Some KOTK Promises. . .

The keys make the impossible become possible.
The keys put the power of Heaven at your fingertips.
The keys energize you with newfound power, which has not been available to you before.
There is no limit to what can be understood, reached, and achieved through the power of the keys.
Calling on the keys makes a difference; nothing can stand against the power of the keys.
According to what key you activate, it will be done unto you.
When you turn the keys and activate their power, there’s no stopping you!
Nothing is beyond your reach if you call on the keys!
The keys unlock all doors‚ unfold all mysteries, and give you all power in Heaven and in Earth.
I give you greater power through the keys than all the power of the world and Hell put together.
With the power of the keys of the Kingdom, the word “can’t” has no meaning to you.
Nothing can resist the power of the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven.
You are My bride and you will overcome, because I put the keys of the Kingdom in your hands.
Greater is the power you hold in the keys than all the power of Satan and his domain.
To you is given the great treasure of the keys, that My power might be seen in you.
The keys of the Kingdom are brimming with unprecedented supernatural power to be released at your command.
All power in Heaven and over Hell is yours for the asking. Call on the keys and it will be delivered unto you.
Nothing is impossible to you if you call on the keys, which are real‚ supernatural, workable, and practical.
When your back is up against a wall, focus‚ call on the keys, and I will pull you out of every tight spot you find yourself in.
There is no stopping those who use the keys of the Kingdom in conjunction with My will‚ in desperation of heart and humility of mind and spirit. When the conditions are right, the keys will always bring you victory. Claim what is rightfully yours.
I have given you the keys to enable you to do the things I ask of you. The keys are not only for your benefit, but for Mine—given to accomplish My will, to establish My Kingdom on Earth. When the task is too big, too hard, don’t worry. Call on the keys, and everything you need for the job is at your command.


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