Have a love affair with My Word for the rest of your life!


Do not stray from My side, nor stop being My honey to love so that you can always be strong and ready and disciplined for the next fight.  Do whatever it takes, but do it.  And do it daily  – i know you feel you have heard me say these words before, but now I am saying them now to you again for today, because  you need to hear them today.  You have to keep on fighting, you have to overcome through Me and through My keys, there is no other way to win.   the victory will be so great and the final outcome so beautiful if you’ll just hold on to Me and trust My Word, and let My Word be your World.   Let anything else take the place of My Word in your life and you’ll lose out, you’ll miss it all.   Stay connected to me and My Word and you’ll see miracles happen in your life as you stay on this path, walking diligently by My side, seeing the impossible and supernatural as a daily occurrence, and turning the keys of knowledge and opening the doors for others to enter.  I have gifted you so much you do not know what to do with it, but I am going to give that to others as you work to learn how to share it.  Why would you want to keep that all for yourself?  There is more to come!  Step in supernaturally, and then you will be able to lead others in supernaturally too.   Have a love affair with My Word for the rest of your life!


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