Message from Chiang Kai-shek

    CHIANG KAI-SHEK (1887-1975), Chinese military and political leader. Chiang was born in the Zhejiang Province when the Man¬chu dynasty ruled China. He received a military education in China and Tokyo. In Tokyo he met Sun ¬Yat-sen, the ¬Chinese revolutionary leader, and joined Sun’s organization. The Manchu -dynasty was overthrown and China was proclaimed a republic in 1912. Sun died in 1925, and the next year Chiang took command of the Nationalist Army.

    In 1926, Nationalist forces, aided by Communist organizers, left Canton on a campaign against warlords in the north. The warlords were defeated and the Nationalists became the strongest force in China. In 1927, he married Soong Mei-ling and later became a Christian.

    From 1928 to 1937, Chiang improved economic and political institutions in China. However, the Japan¬ese military and Chinese Communists continually sabotaged his regime. The Japanese attack on China in 1937 made it necessary for the Nationalists to form a united front with the Communists. Chiang assumed full military power in this union and led China to victory in 1945.

    Near the end of World War II, when Japan¬ese surrender became inevitable, fighting between the Nationalists and the Communists resumed. Chiang issued a new constitution and called for a popular election. In 1948, Chiang was elected presi¬dent of China. But these measures failed to ensure political stability. The Communists were winning the civil war.

    By the end of 1949, the Communists had driven Chiang and his armies from the Chinese mainland to the island of Taiwan, which lies off China’s coast in the China Sea. On Taiwan, Chiang took full military and civil authority and was reelected president in 1954, 1960, 1966, and 1972.)

217. (Chiang Kai-shek speaking:) Can you feel the cold, chilling, fierce winds of communism as they blow across my vast country? Can you see the multitudes trudging day by day, step by step, heads bowed low? Weary, weary are my people. What darkness, what coldness covers the land! Many cry, many search, many reach out, but they are held in bondage! They’re held beneath the heavy weight of dictatorship that does not allow freedom of speech, freedom of thought, freedom of religion. What darkness, what suffering, what emptiness of heart and sad-ness of soul as these, my people, trudge along, weary and cold and in such sadness.

    218. I fought for my people. I lived for my people, and I fought against this dark, cold blanket of communism, for I knew that with it came bondage and slavery. What a waste that my once strong people have been broken–their spirits broken, their minds inhibited, their freedom lost. Many were once refined and wise and strong and beautiful. But now they simply trudge along in endless monotony with no future, no hope, no escape from this darkness of communism.

    219. Hear the winds howl as they blow. Think not that these winds and this raging storm will be confined within the borders of this, my country, for you are deceived if you think this. For there is even now a great and mighty storm brewing. You Christians of the West who are sleeping spiritually see it not, because you are deceived and blind. You are weakened through your own iniquity, so you see not that these howling, chilling winds of communism even now blow to encircle the globe, to bring their bondage, death and darkness to multitudes.

    220. There was a time when my people were full of light, when there were many, many missionaries. There were many good, kind people with white skin telling the story of Jesus. They traveled freely, they spoke freely, they helped the poor and the rich alike. They gave to all a message of love and freedom, and many reached out and took this message into their hearts, and they found Jesus. So, so many Christians, ¬Chinese Christians! This wave of Christianity was sweeping across my country and my people were so hungry for the truth. They were so receptive to these beautiful people with white skin.

    221. When I was young, many times I sat at the feet of missionaries, teachers who told me the story of love. They told me the story of the God of love, who sent His Son to die for all mankind–all the peoples of the Earth, regardless of the color of their skin, regardless of their traditions, regardless of the shape of their eyes, or their former religions. All of that mattered not, because this God of love had given His Son to bring life to all.

    222. I heard this story and I wanted to believe it, but I was a restless youth, impatient for change. I was rebellious and strong in my own mind, so I wanted proof. I wanted some kind of sign about this great God who lived in the spirit world, whose name was Love. I wanted some kind of sign about this one called Jesus, this religion of these white people who were kind and beautiful, whose eyes were like gems, and whose faces were soft and tender, and whose hands were always reaching out to those in need, who labored day and night, giving of them¬selves for my people. But even seeing them and their life of sacrifice was not enough for me. I needed a sign about this one they called the Savior. They sang of Him and they prayed to Him, they lifted up their hands to Him, and they spoke of Him continually.

    223. I was burdened with many cares, many worries, many fears. I did not have the peace of mind or heart that these people had. I knew that they were kind and good, but I did not know why. I knew that they had peace, and that they were not afraid of death, but I did not know why. I sought for a sign, for a miracle, something to show me that it was the truth.

    224. And then, many years later, when I least expected it, when I was burdened and tired, desperate and lost, I found my sign. I saw the miracle that I was looking for.

    225. In a dream I trudged down a dark, dark path and I kept falling and getting up again, and falling and getting up again. I struggled and I couldn’t see my way, and it was dark and I didn’t have the strength to carry my load. I didn’t know where I was going and I didn’t know how I would make it to my destination. I was so tired and so weak and so lost and I kept falling. I kept falling and getting up, each time more tired, each time feeling more hopeless.

    226.  Then in my dream I remembered the story of the missionaries and I called out to this one named Jesus. At that moment, a hand reached down and lifted me up. I looked into the face of this One, and He had the same eyes of jewels as the missionary people had. I felt the same love, the same kindness and the same peace that they had shown–and I knew that this was the One that they had spoken of. I knew that this was the Savior, and I knew then that He loved me and that He wanted to reach out His hand to me and lead me down the path. He wanted to enlighten my way and help me to make it to the journey’s end. I knew that He was there for me, to help me and guide me and love me.

