls inside, that would allow them entrance through the tight covering inner shell of the Lord’s angels and ministering spirits, according to game rules!
There were many repulsive, spiteful-looking, snarling demons, but also a number of very honorable looking ones of much higher rank, that didn’t even deign to acknowledge us. They were proud, haughty, arrogant, with slight superior smirks, despising their subordinates! There was absolutely no love between them…yet they worked together–extremely committed–but partly out of fear for their superiors and mostly because of their shared hate and bitterness against our side! The angel showed me there were fallen angels among them, as well as deceased top people of not just Japan, but other nationalities as well! They were former heads of state, politicians, government-officials, magnates, bankers, spies, criminals, top religious leaders, famous artists, and military brass, and what-have-you! But definitely, “the wrong kind”, as for example, the Westerners among them, were now openly committed to fighting the Lord, His Love and His Kingdom, unrestrained by hypocrisy and the outer formal decency, they had had to put on in their lives of yore!
Seeing our superior force-fields and angels–they reluctantly opened a hole in their ranks to let us through, but not without the lesser devils cursing and provoking us. Even though Satan and his forces ultimately know they have to obey the Lord and His total powers, they have certain freedoms and leeway to act out their unscrupulous designs and demonic desires, which the Lord actually uses to train His children on Earth, as well as to fill these devils’ cups of iniquity, to judge them accordingly!
But thank the Lord, we were very warmly welcomed though, by the inner shell of His angels and His ministering spirits who hailed us with love and kindness. They had even made a special welcoming committee ready, to pay us some respect and dispense some kind words of welcome and sweet smiles! Thus encouraged, we soon floated from the orb through the walls into my former house. I was happy to see my dear faithful staff members, as well as a couple of new ones, that I could see through  the floors and walls, busy with their affairs of the Kingdom! I immediately made my way into Maria`s room, where I found her lying on the bed alone and I automatically melted into her body to be as close to her as I could.
Martin remarked with a surprised smile, “Excuse me David, that I am still here, but I actually came in here with you to explain you just how to do that!”
I smiled at him, shocked as well, as it had gone so naturally, that I was even surprised at myself, and I saw him going downstairs through the ceiling, to put as much distance between us, in Earth’s cramped quarters, to allow me some privacy with my everlasting love.
I whispered to her and could tell that she sensed something. She relaxed more and closed her eyes. I was hugging and melting with her spirit, completely becoming one with her, speaking my words of love and greetings in her head. We were finally one…as we always had wanted to be! One in spirit! Two spirits melted together in one body! I heard her thoughts and she read mine–those that I dispensed–although she didn’t know that they were mine! But she was aware something different was happening!  I was not allowed to fully take control and overpower her spirit, as she was to still be in charge of her faculties and the maker of her own choices. I instinctively knew that somehow, and respected that and also loved her enough to not force her will.
She was so open and receptive though, as if she sensed me and wanted me. But I couldn’t manifest myself and could only speak in her heart as much as she would hear and listen! But that she did! She always had! She had always been a receiver! But now I could actually feel it first hand! I read in her memory…that she had had many visits from others as well as the Lord Himself, who had done the very same thing with her as I was doing now!
The prophet Daniel, Queen Esther, King David, my mother Virginia, Czarina Katherina the Great, Rasputin, and many many others, including Martin! All had already communed with her, since my passing, and had left an indelible influence on her soul and spirit!
I quickly understood and updated on all the progress she’d been making since my passing! I learned that she had handled her bereavement very well, and that she had kept her eyes on the goal and the Lord. In spite of bouts with loneliness and desperation caused by the burden of government falling “plunk” on her shoulders so suddenly, she had fared very well. She had risen to the occasions that had come up and the tremendous pressures of the funeral and ongoing work, as well as softening the blow of my departure to the whole Family.
I was amazed at how firmly she had inherited and taken on my mantle and she seemed to have grown so much, even in such a short time of my absence!
