We should all as Christians come clean and be more honest with each other

Huge awesome comment from the awesome Simple Truth Youtube Channel recently on my video:

God willing and speaking from honesty being the best policy, I picture myself personally and I imagine other Christians are the same, that we are all like fish, big or small and a lot of us have bitten upon that so-called fateful hook. That hook which the whole world dare not bite upon usually because of the inevitable shame, embarrassment, humility, eggs thrown at you, scorn, rejection, excommunication, thrown out of magic circles, you name it – it’s all hanging around the entrance of that narrow gate, that strait restricted gate where that hook is. It’s a kind of a shame that the world sees it as a hook that they don’t want stuck in their mouths. I used to do a lot of fishing and sometimes you catch a fish and finally you’d reel him in and to your surprise, there was a hook already in his mouth. Anyone who has looked at a fisherman’s hook, they might recall that it is kind of three pronged (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) and so the hook once it’s in the mouth or lips of a fish, you see that it cannot come out and the fish can’t break free of it so you reel these fish in and there is the hook that it no-doubt bit upon, perhaps even years ago and the fish being a good strong fish and a good strong swimmer managed to break the line and you see the line too. So speaking from experience, you would say that Jesus is the fisherman and we’re all like fish and down in the deep sea there are all kinds of dazzling places the we can swim off into and even all kinds of muddy places and all kinds of currants down there and some of us fish have bit upon that so-called fateful hook and speaking from experience have felt that tug reeling us in and out of our mirky dazzling abodes down there and even our wombs of darkness down there and even our hiding places down there and all of our haunts down there and all of those other fish that we might hang out with or not down there and perhaps even lonely shallows and even deep deeps down there and sometimes we get hold of that line when we feel that tug and we wrap it around and around some apparent strong rock down there (false senses of security) that we think might save us and then we hide and try to chill out and enjoy the scenery or something and then we feel the dreadful tug on our spirits and my gosh, the fisherman is still reeling me in! You don’t understand but you feel that in the end all you can do is give into it and let go. You might wonder what can it be that’s blinding me? Why can’t I just let go and trust the fisherman that He knows best? I’m sure He doesn’t mean to hurt me, He’s reeling me in and my eyes are getting a glimpse of that other world, that other dimension that He’s standing in as I start to fight and splash and flip between two realms. Something in me wants to let go and then something in me wants to go back down deep into the deep dark murky waters. Why can’t I just trust Him and go with it? The view when I get a glimpse of it (it being his world) in all of my struggles as I splash around the surface of the water, in and out of two different worlds, one being where the fisherman dwells and the other being my present or former abodes, then I find myself being drawn nearer and nearer to the shoreline and then, as wonderful as it all looks in that other realm, the madness of us fish is that we muscle up all of our might and all we have got and we kick and spit and twist and flip and shake and roll and turn and we speed off into the other direction, determining that we will never go his direction again and that we will leave no stone unturned in the other direction. It would appear that there are many many fish swimming in the other direction leaving no stone unturned, they’ve all gone down there in the deep and there are many down there hiding among the rocks and in caves etc, playing all kinds of strange games and having all kinds of strange pastimes. Deep down in their hearts and in their minds they know they are running away from that other reality and determining in themselves that there is some other form of reality out there, they know the real hook is in their mouths and yet the fisherman has eased off with his tug and his pull. The fisherman has let the fish run in his quest for his madness and his leaving no stone unturned when all along, deep down, he knows the whole thing is some kind of futile game, some kind of vain imaginings, some kind of vanity of vanity saith the preacher, all is vanity. The eye is not satisfied with seeing nor the ear filled with hearing and so the fish swims on in his madness and so the fisherman lets him swim, lets him tire himself out, gives him a span of time so that he can become weary of all this futile trying and all of these futile vain imaginings until finally the fish gives in by his own choice. He’s sick of vanity, he’s sick of futility, he’s sick of his empty days with his empty friends and his empty mind and his empty spirit and so he finally lets go of all of this, he is tired and weary of the whole thing and then to his relief, he feels the tug of the Spirit, the hook that kinda felt dormant in his mouth has now become alive again, quickened by the fisherman’s spiritual line and so the fisherman reels him in and he just glides through the water until he eventually finds himself on the seashore; his eyes can see that other realm and finally he passes from his former abode and he sees the fisherman’s abode and dwelling place and he finds himself now in the safe hands of the fisherman who only wishes to take him from those waters into some better waters to swim in, nice clear fresh water with better dwelling places and better fish and better realities and far far away from all of those vain stupidities of his former abodes and his former friends. No more playing the fool amongst them, no more impressing each other and playing foolish games with each other, no more feeling like a fish that has been gutted, no more spouting out a load of madness to other fish who are spouting out madness back to him, no more pretence, no more denying the fact that the hook is in his mouth and all he needed to do was give into it. Something was blinding him all along and he couldn’t get to grips with this, why was he running away? Why did the others all sound so convincing that they were not running away? The strange fact being that they were all running too and a lot of them had the same hook in their mouths and were just playing foolish games! I’m saying all of this purely out of memory and experience and the fish in the story is me and you do wonder when you look around at the Christian scene these days that perhaps there are a lot of fish who are like yourself. I do not wish to point my finger at anybody because clearly I have stated here that I have talked about myself and my own experiences. I guess I know how mad you can become and so you look and hear a lot of these Christians speak on YT and you find yourself wondering what side of the fence and which pool they are actually swimming in. A lot of them are swimming off in their own directions and taking whole schools with them into their madness whereas deep down they know they are on the run, they are finding it hard to face the real reality and go with the tug of the real hook and so they are choosing to create a reality all of their own and as the old song says: playing foolish games – again just like yourself. We should all as Christians come clean and be more honest with each other, we’re all as an unclean thing and only Jesus is truly righteous and only Jesus has the true reality and all we can have without Jesus is some imagined version of the truth whereas only Jesus is the real truth!

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