    227. I never forgot this beautiful, beautiful face of the Savior. I never forgot this outstretched arm, for it was then that I received Him as my own. I knew that the story of the missionaries was the truth, for He had given me the sign that I had sought, and I had seen the miracle that I needed.

    228. And so I became one of His Own. And it is for this reason that I fought so desperately against the communists, against the revolution of Mao Tse-tung, against the armies that came from the north to fight against my gentle people in the south. Because I knew that with this dark blanket of communism would come the expulsion of the missionaries and the beautiful people with their story of love. I had to fight for this reason.

    229. But my people were not strong enough. We were weakened, and on our own we could not withstand the onslaughts from the north. We tried to stand our ground, but we lost many. Many, many soldiers and warriors and women and children were lost, killed at the hands of the evil ones. We needed help, we needed strength, we needed support, but on our own we could not make it.

    230. So although it broke our hearts, we fled to save our people, to save their lives, and to begin a new life. We fled to a small land where we felt we would be free and protected, where we could continue to love God, to think our thoughts, and be a free people. It was a great, great loss and a great, great humbling, but it was the only solution.

    231. Now I look across my vast land and I see my people in darkness, weeping and lost, and my heart breaks for them. What a loss! So many lives left in darkness! What a tragedy, that those who were our friends and supporters, those strong countries who pledged to defend the weak, became cowards and deserted us in the moment of our greatest need. They lost heart, they lost sight of the goal and the need, and they went back, thinking that it wouldn’t be a great loss, that they would not suffer. They turned around and left to save themselves–these great nations of the West, these who were the supposed defenders of the weak, these who supposedly were the ones bringing light and truth and Christianity to the world.

    232. But at this point, they loved themselves more than the truth, and more than the fight for righteousness. At this point, they thought more of their own safety and security and economy than they thought of the righteousness of the war against communism. They did not see that this would be the beginning of the end of freedom in this great land.

    233. And now these great powers of the West think that they are free and righteous, that they defend the poor and speak the truth, but they are liars and hypocrites. They do not speak the truth and they do not defend the poor. They do not preach righteous¬ness and love and Christianity; these are all things of the past. Now these great powers of the West have become corrupt and full of iniquity and wickedness. They have become weak through their own sins, because they have turned their backs on their God. They no longer serve Him, fear Him, or love Him. And now, though they think they are strong and leaders of the world, they are deceived, for they are weak and soon to fall.

    234. For in the time when they stopped defending the poor and preaching the Gospel and fearing God, but instead turned their eyes inward to themselves and their own wealth and their own protection, their own economic progress, they lost the blessing of God. Where once their message of the Gospel and Christianity and Jesus spread around the world, now their message of violence and hate and abortion and drugs and killing spreads around the world.

    235. These rich nations will be accountable for the death and pollution of many weaker people around the world, and the blood of many will be required at their hands. For they stood by and did nothing as the poor and meek of the world were slaughtered. And they still stand by and do nothing to defend the rights of the people in my nation. Those who fight for democracy, freedom of thought and freedom of religion are killed at the hands of evil dictators. And yet these nations who once were great in the name of God do nothing. They turn and look the other way and pretend they do not see–all for their economic gain.

    236. But the blood of my people will be required at their hand, because they do nothing to defend the poor, and they have left their greatest calling of bringing the truth of the Gospel to those who do not know Jesus. So there are generations of my people who have never heard, because the Christians of the world do not stir themselves and do not let their hearts break for my people who live in darkness. The Christians of the world have so much truth and so much security, and yet they do nothing to seek out my people who live in darkness.

    237. But I am Here in the Heavenly Kingdom and I fight for my people! I see their need and I hear their cries. I know their heartaches and their pain and their suffering, and Jesus has granted me a special dispensation of His grace, that I might fight from the spirit world to engineer open doors that my people might hear the message of the Gospel, that my people might hear the story of Jesus from the missionaries as I did as a youth, that they might have the opportunity to find freedom and love and salvation as I did.

    238.  So I work from the spirit world, myself and other Christians from my nation who have come to this side. We fight together to open the door and make a way under the dark, black curtain of communism. There will be the opening, there will be the way; it only remains for the Christians to enter that door and give the mess¬age to my people.

    239. So I say to you, Christians of the world: Stir yourselves up and cast off your lethargy, lest the blood of these, my people, be upon your hands! For the Lord will open a door into this vast land that all may have a chance to hear the Words of Jesus, that all may have a chance to make a choice whether to receive or to reject Him. But it is up to you to enter that door. It is up to you to be His instrument and His voice, and to be used of Him to preach His Words. For the Lord will have mercy on these, my people, who might never hear otherwise. He will give them an opportunity to be taught and to learn of His mercy and His love, even if it must be in the spirit world on the other side, for He is a merciful and great God.

    240. But you Christians who know will be held accountable, and you will be blessed according to that which you do for the Kingdom of God. When you come to this side, only what you have done for Jesus will matter; everything else will be lost, burned, and blown away. Only what you have done for Jesus will be remembered. So take heed to my warning and watch for the open doors. Have faith and courage to enter in, and the God of love will place around you a shield of protection that you might boldly proclaim His truth. He will make a way in the darkness if you are willing to be His light, and great, so great, will be your reward in Heaven. (End of message from Chiang Kai-shek.)


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