I loved her spirit, wishing for the resurrection when we at last will be able to “drink wine together in His Kingdom again,” to paraphrase the Lord, when we will finally be able to again express this tremendous love we have for each other, physically!
Nevertheless I felt no pressing sexual urges, as I would have felt if I had been in the flesh. That ever-pressing male horniness urging itself from the hormones, to express itself desperately and daily into a firk, was absent, in that it was manageable now without any problems. Not the kind of thirst that drives you nuts, or biology that edges you on! No! Peace…in all respects! Not that it wasn’t there anymore. Oh, it was there all right, and if Peter…my mate’s new consort, had been there loving up with her, I could have easily blended into his body to vicariously enjoy her flesh just as much as I would want to! I wouldn’t have minded it a bit, if I had only had the body for it, whether my resurrected one or somebody else’s, ha! No, my sex is not dead, it’s still there and very alive at that, but as I said, now manageable! Mastered! My servant, instead of me being its slave! And everyone else here in the spirit, is just as sexually honest as me. I’m no exception, as I afterwards found out, when I actually got to meet some of the permanent spiritual staff here.
I could also smell the spaghetti from the kitchen, being prepared, and it was pleasant, but it couldn’t make my mouth water, nor make my stomach grumble anymore, as I didn’t have one yet! We can eat spiritual foods up in the Realm, “angel foods”, like manna, but the old physical ones will have to wait for the return of the Lord and the resurrection, which… is not far away, thank the Lord!
I took care of business, that I had to take care of with Maria, instructions that the Lord had given me on the way, some sent directly and others passed on to me indirectly through Martin. I did my duties taking care of her, and even of some of the staff.
I was allowed from now on, to have this direct link with Mama, even though I wouldn’t always be around her in spirit. From now on, I would be able to communicate directly with her spirit, even from the Realm, without necessarily having to personally come down into the Warp. This visit had mainly been for my sake, for my emotions and peace to be able to see her. To see firsthand, that she was fine and doing actually better than before, as she was wearing my mantle wonderfully…my anointing that I didn’t need anymore!
For an instant it even made me a twinge jealous, as I had so much loved the battle and life, to see how she was still in the running, whereas I had finished my course. But…I had been physically so worn out by the enemy’s attacks, that the Lord took me home after I had consented to His plan and wishes for me, to come up to the higher plane, as I could do so much more good for Him up in Headquarters!
Of all the hundreds of ministering spirits, I met and talked with a few! There was Clara, a former Spanish nun from the fourteenth century, who told me some of the juicy details of her life story, how she had had a relationship, all in secret, with a Father Enunciate Caspar, also a loving and faithful real Christian at the court of some Bishop. Their relationship had actually flourished and had helped both of them to do more for the Lord and others, and had kept them from being self-righteous and judging others, like so many of these inquisition type of “Christians” had been.
At the height of their ministry though, their relationship had been discovered, as she had gotten pregnant, and they were both put on trial and executed by the very bishop that they had so faithfully served all those years, wanting to save his reputation! Clara had consequently served scores of real Christians throughout the centuries in many divers situations and had actually also ministered to Luther’s wife, who had been a nun as well!
Clara was charged here with the care of the single sisters to help them through their loneliness battles and to support them in their casual relationships with the single males of the home! The object being, that they would survive their trials and tests and continue to be faithful productive secretaries and helpers in the running of the Kingdom!
I was then introduced to “Saint” Sebastian, as he was jokingly referred to, as he had actually been canonized in the 17th century. He laughed kind of sheepishly as he was thus introduced to me, and jokingly said, “It wasn’t my fault, I just tried my best for Him and after I died, they got me! But I have no monopoly on sainthood here! In fact I ‘had my reward’!” “Not true,” said some of the other spirit staff members, “He did get a great reward after!”
“Well, actually the ‘canonization’ helps keep me humble!” Saint Sebastian said. Everyone laughed!
