Lose that Religious Thang!

There is so much ground to cover- you can’t let the feelings of entrapment and condemnation hold you down!  This is the day of greater meditation and rest in Me.  So don’t busy yourself too much in My Word.  Lose that religious ‘twang’ that comes from being a Christian for too long and learning too much of the lingo and not enough of the spirit.

In order to effectively pass this test and ¬enter this wonderful era and all that it holds with the full power that I want to give you personally, you must come before Me with empty heart and hands and be willing to be what I want you to be. I know that’s a hard saying, but remember that you’re not alone in facing this decision. Each of My children is being faced with a choice, or will yet be.

    115. Be encouraged to know that because what I’m asking of you is great, the power I’m waiting to give you is greater still. Be encouraged when you’re faced with these tests and battles, knowing that the greater the battle, the greater the victory. Just the fact that you’ve made it this far is a very great honor, and I’m giving you a chance to make it all the way. I know you can do it, but there’s a price to be paid. The choice is yours. Come before Me and hear My words to you. I will speak to you and complete this message. I will give you that which you need to understand. I will encourage you and give you faith. So much I will give you through My precious gift of prophecy!


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