Laws in Heaven? Prophecy about Heavenly Order!

Are there any laws in Heaven? Like here on Earth we have the law of gravity or the laws of time and space. Are there any kinds of limits in Heaven, or is it all just miracles and magic? Will everything just be like, poof, we can do all this stuff–or are there any logical explanations for why we’ll be able to walk through walls, appear and disappear, fly, etc?


    80. God is the greatest scientist! He was the One Who created all the laws that govern your physical world. He’s programmed everything in creation, down to the tiniest molecule. He’s created patterns that are followed in creation. This is why scientists, mathemat¬icians, and all the rest of them can only marvel as they continue to make discovery after discovery about the marvelous Earth you’re living on.

    81. God is not the author of confusion, and there is your answer, in brief. Of course there are guidelines in Heaven–laws that God has set down for His crea¬tion. Many of them are similar to Earth’s laws of nature–but, of course, with no curse Here as there is on Earth and with the limitations of the physical body taken away, the laws in Heaven are much less restrictive than they are on Earth.

    82. God doesn’t need abracadabra-style magic–on Earth or in Heaven. In His great foresight, every need has a law which corresponds to that need. Sometimes He even crosses the veil between the physical and the spiritual, applying Heaven’s laws to Earth’s people, and the result is a miracle. This is why “with man it is impossible, but not with God, for with God nothing shall be impossible.”

    83. Men have already discovered that, technically, if they could only discover how, a person should be able to walk through a wall and come out whole on the other side. This is possible, but this secret will be hidden from man until he gets to Heaven, where many former secrets are common knowledge.

    84. There are so many things that will be possible in Heaven, and sometimes the only way you can imagine such things is to imagine that things appear or disappear, or that you fly “magically”–that is, that there’s no explanation for why you can do those things in Heaven. But rest assured that there is an explanation for everything.

    85. You’ll all get to go through a special educational course to teach you to expand your mind to grasp laws that are unimaginable on Earth. There’s a special order and harmony in Heaven. There has to be; otherwise things would be appearing in the oddest places, and there would be mass confusion.

    86. Also, beginners in Heaven have a little less leeway at first. It’s kind of like a child who’s learning to ride a bicycle. At first he has training wheels, which limit him in a way, but also keep him from falling over while he’s learning to balance! This is somewhat how it will be in Heaven as you’re learning to grasp the laws of Heaven and to harness the expanded powers and abilities you will have. It’s a class to look forward to! (End of message from Jesus.)


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