Sebastian was in charge of the physical oversight of the running of the household mainly working through and with the handyman. A very sweet and humble true Saint of God, even though canonized! Besides being a “saint”, he had also been a very able carpenter in his lifetime, but he had studied up on all technological knowledge of the Warp as well as the Realm, which forms the basis of crude Warp technology, and is actually far superior.
I met so many wonderful spirits, but time and space fail me here to mention and describe them all! There was Sister Denise, also a  former French nun; Brother Antonov, a revolutionary type of Russian Christian that was representative for, and in charge of the Eastblock Missions here. He had been exiled to Siberia after the Russian Revolution and because of his undaunted witnessing efforts there, had gotten it in the neck from Beria, the anti-Christ monster, who had personally been responsible for his torture and execution!
Then there was Sister Welda from Prussia Germany, who had been a missionary to Africa in the first half of the nineteenth century and who was excommunicated from her Missionary Organization, because she had fallen in love and married a black chief, which had actually resulted in the conversion of his entire major tribe. The hypocritical treatment that she had received, had only worked in her favor, as she had learned true humility and faithfulness to the Lord and the cause, in spite of human beings failing her! Actually some of the very ones that had excommunicated her, had really been“guilty” of making love to African girls, in that they had hidden their “crime” and whitewashed their “unsavory” behavior. And although some brown babies were born, no one had claimed them as their kids, which had been a real affront to the cause! But thank God for Welda, who had been such a true example of sacrificiality and who had truly loved the natives–all the way!
All in all, there were hundreds of spirits, all contributing their talents and anointings to the comparatively few staff members, kind of taking turns inspiring them for the many different jobs these were doing for the Lord here! They shared their experience, wisdom, spirituality, and knowledge, that they dispensed in the most utmost humility, as here truly all glory goes to the Lamb, slain from the foundation of the Earth! All of these had been truly great and sincere Christians while on Earth! Most of them actual martyrs and former missionaries, from such different groups as early missionaries from the Middle Ages like Augustine, Boniface and St. Francis, the Cathars, Albigenses, Waldenses, and the later ones of the Hussites, the Moravian Brethren, Hutterites, Mennonites, Lollards, early Lutheran missionaries and martyrs, Anabaptists, Swiss Brethren, as well as Catholic “Heretics” executed by their Inquisition, and the 18th and 19th century missionaries to India, Africa, and China and Wesleyans etc. God bless them!
I was nearing the end of my visit, and looking back over my shoulder to see the last of my sweet Maria…Martin and I boarded the waiting orb. Unnoticed by the Japanese Airforce, we sped away with instant acceleration, through the thin atmosphere into space, on our way back home to the Holy City!
“David…” laughed Luther, “You amazed me! You were a downright natural there! You must have done your homework in my absence, didn’t you?”
“Listen Martin,” I joked, “We might be a ‘weird sect’ up Here, but I am not just brainwashed by all you have to say! Are you trying to ‘mindcontrol’ me or something, huh?”
Martin laughed, “Ha…you’re a number! You left protocol, just like that! If it hadn’t been for your eminence… I would have stopped you! Ha Ha!”
“But seriously, Martin!” I said, “See, I know that girl, and I just did what comes natural, like I have done thousands of times before with her…what do I say? Multiple thousands of times! She is just the most receptive girl that I have ever known–as you know yourself, as I just found out…ahem…that you visited her not long ago?”
“Yep!!” grinned Luther, “I must confess…in the line of my duties…I did find out that she’s indeed most receptive…
“Perhaps that has ever been born among women?” I said.
“Well…you’re gonna have to ask the Lord for that one! I don’t have the stats on it!” said Martin with a knowing smile.
“Well, as I came close to her…and I guess by what I had learned before about the spirit world and from the Lord and from what I have experienced… it was just a piece of cake. But I guess the Lord gave me also the anointing and the insight, right there…and ‘power for the hour’!”
“Yes… I noticed that!” said Martin with an amused face, looking wistfully out into the gorgeous starry space. I heard him whisper, “Praise You my sweet Lord for ever! I love you so much!”
“Amen, Lord Jesus, our wonderful Bridegroom!” I added softly, “Praise and glory to You, our sweet doting Husband and perfect Lamb that was slain,”
We shot back through the blue crystal globe and the same Eastern pearl gate, and landed back in our very own City! Home again, in our wonderful Forever Land!
Chapter 11     – 27 write to David Proxy at No strings attached!


