Often the Words I give in prophecy seem to be a reflection of your own thoughts

(Jesus speaking:) I wish to be close to you–closer than a whisper, as close as a feeling in your heart. So worry not that what you hear in prophecy is simply an echo of your own mind, your own thoughts, and that the words that I give you in prophecy are a reflection of those thoughts which you have been mulling over in your mind. As you seek Me desperately and ask Me to remove anything that was not put there by Me, as you come before Me in true sincerity and humbly ask to be a free and empty channel, I will honor these prayers and this position of your heart.
Often the Words I give in prophecy seem to be a reflection of your own thoughts because those thoughts were also My thoughts to you as you sought Me in prayer and quietness, and as you were asking for My guidance and My mind. So when you seek for My Words of confirmation in prophecy, if your thoughts were of Me, then I confirm them.
89. So worry not when this happens, thinking that the Words that you give in prophecy are simply your own thoughts, even if they do express those things which you’ve been thinking and have felt a burden for. All these things work in conjunction to verify My will and My leadings, as long as you’re desperate before Me and ask Me to override your own will or opinions in the matter.
90. On matters of direction or instruction, out of the mouth of two or three witnesses these things can be confirmed. This will be a comfort to your heart that all does not rest on that which you hear, and that which I pour through only you. (End of message from Jesus.)


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