Seeing in the Spirit Prophecy


There’s no end to the wonders of the realm of the spirit, and all of these wonders are within your reach, because you’re Mine.

    62. That’s one of the privileges of salvation: the ability to see beyond the physical, carnal dimension and into the realm of the spirit

When you’re saved, you have direct personal access to the source of power that created the universe. You have the ability to hear the voice of God, as well as My ministering spirits and angels. You have the ability to call on us to provide protection from danger, or to be rescued from impossible situations. You have the ability to command Me, the God of Heaven, to work on your behalf. When you cry unto Me desperately and are in dire need, I answer and I deliver.

With Me within you, you have the power to change anything about your life or about yourself that needs changing. You also have the power to learn to accept and live with things that don’t need to be or shouldn’t be changed. Many people struggle through life full of weaknesses, sins, and evil oppressions or obsessions that they can’t control. Without My help and assistance, the heart of man is evil, and made much more evil because of the evil spirits that lurk in the shadows, always ready to propagate evil and cause it to spread, always ready to influence men’s hearts and play on their penchant for evil.

    74. Many others find themselves in miserable situations and become depressed or despondent, because there’s no way out. In Me, there’s always a way out! Even if there’s not a way out physically or bodily, there’s always a way out in spirit and a means of relief. I’m the only one who always guarantees a way of escape and that you will not be tried above what you can bear. This is another promise made specifically to My children, and not available to those who don’t know or love Me.

    75. You have all the promises in the Bible on your side. Exceeding great and precious promises, treasures without number; all these are only available to you who know Me and love Me, and who can, through My Name and My salvation, take hold of them and claim them as your own. Within this avenue alone–claiming My promises–you have a million advantages over anyone who is not My child and bride. With your salvation you hold the key that opens any door. Through this one precious gift, you have access to a treasure vault of gifts, promises, and blessings!


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