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  1. Thanks for posting this Michael. I’ll read this thoroughly when I can find some quiet time; I just shared the first chapter with Terry though and we both really enjoyed it and we’ve just been discussing it for the past half hour. It’s extremely inspired and deeply thought provoking and so far we find it broad based and colourful rather than the usual narrow based and black & white stereotypical so I’m looking forward to reading the rest. The author is very imaginative and talented!


      • It will probably take me some time to read it all due to time factors etc so I’ll have to let you know when I’ve finished it. I’m completely absorbed in this book right now though, it’s incredibly good and I can hardly tear myself away from it. Reading has always been one of my passions and especially when I come across stuff that captivates my imagination like this does and then I usually disappear into the realms of wherever the book is taking me so rather like trans-locating I guess, except not bodily, but my mind and spirit certainly does so in this case I’m having my very own Heavenly trip and I’m loving it! My blog may lay dormant in the meantime though ha!

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      • Hahahaha you’re making me laugh out loud again, with delight! I want him to write the sequel or else I’ll threaten to write them! Did you ever try writing fiction?


      • Chapters seven & eight were a bit of a delight haha! Dare I say more! In answer to your question, yes, I have an A level in creative writing so I used to write a lot of imaginative stuff once, past tense though, as my household is not exactly conducive to writing these days. I have a love affair with books though so I’ll have to get around to reading your book next, I’ve had it stored on my computer on my ‘to read list’ for eons now ha!


      • I said creative writing and NOT fiction, there is a difference. If you choose to believe Satan’s lies, then that up to you but I only write about reality and I don’t bother speaking to people who put out innuendo! Just ask yourself who inspired your recent posts? What I told you was the truth and I have to stand by it as being the truth and Satan can make whatever he likes out of it because I just don’t care. He’s a master at twisting people’s words so for the record here: feeling the Lord’s love for someone (that’s called being a Christian!) as opposed to being in love with someone (carnal) as you are very definitely implying are two very separate things. The latter is completely untrue and nothing I’ve ever said was meant in that way EVER but still people choose to interpret it that way so I’m not speaking to people anymore on here and the next bit of innuendo that comes my way and I am going to unfollow! As for my own writing, well I write on another blog which I prefer to keep anonymous – is there any wonder! Adiós!

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      • Oh please do share your secret blog with us someday! Bless you sister — I’m sitting here getting drunk on the glory of God. I appreciate your fellowship and even our ups and downs in our communications. . . it’s interesting how over time we’ve come through a lot of battles! I’m proud to know you and your family.


      • I took the time to read his book and show an interest and I even posted a very nice comment to him in acknowledgement of it but he couldn’t even be bothered to respond which I find extremely rude actually so my only prayers for him are that he practices more of what he preaches! No wonder Terry doesn’t bother commenting anymore – when someone is repeatedly dismissed and ignored then you can hardly blame them! GBY though Michael, you are very diligent in that way as you take the time to acknowledge all people rather than step over them!


  2. So What Exactly Happened To part 2 of this story now? Are you going to attempt to re-upload it again or will you post it on this website like with part 1?

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    • OK I’m in touch with the writer and he’s asking if I can just publish it chapter by chapter as he wants to update the writing.
      if you have an email though I’ll send it to you (with his permission)


  3. I would like to know what the author’s current email address is to see about contacting him myself if it is not too much of an inconvenience. Basically I tried to contact the writer of this story at the address given at the end of chapter 10 and I was not successful at that which probably means that the address given is not his current email address. I apologize for nagging about this however I would enjoy reading the rest of this story. Thanks for reading this at least.


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